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Unbreak My Heart

Epilogue – kazokumochi (Family Man)

Inuyasha was watching her from his seated position on her bed. Kagome was sat at her desk, pen in one hand and book in the other, sighing every once so often then writing in a book.

"Kagome! This is boring, lets go eat!" He frowned and twisted his head to one side.

Kagome did not look up from her book. "Go get something from down stairs then." She shooed him, waving her pen-held hand toward the door.

"Feh, what are you doing anyways?" He grunted, getting up from the bed to stand cross-armed behind her.

"Writing my final entry in my diary!" she exclaimed.

"Keh, stupid wench" came his reply, not really interested or getting what all the excitement was all about.

Kagome smiled and followed him with her eyes as he left the room. 'Good, peace and quiet' she contently thought, leaning back into her chair and resuming her writing.


"Alright, so peace and quiet is to much to ask for," she mumbled under her breath, sighing as she stood, putting her diary and pen down at the same time.

She smiled, thinking back of their time spent here over the past 5 days…


The week in Kagome's time had passed somewhat slowly, but had gone so quickly. Shippo had been the main attraction, of course. Kagome was thrilled that her family had taken to him and accepted him, just as they had Inuyasha.

Everything had gone smoothly, no troubles at all…unless you counted, Shippo's attempt to help light the burner on the gas top. Souta had complained that the burner was not lighting, and Shippo had confidently boasted he had just the thing to light it.

Foxfire. His Kitsune-bi had nearly blown the whole kitchen away, if it were not for Inuyasha, who had smelt the gas and complained to Kagome the house stank, Shippo would have succeeded in burning the place down!

The minor incident had shaken the boys, but Inuyasha came to the rescue. If that's what Kagome could call it? He had yelled, and taken a swipe at the Kit, thus scarcely missing Souta's head when Shippo ducked for cover. 

Kagome groaned at that, smacking her palm against her forehead.

The long, over-due and awaited day had finally come; the day Shippo would become a part of her family, officially. Kagome remembered the butterflies she felt in her stomach as her mother, Shippo and Inuyasha walked into the adoption agencies waiting room.

Shippo was well entertained, watching the city of Japan from 20 floors up, through a window. His little eyes were bulging and so wide, Kagome was sure they'd pop out of their sockets.

Inuyasha was silently sitting in the seat next to Kagome, his own eyes wandering toward the window, but diverting his interest every time someone turned his way.

Shippo was asking yet another question, when a tall, well and smartly dressed man, opened the door of the waiting area and called the name 'Higurashi.'

Kagome's breath caught in her throat, and she gulped, suddenly feeling very nervous. She closed her eyes and took one last deep breath and stood from the seat, silently praying things would go all right.

Her mother squeezed her hand, and whispered 'Good Luck' in her ear, giving Kagome a small push toward the room.

As they entered the large office, another man, sat behind a desk, greeted them with a friendly and reassuring smile.

"So, you're here today to adopt this little fellow, ne?" he asked with another smile.

"Hai, his name is Shippo." Kagome smiled back, nervously twitching with her thumbs.

The office clerk took a seat in the corner of the room and began to type on his hand-held, recording the things both, Kagome and the adoption officer spoke about.

"Very-well," he answered, picking up the adoption papers and giving them a once over before setting them in front of Kagome and Inuyasha. "These papers need to be signed by next of Kin, and the child's soon-to-be parents." He continued, making things clear as he pointed them out in the contracts content.

"If you read the following sections and then sign your names, here and here." He pointed once again, "Then, we can get on with the official name-changing."

Kagome's mother nodded, and picked her version of the contract up and started to read it. Kagome did the same, scooting closer toward Inuyasha. She leaned up and over and whispered, "Inuyasha, if I read it, you just sign it where I tell you to. OK?"

Inuyasha frowned and took a nervous glance around the office, "Whatever…" he replied.

Another few minutes past before the gentleman spoke once again. "If you've finished reading, and understand what has been written here, then please sign on the dotted lines."

