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Unbreak My Heart

1.1 - Heartache


"Kagome… we have to move from the shrine. The council has decided to knock the temple down and build more houses over the land. I-I'm so sorry, I'm afraid the well will…"

"What?! Mama, please say this isn't true?"

"I'm sorry…"

"No! I won't leave! I can't leave my friends…my second home…Inuyasha, I'll never see him again…"



She ran through the forest blinded from her own salty tears. She needed to get away; she needed to be alone and as far away from the heartbreaking news that plagued her thoughts. The pain was unbearable and her heart fell heavy in her chest. Slowly she began to ease her tears, though they burned and distorted her vision, yet she still picked up her running speed. The forest was the only place where she could find comfort and release. She was far away from her home, rather centuries away from her home. 'Not my home for much longer' she thought bitterly. Not caring about the dangers that lurked around her during the darkness of the night she continued to tread through bushes and heavy overgrowth.

Finally she was brought to a halt and collapsed to her knees in pure exhaustion. Her head was buzzing and she could feel nausea slowly creeping up inside of her. Swallowing the scorching acid back in attempt to ease the giddiness that threatened to take her in to another state of consciousness, she slowly brought her head to the ground, breathing in and out heavily and sobbing painfully.  

She wrapped her trembling arms around her hips and lower stomach in attempt to calm herself. Unsuccessfully she could not find comfort and her sobbing continued to the point of panting and rasping for air. Her mind screamed out for her to stop but her body told her other wise, she was in pain and this was her only release. How could this be happening? She had played her destiny out and saved the future from the evil that threatened it. The Shinkon no Tama was complete and once again safe in her hands. Now the well was going to be ripped away from her just like that?!

She wanted everything to stop there and then. She did not want to feel like this anymore. She wanted the pain to go away. As if answering her inner turmoil the heavens overhead shifted and unsettled around her fallen form. All to soon the blanket of stars dissolved inside an empty twister, searing with blackened bolts of energy. She could feel the distress from her heart that throbbed inside of her, but she made no attempt to stop the dark aura from circling around her. Her eyes soon clenched tightly shut grinding her teeth together as sparks flew all around her and cackled inside of her. The black hole high over top grew in proportion sucking in the young miko's aura that now freely escaped her entire body.

With one final bolt of energy her eyes shot open glazing over instantly, as she whipped her head back and let loose a heart-rending scream.


Inuyasha lazily stretched himself over the branch high up in his tree. He was not really that tired even after three days of no rest or very little food. He rarely ate or slept when she was not around, but he never felt the need to move from his resting place; in fact his travelling companions had attempted to convince him to eat three times that day. Sighing he closed his golden orbs resting his back against the bark of the branch tomorrow he would drag her ass back - four days was long enough for whatever she was doing back in the future. He forgot to admit he wanted and needed her back or he would starve to death waiting around for her!

Gaining comfort from his thoughts he relaxed and continued to rest his eyes. It only took him a second to jump from his branch and onto the ground when he felt that familiar aura surround his own. That is when his nose picked up her scent. He narrowed his eyes in confusion as he took off toward the bone eaters well. What he could not understand was why she had retuned in the middle of the night? As he got closer his nose told him she was moving in the opposite direction of the village and she was going at it fast. Inuyasha picked up speed when suddenly he was flung back with such force he collided into trees causing them to snap in half like mere twigs. Shaking his head while rubbing the small throbbing he felt in his temples, he focused his eyes in front of him. At first he could not see or sense anything that was before he noted the darkening storm like twister forming in the sky above a very poorly lit section of forest. Even with his highly sensitive eyesight he still found it hard to see past the darkness, as it had unnervingly dropped in temperature and now he was feeling it.

Picking himself up from the ground he tilted his head slightly and lowered his hand over his trusty sword, pulling it out in front of him, with a small tweak of his hand it transformed into its larger state waiting only seconds for it to burn red. Bringing the fang above him as he leaped up from the ground he hit the invisible wall he had collided with, effortlessly he cut straight through it allowing him passage to the other side of the forest.

Once more he made chase, following the girls strong scent mixed with a salty texture. His only conclusion she was upset and crying… but was that enough to cause the invisible shielding he encountered moments ago? It was miko energy, it felt dark though and she was anything but a corrupt miko she was pure and untainted. His mind continued to give fight over the possibilities and dangers she could be in. The thought of losing her lay heavy on his thoughts and heart - he picked up speed once more, but her sent was beginning to dispel.

There was a sudden clap of thunder then a shrilling scream of anguish.

 "What the fuck!?" He growled under his breath halting at the edge of a clearing looking over a small mound. His eyes widened when he caught sight of Kagome whom now lay on the ground below surrounded by dark energy. Her eyes were wide and unfocussed her entire being trembled as sparks flew overhead and through her.

Inuyasha was quick to reach her side, but once more collided with more invisible boundaries.

"Shit! Kagome? Kagome?!" He called out to her desperately.

Kagome lay motionless and unresponsive to his pleas and her eyes remained unfocused and glazed over. Growling Inuyasha gained his footing and tried once again to reach her, as he forced himself through the scorching miko energy painfully he outstretched his arm bringing it mere inches away from her shoulder.

