Umbradimension: Wrath of the Night

Two weeks ago

Much like the old driver told her, there was indeed a guild some distance from the plaza where she and this world's Blanc (who will be called U-Blanc from here on out) was dropped off. Moving away east from U-Blanc's route and the tightly packed and antique Gothic buildings of Central Lunne, MAGES. found herself in front of a rather ominous-looking building…the only one in the open area it was in, to be precise. It was old and drab and decrepit–just barely looking like a supersized cookie-cutter haunted house. Big, wooden letters about the size of an average person spelled out the word "Arcana" above the building's rotting doors. Observing the guild building a bit more, the mad magician couldn't help but slightly wince at what seemed to be maggots moving from within the wooden portions of the doors.

At this point in time, most people would have hightailed out of here and back into areas that actually look like places you'd want to be in, like Central Lunne for example. But seeing as this was supposed to be a profitable magic guild–going by the old driver's word, that is–MAGES. was only intrigued by what was in front of her.

"Assuming that the driver wasn't pulling any tricks on me…maybe this is just some old building…the real one could possibly be a bit farther down…"

MAGES. began thinking and thinking, trying to figure out where the actual guild building she was supposed to find as she stared intently at the "fake" one in front of her. A minute or two later of her just standing still, a muffled sound came from within the old building, followed by the distinct 'click' and creaking of a door being opened.

In an instant, intuition took over MAGES.' body, making her materialize her staff and fire off a blast of magic straight into the now open doors of the guild in one swift movement. A brief silence followed, only lasting a second before a loud, undecipherable sound blared from within the guild…a sound so loud that it caused MAGES. to feel discomfort.

"…Tch. Cheeky." Equal parts annoyed and equal parts amused, MAGES. swung her staff and fired off a blast of magic again, this time with triple the power backing it. It whizzed through the air like last time, but as it was somewhere around the middle of its trajectory, another blast of magic shot out from within the building and crashed into it, causing an explosion of significant strength.

"Whoever you are, I applaud you for reflecting my attack back…and then some. Won't you be so kind to have a little chat outside with me? I must know how you did it."

No one answered her request, and only silence came out from the building. A whole minute later however, faint mumbling reached MAGES.' ears. At the same time, a whistling wind started blowing around her. The mumbling grew louder and louder over time, as with the wind getting stronger with it...


MAGES. was already getting blown around like a rag doll by gale-force winds…tumbling through the air when she remembered what type of guild she was dealing with. When the winds subsided and dropped her inside the building, the disoriented MAGES. immediately noticed something wrong despite her condition. The floor was soft like a carpet, not cold and full of maggot-infested like dead wood. With her blurry vision, she noticed what seemed to be candles that lit the area with a warm, orange glow. Incoherent mumbling surrounded her as well, along with the aroma of hearty food and alcoholic beverages permeating the air.

"Well, well, well…what a pleasant surprise to see you here, of all places."

It was no use. MAGES.' head was still spinning and her body was still hurting from being manhandled by a virtual tornado to answer properly…or politely, as a matter of fact.

"Who the hell are you…?"

A loud crack echoed throughout the guild, silencing the background merriments.

"Was that a joke?!" Still reeling from the previous hit, MAGES. let out a groan of pain. In the flipside, the hit also reoriented her, allowing her to finally see who had to audacity to punch her straight in the face.


Aside from having a blue, ornately designed cloak concealing whatever outfit she was wearing now, this IF looked practically the same.

Except angrier.

Way angrier.

"I'm…not who you think I am, IF. I'm a MAGES. from a different dimension. Whatever my counterpart here did to you that made you this infuriated…I apologize on her behalf." The mad magician wobbled standing up, the recent physical strain taking its toll on her rather frail body. She looked around, noting all the other cloaked individuals inside the building who were eyeing her intently. They wore a similarly colored cloak like IF's, but none of them had the anything close to the artistic designs hers had.

"'Dimension?' What kind of jargon are you babbling about?!" Umbradimension IF (who will be called U-IF from here on out) was gritting her teeth and a powerful, howling wind started to blow all around her. Diplomacy wasn't looking like a viable option for MAGES..

"Another world. A place like this but at the same time…not like this. Surely this dimension's me must have mentioned it one way or another."

U-IF's eyes subtly went large from realization, then narrowed in anger. "…I do recall 'you' talking enthusiastically about 'other worlds' one day. The very same day 'you' decided to disappear five years ago."

"…I see. That clears up a lot of things. Well then, you might as well give up any hope of her getting back here."

