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***The Mating Bond***


I am a solitary creature, alone in this godforsaken life. Okay, not completely alone, as I do have my family, but alone in the sense that I do not have a mate. I have been in this existence for ninety-two years and have yet to find her, and I am starting to believe that I never will. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be around them…my family, I mean.

You see I belong to a coven of seven vampires, including three blissfully happy mated pairs.

My brothers constantly assault me with their teasing thoughts about being a one hundred and nine year old virgin; they believe that I should just get it over with already. It's not that I haven't had offers because I have, too many to count from humans and vampires alike, it's just that I don't want to experience any kind of intimacy with anyone other than my mate. I have waited this long, so there is no sense in giving in now. Besides, there is no one that I've met who has even remotely captured my attention, either physically or intellectually, so the hope of getting both essential parts of stimulation together is completely unlikely.

I'm not blind, I can appreciate an attractive woman, but it all seems to be abstract. To be honest, I have never in my ninety-two years as a vampire had an erection. No one has been good enough. It doesn't help that I am telepathic, so I'm able to read every selfish and shallow thought that runs through the mind of each and every person in my presence. I held out hope for the longest time that there were still good people in the world. I've pretty much given up on that notion now. I know that I will wait until I find her, because she deserves to have every part of me, my first, and only, everything.

I sigh heavily, albeit unnecessarily, wondering if I ever will find her. From what I have seen in the other's minds it hits you like a train wreck, the mating bond that is. You feel an incredible pull that is all consuming. It's like tunnel vision. The bond isn't initiated until eye contact is made, but once it is there is absolutely no reversing it.

The scary part is that once the bond is established the incessant need to touch and be in contact with one another is, in most cases, unmanageable. This is all fine and dandy when it happens with another vampire, but about seventy-five percent of the time it happens with a human. The problem with this is that the more contact that is made and the more intimate the contact becomes, the more animalistic and primal the bond comes to be.

Now, the bond recognizes the fragility of the vampire's mate and the body knows instinctually how much pressure and force to use as to not harm the mate, if he or she is human. It is ingrained like DNA; it is impossible to harm one's mate. The problem is that some humans cannot rationalize and come to terms with how insanely possessive the vampire becomes as the physical contact progresses. This is obviously not a problem for me, however, considering that I do not have nor do I have any prospects for a mate.

Pulling my thoughts back to the present, I begin to feel the unease that has been plaguing me for the last two days settle back into my body. I don't know why, but I am unusually agitated today. I feel like something is off, like I am missing or forgetting something, which is impossible given our superior ability to compartmentalize and concentrate on anything and everything at once. I take a moment to concentrate on the thoughts surrounding me figuring that doing so may give me some insight to what may be causing the feeling of anticipation radiating throughout my body. There is nothing out of the ordinary, really, aside from the arrival of a new student, Isabella Swan, or Bella as she has been correcting everyone today.

Entering the cafeteria later than usual, I quickly scan the crowd for my siblings and then proceed to the lunch line to gather my lunch. The line moves slowly giving me ample opportunity to examine my mental surroundings. The thoughts of the teenagers are absolutely repulsive. It disturbs me like no other, the way that the boys think about and treat their significant others. To them, they are nothing more than a body to use. I think their thoughts bother me more because I'd give anything to have the companionship that they have and yet they choose to treat their woman so disrespectfully. I sigh heavily as the line creeps forward at a snail's pace. God could these children be any more irritating.

Just as I shuffle forward, I hear Alice gasp. Her vision fills my mind at the same time that I feel an incredible, almost painful pull towards the door. It takes every bit of my superhuman control to keep my feet rooted in their spot as the intense desire rushes through me to move toward the pull.

Alice's vision consists of the face of a young girl, maybe seventeen years old with the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen in my life, but the pull is so intense that I don't even get to see the entire vision. I hear a whimper from across the cafeteria and my eyes automatically seek out the sound. There she is, my beautiful brown eyes, only she is hunched over in pain clutching her chest as if she can't breathe. My body instantly reacts, screaming at me to 'protect my mate', but before I'm able to move toward her, Alice has her cradled against her chest guiding her out of the room.

No! Mine.

These are the only thoughts that fill my mind as a growl slips through my lips too low for the humans to hear. Jasper's answering growl is immediate, warning me to back off of his mate.

