Inuyasha charged towards Naraku,tetsiaiga in hand, and aiming at the demon's heart.

Kagome lay helplessly on the ground, her sould already having left her body.

"Kagome....." said Sango, looking at her dear friend's body.

"I will make you pay for killing her!!!" Inuyasha yelled as he stabbed Narako in the heart
repeatedly, until he fell to the ground and the scent of his death flooded Inuyasha's sensitive nose..

He watched as his strongest and most enemy took his last breath.

"She's gone.....he thought, now turning to Kagome's already rotting copse.

"We should give her a proper burial.."

Inuyasha and Sango just looked at the lech, and agreed.

After the burial.......

Miruko and Sango had left to give Inuyasha some time to himself.
He quietly sat by her grave, looking down at the flowers Sango had laid there, as he thought.

'First Kikyou died, because of me, and now....' he started to lose it. He was actually crying, 'Now Kagome!!!
She also died because of me......!'
Deep down, he knew it wasn't his fault, but the fault of his now dead foe, Narako, but he still blamed it upon himself.


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