Welcome to my newest AU! The premise will revolve around what if Hellsing worked for the queen in a different? What if it was set in a different time where Alucard was human and Seras still a child? Enjoy the first chapter!

"And this is the outer grounds where the children play, Mr. Hellsing!" A chipper woman gestured to an open, fenced in area with a playground, sandbox, and grass for playing tag. Alucard observed with his constant smirk at the many children already enjoying the summertime breeze with their friends.

The man adjusted his sunglasses and took a sweep of the yard. "It's fine, I guess." His tour guide and owner of the orphanage he was visiting gave him a borderline offended look, but kept up her cheerful persona for the sake of letting one lucky child to leave her jurisdiction for good. She could only take so much at once.

Without waiting, the woman took the lead and walked down the steps that entered the grounds while motioning to the different groups of children as they went by in a blur. "That is Thomas and Frederick. Both have a love for football and sports. You won't be getting much rest during the day with those two."

Alucard rubbed his chin in thought. The boys approached a group of young girls and proceeded to harass them. They poked and prodded without respect despite the girl's pleas to leave them be. The male's hopes had been dashed immediately. "Maybe not."

Three girls sat on the swings, whispering back and forth. When the imposing man passed by with their current caretaker, their conversation was hushed for a moment. Alucard menacing eyes grazed over the girls which caused them to shiver and leave the swing set with haste.

"That was Susan, Elizabeth, and Constantine. Quite the little chatter bugs they are."

"I don't think it would work out." Alucard uttered with distaste. "I'm not one for gossip, and I certainly won't tolerate in my home."

A tut escaped the lips of the lady. "Well most of the girls are ruled out then."

Another group of boys ran by throwing sticks and stones at each other while shouting insensitive jokes that the man would've punished them for even muttering if it was up to him. Nonetheless, the lady just shoot a deadly glare in their direction. It only caused a small hitch in their arogant steps.

The woman shook her head as the boys flocked away. "I'm sorry Mister Alucard, please forgive them. They're just boys after all."

"Right." he concluded, but still carried with him the knowledge that none of those children were making his list of potential candidates.

Along they went, the warden woman of the orphanage pointing out all the children by name. Each time, Alucard gave a point to disapprove all of them. Some were too showy, others unbearably rude. Many of the boys couldn't even do the simplest act of treating the fairer sex with proper punctuality. The girls didn't stand on their own, but whinned and cried when not given the respect they needed to earn.

The adults almost made a full circle around the yard, and yet none of the youths struck a chord with the dark aura'd fellow. He was at the end of his rope and almost ready to call it a day and try again some other time.

Until the two had walked past a small pond near the path they walked on.

Alucard didn't notice her at first, thinking that it was just a trick of the imagination. Just to humour himself, he took another look back.

It was a girl with the most striking blonde hair he had ever seen. It stuck out in that back and winged out just halfway down her scrawny neck and ended in wild spikes that looked as if they could cut someone. Her clothes were the standard brown skirt with a crisp white dress shirt and red bow under her collar. She was facing away from Alucard with her face no doubt looking over the surface of the water.

The most curious thing through was that she was all alone. Unlike many of the others, no one was around to keep her company. The sight was almost melancholic to even take a glimpse at.

He stopped right in his tracks and turned to fully face the hunched over form of the girl. The child stood up and cocked back her arm. Through his glasses, he saw a tiny stone clutched in her slim fingers. In one fluid motion the girl flung the stone across the water and sent it flying over the tiny ripples. When it meet the surface, it lept back up and collided with yet another ripple. This continued a few more times until the stone inevitably slowed down and sank under.

To say Alucard was impressive at her stone skipping skills was an understatement. Her focus was impressive, her throwing on point, and not to mention the perfect upswing that seemed to belong to a professional rather than this little girl.

The woman noticed his intrigue in the child and stepped up. "It's best you leave that one alone."