We need a moment, Edward. I'm not going to hurt her, I promise. I just need to talk to her before you make eye contact and the bond is established. You want her to have a choice don't you? I'm so sorry I didn't see this beforehand; I wish I could have warned you.

Alice's voice rings loud and clear in my mind, and I wonder briefly if I really do want to give her a choice. I immediately chastise myself for my selfish thoughts. Yes, of course, she deserves a choice. This revelation doesn't help the painful constricting of my chest as I feel her move farther away from me though. I know it is the same for her as well because I can hear her whimpers grow louder as Alice ushers her outside. Through Alice's mind I can see her fighting with all of her feeble human strength to get back to me. I concentrate on using all of my control to keep from rushing out the door after them, when I feel the hands of both of my brothers slide over my shoulders applying just enough pressure to let me know that they are in control of my movements for the time being. This is a fact that I am extremely hostile about at the moment. I feel like a caged animal and I want nothing more than to get to the girl with the beautiful brown eyes.

Against my better judgment I choose to show my irritation with the circumstances by pushing out a menacing hiss to my captors.

I can hear the irritation in Jasper's mind as he prompts Emmett, in a voice too low for humans to hear, to guide me outside in the opposite direction that Alice and Rosalie went with the girl. Apparently, we are starting to garner the attention of the student body, plus he thinks we should call and talk to my father, Carlisle, before I have any interaction with Isabella.

I sigh dreamily at the sound of her name in Jasper's mind causing him to roll his eyes and his annoyance to spike which, in turn, flares my temper when I realize that I am being forced away from my mate. The term rolls around my mind.

My mate, it feels fantastic and it spurs me on even more to fight against the threat against her.

Jasper comes to the conclusion that the only way they are going to get me calmed down is for him to use his gift on me. You see Jasper has the ability to sense and manipulate emotions, which is extremely useful in situations such as these. I curse him internally as I start to feel lethargic, and as soon as I feel the fight leave my body I feel a wave of calm wash over me. My baser instincts tell me to fight, but I just can't seem to find the energy. I let a deep menacing growl out, frustrated at my current incapacitated state, focused solely on Jasper. The good thing about his ability is that it will only last five minutes, tops and I brighten at the prospect of a fight when his mood voodoo wears off.

Jasper senses the urgency to start talking me down when he realizes that he has mere minutes to get me calmed. Having as much experience as he does with fighting and destroying vampires, he knows what state I will be in with the threat to my potential mate if he doesn't start explaining.

Yes, I have referred to her up to this point as my mate, but I am well aware that the bond will not be instilled until there is eye contact. It is obvious by both of our reactions that it has already been initiated, but upon eye contact it becomes irrevocable and upon intimacy it becomes fatal, meaning that without the other, the half of the pair that is left will perish.

Emmett immediately calls our father, talking too fast for human ears, while Jasper tries to soothe me by telling me that this separation is only temporary and that I will be with her soon. His statement spurs a sudden fear and I can't help but look up at him with large questioning eyes. What if she says no? My breath hitches in my throat at the prospect that she may still reject me. What would I do? We only have one soul mate so; I would live the rest of my existence alone. That thought terrifies me and before I can control it a low pitched whine escapes my mouth.

It is in this state that I hear my father's voice on the other end of the phone, "…just bring him home, I'll meet you there. Yes, I just talked to Rosalie and apparently Isabella is in no better shape than he is. According to Rosalie, they can't even calm her down enough to explain the intricacies of the situation. They can't get her to stop crying. All she wants is Edward. I've never seen a potential bond this strong without having established eye contact. I'm not one hundred percent positive about how we should handle this, but something needs to be done immediately." When Emmett ends the call with our father, I finally get a good look at myself through his thoughts for the first time since this whole ordeal started. I look wide-eyed and frantic, and completely animalistic with not a trace of our usual human façade. Even the sounds coming out my mouth are inhuman. There is no way that she will want anything to do with me, the disgusting beast that I am. With that realization, I slump in defeat allowing my brothers to do whatever they wish with me. It's not like it matters anyway.

I vaguely hear Emmett talking to Mr. Banner in the hallway, explaining to him that I'm ill and that they are taking me home. That explains the pathetic keening and moaning coming from my lips, according to Mr. Banner's thoughts anyway.