Kagome's mother gave Kagome and Inuyasha a quick wink and signed her version of the next-of-kin documentation. Kagome felt a little more at ease, as she watched her mother sign the registration papers.

All that was left was for her and Inuyasha to sign the parental agreements. She took the pen into her hand and signed the first two box's ticking the small place where the name: Mother: was written. Her eyes made contact with Inuyasha's as she handed him the pen, he looked down at it and back up to her.

Kagome's heart stopped. Why was he stalling? He had been practising his signature with her for the last few days, so she knew he was prepared for this. Once this is over I'm going to personally sit you till…

"Inuyasha" she asked, her voice slightly shaky, but clear of its intention.

The hanyou did not respond, but took the ballpoint pen from her. Kagome's heart was now thumping fifty to the dozen.

Shippo looked up from his seat in-between his new Grandmother and Kagome, his small eyes finally resting upon Inuyasha's. He could sense the uncomfortable feeling of panic rise in his stomach, and the slight tightening of his chest, only gave way to the tears that were threatening to dispel from his worried eyes.

The adoption officer looked from Kagome's mother to Kagome, "Is there some kind of problem here?" he asked, this time looking straight at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha looked from the man to the weird looking words and Kagome's signature on the document in front of him. He knew where to sign, Kagome had pointed it out for him, and he was to tick the box named: Father:

His eyes wandered and found the Kit's small, slightly reddish ones, they looked up at him silently pleading with him.

"Keh," Inuyasha grumbled under his breath and diverted his gaze back upon the paper.

Shippo's eyes were now stinging with watery tears, while Kagome glared at him, and both Kagome's mother and Adoption officer watched on with confusion. 

Inuyasha nervously looked up at the people around him, "Yeesh, all right already!" he mumbled, inching away from Kagome and the small Kit's intense stares. "Feh, anyone would swear you actually want me as your old man!" He narrowed his eyes mockingly, signing the blank signature box's and ticking the: Father: box. 

Shippo's face grew with happiness the moment Inuyasha dropped the pen and slid the papers back toward the adoption officer.

"Good." He smiled, looking over the signatures. "Well then little feller," he started, looking down at the gleeful child. "Say hello to your new family and parents."

Shippo's smile widened as he lunged off his seat and straight into the chest of Kagome's. "Okaa!" he yelped, the tears of sadness now replaced with happiness.

Kagome giggled and held onto him tighter, looking down at the small boy with complete admiration before leaning back against Inuyasha ever so slightly. "You're a dead doggy'" she mumbled, meant only for his ears. 

"Keh," he snorted and lifted his nose in the air, but keeping one eye on the Kit and his official mother cuddle with completeness.

-- (Note: I know, it takes ages to go through these things…but just pretend its that quick, okies?) --

They had gotten over that in one piece, Kagome sat Inuyasha as soon as they left the adoption agency building. Shippo had also gotten Inuyasha's attention when he mocked called him "Otou" Kagome had never seen Inuyasha turn so red in all of the time they spent together. Still, she was glad Inuyasha finally signed the parental forms, it made her all warm inside thinking she and Inuyasha were a family unit, Shippo being their first son.

'Oh gods, what did I just think of?!' She blushed, allowing her thoughts get carried away.

"We're home!" Kagome's mother greeted the Higurashi household.

Souta was the first to leap to their arrival, his face held with a huge smile. "Well, how did it go? Is Shippo a Higurashi? Does that make me an uncle? Is Inuyasha my real big brother now?" he seemed to ask in under a minute.

Mrs Higurashi chuckled under her breath and petted the hyper boy on the head. "Wow, all those questions. Why don't we let Kagome, Shippo and Inuyasha have a seat before anything, ne?"

Souta enthusiastically nodded and grabbed a hold of Shippo's hand, pulling him into the living room. Mrs Higurashi turned to look at the couple behind her, "Well, looks like someone is pleased to see us back. I wonder where your grandfather is?" she asked, not really expecting an answer.

