Leaning against the cool wall of the dark dungeon, there was a noise in the distance that caused unease to settle in.

The small blonde girls ears perked up as she listened to the common sound of the door opening and closing.

Her stomach rolled as she waited for whomever had entered to appear at the cells entrance.

When a pale face, with even more pale hair, appeared in the small window at the top of the door her head raised.

Once he was sure no one was in the cell with the prisoners he made quick work of unlocking the door and slipping inside.

He made his way over with haste, but he stopped just before he reached her.

Dropping to his knees at her feet a small smile graced her lips.

"Lovegood, you know it makes me uncomfortable when you look at me so expectantly." he murmured.

Her small head shook slightly, "I've told you time and again, I expect nothing from you Draco, I simply enjoy your company."

His eyes looked up slowly meeting hers again, they were so deep and sad, they held so much remorse for the things he could do nothing about.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.

He always apologized.

Every day.

This was his routine, sneak in, apologize, give her the food he had cunningly gotten past his father, talk to her briefly, then he would flee.

Luna nodded her head.

Just as was her daily routine.

"You've no reason to apologize Draco, you do nothing but try to help."

He scoffed. "Help?" he questioned, "I'm the sole reason you're trapped in this depressing hole of torture."


Yes it was torture, being locked away from the sunlight, away from the kind faces of the people she loved, and away from her father.

She worried about him so, he was all alone without her, probably worried to death.

The things they did to her while she was trapped down here, yes they were unpleasant, but the real torture was knowing that she was here, and unable to protect those she loved.

"Draco, this isn't your fault. I know you had no choice in the matter."

The boys face scrunched up. His heart was so torn.

He wanted to stay loyal to his family, but he had a good heart.

Deep down he needed to do the right thing.

He gave up on trying to understand her and reached into his robe, and when his hand came back into view it held a small loaf that had been split down the middle with cheese stuffed between it.

"It isn't much." he said softly.

The smile stretched out farther along her face. "It's more than enough Draco."

Luna broke the bread in half and shared it with Mr. Ollivander.

The young wizards face once again scrunched up, but he long ago gave up on trying to figure out why the girl would give away half of her food to an ungrateful old man who never, to his knowledge, even uttered a thank you.

The small witch turned her attention back to Draco, and nodded.

This was his signal to begin talking, however, today there was no news to share.

Usually he would catch her up on the war, any recent deaths, any grand happenings.

Unfortunately, it had been an abnormally uneventful day, he simply looked back at her watching as she slowly chewed and swallowed.

"Are you not going to share with me today?" she asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

He hated to do anything that would make her even more miserable in her current situation, so he did all he could think of.

"What is your favorite thing to do on a boring day?" He asked.

Her eyes grew wide at the inquiry.

"Why do you ask Draco?" She returned his question with a question.

"There is no news of the war today, I have nothing to share." He said glumly.

once again the small witch broke into a wide smile at the young boy.

They sat for what seemed like ages talking back and forth sharing, what anyone else would see as mundane boring questions, but they found intriguing as they learned more and more bout each other.

From that day forth, there was very little talk of the war, and instead they would simply sit, becoming more acquainted with one another.

When the day came that Harry was brought into the dudgeon, Draco was terrified.

He knew he would attempt escape, and honestly he could care less about that, but he also knew he would try liberating Luna with himself and his friends.

If she was caught in the crossfire, Draco didn't know what he would do.

She was so innocent, so pure, she didn't deserve to be hurt, or worse, simply because Potter had to play the hero.

It all happened at once, they escaped, there were burst of magic flying wildly about the room. Draco tried to keep his eye focused on Luna, but as she cowered, and as spells flew between himself and Potter she was lost to him.

As the battle died down he saw the group crowding around the elf that once belonged to his family, and saw as he snapped his slender grimy fingers.

A dagger flew from his enraged aunts fingers, headed straight for the one person he was most scared of getting hurt. Out of no where a tiny flash of light struck the dagger knocking it just slightly askew and away from Luna's head.

He had no clue where it came from or if it was simply an accidental slip, but at that moment he thanked every God and Goddess that came to his mind for the lucky strike.

The group, and the dagger disappeared, and the small grin that broke out across his aunts face scared him to the depths of his soul.

It automatically struck him that Luna was gone.

She was safe.

She would stay safe.

He could finally rest, knowing she was safe from his family.

Safe from him.

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