You know I'm human, right? And human people have sex - Sometimes with people they love, sometimes with people they don't even know. – Rollins

Hmm. Thanks for that. - Carisi

And sometimes with people who are pains in the ass. - Rollins

"So, did you really mean what you said about sometimes even sleeping with people who are pains in the ass?" Carisi asked Rollins with an almost resigned sigh as he drew a hand across his brow. They were sitting at her kitchen table having just wrapped up some stuff for work.

"Of course I did, Carisi." Her tone sounded casual "Are you looking to try something new?"

"Something new?"

"Yeah, didn't your ex try to encourage you to try new things?"

"Yeah. But in the end those portabella fries weren't as great as I thought," he grumbled.

"What about trying something new with me?" Rollins said with a cute smile and a sparkle in her eye. She held out her hand.


"Casual sex."

He should be upset. He had been. But glancing down at the soft skin of her hand, then back at the mischievous gleam in her aquamarine eyes he only felt one thing. Lust. And he knew this was probably his only chance – all she would ever give to him. His hopes of having a serious relationship with her someday had been dashed.

He took her proffered hand and she led him to the bedroom.

"Are you sure this isn't going to wake Jesse up?"

"No. She sleeps really well now."

Rollins rolled over onto his chest. She couldn't believe she had fallen asleep so easily. Like a baby. She looked up at him and saw that he was looking down at her, obviously not sleeping. She was a little embarrassed.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey there," he replied as he took a piece of her golden hair between his slender fingers and twirled it idly.

"Guess it turns out that I was the one who ended up trying something new," she said.


"That wasn't casual sex for me, Carisi – Dominick," she corrected herself. "Not by a long shot."

Ever so slowly, the biggest smile broke out over his face. "You mean -?"

"Yeah. I really care about you, you goof." She bopped him with a pillow.

"Hey now." He easily wrested the pillow away from her. Then he said softly, "I do too, Amanda."

He kissed her as his fingers trailed gently down her neck. When they broke apart he gently placed his forehead upon hers as he stroked her cheek and whispered again, "I do too."

Thanks to DaX0315 for the inspiration and Skittle479 for the beta!