During the ride home, Jasper tries to assure to me that dad is explaining everything to Bella as we speak and that if she still wants to see me, we will be allowed to, but not until he talks to me as well. Apparently, there are stages and boundaries that need to be put in place to protect her from being overwhelmed both emotionally and physically. Her frail human mind and body can only withstand so much, literally.

I can smell her the moment we pull up to the house. Her scent is intoxicating, a heady mixture of strawberries, freesia and lavender. Once the initial shock of her scent wanes, I am hit once again with the all-encompassing need to be near her. The fact that I can hear her whimpering and crying only adds to my determination. My brothers both reach for me, effectively pinning me down to my seat, but that doesn't stop me from reaching out with my mind.

First I hone in on my father's thoughts. It appears that the conversation with my Bella went much better than he anticipated. She took everything in greedily pressing for more and more information, and in the end she even offered a smile. Relief was evident in her beautiful features. Relief that there was an explanation and relief that I would be coming for her soon.

She asked when she would be changed and blushed when dad spoke of intimacy. She worried that I would be disappointed because she is not beautiful like Rosalie and Alice. Silly girl, she is the most beautiful of all of them. It was both adorable and heartbreaking that she pouted and asked for me every two to three minutes. She also revealed that her best friend is a shape-shifter from La Push, trying of course, to help convince us that she understood that mythical creatures exist and that she had an idea of how mating works amongst said creatures.

She had initially thought, before she saw me that a shape-shifter had 'imprinted' on her because the description that they give is very similar to what she felt in the cafeteria. It was finally at this point in the conversation that when she asked for me, she wasn't mollified with the response that I would be there soon. Her eyes welled up with tears and her full bottom lip trembled and in a matter of seconds, the crying was back in full force.

Angry that the family was deliberately keeping us apart and making her cry after she clearly gave her consent, I let out a deafening roar. Emmett and Jasper's grip on me falters for a second, but they recover before I can get away. I hear Bella's breath hitch, and with the realization that I am outside, she starts keening this high-pitched sound to me. It sounds almost like an animalistic distress call, which does nothing to help my current state.

Dad is outside in a flash trying to talk me down from my murderous rage. He warns me that he will not allow me to see her until I can get myself under control which only causes me to glare at him while baring my teeth, letting a vicious growl escape my lips. "She wants you Edward, but you must calm down, son. She can't see you for the first time like this. Is this really how you want to meet your mate?" I drop my eyes shamefully and shake my head. "There are just a few things that I need to reiterate to you since Bella is human. First off, you need to take things slow. I know that the pull and the urges are strong, overwhelming even, but you must move your physical relationship along slowly. That means keeping your hands over her clothes, Edward; I can't express how important this is.

I would also recommend keeping your kisses light and chaste for a while as well…" My eyes snap up to him and I cut him off abruptly, "What? There is no way that I'm not going to kiss her!" My father lets out a huff of unnecessary breath before answering, "I know, I know. Just try, okay? This is going to be a lot for her to take in. Just keep in mind how frightening our possessiveness combined with the animalistic qualities that surround intimacy can be to a seventeen-year-old human girl. That's all I'm saying. Keep her comfort and sanity at the forefront of your thoughts." As much as I hate what he is saying, I know that he is right. We are going to have to move slowly. Normally, we would be fully mated and on our twelve to twenty-four month seclusion by now. But waiting for Bella to transition comfortably won't kill me. I mean, jeez, I've waited over ninety years…a couple more months should be a piece of cake. Taking a deep breath to steel my resolve, I look my father in the eye, "Bella's comfort first. Got it. I'm ready."

My brothers keep a firm hold on me as we enter the house. I try to seek out Bella's thoughts but am not only bombarded with everyone else's but also overwhelmed with the need to see and touch her. My brothers position me at the bottom of the stairs and hold me in place. My eyes dart frantically around the room searching. The pull in my chest becomes stronger and stronger until finally I see her. Alice has her arms wrapped around Bella's chest and waist and she is whispering kind, soothing words in her ear. She is a vision. Long dark hair frame a gorgeous heart shaped face. Thick, curly eyelashes frame beautiful big brown eyes. Her skin is translucent, radiant even. And her lips. My first erection in memory occurs at the sight of her lips. Full and pouty and deep rosy red. Seeing her through the thoughts of others does not do her justice. I allow my eyes to drink the rest of her form in, and am shocked by the ungentlemanly things that are running through my mind. If I were human, I would be blushing beet red. This woman-child has curves in all the right places and I can hardly wait to get my hands on them. I hear Jasper snickering behind me and immediately I'm assaulted with his mental teasing. Of course, he can feel exactly what I'm feeling at the moment.