Alucard still held his cheshire grin and turned to the other grown-up. "What do you mean?" The caretaker's facade that she wore for the children's' sake faded into a deep frown. She leaned close and whispered needlessly. "The poor girl's parents were killed right in front of her. When she tried to stop the murders..."

Her words cut off immediately. Alucard stopped smiling his twisted grin and grew serious. "What happened?"

The woman took a deep breath and drew out a handkerchief to dap the sweat from her brow. "They shot the deary in the gut. Before she passed out, she witnessed her mother's corpse being...'violated'."

Alucard clicked his tongue and flicked the brim of his hat. Unexpectedly, he felt a pang of sympathy for the child skipping stones on her own. No child should have to see their own parents die then used to please some sicko. "Let me guess, has she been traumatized ever since?"

"Yes, she doesn't even play with the other children. But..."

The word "but" caught the gentleman's attention as if it were a bullet. "Go on."

"S-she has a strong sense of justice." The once tender face turned sour on a dime. "Too strong if you ask me. Whenever the boys try to peep under the skirts of the girl's, she charges them and starts beating them up. Just recently, some if the boys banded together and tried to silence her power. Of course, she fought back."

By now, Alucard's interests had been highly piqued. This girl was strong, independent, and also was willing to fight when others wouldn't. He pushed his glasses farther up the brig of his nose and made his advance forward. "In my opinion, the girl all all the right to defend her fellow orphans from peeping toms. I would like to speak to this child."

The woman scoffed obnoxiously. "Wouldn't you rather have a less tempestuously mannered child? There is still the library and dorm rooms to see-"

"That is quite alright, Miss Pennyworth. My mind had been made up."

Without another word, Alucard continued walking towards the lonely girl. By now, she had raised her arm back to chuck another stone on its way to a watery grave. The stringy muscles in her upper arms tensed in preparation for the throw and her skinny twigs for leg didn't waver at her stiffened posture.

Her body lurched forward to give the stone and extra boost forward. On the stone went over the calm waves of the pond, smacking into the ripples and getting higher and lengthier with each bounce. When it finally lost its momentum and joined the rest of its kind under the water, Alucard was standing impressed with the distance that the stone had gone.

Not wanting to be in the background anymore, he clapped for her.

"Well done, little girl."

Said girl froze for a split second. Her tiny hands curled into defensive fists that were prepared to strike at any given moment. Her shoulders were raised in order to aim higher. The child was prepared, he would give her that. In slow motion, the child turned around and looked the man straight in the eyes.

Her face was slightly rounded, adding a cuteness to her that struck something inside Alucard that he himself was uncertain of. Two gleaming blue eyes seemed to outshine the pond in the background and create a sense of safety. To top it all off, bandaids on her knees and over her nose as proof to her fights she got into on a regular basis.

"Who are you?" she asked in an almost nonchalant way. Her voice was a small thing that barely stood on its own feet. All the same, it held itself as steady as he would've expected from a child that couldn't even practice talking with her peers.

The man reverted back to his usual grin and gave a small bow out of formality. "My name is Alucard Hellsing. And you, little girl?"

Her face went flush at the politeness that he showed. It was evident that she was socially awkward right off the bat. She wrung her hands and puckered her lips. "M-my name is S-seras, Seras Victoria."

Alucard paused. The last name had rung a bell in his head and he remembered a man he had met once in his line of work. "Seras, your father wouldn't happen to have been a police officer, would he?"

Seras's eyes widened and she snapped up like a toy soldier. "Y-yeah...at least he was..." Her words dwindled into the summer breeze at the mention of the parent.

Officer Victoria, a fine man and decent policeman. Judging by the way his daughter seemed to act as if Alucard was a drill sergeant during boot camp proved he had properly instilled police senses in her. To put this to the test, he walked past her to the bank of the pond while providing a small pat on her shoulder.

