Draco grimaced as he glanced at his neck in the mirror. Proof of last night's snogging now shining brightly against his alabaster skin.

Staring over his shoulder he glared at the witch still asleep contently in his large bed. Walking over to his closet in search of a shirt with a higher neck line he heard the minx beginning to stir.

"Draco?" She had become so used to sleeping over that she no longer woke up confused and wondering where she was.

A blonde head poked out of the closet at the call of his name causing a smile to grace her face as she bound out of bed, Draco's shirt falling down to her thighs.

He was beginning to get suspicious that she always remembered everything except for her pajamas.

Luna pulled her messy hair into a manageable bun on top of her head as she stepped into his closet sitting at the small chair in the middle.

"Love, you have to stop with the love bites, it just isn't professional." He said as he bent down pecking her forehead as a greeting.

Luna cocked her head to the side and stared him down, "You never complain when I'm in the process of creating those bites Draco."

A blush graced his features as he stood back up and walked over to his dress shirts.

"Luna." There was a firm tone to his voice as he tried to correct her.

"Draco." She returned in a sweet voice.

He sent a glare over his shoulder in her direction again.

Instead of backing down, the witch walked over to him wrapping her arms around his midsection, dangerously close to his belt.

"How about a compromise?" She whispered close to his ear.

A chill ran up his spine as he turned around wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

A well-groomed eyebrow arched interested in the compromise she was suggesting.

"I can still leave the marks, but they can only be visible to me." This time a hard shiver ran down his back that he was sure she didn't miss. Luna stood on her toes meeting his cool lips with her own. In a second Draco had reached down grabbing her thighs and pulling them up so she had to wrap her bare legs around his waist.

As he walked her over to his bed he thought of the fact the he would have to take another cold shower today before heading into work.

Luna sat humming happily at the kitchen table while she munched away on her breakfast. When she heard a knock at the door her attention perked. She was a little confused at the fact that someone would be visiting Draco while he is at work.

When she walked over to peek out the window she took a step back even more confused. Lucious stood on the other side of the door looking rather irritated.

When she stepped up and cracked it open Lucious made to come in when he froze in mid-step.

"How are you today Mr. Malfoy?" Luna greeted cheerfully.

Lucious merely glared down at the girl, and in the only monotone voice she had ever heard him speak with he asked, "Where is my son."

Luna's nose crinkled, she hated the way he had no emotion in his voice what-so-ever and she wondered how Narcissa ever carried on a conversation with the man.

"He has already left for work for the day Mr. Malfoy." She returned politely.

"And yet here you are still in his house." He said with venom.

Luna cringed away from the man.

"Yes. And Draco is well aware that I am still in his house." She shot back.

Did this man like anyone?

"When Cissy told me he was seeing Lovegood exuberant daughter I had no clue it was quite this serious."

This ruffled her feathers a bit. If he wanted to disapprove of their relationship, he could take it elsewhere.

"Serious enough." She said shortly.

A smirk appeared on Lucious' mouth. We will see about that after I've had a word with him.

With that he turned on his heel and walked down the steps.

Slamming the door, Luna turned on her heel as well. After she cleaned up, she believed a nice visit to her very pregnant best friend was in order before work.

Later that night Luna was laying in her bed, unable to sleep. She hadn't heard anything from Draco since Lucious had stopped by this morning.

Ginny had made her believe that there was nothing he could tell Draco that could deter the way he felt about the young witch, but in the eight months they had dated, she hadn't actually gone a day without speaking to him.

Realizing this, her stomach lurched. She rolled over again and tried to get comfortable but there just was no fixing how lonely she felt.

Standing up she figured she may as well get some work done if she wasn't going to be able to sleep.

Knocking on the Potters door before just walking in was customary to Luna, unfortunately it was something she would never do again in her life so long as she lived.

A red faced Ginny sat across from Luna sipping her tea and looking anywhere but at the witch across from her.

"On the table Ginny, really?"