"He's probably out back, sulking" Kagome quietly mumbled. While Inuyasha looked down at her in utter confusion, his ears twitching slightly at her tone.

Souta and Shippo had made themselves comfortable in front of the wide-screen television; Shippo liked the idea of TV. Kagome and her mother had been discussing the night's celebration, officially welcoming the newest family member, when Inuyasha reminded them that tonight would be a new moon.

'Perfect' Kagome thought, flashing her mother a huge smile.

"Then it's settled," Mrs. Higurashi said, clapping her hands together. "We'll all go to the Summer-nights carnival tonight!"

"Carnival?" Shippo's ears perked up at the sound of that. "What's a carnival?" he asked, now fully aware of his parents and grandmother.

"A carnival is a place packed with games, fair-ground rides and lots more! You'll love it, Shippo!" Kagome beamed.

"Sounds girly," Inuyasha snorted, folding his arms over his chest.

"No way, Inuyasha-nii-chan!" Souta corrected him, getting up to emphasise his words. "It's great! We get to eat loads and ride on the go-carts and all sorts, its only girly if you follow, nee-chan" he finished, stinking his tongue out and pulling his lower eye-lid down mockingly.

"Brat!" Kagome pouted, giving Inuyasha her best 'Save-me' eyes.

"Don't look at me," Inuyasha mumbled, turning his attention to the knocking sounds coming from the yard.

"Oh my, is that your grandfather?" Mrs Higurashi interrupted, pulling Kagome and Souta out of their brawling fit.

"What's Ji-chan doing, mama?" Kagome asked, watching her mother and Inuyasha stare out the large patio-like doors.

"Your grandfather is…" she replied.

"Going to break his back" Inuyasha finished.  
"Nani?" both Kagome and Souta asked.

Ji-chan was standing at the bottom of the god-tree, a few planks of wood in one hand and a hammer in the other.

"Finished!" He exhaled and lifted an arm to his forehead and wiped away some beads of sweat.

"Ji-chan, what have you been doing?" Souta asked from out side of the patio-doors.

"Come, Come" he beckoned, waving the hammer in his hand. "Well hurry up, Souta! You too, Shippo!" he impatiently continued.

Shippo and Souta looked at each other, before following the old man into the undergrowth of trees. Mrs Higurashi, Kagome and Inuyasha following them not long afterwards, all as inquisitive to as what the old man had been doing.

Inuyasha pushed away another of the willow tree over hangs allowing both females a clear view, "It's a… Oji-chan, built the boys a…" Mrs Higurashi smiled,

"A tree-house?!" Kagome gasped, while Inuyasha, once again, gapped at her with utter confusion.

"Oh, how nice!"

"So, you thought I was being difficult?" Ji-chan smugly smiled.

"Anou, I-I didn't say…" Kagome stuttered, "Arigato, Ji-chan" She finally cleared her throat, looking up as both boys happily beamed over their new hiding place.


The sun had set around 7:30pm that evening, as a very human looking Inuyasha stood, staring at the full-length mirror in Kagome's room, in discomfort. He yanked on the hugging, but still loose, fitting jeans and complained to Kagome about having to wear such stupid looking things.

"I fucking hate that you're making me wear these things! But-But, why can't I take, Tetsusaiga?!" He continued to whine and grouch as Kagome dressed Shippo in something similar to what Inuyasha was wearing. 

"Inuyasha, you can leave Tetsusaiga here, nothing will happen to It. " She tried her best to calm the irate hanyou-turned-human. "Put it under my bed, no one will find it there. Ne?"

"Feh, I still don't like these things." He pointed at his feet and at the uncomfortable trainers he wore.

"You can't go barefoot, Inuyasha," she chuckled. "And Shippo isn't complaining about what he has to wear!"

"Yeah, Inuyasha! Be nice!" Shippo added, causing Inuyasha to turn and give the boy an evil-looking glare.

