Hephaestus had his right calf itching. Oh, how he wanted to scratch it thoroughly...

It was just that the goddess of love and beauty was sitting on his lap.

It was impossible. No, it was possible-he could do it- but he would never dare do it.

Not with her on his lap.

So he bit his lower lip, thinking that maybe the itch would just disappear. His eyes were twitching, though.

Aphrodite closed her eyes and inhaled, and then exhaled after a few seconds.

"Zeus," she called.

The aforementioned god widened his eyes.

"Truth or dare?" she asked, almost sounding like a chant.

"Truuuuuuuuuuu-" and then he hesitated, "uuuuuuu...nooooo...waiiiiiiiiiit...uhhhhhh...Daaaaaaaaaaaaa...no, no, no..."

He was droning, making the atmosphere boring. It then stirred irritation among a few deities.

"Can you please just choose now?" chided Poseidon.

"Father, please, for the love of Olympus," seconded Artemis.

The king of the gods puckered his lips and said, "Dare."

Aphrodite puffed her cheeks and beamed.

"I dare you to wear a mini skirt!"

Everyone gave looks at Aphrodite, now imagining Zeus in the apparel.

"It's…uninteresting," muttered Hades.

"Skirts are almost like the tunics we wore back then," uttered Athena, "so why that dare?"

The others thought of the same. The dare was not that entertaining.

But Hera was contemplating on something else.

Not those, thought the goddess. Anything but those, oh goodness gracious!

Zeus was also not amused by the dare. He snapped his fingers to make a mini skirt replace the clothing of his bottom half.

And that was where the horror began.

Apollo screamed like a girl, Artemis looked like she wanted to cry, Athena to vomit, Poseidon's eye twitched, Hades grimaced, Hera shook her head gravely, and well...the others were doing hideous expressions.

And then someone came wolf-whistling.

"Hot damn, look at those leg hairs!"

Heads craned to the war god, who stood at the door of the throne room.

"Like you've never seen them before, Ares," said Zeus in an exasperated manner.

"Mom was the one who usually saw it all," he answered back as he goes to his throne. All their eyes met Hera, who was covering her face in shame.

It took a while for Ares to register the fact that Aphrodite was on her husband's lap, and his jaw became wide open in response.

"What the heck are you doing there?" he asked her.

"It was a dare," she answered. "And hey, you didn't show up when we were supposed to have our date!"

"Buuuuuuuuuuuurn!" Bellowed Apollo as the couple was arguing.

"That line's for Hephaestus, dummy!" scolded Hermes.

"I'm the sun god, I can own that pun!"

"Place water to the burned area!" chimed Poseidon.

"It's supposed to be cold water," replies Athena, "And seawater is not that eligible."

"Pipe down, smartass I say what I wanna say!"

Puny non-intelligent god, the goddess said in thoughts.

"You must have been with another woman, then," Aphrodite rolled her eyes at her lover, not paying attention to the talking deities.

"That's how we roll, babe!" shrugged Ares.

"War god, truth or dare!"

Zeus boomed loudly to get everyone's attention, and it worked, silencing everyone. And then he made a look as if he was forgetting something.

"Aphrodite, how long do I have to wear this?" he asked.

With that, the others focused back to his oh-so-terrible leg hairs and began freaking out inwardly.

"Oh," says Aphrodite with a quite disgusted face, "Please, you can take it back now."

A snap of the lightning god's fingers and his lower part was dressed the way it was earlier. It wasn't that long, but it was enough to hide the most hideous hairs. And with that, everyone was relieved.

"Truth or dare, Ares?"

"Huh? What?"

"Oh, I got it," he said. A sentence wasn't enough for Ares to know what they've been doing, and he had Athena retell the story in all honesty.

"So?" his irritated father asked.

"Dare!" Ares barks, pounding his right fist on his chest- to where his heart is.

"I dare-"

"Yay, Attack on Titan reference!" interrupted Apollo childishly, looking at the pose Ares did.

The other gods looked at Apollo in question.

"Never heard of that," answered Ares nonchalantly.

"Oh, you don't need to ask," chimed in Artemis. "It's just one of those Japanese cartoons he's obsessed with."

Apollo gaped.

"Anime is not cartoons."

Artemis sighed.

Zeus wanted to butt in on them to remind them that he still had to dare Ares.


"Wait, it's an anime?" asked Ares, unaware of his father's impatience.

"Huh? Yes it is!" said Apollo. "It's really popular."

"Cool! Is there war in it?"

"Yes, yes! Oh my gods yes there is a huge war in it!"

"Wait, you watch Anime?" asked a surprised Artemis.

Zeus cleared his throat, but before he could talk, he was yet cut again by another deity.

"What's wrong with watching anime? It's not at all bad."

Artemis widened her eyes at Athena, who looked like she wanted a debate.

"Not really. It's just that I don't get how some obsess over them."

"You should start watching sometime, so you can understand what it feels like."

"Um, I guess I'll leave it to Apollo. He's the one who understands those things more than I do."

"Oh? But really you should- "

"Everyone, will you please keep quiet?"

The talking deities hushed at the irritating voice of their ruler. Zeus took a few seconds to breathe in, then asked "Truth or dare?" again to the war god.

"I said 'dare' earlier! I'm not backing down!"

Zeus cracked his knuckles for no particular reason. "Wear a bikini over your armor."

Ares looked devastated.


"But for how long?" asked a curious Hermes. "It's not like he's going to wear it forever, isn't he?"

Hera agreed with him. "Set up a limit, Zeus."

"I agree as well," seconded Aphrodite, now leaning on Hephaestus as well as sitting on his lap. The fire god was blushing really red.

"Oh, perhaps he will have to wear it until the game ends, then." came his reply.

He snapped his fingers, willing a very attractive bikini to appear at his son's armor. A scowl was on Ares' face the moment he felt the presence of lacy bikini underwear over his armor.

"My turn?" he asked. Zeus nodded.


The underworld king glared at his nephew. He knew he should have left earlier.

"Truth or dare?"


"What's with your son and Apollo's? Is there a thing?"

Hades widened his eyes. Nico di Angelo had been hanging out with the head of Apollo's cabin, Will Solace. Rumor has it that there was something between the two of them. It wasn't friendship, but something more than that.

"I can't believe you're into knowing people's love lives," interjected Aphrodite.

Both Ares and Hades glared at her.

"What?" she pouted, "I think they're cute."

"Solangelo," whispered Artemis to her twin brother in a dark way.

"I honestly find it weird for me because my spawn aren't really that into love, and all that coochie-coo stuff" came Hades' awkward reply. "There was Jackson (Poseidon cringed at the mention of his son), and now that Solace boy. But I think it should be okay; there were times when I thought they'd do well." And then he turned to face the wall. Demeter snorted with that.

Apollo shivered and arched an eyebrow.

Aphrodite gasped aloud. "Do well? Do well with what? Tell me, tell me!"

"Hephaestus, truth or dare?" Asked Hades, still facing the wall.

"Well," replied the blacksmith, "Truth."

"Do you like the feeling of Aphrodite sitting on your lap?"

"Wait, what?"