The blush only intensified.

"Well it is bloody six in the morning Luna we don't normally have guest this early!" she huffed.

Luna smirked at her friend as she rubbed her swollen belly and looked down in embarrassment.

"But on the table! Where you eat!"

Ginny shot her a glare.

"When you're seven months pregnant you'll see that you and Draco can only work around your ginormous stomach in so many ways!" she huffed again.

This caused Luna to glare down at her own hands, "There can't be a pregnancy if there is no relationship." She murmured.

"He still hasn't said anything?" Ginny looked at her perplexed.

It had now been two full days since the Lucious run in and Luna was worried he may have been right.

Maybe he still had more control over Draco than Luna thought.

Silent tears began to fall for what felt like the millionth time, causing her puffy red to burn. She had't slept in two days and her body was wearing down.

Ginny tisked.

Standing up.

And then trying again she had failed the first time, she walked over pulling on her coat.

"Where are you going?" Luna sniffled whipping at her eyes.

"To talk to the ferret of course. Or possibly to kill him, I'm undecided."

Luna jumped to her feet.

"Oh, Ginny don't, he hasn't said anything, he may just be busy, I may be overreacting!"

"I thought the same thing when you came over yesterday, but now, I think the idiot has gone and given in to his father, and has undoubtedly made you both miserable in the process.

Ginny went to storm out the door and Luna grabbed her.

"What if he hates me now. There is no telling what his father told him. I can't face him Ginny. I was never good enough for him and now his father has made him realize it!"

Ginny's eyes blazed.

"Not good enough for that twit! Luna you really are loony!" she cried.

"You're so beautiful Luna, and smart, and interesting! He was so lucky to have you and if you think for one second that he isn't the one who is undeserving then I'll hex him the moment I see his stupid face."

Now Ginny had tears streaming down her face as well.

"These stupid hormones!" she hit her thigh in anger.

Luna with tears still running but a bright smile on her face as well from her sweet friend rushed over, hugging her as best she could around her protuberant belly.

Hearing the door open both witches looked over to see a surprised harry standing in the doorway.

Confused as to why the two women were standing in the middle of his living room red faced and crying he slowly reached down for his briefcase and eased the door back to as he walked back out of the room without speaking.

Both girls looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Harry always had a way to brighten the day.

Walking into the back, Luna kept her glasses on, embarrassed by her red rimmed eyes.

Walking beyond the tellers and back to the main office a small elf looked up.

"Hello Cinchy. Is Mr. Malfoy available?"

The elf shook her head.

"Master Malfoy has been home for the past two days. Unavailable."

Luna's eyes widened. "Is he sick again?"

The elf shook her head again, "Not to Cinchy's knowledge, personal days Miss Lovegood."

Luna nodded and thanked the elf before turning and heading for the door.

What on earth was going on with that man, he never took leave from work.

Knocking on his door seemed strange, she had gotten accustomed to simply walking in, but she didn't know if he would approve of that at the moment.

When he didn't answer she took her chances and opened the door, walking in. The usually immaculate house was a wreck. Correcting a table that normally sat by the couch she replaced the picture of Draco and herself that normally sat atop it.

Walking upstairs to his bedroom there was a fist sized hole in the wall that looked like trouble.

Concern grew in her chest as she made her way through the heavy door, there were blankets behind it making it harder than usual to open.

On the bed sprawled out in his work attire lay Draco, face down and sound asleep.

A half empty glass of scotch lay beside the bed beside an almost empty bottle.

What in merlin's name did Lucious do to him!

Opening up the blinds to let in light Draco flinched. She was sure he would be hungover but not entirely sure he didn't deserve it.

"What the bloody hell. Who opened the bloody-" Looking up at Luna his face paled.

"What are you doing here?" He questioned.

Her eyes turned to stone at the question.

"Making sure you're alive. Mission accomplished, goodbye."

Draco flinched and jumped out of bed grabbing her.

"I'm sorry. That came out wrong."