The only reason Inuyasha had agreed to wear the clothes Kagome had gotten him, was because he wanted to please her, (not to mention he wanted her attention) the Kit had been the weeks centre of attention, and Inuyasha had not even been given any of the ear-touching thing  'Keh, not that I care about that, its annoying enough!' he sulked.

"Ready?" Kagome asked, immediately pulling Inuyasha out of his thoughts. The hanyou-turned-human, stood gaping at the young girl in front of him, she wore a bright blue dress, with matching blue sandals. Her hair was up in a tight bun on top of her head, and in her arms sat a grinning Kitsune. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at the sight of him. 'Little brat!' he seethed, not really realising his jealously.

Kagome watched him as his eyes turned from bright, wide orbs, to narrow, peeved ones. 'What's wrong with him now?' she thought, before sighing a little unhappily.

"K-kagome?" Inuyasha nervously murmured and reached out to take her hand, "Y-you look really nice-"

Kagome's saddened face soon beamed brightly, as she took his hand and tightly gripped it. "Arigato, Inuyasha." She blushed, lowering her head away slightly.

Shippo contently smiled in his mother's arms, hoping the carnival was a good as what Souta had told him.


They all arrived at the Summer-ends Carnival, and were now queuing out-side of the brightly lit place. Shippo was in total awe, his small eyes darting from one place to another.

 "I told you so," Kagome giggled, pulling the Kit in to a quick embrace. Shippo nodded, and smiled cheerfully.

Inuyasha was standing beside Kagome, still grumbling about the Kitsune. His attention soon took a turn, when Souta grabbed a hold of his arm and started to drag him to one of the game booths. Inuyasha's panicked eyes searched for Kagome, only relaxing when he noticed their where abouts.

"You gonna show, Souta that skill of yours and win him something?" Kagome smirked at him fondly, nudging him in the side as she stepped up behind them.

"All I have to do is aim and shoot, ne?" Inuyasha 'Keh'ed, picking up the weird looking trigger-gun. Souta looked on with hopeful eyes as Inuyasha aimed to take his shot, and let the trigger go.


The first one hit, followed by the third and forth. Souta smile widened, as the prize was offered him.

"Arigato, Inu-no-oniichan!" He buzzed with excitement.

"Keh," Inuyasha snorted, "That wasn't very hard," he mumbled under his breath, as Kagome took a hold of his arm and snugly hugged him.

"Maybe for you, but Souta and Ji-chan have been trying for years to win something off this prize-cart." She said with a smile.

Shippo watched Souta as he gaped over his newly claimed prize, and brag to his grandfather how Inuyasha had hit the target first time. His small eyes wondered around timidly, "Okaa-chan?" he yanked at Kagome's skirt.

"Okaa-chan?" he repeated a little louder.

Kagome was cooing over some cotton candy, Inuyasha had slyly taken when she was not watching and was now happily allowing him to feed her some, as well as himself. Shippo sighed, not letting go of Kagome's dress, as the crowds surrounded them and the noise was starting to hurt his highly sensitive ears.

Shippo had caught the attention of Mrs Higurashi, "Why don't we go and get our face's painted?" she asked the kit, as she picked him up from the ground.

"Face painted?" Shippo puzzled, causing the older woman to chuckle.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kagome had found a quaint seat, and sat arm in arm, watching the huge ferries wheel turn slowly.

"I really want to ride the ferries wheel!" Kagome sighed, leaning her head upon Inuyasha's shoulder.

"You mean that thing?" he asked, pointing to the giant looking metal thing in front of them.

"Hai, I always wanted to ride one…" she answered, before quietly lowering her voice, "With my boyfriend."

Inuyasha's eyebrow rose slightly, "Hm, and this is something you want to do? With your boyfriend?"

Kagome's face was now glowing a bright red as she looked up to him with hopeful eyes. He gave her a smile and placed a quick kiss on her forehead, before getting up off the bench and pulling her up with him. "Then, shall we?" he asked, taking her into his arms.

