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Last night's dinner had thankfully sailed a lot smoother than the beginning. William had toddled into the dining room, full of flour, much to Severus's annoyance, that was until Harry chastised him lightly. Hermione had become very uncomfortable but blamed it on all the work her and Ginny had done the day before preparing for her maternity leave. Anyway, she could not be in labour at 7 months pregnant, could she?

Pansy had slept much better in Narcissa's spare room, nobody knew the reason for this, maybe her old room held too many memories of worry for her. It did not matter, as long as Pansy would sleep enough to be a good mum to Rose. One thing Pansy knew, she would never step foot into what was Nott Manor again, Theo and Daphne were always welcome here.

When Draco woke up, he dressed for the office, he had officially been Courting Hermione for just over a year now. Walking into to the Dining Room, he nodded to his Father and kissing his Mothers cheek, Draco took a piece of toast and a quick brew listening to what his Father was telling him, once finished he checked up on a sleeping Hermione, kissing her on her cheek and leaving a little note for her, he then floo'd to work.

"Morning Emma, I need you to do something, I need you to go shopping with me this morning."

"Draco, I told you before I won't buy any sexy underwear for you." Emma Smirked.

"Ahh, is that what you wore when you schooled at Beauxbaton's" Draco played back.

"OK, ok, what are we shopping for?"

"Erm, an engagement ring." Draco replied rubbing the back of his neck.

Hermione woke to find Draco's note;

'My dearest Hermione,

Molly Weasley had infiltrated your wand when you first slept over, Father stopped the curse as you were not there but unfortunately, he noticed it was lifted this morning, he has snapped your wand and sent a replacement for the time being. Have a good day and I will see you at Tea Time.

Love Draco.'

Rubbing her every growing bump, she smiled reading how nice it seemed. Getting dressed and walking down, She saw Narcissa knitting in Blue, again.

"Knitting again!" Hermione teased kissing Narcissa on the cheek.

"My Grandson will be in the best looking cardigans and hats this side of the world!" Narcissa declared finally casting off her needle.

She lifted the pattern up to show Hermione,

"Andromeda knitted the exact same one for Draco for his Naming Sake Day*."

"It is beautiful, Thank you."

"How are you this morning? Do you have a meeting today?" Lucius asked as he walked in holding baby Rose, who seem to take great delight in drooling over his robes.

Pansy followed quickly afterwards as she greeted everyone she took a fussy Rose from Lucius and sat her down in her chair ready for milk

"I and the Little Lord are doing well," Hermione said Laughing. "Sorry, that's what Draco calls my bump. No Kingsley knows I am maternity leave now, as of yesterday actually, Ginny helped me prepare as you were off with Fred and George... Oh, Merlin..." Hermione said grabbing her stomach, both Narcissa and Lucius took her to a seat and sat her down.

"Hermione, how long have you been having contractions for?" Narcissa asked, feeling how tight her stomach was.

"Is that what they are, a few hours, I just thought it was indigestion pain again." Hermione replied, screwing her face and she practised her breathing.

"Lucius, I need you to fire call Andromeda please, I can not do this..."

"It's ok Cissa, I understand, Pansy, I will finish feeding Rose, you help with Narcissa." Lucius sent a Patronus to both Draco and Andromeda.

Pansy took Hermione's hand and walked with her back to her room, Narcissa quickly following.

"So, what kind of ring are you looking for? I must be good at this kind of thing, I helped Paul find a new chain for Charlie only last week."

"I want it to be a surprise, I also do not want a ring someone else has worn, she deserves her own."

"There is a beautiful Jewelers called F. Hinds in London?"


"Yes, however, if we go to the one I have in mind, the manager is a squib and deals with the currency differences for us."

"Fantastic let's go." Draco allowed Emma to take the lead.

Before he could blink, they were floo'd to a manager's office.

"Hello Jack, this is Draco Malfoy, he is looking for an engagement ring for his Girlfriend."

Jack was a larger than life man with a cheery grin and a lovely bout of ginger hair. He shook Draco's hand motioned them to sit.

"Tell me about your Girlfriend."

"Well, Hermione is brave, strong, high strung, she knows what she wants and will fight against all the odds to make things right. She does not care about other's opinions of herself but will fight with anyone who says a bad word against myself or my family, she just is amazing, she fought a war for our world as a muggle born she was the poster Witch for the light side."

Jack stared intently as he mumbled on.

"What ring size is she?"

"I believe she is an 'L'?"

Jack stood and looked through several cases, hovering his hand over many bands, much like Olivander did with wands. Jack had decided on a ring and handed it to Draco.

"This is perfect." Draco announced as he spun the ring in his hand.

"That is Hermione's birthstone." Emma supplied for him.

"Is it? Is that good?"

"Yes very, she was born in September yes?" Jack asked him. Draco only nodded. "This is a Blue Sapphire cluster ring with diamonds around the side on a white gold band."

"How much?"

Jack wrote the figure down in Galleons for Draco.