"Lead with your back foot." Alucard said curtly while picking up a smooth and flat stone. Seras lept to his side and watched in wonder and anticipation. "What do you mean?"

Turning the stone over in his hands, Alucard smirked. "Whether it's punching snobby brats or skipping stones, stepping into the follow-through with your back foot gives you much more power than a weak front foot step."

Staying true to his words, he set his left foot back and brought his throwing arm to a starting position. "Once you master that, you can learn follow-up sweeps." With a snap of his wrist, the stone went sailing across the pond.

Skip one.

"Then there's backhanded hits,"

Skip two.

"And jumping kicks,"

Skip three.

"Don't forget grabs,"

Skip four.

"Until finally,"

The stone made one last skip before landing on the opposite shore in some tall grass. Seras stood amazed and wide mouthed at the perfection of it all.

"You knock them out with blunt force to the head."

Alucard shoved his hands in his pockets. He glanced down at the girl with his signature grin that would scare even the toughest of men. But this was Officer Victoria's daughter; she stood and hung onto every single line without breaking the stare down.

The man bent down again and picked up another stone that would definitely make it to the other side if in the right hands. He pressed it into the waiting palms of Seras. "Now you try."

Seras blinked and examined the stone with her fingers brushing over the surface. Once she was fully acquainted, she stepped up, setting back her left foot. Alucard nodded with approval. "Excellent, now focus."

The orphan took a deep breath and brought her arm back. She waited a moment and trained her sights to where Alucard's stone had landed. Without anymore hesitation, she let the stone fly on the wings of the water.

It made five skips, five circles of waves before landing on the other end of the pond.

Seras grinned and silently pumped her fists close to her chest. "I did it!" She turned up to beam at Alucard, clear joy written all over her face. "Thank you, sir!"

Alucard chuckled and ruffled her hair. "You've done well, police girl."

The caretaker watching from a distance watched in awe at the miracle she had just witnessed. Again she dabbed her handkerchief over her brow and shook her head.

"How curious life is. I thought I was stuck with that little monster until my death."

The next time Seras met Alucard, she met many new faces too.

Seras was waiting on the steps of the orphanage with a shy smile curving like a bow on her face. Her dress that had been sent to her from her new family was neat and tidy as it accented her blonde locks that had been combed through. In her hands was a small suitcase with her toothbrush, stuffed bunny, and a book of Grimm Brothers fairy tales.

Beside her, Miss Pennyworth was standing with her stature as stiff as a board. A scowl defined her features as she leaned down to speak to Seras.

"If you come back tomorrow, you're on bathroom duty."

The child just shrugged and tapped her foot impatiently. "Whatever!" she chimed and continued to dance a little. She could've cared less about what would happen next. The only thing that she was expecting was a fresh start away from her caretaker.

To think, she was actually leaving her temporary situation and living with a real family for the first time in two years. Finally, things were going her way.

In no time at all, a white car rolled up from the gates that separated Seras from the rest of her future ahead. She noticed the car had a decorative head ornament that looked familiar from somewhere she couldn't place in her mind just quite correctly.

The luxurious car rolled up. It was obviously well kept just looking at the almost crystal clear windows and virtually untouched shell was almost something out of her story book, but instead of a horse, it was a cadillac on white walled wheels.

It rolled up as if it was gliding over the pavement rather than driving. The engine hummed a moment longer before it ceased to make a sound. From the driver's side, the front seat door opened and out stepped an aging man in a clean cut grey suit. His hair was beginning to lighten from a raven black to an ashen shade seemed to accent his sharp face and wrinkles. There was a serious air about him, as well as a certain bit of caution that seeped from his calm demeanor.

When he turned his amber brown eyes on Seras, she felt stuck. For use of a better word, it was hypnotizing just taking a single peak.

There they stood giving each other a stare down before the older man cracked a knowing smile and walked around the front of the car to stand in front of the waiting girl. Miss Pennyworth regarded the driver with her snake-like eyes scanning over the rim of her spectacles. Without even looking him straight in the face, she extended her hand and turned her nose up at him with a foolish smirk.

