^-^ Well, this should make SOME people happy...I was reading my reviews from 'Back from the Dead' and I came up with an idea for the sequal.


Back from the Dead : Sequal Intro


The group walked through the woods chatting away. Shippo rested up on Kagome's shoulder. Miroku and Sango rode on Kirara. Inuyasha and Kagome walked hand in hand and allowed the sun to add to the shine of their smiling faces.

It had been nearly a year since Kagome had ...died, and since that mysterious woman had aided Inuyasha to bring her back and in completing the Shikon. So much had happened in that little time period. .....so much in such little time.

After Kagome had fully recovered, Inuyasha admitted he loved her, as did she. But that wasn't the least of it. Miroku and Sango had been married less than a month after the whole incident, and she was due in another week or so.

Inuyasha leaned in and gave his mate a quick kiss. Kagome leaned her head on his shoulder, her hand in his, and her free hand resting ever so lightly on her stomache.

"Kagome, look!" Shippo exclaimed as he pointed to a figure ahead on the path.

"What the...?!....It's...her?"


End of intro. The real thing is coming soon, so be patient.

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