Clary's legs burned with exertion and her legs felt like they were going to collapse if she didn't get a proper breath soon. How had she managed to get into this situation? Running from an unknown pack of werewolves was not what she was expecting when she decided to go for a jog this morning. Running? Sure. The seemingly feral pack of werewolves? Not so much.

Clary looked behind her, never pausing in her sprint. The wolves were steadily gaining on her. The largest one, presumably the alpha leaped over her head and landed in front of her. Clary crashed into it and fell to the ground with a thud. Clary grasped for breath, he back slamming into the ground and knocking the breath out of her. She looked around for anything that she could use for a weapon because why would she bother bringing a weapon with her on a run. She just likes to run through potentially demon infested New York completely defenseless. Good thing she had been training with Jace and Izzy at the Institute. Clary groaned and rolled onto her knees, standing up. By this point the large wolf was standing in front of her as a man, the other wolves forming a loose group behind him. She was right in thinking he was the alpha.

'Clary Graymark.' The Alpha said sounding smug.

Clary frowned, confused. No one called her Graymark. Yes her mother and Luke had finally gotten married but even Jocelyn had opted to keep the name Fray.

'Its Fray actually.'

The Alpha cocked his head, 'hm, doesn't really matter much I suppose.'

Clary began to inch backward, hoping that the wolves wouldn't see. However that was short lived when she noticed more men emerging from the forest behind her, they must have stayed behind in case she did try to run.

'What exactly is it that you want?'

The alpha nodded his head towards the men standing behind her. They advanced faster than Clary though possible and grabbed her by the arms. The alpha seemed satisfied that this was a good answer.

'If you attack a shadow hunter you'll be breaking the Accords.'

The alpha laughed. 'This has nothing to do with shadow hunters, you just happen to be one.'


The alpha gave her a calculating look as one of the wolves holding her shoved a wet rag over her nose. She struggled against his hand and tried not to breath. Too soon her lungs protested and she sucked in a huge breath. The effect was almost immediate. Clary's eyes drooped and she sagged into her captors.

'We're after Lucian,' was the last thing she heard.