When I finally force my eyes away from her delectable physique, I notice that she is checking me out as well. I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it feels to have her eyes on me. I subconsciously puff out my chest like a peacock displaying full plume, trying unnecessarily to impress her with my physical appearance. At last, her exquisite eyes reach mine and the whole world stops.

Intense heat rushes through my body like liquid fire but instead of being painful, it is the most pleasurable feeling I have ever experienced. It is this moment that I realize that I can't hear her mind. Her full lips part as her gaze intensifies and I am hyperaware of her breathing as it deepens to the point of panting. She reaches out for me and I reach out for her in return. Oh so slowly, Alice brings her forward until her hand slips into mine. Instantly, I am bombarded by her. Her touch and her scent are all consuming, bringing my pleasure like nothing else. Her gaze doesn't falter in the slightest at the coolness of my skin; in fact, she grips on to me tightly. Her skin is so incredibly soft, like silk. I can feel her heartbeat through the delicate skin of her wrist as I encase her small feminine hand in mine.

She begins to struggle against my sister clutching her free hand in the front of my shirt and pulling with all of her meager human strength. Okay, I'm moving away, Edward. I'll take Alice with me. Jasper assures me with his inner voice as he steps behind Alice, tugging on the back of her shirt. Alice releases Bella who shamelessly molds herself to the front of my body, letting out a deep sigh of contentment.

I lean down to press the side of my face against hers, enjoying the feel of her warm flesh pressed against mine. She responds by nuzzling her face in my neck while rubbing her body against mine much like a cat in heat, while I instinctually blow my breath onto her skin and hair trying to saturate each strand with my scent. It is at this point that I notice the animalistic sounds we are making. She keens a sound somewhere between a moan and a whine while I am drifting between purring and low growling. She lifts her face up to me and closes her eyes, a symbol of submission. This shows me that she is willingly accepting of my natural response to mark my territory with scent. I continue to blow my scent on her and she inhales deeply, parting her lips slightly in effort to inhale and absorb my scent. According to my father's inner dialogue, this would never happen if we were not true mates. He also notes the heavy and distinct scent of her arousal and suggests that I try to wind her down a bit so not to overwhelm her. Not a moment later I feel her hot little mouth attach itself to my neck and start sucking furiously.

She tilts her head to the side fully exposing her graceful, creamy throat while looking up at me from under her lashes with those beautiful brown eyes.

I don't need to hear her thoughts to know what she wants.

My breath hitches in my throat before I lean down to suck delicately on her neck. I can taste the blood that comes to the surface under the skin and am shocked by the amount of pride and possessiveness that rushes through my body at the sight of the small, dark purple mark I've decorated her flesh with. She reaches up to lightly stroke her fingers over it and a breathtaking smile takes over her features upon contact.

She belongs to me

Her eyes drop to my lips in a silent request and I eagerly comply by completely enveloping her in my arms and covering her mouth with my own. We both groan at the contact and I can't for the life of me remember why I should keep from plunging my tongue deep into her mouth. Fireworks are going off in my mind and I can literally feel the bond pulsing with electricity between us. The pulsing is so strong that for the entire time that my mouth covers hers, I feel alive. Truly, alive. It is the most amazing feeling. This is the best first kiss in the history of first kisses…hands down. It was definitely worth waiting one hundred and nine years for.

I grudgingly pull away from her sweet mouth, making her whimper at the loss, to look into her beautiful brown orbs. Completely lost in the depths of my mate's eyes, I fail to hear my father as he tries to warn me to move into the more intimate touches such as deep kissing and caressing slowly.

He unintentionally startles me when he reaches forward to grasp my shoulder and without thinking in instinctually go into defensive mode, snarling and growling as I position myself in front of Bella who clutches on to me not wanting any contact from anyone else. I unconsciously reach back to rub her hip soothingly as I continue to ward off the potential threat with a threatening growl that comes from deep in my chest. It is at this point that I realize that there is no real threat to my mate, that it is just my father.