"You must be the butler here to fetch Little Miss Victoria. I am her caretaker-"

"Miss Pennyworth, I presume?" The man butt in mid introduction causing Seras to flinch at his abruptness. Miss Pennyworth scoffed and withdrew her hand. "Yes, I am she."

"Good." From then on, the man ignored the older woman and turned his full attention to the little one before him with a disarming smile. "And you must be the Police Girl that Alucard sent me to fetch." He bowed with his hand over his heart. That was when she noticed that the butler hand the most peculiar black gloves on in the middle of the afternoon.

Even so, she didn't forget her manners that had been instructed to her since birth. She rolled her shoulders back and puffed her chest. "Hello, sir. I am-," That was when she back pedaled and realized the title she had just be bestowed. "Hey! My name isn't 'police girl!" she cried out and puffed out her cheeks. "My name is Seras Victoria."

The butler laughed and extended his hand. "Of course, Miss Victoria. May I take your suitcase?"

Seras blushed at the use of her last name in such a lady-like way. It made her feel twenty years older than seven. She held out the brown case and nodded. "Yes sir!"

Again the butler chuckled and took the suitcase gladly. "You are apart of the Hellsing family now, please call me Walter."

"Walter." The child tested the name on her tongue and found it was much more fun to say aloud than a bland 'Yes sir'. For what felt like the millionth time, she nodded while her bangs bobbed right along. "Okay, Walter."

Walter grinned and walked over to the trunk of the car. He popped it open and stored away the old suitcase and shut the hatch without making very much noise. For some reason, this annoyed Miss Pennyworth and caused her to walk away while mumbling unladylike things under her snickering breath.

Walter disproved them and walked over to the passenger back door. He had one hand behind his back and the other on the door handle. The butler opened the door and ushered the child inside with the hand that was once behind his back. "In you go, Miss Victoria. We have a long drive ahead of us and a meeting to get to."

Seras bobbed her head and stepped inside the car. The step up into the the back seat was almost too much if not for Walter's hand to support her safely along. Once inside without trouble, Seras buckled herself in while Walter closed the door and went back into the driver's seat.

The girl could see Walter grinning in the overhead mirror as he readjusted it to properly see the tiny thing. "Ready Miss for your new life at the Hellsing house?"

With all the courage she had stored up over the years of solitude and anger, she let herself relax and reply cheerfully. "Ready to go, Walter!"

The next new face was the master of the house, Miss Hellsing herself.

Walter had made casual conversation with her the whole way to the new home. He told her all sorts of rules such as don't go in the basement alone, don't leave the house without informing an adult first, don't touch this, don't touch that. Most of it was the usual rules that Seras had grown up under when her parents were still alive. Just with a few little things sprinkled in for added formality.

It was the final rule as Walter pulled up to a large manor house that sent chills up her spine and made her blood freeze solid.

"Whatever happens, never enter Miss Hellsing's study without permission." Walter punctuated the 'without permission' with a long space between the two words. Seras nodded and played with the hem of her blue dress. He eyed her through the reflection of the mirror with s stern expression. "Do I make myself clear, Miss Victoria?"

She nodded and looked back at the butler's reflection. "Yes Walter. I understand very clearly." The smile she had begun to grow into beamed back at her as Walter parked the car in front of a set of stairs. The stairs led towards a pair of decadent double doors leading to what she assumed was the rest of the gigantic house.

Walter turned off the car and stuffed the keys into her pockets. Seras opened the door for herself and leapt out onto the cobblestone. She awed at the sheer size of the manor. Windows seemed to come in droves with many fancy designs outlining them in a classical way.

Everything from the old fashioned swirls and arches that towered over her tiny form seemed to reach halfway to the sky made her heart swell.