Kagome nodded and blushed once more, "I forgot about Shippo!" She suddenly gasped with realization, tears threatening to fall at any given moment. 'Oh gods, what kind of mother am I?! I forgot all about Shippo!' she panicked inwardly.

Inuyasha searched the grounds for the small kit, his eyes only catching a glimpse of Kagome's mother. She waved at him and pointed to something Inuyasha could not quite see, but he nodded and smiled, before taking Kagome into a quick hold.

"I think he's with your mother, its ok, Kagome. He's safe." He soothed gently as he led her to where he had seen Mrs Higurashi moments ago.

They reached the stand and a cheerful lady talking to Shippo, as he sat still for her while she worked her magic on his little face. Mrs. Higurashi smiled and called them over.

"Shippo's having his face painted." She told them.

"Having his what?" Inuyasha asked, looking over the pots of paint and crayon tools.

"I told him he could have his face-painted," she repeated, another huge smile taking over her pleasant features.

"Oh, kawaii!" Kagome crunched up her nose in delight.

"That stuff isn't poisonous, right?" Inuyasha leaned down and whispered in Kagome's ear.

Kagome looked up at him and smiled, "It's perfectly safe"

His eyes searched the area once more, and he nervously bent down once again and asked, "It will wash off with water, yeah?"

"Hai, Inuyasha," Kagome giggled, "You that worried?" she asked seriously.

"No! It-its just, why would he want that stuff on his face in the first place?"

"Because its fun" Kagome reassured him. "Which one did he choose?" she turned and asked her mother.

Inuyasha looked over at the different designs that hung off the wall they were displayed from. From what he could tell, they were animal designs, one being a cat, another a dog, a fox, a bear, and a green thing (he had no clue what that was).

"Guess" Mrs Higurashi replied to Kagome, causing Inuyasha to turn and 'feh'

"The fox, its so obvious." He said, crossing his arms over his chest. Kagome nodded with agreement, and waited for the young cub to turn to them.

"Ok, finished!" the lady at the stand said, putting down the last of the face paint crayons.

Shippo smiled and hopped up from his seat to turn and smile up at his parents and grandmother.

Kagome's smile widened as she cooed happily, "Oh, Shippo!"

Inuyasha looked down at the cub, "Kid, you make a lousy dog," he whispered.

"I wanna be just like my *Oyaji when I grow up!" Shippo smiled and stuck his tongue out, before puffing his chest out and crossing his arms over his chest, mimicking the hanyou's proud pose. (*Old man meaning father in this case)

"Is that so?!" Inuyasha growled under his breath, his face burning another shade of red, Kagome had not ever seen it that red before.

"Well, I like being a dog!" The Kitsune laughed and picked himself up, "So, there!" He shoved his nose up in the air, causing Inuyasha to growl once more.

"I think it's adorable," Kagome said, and tugged on Inuyasha's arm. "Inuyasha is flattered that you'd want to be more like him," she continued, halting the dark-haired human in mid-stare with shook.

"Nani?!" came his reply, his voice higher than usual.

Kagome glared up and him, but held her grin, "Yes, you love the fact Shippo wishes to be more like you-!"

Inuyasha calmed slightly and fidgeted under the intense looks he was getting. "Well, the kid should act like a Kitsune-youkai. After all, he's strong the way he is, and I guess…" He lifted a hand behind his head and swallowed hard before continuing, "I guess, its only natural the brat here wants to be more like his fath-I mean, me!" 

Shippo's smile widened as he flung himself into Inuyasha's chest. "You really mean that, Inuyasha?" the boy-cub asked, with bright, anticipating eyes.

"Keh, I said it, didn't I?!" The hanyou-turned-human replied, while lifting the cub by his scruff and putting him down gently.

 "Arigato, Inuyasha," Kagome's face softened as she took a hold of his arm once again.

"Don't we have to…eh, go ride on that metal wheel thing now?" he stumbled, blushing slightly under her stare.

She smiled once again and nodded more than enthusiastically, before turning to her mother and asking, "Would you watch Shippo, until we're finished, mama?"