The petite brunette punched MAGES. again, this time on the gut, bringing the mad magician to her knees.

"…You are…–cough–…you are a violent one, aren't you?"

U-IF grabbed MAGES. by her collar, pulling her in close.

"Who wouldn't be violent against some insensitive prick like yourself?! Don't you know what came out of your own mouth? You're definitely not her…"

"…Of course I'm not her. Like I told you, I am a from a different dimension. I am not the MAGES. you know."

"Then if you aren't, where the hell is my MAGES. then?!"

The sound of a loud horn reverberated throughout the guild, just barely stopping U-IF from striking MAGES. again. She dropped her, a grave look on her face in a moment of silence.

"…Tch. Come, my little ones!"

The clattering of feet followed the cloaked brunette's booming voice. Before the mad magician noticed it, the guild members had surrounded her and U-IF in a circular fashion. Much like the brunette, they too looked unnerved and restless.

"My little ones…it seems that an Aspect of the Night has decided to show their ugly mug in Central Lunne. Take care on holding it off. Survive with the best of your ability until she arrives…I'll catch up once I'm done talking with this woman."

The guild members nodded, then in spectascular fashion, took off their cloaks to reveal colorful and varied outfits under them and swiftly went out of the guild building in an organized matter towards Central Lunne.

"So…guild master, huh?" MAGES. said, on her feet once again.

"Stay here. You better be ready to explain once we get back." And just like that, U-IF sprinted outside and left the mad magician alone…and annoyed.

"Rude and violent…does she expect me to follow her whims with that kind of attitude?"

MAGES. deliberately passed several minutes of time checking out the guild before she backtracked her way towards Central Lunne. The moment she stepped out of the guild however, the mad magician felt this nagging feeling of distress. The horn…the way U-IF and her guild members reacted to it…not to mention this 'Aspect of the Night' thing she mentioned.

"No matter how you look at it, this is one big flag for an event…as the goddess of purple would usually put it."

Finally at the plaza, MAGES. arrived to witness the scene of people running away screaming, their contorted facial expressions making it seem as if they had seen death itself.

"Is this 'Aspect' possibly a powerful monster? I could see the horn being this place's alarm against beings like them…either way, I have to see it."

Thinking while amidst a sea of fleeing people, it didn't take long until someone bumped into MAGES.. It was a crying kid wearing a cute little dress…stained red by the blood coming out of the large gash by her collarbone. Without words or hesitation, the mad magician knelt down and placed her hand over the wound and used the one healing spell she knew. Due to her inexperience with that school of magic, her healing was usually slow…but after spending a couple of minutes or so of trying without the wound's bleeding at least stopping, MAGES. became suspicious. The girl herself even seemed to be confused that the magic of the considerate miss in front of her wasn't having any effect on her. She began to cry even harder than ever, but this time, her crying seemed to sound more like an angry tantrum than a sad spilling of tears.

"Why can't you heal me, you shitty mage?!"

For the third time this day, MAGES. found herself at the receiving end of a fist. Unlike the last two however, this one was from a kid. A kid who wasn't even some supernatural entity, goddess, or whatever. And yet here she was, tumbling across the plaza with a big bruise on her left cheek as if a truck at full speed hit her. With nothing in the wide-open plaza to stop her, MAGES crashed into a building wall, probably breaking a few bones in the process.

The mad magician could only writhe and groan in pain. She was getting pretty tired of reacting to her own physical abuse.

"You should watch where you're going, bastard!"


As more chaos ensued from the little girl's unnatural display of strength, MAGES. caught the sight of two men starting to duke it out with each other in her peripheral vision. It went the way most brawls between guys usually played out…until, well, the other guy got his head crushed to a pulp with a single punch. That wasn't even the thing that MAGES. got concerned about–she was more concerned by the fact that the guy that threw the punch dived headfirst into the mushy pool of flesh and blood that was once a head and started to lick and slurp it all up.

"…How disgusting."

MAGES. felt her stomach turn at the sight, but she couldn't look away. She caught a glimpse of something…a certain thing on the two guys' bodies that looked oddly familiar to her.

A gash wound.

"Stand up, you shitty mage!"

The mad magician's head snapped to the direction of the young, vulgar voice. It was the girl that socked her on the face.

"Heal me now, fucker!"

"No." With a stern look on her face, MAGES. materialized her staff and shot the kid with a fast and quick magic blast, knocking her back several feet. She immediately tried to get up, but the mad magician was a step ahead of her, having casted as safer version of her devastating Corrupt Cocytus ice spell right just before the moment of impact. Icy tendrils caught the kid's little legs just as she got up, freezing her in place.