"Ka-go-me…" He managed to grind through clenched teeth. Still she made no movements.


Kagome's mother sat at the kitchen table staring at the back door in which Kagome had bounded off through. Kagome looked distraught and pale when she told her the news of the council's decision to pull down the old shrine and reserve. She had not been looking forward to breaking the news, and certainly was not stupid-she knew Kagome and the hanyou boy had feelings for one another, it was more than evident when they came back through the well. And Kagome was always restless when she was away from the young boy for more than a week she smiled at the memories. Kagome was always open and honest about her feelings; she was strong and obviously made a huge impact on Inuyasha's life.

Sighing once more she closed her eyes and let a small smile curl over her lips. 'Kagome will come back when she's calmed down a little' she thought reassuringly, but that small voice in the back of her head still openly admitted that Kagome might need more than one night to get over this, especially where Inuyasha was concerned.


Inuyasha awoke lazily raising his eyelids to reveal Kagome's slumbering form underneath him. Smiling slightly at the young woman as she slept his mind went through the images that had occurred the night before. Kagome was letting off some pretty dark vibes and painful ones at that, she had calmed almost instantly when he reached out to touch her. Still whatever happened to her he needed to find out if she was all right. He had no intent on moving off of her and instead stayed where he was and wait for her to wake.

Kagome gasped in shock when her eyes shot open. The bright light of the sun was piercing to her poorly adapted vision and her pupils found it hard to account for the glaring sun absent-minded she lifted her hand to rub her eyes. When she had finished that chore she attempted to lift herself up but was being held down by something heavy and warm. She once again blinked repeatedly to help bring back her vision-it was all coming back to her gradually she remembered the pain stricken news her mother had told her, then running through Inuyasha's forest blinded by tears (period. What) what she did not expect was waking up in Inuyasha's arms.

"Inuyasha?" She whispered under her breath swallowing back nervously.

He let loose a small growl and twitched one of his ears before stirring slightly above her, Kagome swallowed back another gasp when she felt his fangs nip at her nape. Wide-eyed she stayed perfectly still too scared to move once again she felt his fangs brush up against her skin.

"Inuyasha?" She asked once again.

His chest rumbled with yet another growl this time much louder causing Kagome to flinch under him. Her heart raced inside of her chest she was lost in confusion. How did she get into this comprising position and with Inuyasha to boot?!

She was brought back from her thoughts when Inuyasha nuzzled his face in her hair-at first she felt uncomfortable, but soon relaxed when she herd his soft purring buzzing in her ears. She smiled slightly and lifted her free hand up to tweak and rub the soft fur around his ears, and she was greeted with more purring and a small moan escaped his lips.

The feeling of breathlessness and heart quickening thumps gasped at her throat, she had to swallow back the tingling sensation she felt as it bubbled inside of her innards. 'Gods, what was that?' she thought between breaths.

What ever it was it felt good and all Inuyasha did was make small noises as she played with his ear. Confidently she moved her head slightly so that she now faced the slumbering hanyou. Slowly she leaned down and hovered over his lips. Her breath caught in her throat when he drew himself closer to her face. ' Is he awake?' She asked herself.

But that feeling she just experienced enticed her to touch the lips that had made those sounds. Once again she closed her eyes and lowered her own moistened lips over his slightly parted ones, with the caress so tenderly driven she brushed up against his mouth and kissed him. This time the feelings over whelmed her and she began to arch herself toward him.

Inuyasha felt her soft lips connect with his own and soon became aware of her leaning in toward him. Coolly he returned the sweet tender kiss allowing her to move under him. Kagome let loose small moans when his tongue soon found her own their kiss now deepening with heated passion.

After what seemed like an eternity Inuyasha pulled away from her and looked down at with soft golden eyes. Kagome's cheeks burned a soft shade of pink and her lopsided smile grew between small breaths. They continued to stare at one another neither one attempting to speak for another few minutes. 

Kagome was the first to break the gaze when she turned her head away from Inuyasha. He sighed inwardly taking this as a bad sign, was she regretting it already? He knew he should not have been so stupid enough to think she would ever want a worthless half-breed like him as a mate. This was it; she was going to tell him she was leaving him. This time for good.

Kagome swallowed back more tears that threatened to escape any given moment. How was she going to tell him? How could she after what just happened!? Her mind screamed at her to tell him the truth, but another wanted her to forget about it and enjoy being with while she had the chance.

"Inuyasha?" She started quietly keeping her eyes averted, "I have to tell you something…"

Inuyasha grunted and hauled himself off of her narrowing his eyes in anger. "Keh, not that I care what you've got to say, bitch. I don't need to hear it, so why don't you fuck off down your rabbit hole and never come back!"

Kagome jerked up off the ground and glared at him darkly. "You-you bastard! SIT!"

Inuyasha found his face eating dirt. "Bitch! The sooner you go the fucking better, I won't be sorry to see your weak, pathetic excuse of miko ass pulling this sit shit anymore!" 

Kagome lowered her head in defeat refusing tears to burn her eyes giving him the satisfaction he hurt her. "Fine, Inuyasha." She whispered, "you won't ever have to see me again after today. The well and shrine are being knocked down within the week - so…I won't be coming back."

With that she took off through the forest toward the village to say her final good-byes.


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