I know that he only wants to give Bella time to adjust to each level of intensity while protecting her fragile human brain from overloading and I feel terrible for my reaction, but before I can begin to wallow he assures me that my reaction is perfectly natural and that he isn't upset with me at all. I am very grateful for my father figure's compassion and feel comforted that he will guide me through this wonderful, life changing experience.

I feel the heat of Bella's body intensify as she presses herself against my back while winding her arm around my waist and fisting her tiny hand in my shirt. She inhales deeply before nuzzling her face into my back. It's as if she feels the need to leave her scent all over me. My lips curl up into a half smile at the thought.

I am so lost in the sensation of her body pressed against mine that I don't notice that she has snaked her hand underneath my shirt until I feel the intense heat of her hand as she splays it firmly against my stomach. I suck in a sharp breath at the overwhelming feeling of pleasure that courses through me at the simple gesture and gently place my hand on top of hers. She lays her head against my back basking in the feeling of contentment at the contact. I'm truly happy and blissful for the first time in my life.

Several minutes pass as we stand there as still as statues soaking in each other's presence. The only movement between us is the movement caused by our breathing, which is completely in harmony. Finally, the thoughts of my family invade our perfect bubble, but I can't really be upset about it since their thoughts are more than valid. They are thinking that we should probably talk about this and come up with some sort of plan before I take Bella home this evening. My heart clenches painfully at the thought of being separated from her for any amount of time but I know that it is a necessary evil at this point.

Esme, being the kind mother that she is, offers to throw together a casserole that Bella can feed her father with this evening so that she can stay longer to figure this situation out. Bella blushes but gratefully accepts mom's offer, sending her a beautiful smile in thanks.

I turn in her embrace and brush her bangs out of her face before placing a tender, loving kiss on her forehead. She sighs, a soft smile spreading over her beautiful face before I reach down to twine our fingers together and lead her to the sofa. We both settle into the cushions and she scoots so close to me that she is practically sitting in my lap. The heat radiating off of her body feels heavenly against my coolness causing a tingling sensation on my skin.

The rest of the family takes their seats and I smile at her once more, brushing the back of my fingers down the side of her face, loving the pretty blush that covers the apples of her cheeks. Dad clears his throat in order to get our attention and I am deeply touched by the kind and supportive thoughts that fill his mind. It truly means the world to me that he is willing to wholeheartedly accept Bella and the bond we share. He already sees her as his daughter.

"First, I would like to offer my congratulations to Edward and Bella. Finding your mate is a life-changing, albeit extremely joyous occasion and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Bella to the family."

Bella's breath hitches and she flushes even deeper with the sincerity of his words. My chest swells with pride at the public declaration of Bella as part of our family and I tighten the arm that is draped around her shoulders in hopes of conveying that pride. Everyone takes the opportunity to offer their congratulations and welcoming sentiments and by the time everyone has hugged her, Bella's eyes are filled with unshed tears. I love that she feels accepted, like a true part of our family.

Dad smiles warmly before diving into some of the more important things that need to be taken care of, "We need to call the Volturi and let Aro know that Edward has bonded with a human so that she can be documented as part of our family and be granted her protection rights."

Noticing the confusion in Bella's eyes he quickly explains, "The Volturi are a group of vampires in Italy, our royalty if you will. They exist solely to govern and enforce our laws; the most important of those laws is to maintain secrecy of our race, with the exception of bonding. If any vampire divulges our secret without a bond involved, not only will the vampire be destroyed, but the human will be destroyed as well. You automatically gain immunity against punishment from knowing our secret since you are Edward's intended. Your protection rights also grant you security against being hunted by traditional-feeding vampires while you are still human."

Bella sighs a huge sigh of relief at the knowledge that she will now be safe from punishment for knowing our secret as well as human-feeding vampires. I smirk internally as she adjusts herself so that she is a little further in my lap as my father continues speaking,

"I will make that call as soon as we are finished here. The next thing we need to talk about is the significance of the bond and how it works. Bella, I know that I gave you an overview of the mechanics earlier but I don't think you were in a very good presence of mind to pay much attention to the details, and I would like to talk about what all of this means for you if that's okay."