"No," she said steeling herself against him, "I think it came out just right."

She made for the door again, and again he grabbed her.

She turned deadly eyes on him and he released her but held her gaze with one of pity.

"Don't look at me like that." Draco's eyes grew twice their size.

"I don't need your pity Draco Malfoy, I never have. If you want to listen to your father and end this then be my guest but I at least thought you'd be man enough to let me know."

Grabbing her again he spun her around quickly backing her into the wall, kicking the door closed and locking it with a charm before he tossed his wand away.

"Now you listen to me Luna Lovegood, I wasn't looking at you with pity you twit, I feel it for myself, and I would never let my father tell me who I can and cannot love, I told him when we spoke that I was in love with you and he may as well accept it because it wasn't changing anytime soon, meaning I don't want to end this! And lastly,"

He leaned into her with his entire body pressing every inch of himself flush against her her breath caught in her throat as the tip of his nose brushed hers.

How was it possible for him to be enticing to her in a crumpled up two-day old button up and hair that hadn't been brushed in the same amount of time.

His lips ghosted over hers and she could smell the expensive liquor on his breath.

"You've never complained about me not being man enough for you before."

Stepping back slowly he gave her room to breathe and clear the fog her head had become.

Looking up now she was the love and admiration in his face.

If the pity wasn't for her, then…

"What did he say to you Draco?"

Pain crossed his features as he walked over to the bed picking up his discarded glass.

Luna followed behind him snatching it away. She wanted a clean conversation. Not whatever this was going to give her.

With a sneer he watched as she held the glass waiting for him to continue.

"Well, I may not leave you, but he sure did give me some news that I'm sure will make you run for the hills."

Her glare was back on her face, why was he being such an ass!

"I'm sterile!" he bellowed in her face.

It took her a moment to even understand what he had just said.

"Sterile?" she didn't understand.

"The stupid scar! The mark was basically poison. Father told me that he had been informed that three different families had trouble conceiving, and those were just the ones who use the same doctor. All three unlucky children who had received a dark mark. All…all sterile. "

Luna slapped him.

She didn't mean to but it was just an impulse.

Draco looked at her astounded.

"What the bloody hell Luna!"

"You think I'd be so shallow as to leave the man I love simply because he can't knock me up!"

"I've see the way you look at Ginny! And the way you coo at other women we see out with their enormous stomachs, you don't think I know you want that more than anything!"

She pushed him back away from her before she could slap him again.

"Wrong Draco! Wrong, I want nothing more than you, nothing!"

"Luna I saw how your eyes lit up when I took you to that meadow, when we talked about our future, our children! You can't tell me you don't dream about it! I do!"

"Yes I want that, but not more than you! And even so, we can always adopt, there are options Draco, options that have nothing to do with us not being together."

He looked at her with tear filled eyes.

Her eyes pooled up too when she noticed the rings around his eyes. He had been crying as much as she had.

"You'll never get to be pregnant, get to feel them wiggling or give birth. They'll never be yours."

He whispered the last part as a tear slipped down his face and she reached out wiping it away.

"They'll be ours."

She stepped into his arms.

"I love you so very much Draco, please don't push me away."

Wrapping arms around her he picked her up and took her to the messy bed.

"I wouldn't deserve you in a million lifetimes Luan."

Shaking her head as he laid her down she watched as he began pulling off his wrinkled suit.

When he crawled into bed beside her he kissed her forehead.

"Have you had any sleep?" shaking her head she yawned and he pulled her into him tightly.

"Let's just rest." He said snuggling into her and closing his eyes.

Reaching up to brush his cheek his eyes opened to meet hers.

"Please don't leave me." She whimpered.

He somehow managed to get her even closer, covering her face in kisses.

"I couldn't leave you if I wanted to love, I was terrified you'd leave after finding out."

Tucking herself in beneath his chin she started to doze off.

His heartbeat was the last thing she heard before she finally lost consciousness.


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