The sky was a crisp cool blue, the clouds were tall white and trimmed with grey, the wind was cold and biting. Perfect weather for flying.

A shadow tore across the ocean, inches from the waves. This, this was living. The shadow lifted into the sky. The shadow belong to a Dragon. A Night Fury. Upon the Dragons back laid a Human, a young man astride the unholy offspring of lighting and death. The Dragon and Rider move as one never off balance. Never and fault. Instinct for one, years of experience for the other. The pair flew above the clouds circling around a larger one.

"Odin its beautiful today." the Rider sat up and patted his companion "Hey. Race you to that island." he chuckled to himself as he slide off the saddle. It took a couple of seconds for the Night Fury to realise its rider was no longer there. As soon as it did it dive sharply down in to the fog where the rider had fell. The dragon spread it's wings to stop its fall several feet above the rocky ground, panic on it's face at not finding its rider. The Night Fury landed and looked around the up at the sound of laughter. The Dragon's rider was hanging from a tree branch caught by a 'sail' attached to his back.

"Oh Thor that was too good. Too good. Oh your face. Its priceless. If only I could capture it. Ha." he coughed "Though, erm. Could you get me down?" The Dragon 'smirked' and opened its mouth purple light building at the back of the throat. "Gently! Gently!" as a blast of plasma hit the base of the tree toppling it. The rider shouted as he and the tree fell to the floor. He picked himself up, dusted himself off and removed his helm. The young man's jet black hair fell around his shoulders and his short beard straightened out. He walked over to the white Night Fury that was laughing at him.

"Ok, I deserved that. I'll admit it." He took off his pack and began folding the 'sail' up back to the bag. "Right Sigrid. Let's get back before Piper has my head." He clambered back onto the dragon.

"Corvus! Corvus where in the Clan's name are you? Ah there." A young Scottish Woman on the back of a flame red Stormcutter; Aileas set down in front of Sigrid. "Let me guess. This Muttonhead did a 'Catch me if you can' again didn't he?" Sigrid growled "Ack you need to stop doing that to the poor girl."

"Oh come on it's fun. Beside she doesn't mind it." as if to answer Sigrid hit Corvus with here right ear. "OK. OK fine. Anyway, Piper. What you come out looking for me for?"

"I think it's best if I let Hector tell you. Scout report." With that Piper and Aileas took off the Stormcutter using all four of her wings.

"Well best get after her then." then they took off after her. "I was right. This IS a perfect day for flying."