Her driver stepped up beside her and began to climb the stairs that led into the house. "Step up, Miss Victoria. And close your mouth, you'll catch bugs." The girl shut her mouth immediately and skipped steps to catch up to Walter.

The butler stopped to open the door and motioned for Seras to enter first. She ducked under Walter's arm that propped the door open for her.

If the outside had been impressive, inside was even more so. The light from outside cast an almost heavenly glow on the blue tiled floor. Another staircase with artistic banisters led to an upper level of the home and covered in a beautiful aqua carpet cascading down the steps as if it was a waterfall. Tables with expensive looking vases and exotic plants decorated the dark corners with rich color and cool flare. Some servants and maids were making their rounds all about. They barely paid attention to the little girl standing it their master's home.

"Wow!" Seras breathed as she stepped fully inside to take it all in. When she did, she noticed a crystal chandelier that provided an extra kick to the posh atmosphere. She wanted to start singing out of the joy she felt.

"Miss Victoria." Walter called her back from her dream world. Seras stood at attention and cocked her head to the side. "Yes Walter?"

The man pointed up the stairs to the left. "The Mistress Hellsing requested to see you as soon as you arrived. Her office is the first door on the right side."

Seras nodded and held on to the hem of her dress. She vaulted up the stairs and turned left down the hallway. Her heart was pounding in her chest and excitement had her abuzz. She was going to be meeting the lady of the house, herself!

It made her wonder what she looked like? Was she the same age as Alucard, or was she like Walter? Was she pretty? Perhaps she was serious like Miss Pennyworth and didn't like her? What would Seras do then it that was the case? Maybe she should go back and ask Walter before she made her approach.

When she walked a few paces, she came upon another set of tall double doors that were shut tight. The child patted out the wrinkles in her dress and stepped forward to close the distance between herself and the door. She figured it was now or never to answer all of her uncertainties.

Forcing her fist to rise up and meet its fate, she knocked three times. She waited for the knocks to resound down the empty hallway, clutching the fabric of her clothes like a lifeline of sorts. After a few agonizingly long seconds, did she receive an answer.

"Come in." called a sauve, familiar voice. Seras recognized it instantly as Alucard's and smiled from ear to ear. At least their was one person she knew, so it wouldn't be as scary.

Seras turned the knob on one of the doors and pushed the heavy wood in. All her butterflies fluttered into the light that blinded her momentarily.

Inside the room was a tall window that had an unbeatable view of the afternoon sky. There was a lovely carpet with intricate details stretched across a sea of black. A painting of an old man hung on one wall while another wall had a fireplace complete with a display of a shield and crossed swords. The coat of arms was strange, consisting of the standard four quartered areas with random images to describe the household it belonged to.

Sitting at the head of the room was two people. One was Alucard, lounging deeply with his feet propped up on an oak desk. The was standing tall behind the desk while looking out the window with the sunlight outlining her well-built form. The woman wore a business suit with dress pants, white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and a black vest. Her white hair was long and flowing down her back as well as her shoulders.

Seras gulper, her earlier worries starting to resurface. Here she was, small and wearing an adorable new dress, trying to act confident in front of the head of the Hellsing family. To think she could possibly expect anything less from her guarded heart. She couldn't punch her way out of this one.

The woman at the head of the room turned around and caused Seras to gasp. On her nose was a pair of thin glasses accenting cerulean eye deeper than the sea. Her thin features and a clean tie kept up with a silver pendent added to her mature and mysterious beauty. Seras could stare at such beauty for hours on end.

Unfortunately, the woman wasn't going to let her carry out her dream. She narrowed her gaze over the rim of her glasses and clicked her tongue in an almost annoyed sort of way.

"What are you waiting for, police girl. Step up!" she commended with a snap of her fingers. Seras cut out her rude staring and hurried. "Yes ma'am!"

