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Chapter 12: Final Round

Sabine's POV

Sleeping curse… That means he can't even wake up if unless he gets true love's kiss. I already tried that! So why didn't it work! I love him and… god knows he loves me so why?!

"Sabine, don't get upset. You tried but, maybe true love is a bit more complex than we might think." I looked up at Hera and I could feel hot tears rolling down my cheeks.

"But it should've worked! He should be awake right now! Why didn't it work!?" Hera looked down on me sympathetically and placed a hand on my shoulder as a tear fell down her cheek.

"I don't know Sabine… but we'll figure it out! I know we will. If he can survive torture and living in the same room as Zeb…" I giggled when I realized that she wanted to make the most of what we knew.

"Ezra can survive anything. I believe in him. Maybe it's time you believe in him too." Problem is I know he can survive… just this time it's gonna take a bit more than big words and a tolerance for Zeb's smell… it's gonna take true love from someone and… and apparently that isn't me.

"Maybe it doesn't have to be true love as in, romantic. Maybe… familial love will work?" Hera shrugged.

"It might if Ezra had any living family right now." I smiled and shoved Hera toward Ezra.

"Oh yes he does."

Hera's POV

Wait, wait wait. Me? I don't know. I put him through hell the past few weeks. Something tells me he's not looking for my love. I let Rumple push him around like some… tool.

"I'm not sure if Ezra wants to be saved by me."

Sabine rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Hera, Ezra trusts you more than he trusts anyone, maybe even more than Kanan." I was still unsure…

"But after everything that's happened I-" Sabine yelled in my face.

"God Hera do you realize how many times he accidentally calls you 'mom' every day?! He trusts you! He loves you! If there's anyone he wants to wake up to right now, it's you!" I looked down at my son… I knew Sabine was right. I was just so ashamed of myself. His bright blue eyes were hidden behind his pale eyelids and I was getting ready to see them once more. I closed my eyes and leaned down to break the spell before the door slammed open and Kanan came running in.

"Wait! I want to see my son!" I stood up straight and glared at him.

"Are you even aware that you did this to him?! Even if it wasn't willingly I warned you about that woman! You went behind my back to see someone evil just because she said she was your mother." Kanan breathed out to compose himself, something I've seen him do often under stress. He staggered over to a nearby table and sat down, running his hands through his hair.

"I don't know what came over me, I swear I don't. I'm not asking for forgiveness, or even a second chance. I just want to see that Ezra's alright. I want to show you that no matter what I do wrong, I will always be here for him." Sabine drew her blasters and pointed them at the distraught Jedi. I really hope this doesn't turn into a firefight… Sabine spoke viciously.

"How do we know this isn't that witch trying to kill us all?!" Kanan looked into her eyes and shook his head solemnly.

"You don't. I don't even know honestly. But I doubt that a witch like Esmeralda would remember that you still sleep with that stuffed loth cat Ezra gave you." Sabine put her blasters away and grinned.

"I thought that was between us." I stepped forward and ruffled Kanan's hair.

"I love you Kanan. I just wish you'd listen to me a bit more often." He laughed and smiled sheepishly.

"From now on, It's your wishes over mine, milady." I smiled.

"Alright let's get on with this." I held Kanan's hand tightly.

"Together." We both walked toward Ezra. Once Kanan saw him I hear him gasp.

"I- I hadn't realized… what did I-" I squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"It's alright love, because now you're about to help me make it right. True loves kiss will break the curse." Kanan's face fell.

"What's wrong love?" Kanan groaned and looked at Ezra.

"True loves kiss? Ezra is never gonna let me live that down." I giggled under my breath.

"Come on Kanan. You can do it." We both got close to our son. We leaned down and lightly kissed him on the forehead. I heard Kanan whisper desperately.

"Love you kid, please come back to me." At that we heard a light breath exit Ezra's mouth. I saw his eyes flutter open, and he looked up at Kanan and I.

"What just happened?" Kanan smiled as a tear flowed from the corner of his eye.

"Nothing kid. Absolutely nothing." I laughed and hugged Ezra tightly.

"Nothing except Kanan just kissed your forehead and saved your life." I felt Ezra jolt.

"WHAT?!" He started roughly using his hands to rub his forehead trying to somehow get it off.

"Kanan Jarrus why in all the galaxy would it ever be necessary to do that!?"

Ezra's POV

I watched my family laugh and hug me after I made a very reasonable statement. Kanan should never have put his nasty mouth on any part of this beautiful face! I saw Sabine out of the corner of my eye slightly grinning, but I knew that face. Something was wrong. I started to sit up on the hospital bed when I was quickly jerked down by some guy in a white coat. Also… when did I get to a hospital?! What was going on?!

"Careful! You still have tubes going through your body kid!" I rolled my eyes. Not for long!

"You know that wouldn't be the first time I've been told that this month. But that was under very different circumstances." I started tugging at the tubes until loud beeping rang in my ear. It was a little painful but nothing I couldn't handle.

"Now, would you mind getting me a bandaid?" Hera laughed and put her hands on shoulders trying to get me to relax.

"You better listen to the doctor Ezra." Wait, white coat guy was a doctor?

"I thought we had droids for that?! When did they start letting humans be doctors?!" The white coat guy stormed closer to the bed.

"I'll have you know that no doctor can compete with the great Doctor Frank-" Hera pushed him to the side.

"Alright that's enough out of you." I smirked.

"I thought we were listening to the 'doctor.'" Hera sighed and let her head fall into her hands.

"Ok. Ezra's alright mentally at most."

Esmeralda's POV

Why won't that boy come to his senses! Did I not have a whole discussion on how his entire family betrayed him and will never be the family that he needs. I'm finally here for my son and all he can think to do is push me away… even under my own spell. Come to think of it that's really sad actually… Where did I go wrong? I was just trying to be a good mother! Sometimes you just need to control your children and force them to listen to what you have to say!

"It's not my fault." I said quietly to myself.

"It's his family." If I were ever to get my son back at my side, that family of his would need to go. The colored girl, the lasat, the Twi'lek, the droid… but especially that boy of his. Ezra Bridger was in my way. And I wouldn't have it. I sat in silence for a moment before slightly lifting my hand to bring a green cloud to surround me. As soon as the fog cleared, I found myself in Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop. Otherwise known as Rumplestiltskin's lair. I had a deal to make with the Dark One. I saw Rumple enter the shop through the back room and he jumped, dropping some valuable antiques.

"Esmeralda, what do you want from me? If you mean to kill me, that may be difficult without my dagger." I smiled.

"Nonsense. I've come to make peace. However, If you double cross me, I'll make your life a living hell until that dagger is in my hands. So, here's the deal, I need Ezra Bridger out of my way. I would kill him, except my son may never speak to me again. I need you to take care of him. Do whatever you'd like, I just need you to be the bad guy here. Do this for me, and the boy's life will pay off the debt you owe me… your life." I saw him nervously mill over his options in his mind. I simply smiled. There was no way around this one. He breathed in and looked me in the eye.

"What do I need to do?"

The End?


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