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Chapter Three,



To take aggressive action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force, typically in a battle or war.

Synonyms include strike, charge, and pounce.

The classroom was silent, everyone sitting in their desks without a word, looking down on the smooth wooden surface. They were waiting for someone- no, something to come in the darkened and worn down school building.

A blast of wind rumbled through the school, causing Sumiye to perk up and glance out the window, standing at the back of the classroom. An unnerving squelching and squishing noise could be heard outside the classroom door, slowly coming closer and sliding the door open and shut.

"Now then…" An alien creature wriggled its tentacles, a grin splitting its face in half. "Let's get started, shall we? Student on duty, on your command." They'd shown the red-haired girl what to do and what each word meant beforehand so that she could join in too.

"S-Stand up!" Nagisa ordered, the class shooting out of their seats, guns at the ready. "Attention!" A dead silence. "Bow!"

A deafening amount of gunfire exploded into the room at high speeds, aiming at the teacher who easily dodged the deadly projectiles. Sumiye winced at the noise but kept her aim, trying to be as accurate as she could.

"Good morning," He greeted cheerily to the class. "Fire all you like- I'll just be taking attendance." The teacher glanced down at the roster. "Isogai-kun?"

"Here," A voice called quietly over the gunfire, which muffled the teen's voice.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up with all this gunfire," The teacher apologized.

"Here!" This continued for several minutes until the class was out of both ammo and energy, and the teacher out of names. He slammed the book closed and slipped it into his desk at the front of the room.

"Alright, no tardies. Excellent!" He beamed, prompting Sumiye to scowl. "That makes Sensei very happy!"

"He's too fast," Rio complained, breathing hard.

"So the whole class shooting at him doesn't work," Isogai groaned, lowering his gun.

"Too bad," Sensei grinned. "Not a single bullet hit its mark today either." He didn't look disappointed. In fact, he almost looked like he was gloating. "Methods that rely on sheer numbers lack any individual thought. Line of sight, barrel position, finger movement- eek!"


He jumped out of the way when the purple eyed girl shot her last bullet at him, almost nailing him in the forehead. "Sumiye-chan!" His face turned red and waved a warning tentacle at her. She rolled her eyes. "It's very rude to interrupt when someone is talking!" She stared at him blankly, making some of them snicker.

"S-Sumi-chan," Nagisa gave her a forced smile.

"Damn octopus," Sumiye sulked, sliding down the wall with a sigh. Sensei huffed and turned back to the class.

"Honestly, we need to find a solution to the language barrier," He cleared his throat. "As I was saying, each of those are far too simple. You've got to be more inventive! Otherwise… you'll never be able to kill me at my max speed of Mach 20."

"But, like, see…" Maehara started, pointing at him. "No way did you seriously dodge all those bullets!"

"I mean, these are just BBs. You coulda just stood there grittin' your teeth as they hit you." The class started to complain loudly, making the teacher shake his head and sigh.

"Gather up the BBs and hand them over," He ordered, taking a gun from one of the girls. "I told you: these may be harmless to you…" He held up with arm and shot it with the gun, making several of the students jump as he blew it off, the yellow liquid spraying across the walls.

Yellow blood… Sumi mused, eyeing the wiggling arm on the floor. Or is it something else? "But they're special anti-Sensei BBs developed by the government. If one hits me, it can slice through my cells like they were tofu. Of course, they regenerate a few seconds later. Then again, you could end up shooting your eyes out. No shooting in the classroom unless you're trying to kill me." His smirk grew larger if it was even possible, green lines snaking across his face arrogantly. "I do hope you can kill me- before graduation, that is." He chuckled, not noticing Sumiye walk up to the puddle of blood he had left behind. "Now then, let's put away the guns and BBs and start on our work- Ara? Sumiye-chan?"

"It smells like blood," She mused, poking a finger in the yellow slime and bringing it to her nose. "It feels like blood." He placed her finger in her mouth, disgusting her classmates. There were quite a few retching noises. "It tastes like blood… So why does it look different?" She frowned and stared at the butter-coloured liquid, befuddled.

"Sumiye-chan, what are you doing? That's not very hygienic-" She shot him a glare, making him shrink back.

"What are you?" She demanded, already knowing that she wouldn't get an answer. The joys of language barriers. Good thing she memorized things quickly.

"Nakamura-san…" Sensei caught the BB between two pieces of chalk, his face turning a tomato red. "Didn't I tell you not to let the assassination interfere with your studies?" Rio rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Sorry," She didn't look very apologetic, much to my amusement.

"As punishment, go stand in the back with Sumiye-chan!" I debated throwing my knife at him but he would probably catch it. Besides, he was paying attention.

Rio strolled to the back of the classroom and gave me an evaluating look. She looked me up and down and poked me in the side. I squeaked and moved away, making her chuckle.

"I suppose you aren't that bad," She hummed, reaching out a hand to pat me on the head. My eye twitched as she did so but stayed still.