Her mother nodded as she picked the kit up in to her arms, and with that Kagome and Inuyasha made haste to the huge Ferris wheel.

Kagome was excited as they entered the cart, room for only two people to sit in. She looked up at Inuyasha, her face mockingly staring, "What? Don't say the big, powerful, and fearsome Inuyasha is afraid of a ride like this?!" She scoffed at his unwillingness to enter the cart.

The dark-haired boy shot her a dry look before stumbling into the cart, causing it to rock softly. "Shit!" he cursed, grabbing onto the seat and settling next to Kagome. "This thing is a death trap, Kagome!" he exclaimed.

Kagome giggled and cuddled up to him, "Don't be silly, and just relax! We're here to have fun, remember?"

"If you say so, but I still don't like this thing!" He nodded, taking Kagome into his chest protectively.

From the ground, Shippo could see the massive lights that spiralled and twisted into flashing, but pretty colours as it curled around the huge wheel-metal ride. He smiled up at his grandmother, "Ba-chan, can you see Inuyasha and Okaa-chan?" he asked, still engrossed with the shining lights.

"Hm… No, not yet, but the cart should begin to move soon" she answered, looking out for them too.

The huge ferries wheel clicked and began to move, causing the kit to 'Ohh' at it in awe and complete concentration, watching out for any signs of Kagome and Inuyasha.

Meanwhile, inside the cart Inuyasha was now F*ing and blinding in pure panic, while Kagome was laughing so hard, she had tears in her eyes.

"Inuyasha! Relax!" She said through large amounts of giggles and took a tight hold of his chest, resting her head against his shoulder.

The boy was nearly choking with panic; his heart was racing from the adrenaline rush, both from the movements of the wheel and from Kagome's soft caress.

"Bloody hell, Kagome! You could have warned me!" He tried to sound gruff, but faulted in a squeak.

The girl could not help but smile and chuckle at the panicked hanyou. "Inuyasha, I said relax…" she said finally, pulling him even closer into her, in order to sooth the alerted boy.

Inuyasha calmed and leaned in to her calming hold, "Smooth talker, you should make this your profession." He smiled and looked down at her.

"Nah, I prefer the job I do now." She smiled back, tilting her head up to nip him softly on the lips.

-- Edited --

The following morning, Mrs. Higurashi announced that she would be taking both boys out for the day. Apparently, promising them a day-out at the local shopping mart, and arcade. Once again, Shippo was asking 101 questions per second, while Souta was trying his best to answer the odd questions and hurrying Mrs Higurashi out the door at the same time.


Kagome gave an exhale sigh, "Alone at last" she breathed out, making her way back up the stairs to wake an overly lazy hanyou.

As she entered her room, Inuyasha was not asleep; in fact he was very much so wide-awake, sitting cross-legged and shirtless on her windowsill out side of her bedroom window.

"Hey you…" Kagome greeted wrapping her arms around his waist from behind and snuggling her face into his back.

Inuyasha grunted a response in return and continued to look out over the shrine.

"Is there anything wrong?" Kagome asked, her voice full of concern.

Inuyasha tilted his head to look at her, "Keh, of course not, wench!"

"Good, because we need to talk," Kagome smiled up at him, still gripping onto his waist from behind.

"Talk?" his ears twitched, "what about?"

"Well, about things, about Shippo and about us…" she answered, rubbing her check against his back.

Inuyasha's ears twitched once again, and kept on flipping from left to right, he closed his eyes contently enjoying feeling Kagome purr against his back.

Kagome could feel his body relaxing at her soft touch, and got an idea. Allowing a small smile to devour her lips, she began to butterfly kiss his naked back, playfully breathing on him ever so lightly, before licking his skin thus sending rivets of shivers from his body.

"What's there to talk about?" he sighed, deeply enjoying Kagome's caressing.

"Well," she started, before kissing him once again, "how about we start with us…" another soft kiss made contact with his skin.

 "Stop teasing, bitch!" Inuyasha growled, and whipped around so she now faced his bare chest.

