Chibi-Robo did one more quick scan of the floor before putting his toothbrush away.

"Ah..." Telly said next to him, "It's good to see a job well done."

Chibi-Robo flipped open his green Yes! sign to show that he agreed.

"Oh. The night is almost over. Let's head back to the Chibi-House!"

Chibi-Robo followed close behind his best friend and mentor as they entered the living room. It was January, and so Jenny would go back to school in the morning. Not only that, but Christmas had been celebrated merely weeks ago. Chibi didn't understand the concept until it was explained to him. It was a time for being with family and friends to gather around a pine tree eating cookies and exchanging gifts. It was fun, and Chibi found his little black cameras smiling whenever a present was opened.

Now though, the excitement had worn off, and it was back to work for Chibi-Robo.

"Great work out there!" Telly remarked once inside, "Oh! Ten thousand seven hundred and twelve Happy points! That's a new record!"

Chibi beamed with pride.

"Alright! Now that it's daytime, let's get out there and make some folks happy!" he pulled out a few confetti poppers and set them off. Chibi watched the colorful paper fall before he collected the popper trash.

"Uh, yeah...sorry about bad..." Telly noted, a bit embarrassed.

As the day began, Chibi started in the foyer and worked his way across the room, collecting trash along the way. He had just climbed onto the small table on the other side when an eager Jenny bounded down the stairs, passing Chibi and dropping something big and heavy on the floor.

"I'm ready for school!" Jenny still wore a frog hat, but didn't say "ribbit" quite so much anymore. She really only did it now to annoy people, which she found amusing.

What had caught Chibi's eye though was the giant thing on the floor. It looked to be a backpack, full of interesting things like paper and pencils. While he was looking inside, however, he didn't realize the precarious situation he was in, that is, until he slipped and fell, plunging into heavy darkness.

He blinked, trying to refocus his cameras, when he found himself violently jostled from side to side.

"Have fun at school, Jenny!"

Chibi felt a cold chill run through his metal back. He was leaving the house!?

Something told him it would be a long day.

Chibi tried desperately to reorient himself in the tiny confinement, but it was impossible with how much everything was moving around. He couldn't see anything, and his hearing was only catching vague, muffled sounds. He found himself becoming truly afraid for the first time in a very long time. He had felt powerless before, but at least then he had been able to do something to help! Now though, it felt as though he had no control of the situation, and somehow felt he never would.

How far was he from home? Where was he going? Did Telly know he wasn't in the house anymore!? How long would he be gone!? These were the questions that haunted Chibi's processor the whole ride.

Finally, after what had felt like an eternity, the jostling came to a steady halt and Chibi found himself lying flat on mostly solid ground. He waited a bit for his CPU to calm down from all the constant swinging. Once he felt strong enough to stand, he did so slowly, afraid his head would hit something in the darkness. After assessing where he was in conjunction with everything else, he heard a zipper unzipping and light poured into the small place. Chibi took a moment to readjust his cameras.

Working up the courage to climb up, he carefully got himself high enough to peek out from where he was.

His eyes found a rough carpeted floor, almost spotless, with metal rods as thick as Chibi's head extending up into chairs. He noticed all the shoes that were connected to children sitting in those chairs, along with other things like backpacks and small desks.

He came to the realization that he was in a classroom. This is what was called, "school".

He couldn't help but feel very intimidated. It had taken him a couple weeks to get used to the Sanderson's house, even though it was technically small. He lowered his head back down, feeling the harsh light was giving him a headache. What was he going to do? He felt overwhelmed and hopelessly lost.

He looked upwards, taking comfort in the fact that at least he was with Jenny. She didn't see him though, as she was just trying to focus on not falling asleep. He couldn't blame her. What was being said was pretty uninteresting.

Chibi was still chilled, though. He was far from home, and in an unfamiliar place.

He reasoned that he shouldn't leave Jenny's backpack, as that seemed to be the only link to his home, but just as he had that thought, a bell could be heard and Chibi found himself tumbling forward. Before he could even stop his head from spinning, the room was empty except for the teacher.

Chibi was once again struck with ice-cold fear. Jenny and her things were nowhere in sight, and the teacher was busy with something else, not even knowing she wasn't alone in the room.

Chibi glanced at the clock above the closed door and felt even more apprehensive. It was 3:00, the same time Jenny always came home.

He was lost.