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As they drove back to the shack Wendy brought up a important question. "Hey guys what are we going to tell my dad?" Wendy asked. "We can't just tell him were all Demons and I almost died." Wendy said. "Good point what if we told him that we went out for a mystery hunt and we got stuck somewhere or something." Dipper suggested. "Hey back there wasn't your first kiss." Wendy said smirking slightly. "What do you mean?" Dipper asked slightly confused. "I kissed you a few nights ago just before I left when you were asleep." Wendy said to a now shocked Dipper. "So you really like me?" Dipper said happily. "Duh if I didn't I would given into Pacifica when she first kidnapped me." Wendy said. "Well my life is officially complete." Dipper said slightly laughing. "Your such a dork. You know that right?" Wendy said laughing. "I know." Dipper laughed back. "I am so putting this in my scrapbook!" Mabel said excitedly as she took pictures. "Just don't show our caretakers they won't ever let us come back." Dipper stated with a shiver as mentioned them. "What's up dude?" Wendy asked as she noticed Dippers fear in his voice as he mentioned them. "Well they...It would be easier to just show you." Dipper said sadly and Mabel also grew quite. "Mabel roll up the sleeves of your sweater." Dipper said his eyes starting to form tears. "They are hitting you guys aren't they." Wendy said sadly. "Yeah." Dipper said as revealed some scars on his arms. "Hey don't go back then." Wendy said putting her hand on his shoulder. "I guess but what about the gov?" Dipper asked. "Don't worry about them for now. Just don't go back." Wendy said and then she kissed him. "I won't ever go back." Dipper promised. "Good." Wendy said. "Hey Dipper great news me and Bill are now a thing!" Mabel announced out of nowhere. "Bill? As in Bill Cipher?" Dipper asked looking like he was half ready to pass out and half ready to kill Bill. "Chill Dipper when Pacifica had me trapped Bill helped me find the cure but I didn't tell you the cure cause I thought you might think I'm insane or something." Wendy explained. "So you told him he could brainwash and date my sister!" Yelled Dipper. "No he just wanted a list of stuff Mabel liked " Wendy explained. "Oh..." Dipper replied with a sheepish look on his face. "Chill dude I'm not mad at you for snapping." Wendy said. "Ok." Dipper replied. "Good." Wendy replied back kinda awkward. "Oh let me call Bill and we can all take pictures together!" Mabel squealed happily. "Fine." Dipper groaned. "Oh and by the way were is my car?" Gabby asked. "I'll give it to you when we get home." Dipper sighed. "Oh and I can drive you guys everywhere!" Gabby said with a look on her face that was scary. "Chill I'm not that crazy." Gabby laughed when she saw the looks in there faces. "Do you have a license?" Dipper asked scared of what her answer would be. "Nope!" She said laughing. "Oh boy." Dipper replied sighing. They were in for one heck if an adventure with Bills step sister there.

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