I notice as Bella sits up straight and focuses all, well, most of her attention on my father. She listens intently; readily absorbing all of the details about how drastically her life is about to change. Much to my relief, she understands and accepts all of the changes with open arms and an open heart as dad explains how the bond intensifies as we become more intimate and she blushes profusely when he recommends that we move our intimacy slowly. He chuckles internally, his thoughts indicating that he thinks she is feisty, despite his calm outward demeanor when she asks why we have to move so slowly, impatience clearly coloring her tone. The scent of her arousal thickens in the air when he explains that I will become fiercely possessive and feral the further our physical relationship develops and that he wants to make sure she has adequate time to acclimate herself to some of the potentially frightening sounds and actions that will surely come from me.

She looks over at me, curiosity plain in her heavy lidded eyes, as she demands, "Show me."

The lust filled look in her eyes causes a tightening low in my abdomen and before I think through my actions I let out a low but intimidating growl. The scent of her arousal intensifies and she lets out a needy whimper as she tangles her hands in my hair pulling my face down to hers. She attacks my mouth with unrestrained fervor, moaning wantonly when I slightly part my lips and suck softly on her full bottom lip.

I begin purring at the euphoria of hearing the complete acceptance in her actions, which only serves to turn her on more. She tugs hard at my hair as she trails her hot, wet tongue along my bottom lip.

I am completely lost in the feel of her pillow soft, warm lips that I barely register a throat clearing loudly in the back of my mind. I am just about to dismiss it, when I hear it again along with the sound of my name being called. I groan as I pull away from my angel and cast an annoyed glance toward the interruption.

My father cocks an eyebrow at me and I send him a shy, apologetic smile. I can feel the heat in Bella's face from her embarrassment before offering a quiet apology. He tells me in his thoughts that he is impressed and a little surprised by Bella's reaction to my animalistic sounds and that I should be able to really kiss her tomorrow. He still wants me to be cautious and allow her mind to process all of this overnight before we go any further, though.

After more hugs and congratulations I finally take Bella home, much to my dissatisfaction. The tightening in my chest intensifies when I think about turning to walk away from her and I quickly hand over my cell phone to her.

"If you need anything at all, my Bella, please don't hesitate to call. You can reach me on any of my family's phones and I'll come to you in an instant." I look deeply into her eyes as I say this wanting there to be no doubt that I will come running. She just nods, sniffling softly. "I promise."

I place one last chaste but passionate kiss to her delectable lips before promising that I will be back to pick her up for school at seven in the morning. I feel pathetic at the immense sense of loss I feel as I drive away from her. Every cell in my body is screaming at me to turn around and go back to my mate but I know that it is just not possible right now. With dread and deep regret I manage to make my way home, drudge my way upstairs and wallow in my room for the next hour.

At eight o'clock my father finally calls me into his study so that we can make the most important call of my very long existence. Dad dials Aro's direct number and after what seems like forever, although the phone only rings three times, he answers. Thankfully, I can hear everything that is said because, frankly, being in the dark about any aspect of this conversation would be positively unbearable.

"Carlisle! How have you been old friend?" Aro's voice wafts through the line. He has always creeped me out a bit despite the fact that he is honest and sincere. Even his thoughts are forthright, which I have to admit is quite rare. Dad takes a moment to aimlessly catch up with his old acquaintance before jumping right into the purpose for our call. After a few moments of idle chat, he finally leads into the matter at hand.

"Aro, I have fantastic news. Edward has found his mate." The delight in his voice is evident, which makes me both proud and grateful. "She is a lovely human girl, seventeen. The bond was initiated this afternoon and solidified this evening. From what I can tell, this is one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen." He is quiet for a moment as Aro reiterates the importance and sanctity of the bond before collecting her name and offering his blessing by granting us her protection rights. I smile widely and immediately start to think about how I would like to design the crest that I will present for her to wear. I probably should ask her how she would like to wear it, but I really want it to be a surprise. I'm thinking some kind of necklace would be best, considering that both Alice and Rosalie wear the crest around their necks just as Jasper, Emmett and I all wear it on a leather cuff around our wrists. I decide that a medium sized oval medallion hanging on a delicate chain, both made of platinum would look beautiful against her pale skin and delicate throat. I relay this request to my father and he assures me that he will call his jeweler in the morning. It is imperative that she wears it at all times, as it is the only tangible evidence that she has been granted her protection rights.

The shrill sound of Alice's phone rings around midnight, just as I am about to wear a hole into the floor that I have been pacing frantically for the last five hours. I am out the door instantly, my heart clenching painfully, when I hear the muffled sobs coming through the line but nothing compares to the complete devastation I feel when I hear her strangled cry,


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