The Heart of This House

Follow the story of Andy Darden's younger sister and her relationship with Firehouse 51 and a certain Lieutenant. Naomi Darden is a surgical intern at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center (Chicago Med) but her heart is at Chicago's infamous Firehouse 51 where her family risks their lives every day. This is set across the entire Chicago franchise (so may turn into a PD/Med crossover)


Naomi was sporting a face like thunder. It was a well-known expression in Firehouse 51 and it usually meant one thing: Kelly Severide had once again stuck his foot in it.

"Twenty bucks says that those two will hook up." Otis nodded towards the firefighter running after the blonde, who could move surprisingly quickly for a tiny girl in heels.

Darden elbowed him, "Dude, that's my sister you're talking about."

"Come on, Darden." Cruz protested, "Don't you see it? You could cut the sexual tension like a birthday cake."

Casey also watched as the blonde halted and turned to face the guy who was a foot taller and hundred pounds larger than her, but who still shrunk away from her death glare, "I'm with Otis and Cruz on this one, put me down for 50$ that they're together by the end of the month."

"The end of the month is next week."


Andy watched his sister interact with his best friend, pretending he didn't notice the chemistry and the passion that seemed to flow between them and had done for years. "Nah, that pretty rock on her finger isn't just for show. She's in it for the long haul with his royal douche-ness."

That pretty rock was the cause for today's blow up. Naomi had come into the station to announce her engagement and Kelly had upset her less than a minute into her visit. Sure, none of the men (and women) at 51 actually liked Naomi's now-fiancé, but there was a general agreement in the house that they would never bring it up. The younger Darden was a bit of a firecracker and no one wanted to be on the wrong side of her. No one apart from Kelly Severide, apparently, who seemed to be the cause of Naomi's bad moods from the age of thirteen.

"God, I would not want to be on the receiving end of your sister's wrath right now bro..." Cruz chuckled as the petite blonde jabbed her finger into the Lieutenant's chest.

Casey and Darden just exchanged a knowing look. They'd seen this film a hundred times before.

"Bloody Darden women," Andy muttered under his breath as he helped himself to the box of brownies that his sister had brought.

May as well enjoy the show, especially if his baby sis brought snacks.


FC for Naomi is Niomi Smart (Youtuber).

I'm still trying to work out how old the characters in the Chicago franchise are, but I'm going to say that Naomi is late 20s and in her fourth year of a surgical internship at the start of this story (I'm working off Grey's timelines, I think). I am also going to say that the Dardens, Casey and Severide grew up together (even though I believe that the three only meet at the Fire Academy in the show's timeline)

As Naomi is a doctor, there will be a lot of overlap with the Chicago Med characters (and cos it's chicago, probably the PD characters too) but this is predominantly a Fire story.

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