Her hands moved up from his hips and softly circled his chest, "I want to talk about… us and our relationship" she softly spoke, bringing her lips upon his chest, while still journeying her hands over his skin.

Inuyasha's growls were vibrating from within his chest, and he could feel his control gradually slipping.

She felt his arms encircle around her, pulling her closer into his body, she smiled again against his skin, continuing her kisses and slow torture. His head moved down to lean on top of her head, taking in her sweet smelling scent as he groaned under her constant ministrations.

He pulled away from her and looked down at her, his breath heavy and panting as it rasped, "Enough talk, lets get things moving"

Kagome had no time to answer as he crashed his mouth against her lips, totally devouring her tongue within his own, frantically, but gently massaging and leading their kiss.


Kagome awoke at the sound of the front door slamming shut, followed by the pounding sound of footsteps and laughter. She yawned and looked down at her hanyou lover, he was snoring soundly, unfazed by the sound of the boys giggles.

"KAGOME!!" she heard her mother shout for her.

"Coming ma!" she replied, getting up from the bed just to be pulled back into her hanyou's chest.

"Where are you going?" he grumbled, into her hair.

"My mother wants me, Inuyasha" she replied, turning her head slightly.

Inuyasha snorted and let go over her, but not before laying a sloppy kiss on her lips and falling back into the comfort of her bed to continue his sleep. It was short lived when both boys came bounding into Kagome's room and jumped on the bed, chanting his name over and over.

Kagome smiled from the bathroom and shook her head.  "Let him sleep, guys" she called from the other room.

"Get up, Inuyasha!" they both yelled, ignoring Kagome's warning.

With another groan and threatening growl the hanyou jerked up from his pillow, "FUCK OFF!" he swore, instantly sending the boys in gags of fitting laughter.

Kagome mother looked up from the bottom of the stairs holding some bags of groceries, "What on earth was that all about?"

"Heh, the boys decided they wanted to wake Inuyasha up from his nap." Kagome nervously smiled from the banner-stair.

A few hours later, and yet more constant badgering from both Shippo and Souta, Inuyasha had given in and woke up. All three where now out-side, Souta and Shippo sat watching Inuyasha do some fancy swings with Tetsusaiga and some other moves.

"Wow, your dad is cool!" Souta turned to Shippo and smiled.

Shippo looked from Inuyasha to Souta, his brows rising slightly. "Yeah, he is pretty cool…" he agreed, before turning back to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was just about to show off yet another of his great skills when Kagome called them for dinner. Inuyasha had to halt in mid-air as she came through the door. Next thing they know, Kagome has a face full of food and Inuyasha is flat on the floor, eating dirt from where she sat him.

"But, he can be a real baka, too" he laughed along with Souta, who was now falling over at the whole ordeal.


The final day of their stay had been a sad one; Shippo was having a hard time leaving his newfound family.

"Oi, Shippo, we're leaving!" Inuyasha impatiently yelled from the well hokora.

"Demo…" he replied, turning his head from the well to the Higurashi shrine.

"No buts! Just get your behind into this well!" Inuyasha interrupted, "Don't make me come and get you!" he finally threatened.

"OK! Ok! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Shippo squeaked with a final wave, gripping onto his adoption papers and small photo that had been taken the night they all went to the carnival as a family. He bounded into the well house after Inuyasha.

With that, Shippo and Kagome waved their goodbyes and disappeared through the well after Inuyasha. 

Once through to the other side, they were all greeted with the familiar faces of Miroku, Sango and Kirara. Shippo was looking sullen as they followed their friends back to the village, which was now being fully repaired from the demon attack a few weeks back.

'I'm really going to miss everyone back in Okaa's time…'

"I hear you're now a new family member of the Higurashi's" Miroku interrupted the kits sad thoughts.

"Hai," he smiled, "and I have the papers to prove it! Plus, Kagome and Inuyasha officially adopted me!" he continued, forgetting completely about his thoughts.

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