"Sumiye-chan, what are you doing?" Kayano pointed at my upside-down body with a sigh during lunch break, Hara giggling behind her. "You do know you have a skirt on, right?" I was swung upside down on the chair, my head dangling down low, near the floor. I had shorts on anyway.

Nagisa had left at some point, going outside, he had said. Well, drew. Same difference. Either way, it left me with some time to think about things like how I got there and what I was going to do now. I had no memories except for those two little flashes, I had no home except for the room Sensei had made me and I had no idea what they were saying half of the time except what I picked up. I did have the books and was learning but it was hard.

"Sumi-chan," Sugino, another one of Nagisa's friends approached me with something in his hand. "Here." Was… was that ice-cream? I snatched it from his hand and stared at it before flipping up and grinning.

"You are now my favourite person," I informed him happily, pointing at him as I licked the cookie-dough flavoured ice-cream. "You are awesome. Sugino, you awesome," I repeated in their language somewhat clumsily. He laughed and gave me a thumbs up which he seemed to do often.

"Thanks, Sumi-chan!"

"Alright then, compose a short poem to go along with our theme," Sensei waggled his tentacles meaningfully. "The final line should be 'was tentacles all along.'"

"Hah?" The class scoffed. Kanzaki raised her hand tentatively.

"Was tentacles all along?" She repeated slowly.

"Indeed," He agreed. "When you're finished, bring them to me. I'm looking for proper grammar and whether you've converted the tentacle's beauty." The teacher lifted a tentacle much like someone would hold up a finger. "An example. Not the storm of gardens snow / of flowers moving on but sprouting there instead / was tentacles all along."

" 'It was tentacles,'? Really?" Yuma groaned, leaning his head against his hand in disbelief.

"Once you're done, you're free to go home!" Sensei chirped cheerfully. The class let out loud moans and groans of annoyance.

"How are we gonna write about that?" Kurahashi whined to the teacher. He only grinned in response, subconsciously noting that Sumiye wasn't paying attention to the class at all. She was staring at the books Kayano bought her and was doodling in her notebook. He thought that it was good that she was learning on her own, especially since she wouldn't let him touch her. If he could touch her, he would be able to take a look inside of her brain and figure out how to communicate, but that didn't seem like it was going to happen anytime soon. His student's mental health came first, after all.

Sumiye sneezed and glanced up at the class, shutting her books. She had no idea how things were pronounced in their language but she was trying to write down the different… squiggles… compared to her language in her book. So far, she wasn't having much luck, so she decided to take a break and watch the class for awhile. Sumiye had no idea what they were doing but none of them looked impressed.

"Now, now- aren't any marvellously slithery phrases coming to mind?" She felt shivers go down her spine (and not in a good way) when he started wiggling his tentacles, making a disgusting squelching noise. "Slither, slither, slither, slither," He sang. "Slither, slither, slither!"

"Enough with the slithering!" Maehara scowled after a good ten more slithers.

"Nuru nuru?" Sumiye parroted. "Slither?" Maehara sighed and leaned back to look at her.

"Not you too, Sumi-chan," Sumi chuckled, getting the gist of what he was saying.

"Nururururururururururu," She giggled. It was fun to say. Sensei smiled at her, his face fading from a harsh yellow to a salmon pink.

"Senseiii," Kayano drawled, putting her hand up and ignoring Maehara's annoyed look. "I have a question." There was a beat before the teacher answered.

"Ah, yes, Kayano-san?"

"This is a weird question to ask now, but… what's your name?" Sumiye blinked, having caught most of the words. She grinned smugly.


"How else can we tell what teacher we're talking about?" Never mind.


"Now that you mention it," Sugino started, glancing over at the girl beside him who finished his sentence for him.

"…He never did tell us." Sensei scratched his head with a hum.

"Hm… I don't really have the kind of name you tell people," He mused. "Go ahead and give me one."

"You sure about that?" Maehara retorted softly, shaking his head.

"But right now, focus on your school work."

"Yes, sir," Kayano complied, giving him a polite smile. He leaned back with a lazy look on his face, turning pink.

"Meanwhile, I'll just take a break," There were a few moments of peaceful quiet that Sumiye enjoyed, her purple eyes darting about the room and landing on her first friend, Nagisa. He was slouched over his desk for a moment before he stood up, his chair pressing back against the desk behind him. "Oh, Nagisa-kun, done already?" Sumiye stifled a gasp of surprise, not wanting to ruin his chances. Behind the page their teacher had given them was a knife, placed cleanly against the paper. Nagisa walked forwards calmly, almost as if he were completely bored, stopping in front of the teacher, then swinging an incredibly fast jab towards the other.

There was a loud slapping noise as the teacher caught it, not even thrown off by the attack. "I told you: be more inventive-" His words were cut off by a strangled gasp when he saw Nagisa let go of the knife and continue moving forward, latching onto him. Out of the corner of her eye, Sumiye saw Terasaka click something on a remote.