"Great, I'll take this, does it come with a necklace and earrings?"

"That will be pricey Mr Malfoy." Jack supplied.

"Money is no object for this occasion." Draco nodded to him as he withdrew his details for Gringotts.

As Draco finished up the final details, he shook Jacks hand and they walked out of the store, Draco felt like he was in a spending mood, walking with his arm linked with Emma, he walked to the nearest store that sold baby clothes. Looking around he spotted a lot of personalised printed vests, one partically caught his eye, picking the correct size with the help from Emma, he paid and made his way back to the office, just as he received a Patronus informing him it was time. He paled and shook himself, now was not a time for him to panic. 8 weeks earlier is normal right? He floo'd straight to the manor, in hopes he would not be late.

Lucius walked to the sideboard with Rose in one arm fast asleep and made two fire whiskies. Walking out into the entrance he held one out for Draco as he walked through.

"Thanks, Father, where is she?"

"Draco, calm down, Hermione needs you right now and right now you need to be the Man I know you have become. Your Mother is with her in your Bedroom. Good Luck" Lucius said patting his Son on his back.

Draco downed his drink, as he did he heard Hermione shouting, handing his empty glass back to his father, he ran up the flight of stairs. Taking a deep breath in, Draco walked into the room. His Mother walking Hermione around the room, rubbing her back. Draco smiled at his Mother and overtook her role.

"Hello my sweet, how is my Young Lord?"

"Ha, he is ok, nearly here, oh Merlin, Cissa, I need to pussssh."

Narcissa, panicked slightly, had Andromeda really not wanted to help, was she really going to let her down? Hermione's labour was quickly progressing, although she had not told anyone about her 'Indigestion pain' Taking Hermione's hand she took her to the bed and helped her lie down, she looked at her seriously.

"Hermione, I need to check if you are dilated enough to push ok?" Nodding, Narcissa checked how far she was dilated. When she did, she noticed a patch of Blonde hair.

"Hermione on your next contraction, I want you to push."

Hermione obeyed, putting all her effort into getting her son here safely. The door opened and Andromeda walked through, Medikit bag with her, she walked over to the three and put a hand on Narcissa's shoulder.

"Who say's you couldn't do this without me, little Sister!" She smiled, "Ok Hermione, one more push and the baby will be here." Andromeda said putting gloves on and grabbing a towel.

Hermione pushed down, screaming, as she did, her son was born, screaming as he came out. Draco kissed Hermione's Head, whispering his love to her. Andromeda helped Draco cut the cord before she cleaned the baby up and took him for his check-up.

"You have a healthy boy, 6lb 3oz." Narcissa cried happy tears as Andromeda, wrapped the baby up and passed him to the new parents, motioning for Narcissa to follow her out.

Pansy offered her congratulations as she slowly left too, she knew she would have a big cuddle with him later.

"Oh Drake, he is beautiful."Hermione gushed.

"That he is, I told you he would be a boy." Draco smirked half a smirk as he stroked his little hand.

"Do you want to hold your new son?"

Draco grinned as he took the baby from her, he rested him in one arm and the other he tucked the duvet over Hermione for her to rest.

"You have done so well, how about Scorpius?"

"Perfect, can he have Richard for a middle name, I know it does not go as well but I always thought my Father;s name would be in son's name."

"Anything you want darling, however, I think he should have both Grandfathers names?." Draco asked as he kissed her on the head.

"Absolutely." Hermione spoke, stifling another yawn.

Draco allowed Hermione to sleep, she needed the rest. He swayed with his Son in his arms. He knew she would be out for some time, walking to his Fathers Study, he walked in without Permission.

"Father, would you like to meet, my Little Lord, Your Grandson, Scorpius Lucius Richard Malfoy." Draco introduced his Son to his Father with such a smile.

Draco was rather shocked, he had never seen such a soft expression on his Fathers face, Lucius took the newest heir into his arms and walked him to the window, he was telling him all about the day Draco was born, the plans Lucius had for his Grandson, he wasn't going to allow him to make mistakes that he and his Father had.

"And, did you know, Grandfather has scheduled a fort for you? It is to sit where our second Tennis court is." Lucius gave the blueprints to his beaming Son. The same blueprints Draco had caught a glimpse at a few months ago.

After looking over the blueprints and making alterations. He could smell his son needed changing, taking him back from his Father, Draco walked to his Nursery to change him. Once in a clean Nappy, he put a personalised vest on him that Draco bought today in Muggle London, walking to go back to Hermione, he smiled how happy he was.

Hermione was awake and smiled at her two boys. Draco held a bunch of Hermione roses for her, as congratulations for giving him a son. Hermione kissed him and looked down at where Draco had placed their son, his vest read; Will You Marry my Father?

"Oh Dray, Of course I will marry you."

*I was going to put christening, I am not religious but it tends to be done, then I realised no where do we hear that the Malfoys are. A Naming Sake Day, is exactly that, celebrating a babies name!