"This shit's cold! Really! Fucking! Cold!" The kid screamed as she slowly started to lose feeling on her legs.

"That's nice to hear. Maybe you'll cool down a bit now, hm?"

"That was fucking horrible. Even by my shitty standards."

"Shut up, child. You can't even form a sentence without adding a swear word at least once. You don't even have any variety."

"It's because I'm angry at you, you shitty failure of a mage! Can't even heal a fucking flesh wound…"

MAGES. sighed. Was she really fighting with what looks to be a ten-year old child? She pondered on that thought as she started to heal herself.

"Oh, I don't know. It's maybe because your wound is special. Who…or what…gave you that gash?"

"A shitty lady with light blue hair did this to me. I could take you to her if you want. All you have to do is free me from this ice and–"

MAGES. propped herself up–while still healing herself–with her staff and started to walk where all the other people were running away from.

"Hey, hey, hey! Where the fuck do you think you're going?!"

"To see that light blue haired lady you mentioned. I want answers."

The kid looked at her with a doubtful expression. "Are you actually batshit insane? She'll fuck you up hard. Me and a couple of others were lucky enough to just get scraped by her claws!"

"Oh, so you care about me now?"

At this point, the kid just gave up, gave MAGES. the middle finger, and crossed her arms in frustration. She was done.

"Just go and die already."

The mad magician smirked, though her smile faltered knowing that she felt gratified beating a ten-year old. She was a supernaturally strong ten-year old, sure…but she was still a ten-year old.

"I'll be going now. Stay cool, kid."

"You don't have to tell me, fucker! Just go already…and take your shitty puns with you!"

The plaza was all but empty by the time MAGES. went straight for the area–which looked to be a shopping street–where the alleged Aspect of the Night was running amok and most likely fighting U-IF and her guild's members. Slowly making her way west from where she was, she noticed other…agitated people like the kid…brutally ravaging those unlucky enough to die by their hand. She passed through them as if she didn't even exist. Some looked her way, but only for a moment before they went back to messily eating the bloody fruits of their handiwork.

"You'd expect the cannibals to attack the human walking among them…" MAGES. became deeply curious. These people with gashes…these cannibalistic, agitated, and supernaturally strong people…

"They have to be connected to this Aspect of the Night person. I'd be surprised if they weren't."

As she went deeper and deeper into the shopping street, weak grunts and screams started to echo. MAGES. picked up her pace, going from a leisurely walk to a brisker walk, the internal wounds from her smacking into a wall preventing her from breaking into run. It took her a while, but she arrived at the end of the street, pretty much fully healed from the constant healing she was doing to herself on the way there, and ready to fight alongside the Arcana guild members if she need be…


A guttural voice called out to MAGES. within an ongoing scene of blood and gore. Much like in the plaza, the guild members of Arcana with gash wounds were brutalizing and consuming the corpses of their fellow mages. At the back was the source of the voice, her clawed hands strangling U-IF despite being slightly smaller than her. She had rather spiky, light blue hair–which had two distinctly long strands flow from both sides of her head up to her chest–that seemed to glow alongside her fiery red eyes under the half-moon in the sky. She bore fangs as her face contorted from a sudden burst of rage, seemingly at the mere sight of the mad magician. The skirt of her torn black and red dress –primarily red now due to all the blood covering it–fluttered in the cold, outside wind as she continued to glare at MAGES. as if she was trying to recognize her. MAGES. stared back, a sickening and anxious feeling taking over her when she instantly realized who this Aspect of the Night really is.

"I remember you. You were that soaking wet bitch in the carriage…weren't you?!"

MAGES. stood her ground, outwardly unaffected by the Aspect of the Night's roaring voice. Deep inside however, she knew that the next few minutes or so will not be the most pleasant of experiences. Someone has to take care of this monstrosity, after all.

"Yes…yes, I am. So glad you could remember me, Madame." The mad magician spoke in a courtly manner and bowed, ticking her off even more.

"Are you mocking me, bitch?!"

"Not in the slightest, Madame. How could I ever mock my dancing partner?"

The Aspect dropped U-IF–who has long since passed out–into the ground and directly faced MAGES.

"What the fuck was that supposed to mean?"

"I'm just asking if you wanted to dance with me." She brandished her staff, spinning it around her until she went into a not-so-subtle battle stance. "So…shall we dance, Madame Blanc?"