The girl scuttled to the front of the room with her face burning from shame. Her footsteps echoed in the silence that was left behind after the woman's harsh words deafened all else. Seras reached the head of the room in no time with her head bowed up her hands tucked behind her back, just as if she was going to see Miss Pennyworth for a scolding. At least Miss Pennyworth didn't give off any sort of dangerous air like this woman did. The desk at her front loomed over her and threatened to fall and crush her under its massive weight. Two pairs of eyes watched her fidget and dart her eyes to and fro.

How she wished that the adults were children so she could just beat them away and go hide somewhere.

Seras heard a pair of staccato shoes come from around the desk and entered her line of sight to stand right in front of her. The child dared to peek upwards to take a closer look at the woman who she would be living in the company of from now on.

Up close, her gaze was ice cold and made her squirm. Seras had to wonder if Miss Hellsing ever smiled. What did it look like? Was it as pretty as her face, or forced like most smiles were nowadays?

The new woman pushed her glasses farther up her nose and furrowed her brow. Seras flung her eyes back to the ground knowing that whenever a woman pushed her glasses up higher, they were about to scold her for something. SHe braced herself mentally to be ridiculed by this even scarier and new lady.

Instead, the woman kneeled down and gently grabbed Seras's chin. "When you are talking to people, you look far more confident when you look them in the eye, police girl."

Seras paused and let the woman lift her head up to meet her own. Now that the girl was nearly eye level with her new guardian, her anxious nerves ceased to be a problem. The lady's face had softened some and was now keeping a firm but fair hold on Sera's own face. Instead of the blazing blue that had greeted her at the door, they had become a more subtle flame akin to a candle burning in the darkness. It was strange, considering that the sun was supposed to be the brightest thing in the room.

Once done with her inspection, Miss Hellsing stood back and walked to a small table on the right side of her desk. Alucard had already situated himself, this time with his feet not propped up on the surface of the wood. The man smirked at Seras and patted to a seat right next to him. "Well, come sit down police girl."

Police girl's fear had burned away at the sound of her nickname on his tongue. She huffed and threw her arms across her chest in a crossed fashion. "My name isn't police girl! It's Seras Victoria!" she complained whilst making her way to sit down at the table.

Alucard chuckled and pulled out the seat for her. "From now on, your name will always be police girl in my eyes. Now sit down before Walter comes with something to eat."

Seras climbed onto the moderately raised chair fixed the skirt of her dress to lay flat and even. The other adult in the room took a seat right between Seras and Alucard on the far side of the table. She folded her hands and leaned forward with her full attention of Seras. It looked as if she was one of those famous detectives from the movies Seras used to watch every night with her father. At least something felt familiar to her in such a new world.

"Forgive my harshness, Seras, but I wanted to make sure you were capable of following rules in this house." She unfolded her hands and set them on her lap. "My name is Sir Integra Fairbrooks Wingate Hellsing."

The little girl gasped and perked up with surprise. "Wait, you were knighted? By the queen herself?" Integra grinned at the child's excitement and nodded. "Yes, and god save her. Everyone in the Hellsing family are eventually knighted by her majesty."

Seras's smile only grew bigger as she leaned her elbows on the table to prop up her face in her hands. "Will I become a knight one day, too?"

Miss Hellsing reached into the pocket of her vest and pulled out an expensive looking cigar. Alucard handed her a lighter and she used it to burn the tip of her rolled up tobacco and fancy paper. "If you work hard, you may."

The girl sighed at the thought of having others address her as "Sir Seras Victoria". Although, she bet Alucard would call her "Dame Police Girl", without a doubt. Integra enjoyed her smoke and continued to ask Seras questions.

"How old are you, Seras?"

Seras held up seven fingers and half held up an eighth. "I'm seven and a half! My birthday is on January 21st." The woman next to her nodded with modest approval. "Good, you can do basic math. Can you spell or recite the alphabet?"