BB pellets went everywhere, prompting students to shriek and cover their bodies with their arms, a few even dropping to the floor. A crispy black thing shaped like their teacher fell to the ground with a muted thud compared to the chatter of the students.

"Yessss!" Terasaka jumped to his feet with an elated shout, Sumiye speeding past him down to the front of the room.

"We did it!"

"Nagisa, Nagisa!" Sumi shrieked, attempting to push past several of the students who were trying to get a better look.

"Serves you right," Terasaka cheered.

"Terasaka!" Yuma growled.

"What have you done?!" Maehara shouted, holding an enraged and horrified Sumiye back from the charred body.


"Bet he never expected a suicide bomber," Terasaka snickered, his two goons joining in behind him, leaning down to look.

"Hey, what'd you give Nagisa!?" Kayano interrupted, standing up abruptly from her seat.

"Hah? A toy grenade." He smirked. "But I beefed it up with gunpowder so it'd shoot three hundred anti-Sensei bullets at crazy-high speed. They're not strong enough to kill anybody." He squatted down. "My ten billion yen'll cover his medical bi-" He paused in surprise just as Sumiye jabbed Maehara in the stomach, making him release her and double over. She shoved Terasaka out of the way, deciding to deal with him later. Terasaka stumbled back. "He's not hurt? Not even a single burn?" Sumiye let out a relieved breath, touching the coating that was covering Nagisa.

"It's slimy," She grimaced, trying to lift it and get her friend out. "Hey, Nagisa! Hey!"

"…As it happens, I shed my skin once a month," A voice rang out from the ceiling, startling several people. Nagisa let out a grunt and sat up slowly, breaking the membrane. Sumi latched onto him and squeezed him tightly. "I protected Nagisa there, by covering him with my old skin."

Okay, he's alive, Nagisa's alive, it's all good, Sumi reassured herself, ignoring the commotion going on around her. Nagisa patted her back comfortingly before she let go and gave her a shaky smile. They stood up, bracing themselves for the very angry sounding teacher on the roof. "It's my once-monthly ace in the hole." His voice darkened and you could almost feel the danger and anger oozing out of him. "Terasaka, Yoshida, Muramatsu…" He trailed off, his face turning black and his pure white jagged teethed becoming exposed. "You three… you're behind this, yes?"

"N-No, it was all Nagisa's idea!" Terasaka stammered, the class screaming again when their teacher disappeared in a burst of wind and reappeared just as quickly, dropping what looked like wooden plates on the ground with a hollow thunk. Sumi shook slightly but stood her ground.

"The nameplates off our houses?!"

"My agreement with your government says I won't harm you," He uttered slowly, his eyes flashing. "But if you try another assassination like that one… I might just harm someone else. Your family, your friends, or I could wipe or the whole planet apart from you."

I wasn't stupid.

I never found out exactly what he said, but one thing was clear to me.

That thing could kill me in the blink of an eye…and no one would be able to stop him.

"What the hell's your deal, anyway?" Terasaka blurted frustratedly, pointing a hysterical finger towards the octopus. "You're just a giant pain! Showing up all "I'm gonna blow up Earth" and "Assassinate me"! What's so wrong with using an annoying method to kill an annoying guy?!"

"Annoying? Hardly," His menacing demeanour suddenly switched to a happy one. What the hell? Sumiye muttered inwardly. "Your idea itself was a very good one. Especially you, Nagisa." Sensei placed a tentacle on Nagisa's head softly, tousling his hair. "The way you carried yourself so naturally on your approach gets full marks. You made it right through the chink in my defences. However!" He whirled around to the trio who started the mess. Sumi vowed to get revenge on them in any way possible -which included pranks. "None of you looked out for Nagisa, not even Nagisa himself. Students like that aren't fit to assassinate anyone." He scolded, his face turning purple. He faced the class, his voice more gentle now. "We need an assassination worth smiling about, one to be proud of. You're all capable assassins who have that power within you." He paused, a smile returning to his usually cheerful face. "Some advice from your teacher and your target."

"Sensei…" Sumiye jabbed a thumb in the direction of Terasaka with a smile. "Kill?" There was a long pause.

"…Sumi-chan is more bloodthirsty than I thought," Sugino chuckled, raising an eyebrow at me. "No, Sumi-chan, no killing Terasaka-kun." The redhead scowled disappointedly and wrapped her arms around Nagisa protectively.

"Nagisa, no more," She stated firmly. "Nagisa, no more that."

"Here's a question for you, Nagisa," Sensei broke in. "I have not the slightest intention of being killed. I will enjoy my time with you all until next March and then blow Earth up. If you don't like it, what are you going to do about it?" A grin spread across Nagisa's face.

"Before you destroy Earth… I'll kill you."

"An unkillable teacher… Korosenai…Koro… How about Koro-sensei?