SPOILER WARNING?: You may want to watch the anime (Madoka Magica) or play the game (Undertale) before you proceed to read this! Just warnin' ya.

...or you don't have to. This story is still perfectly understandable, even if you haven't watched the anime. Who knows? It might create more dramatic tension for you when shocking things happen. ;P

Okay, so here I will be putting thoughts and ideas I had while making this AU. Before officially posting this Crossover, I want to see what others think and if I should change anything. So please, share about what you think, and what could be added or taken out! All kinds of suggestions are accepted, although I may not use them.

Edit: I won't be changing anything now. We're already too far in for that. xP

Character matching:

Madoka- Frisk

Frisk and Madoka are both main characters, so this seems to work well. Their personalities are also the most similar. Before, I had thought about making Frisk Homura because of her time travel ability, but doing so would leave no one important enough to take the place of Madoka.

-This Frisk's personality will mainly be based off of Madoka. She will not be silent like the normal Frisk, will not hold this face -_-, and is not gender-neutral. Obviously a girl, in this AU.

Homura- Sans

'Cuz why not? Homura is always cool and mysterious, so I figured this would be good for Sans. Also, he's really the only one fit for this role. Frisk counts, but then that would leave him to be Madoka, so screw that. This position is also my excuse for creating some SansXFrisk. :D

-I'll be taking Sans' personality for this, although his is almost exactly the same as Homura's. Except she doesn't smile. And crack awesome puns.

Sayaka- Papyrus

I basically needed a character that was cheery and willing to be Frisk's friend, could easily turned depressed if pressured enough, and had someone close enough to them that they would be willing to sacrifice their lives for them. Namely, Mettaton. (I don't exactly ship it, but it's the only one that fits) No other character has anyone that important to them. Alphys and Undyne are, but then that would mean only one of them could become a Magic Monster, so screw that! :D

-Using Pap's personality for this one, though there will be a couple of Sayaka quotes instead. Also since I'm lazy but unsure, I'll be CAPping only some of the words in Pap's speech, as too many capital letters makes things feel FAT. However, if people like it all caps, I will gladly change them all to look that way!

Mami Tome- Alphys

Basically because of color resemblance, and also since there's no other roles that match her. I also feel that Alphys can be brave when she wants to, so being Mami won't be a prob.

-Will hold the personality of Mami, although Alphys was still stutter in the beginning of some sentences.

Kyubey- Flowey

My first thought: This is the perfect role for Temmie! I mean, they almost look just like Kyubey, they're both equally stupid, and etc! But then… I thought of Flowey. A much more important character, one that is equally clever and deceiving like Kyubey. Obviously, here is our best choice.

-This Flowey will just be a Kyubey with a Flowey face pasted onto him. So the awesome ears and tail will still exist! :3 By doing this, it also means this incubator can display emotions by his face expressions. He also has not-so-pleasant language use, like Flowey. (No red eyes, though)

-Flowey's goal will be to earn enough energy, but not for the universe's sake. (Although he claims it to be) I'm still trying to figure out if he wants Chara back more, or if he wants his old body (Asriel) back. :|

Kyoko- Undyne

Same hair and personality. Obvious match. (Although I later get the hints that Sayaka and Kyoko like each other, but I guess this will just be a Royal Guard and faithful student relationship or something) I'm still trying to figure out what she could've wasted her wish on, since she doesn't necessarily have a family...

-Undyne will eat stuff all the time, like Kyoko.

Kyosuke Kamijo- Mettaton

This may or may not change depending on how much I like Papyrus to stay Sayaka. For example, if Alphys becomes Sayaka, I would have to change Kyosuke to Undyne.

-In this AU, Mettaton is still in a box shape. In fact, no ideal body has been made for him yet, so he's stuck with an incompetent form. He still has fans, one of which includes Papyrus. Seeing Mettaton's discomfort, Papyrus would wish for an ideal body that Mettaton could fuse with, allowing him to become corporeal.

Kaname Family- Asgore and Toriel

Frisk will have no blood-related siblings. Her only other siblings will be Asriel, the little brother. And yes, he is younger in this. (And no Toriel, you may NOT be a Magic Monster. You are too old. xD)

-Asgore and Toriel are adoptive parents of Frisk. Simple.

Kazuko Saotome- Muffet

Muffet gets to be a teacher! Although Toriel may work as well...?

-Muffet's rages will go to the fact that no one buys spider pastries. :)

Hitomi Shizuki- Napstablook

The character for Hitomi will have to fall in love with Mettaton, or at least care deeply enough for him, and I feel like Napstablook would be good for this. They also need to be Frisk's friend as well. (I've considered Monster Kid, but that's a work in progress :\ )

-Will hold the same personality as the normal Napstablook. Quiet, soft spoken, and overall nervous.

Nakazawa-kun- Monster Kid

Currently Monster Kid. I just need a student for the teacher to constantly call on. xD

-Personality is of Nakazawa's, but with "yo" and "dude" added between intervals of his language. Much braver.

-My name for Monster Kid is Lansot, so don't get confused about who that is.

Switch ups?:

-Undertale background- Let's just pretend monsters were never banned to live underground, and that magicians never existed, alright? In this AU, monsters are normal in daily life. Also mainly cuz I don't want too much "Frisk is the hero of all monster-kind!" attention.

-The skeleton bro's- But since I made Papyrus and Sans come from different families, they obviously can't be brothers in this AU. I can't help feeling a bit sad. ;-;

-Magic Girls- This name obviously won't work, since Sans and Papyrus are not girls. Magic Humans is outright uncreative. So I'll just change the name to Magic Monsters. Even though Frisk is a human, this will just be a title without actual meaning to it. Like LOVE isn't actually love, Magic Monsters won't actually be consisted of only monsters.

-AU Name- The most obvious name would be Madokatale. But Madoka doesn't exist in this AU, and Frisktale doesn't even make sense. UnderMagica sounds weird, so Magicatale will just have to do.

-Relations/Ships- SansXFrisk definitely. No UndyneXAlphys (I cri ;-;). PapyrusXMettatonXNapstablook. (Does that make sense?) UndyneXPapyrus is gross. And Soriel just won't even work in this AU, so no to that.

-Perspective- Story perspective will only ever be written by Frisk and Sans, which means we will be missing out on the scenes when Papyrus visits Mettaton or when Undyne watches Papyrus transform into a witch. If you do not like this, tell me and I may create an exception!


Picture for story is by suikao on Deviantart! (Go check out their cool Sans art! X3 )

So, cool? Let me know. And as a preview to this idea, I will post a chapter to let you all see what it's like and what you think about it! :)

Once the ideas are solid, I'll post more chapters.~