"I can do both." Seras replied. Alucard dug in his pocket and pulled out a notepad and pen. He slid it in front of her and let her inspect the objects quickly. "I want you to write a few sentences for us, just to make sure you aren't a liar." The girl frowned, but positioned the pen in her left hand anyway. "Okay, I'm ready."

Alucard cleared his throat and thought for a moment. "I love guns. My favorite is a handgun." In no time at all, little Seras started scribbling across the paper as fast as she could.

Integra shot him an ugly look and took the cigar between her pointer and middle finger. "Alucard, we promised not to bring up guns until she was fully acquainted with the household and all of its quirks." The man shrugged and leaned back into his chair. "Her father was a police officer and an ex-colleague of mine, I'm pretty sure she knows what guns are."

"What if she goes around repeating this? Can you imagine what other people would think if she said something like that in the middle of school?" the lady persisted, frustration written all over her wrinkled forehead and sharp stare. Alucard laughed and took off his sunglasses to lay them on the table. "You married me, it can't get much worse than that."

The lady sighed and leaned back to cross her legs. "For once you say something sensible, Alucard." Said man smirked laced his fingers together on the table top. "Yes, Dear Integra."

"I'm done!" Seras cheered and handed over the notepad that was chock full. For a second when he got it, Alucard wondered if she just wrote really big. When he checked the contents of the note he once again let loose a booming laughter. Integra glared at him and took another puff of her cigar. "What is it now you fool?"

Alucard handed Integra the note and watched as her expression go from stoic to utter shock and dismay. On the sheet of paper was the bickering couple's entire conversation from the original line she had been asked to write down to the use of Alucard's pet names. She slid the notepad back over and turned her full attention to Seras. "Not a word of this to anyone, or I will lock you in the basement until you're old enough to drink. Do I make myself clear?"

Seras flinched and nodded as fast as her tiny neck would allow. "Yes ma'am!" she squeaked out.

From the entrance to the room, Walter threw the double doors open and wheeled in a gleaming metal cart. Alucard threw his arm over the back of his chair. "Good timing. Master Integra was just beginning to show her claws."

Walter gave a knowing grin and adjusted his monocle. "Well I do make an effort to assist when the situation is most dire." He wheeled his cart over to the table as Integra snuffed out her cigar on a nearby ashtray. "Thank you for serving tea Walter." The aging man nodded and brought the cart along side the table. "Always a pleasure, Sir Integra."

Seras's jaw dropped at the delectable sight before her. Three cakes sat of spotless plates with tea cups resting bottom up on separate platters. Standing tall over all the other things was a large, silver tea kettle with intricate designs decorating the outside and a swirling handle. This was the tea set straight from her dreams.

The butler could see the wonder sparkling in the child's eyes. Without waiting anymore, Walter slid a tea cup and cake in front of the girl before servicing the rest. "I didn't know what your favorite flavor was, but I hope you enjoy Raspberry Cheesecake." Seras was handed a fork and left to her own free reign.

She couldn't quite figure out where to start, eyeing every inch of the dessert as Walter then flipped over the teacups and began to fill them generously. Seras decided to give into the pure white icing and red raspberries piled on top. She dipped her fork into the cake and brought the piece to her mouth, closing her lips on the fork.

The tastes of icing and berries exploded in her mouth and caused her to drool. Her taste buds sang and danced with the pleasant sweetness of the cream cheese making her feel joy beyond words. With the already zest of the raspberries, everything from the textures and flavor made Seras want to hug the chief.

Before she continued, she looked up to Walter. "Thank you so much!" The butler nodded and urged her to eat more.

The other adults had what seemed to be a coffee cake while they watched Seras clean her plate. Integra couldn't help but let her lips curve upwards against the rim of her tea cut. It had been awhile since she had been in the close company of a child.

While the four proceeded to enjoy their lunch, Alucard knew he had made the right choice to talking his stubborn wife into adopting. While he didn't need the child as much as Integra did, he knew that good times were in for one wild ride.

"The fun is just beginning, police girl."