When Fenrir had picked up the skinny beta, now omega, in the forest, he hadn't expected for everything to end up like this. He hadn't expected for the boy to be Harry Potter, and he hadn't expected for the boy to be an omega. He expected to turn the boy at the next full moon and to have him completely integrated with the pack.

Now he wasn't even sure if he should call the turn of events perfect or a disaster. On one hand they were fantastic because Harry was an omega, and he could have pups for the pack, but on the other hand, Fenrir didn't know whom Harry would choose as a mate. Fenrir's pack wasn't like other wolf packs where the Alpha was the only one who was allowed to have pups. Any male could have pups in his pack. He knew it kept the bloodlines from getting too close.

The problem was that Fenrir wanted Harry to be his omega. He wanted Harry to bear his pups, but it seemed like Harry felt closer to some of the other members of the pack. To Fenrir's internal ire, Harry seemed to really get along with Clyde, so if the little omega was going to choose any of the alphas in the pack it was most likely going to be Clyde. While Fenrir wouldn't show it externally, just the thought made his blood boil a bit. It wasn't like Clyde was a terrible choice, but Fenrir wanted to be the omegas first and only choice.

Even if it didn't seem possible to get into the good graces of the new omega, he still had some time before Harry went through his first heat. If he started as soon as possible, he would have about two weeks to a month to solidify his spot as the chosen mate of the new omega. He wasn't going to waste his time. He was going to make sure to show Harry that he was the right mate.

At the moment, Harry was still in the Medicine house with Ianna while his hormones and scent settled out to where they weren't so overpowering, but it wouldn't take but a few hours to a day for that to happen.

It was for good reason that Harry was being kept under wraps at the moment as well. His scent was completely and utterly intoxicating, and, at the moment, it felt, to Fenrir, like it was soaked into his hair, skin, and clothes; it was driving him absolutely crazy. The second he had been noticeably aroused by the smell, he had immediately relocated to his house.

As soon as he was behind closed doors within the confines of this room he fell heavily on his bed of furs. Quicker than he ever thought possible; Fenrir undid his jeans and released his throbbing cock. It was already an angry red and it was copiously leaking pre-cum down his thick shaft in small rivulets. Fenrir groaned as he used his fingers to spread the pre from the tip of his neglected cock down the shaft.

At this point he didn't even care if he was sufficiently lubed or not, so he took it in hand and started to stroke his cock fervently. At the first pull Fenrir threw his head back and growled deep in his chest. He had never in his life felt this sensitive!

With another harsh stroke, Fenrir gave up trying to take his time. Using his free hand he grasped the base of his cock where his knot was beginning to form and gripped it tightly as he raced towards orgasm.

The omegas scent that was clinging to his body seemed to engulf the entire room as he drew closer towards climax, and Fenrir could do nothing else to hold himself back. It had invaded his senses and taken over all of his reason. Without any more than a few strokes, his knot swelled completely and he was cumming.

Fenrir was glad that no one was around to hear the pitiful whimper that snuck its way out of his throat as he continued to release unbelievable amounts of his seed. It seemed to be never ending as it streamed from the tip of his member, and he was blown away by the amount that his body was pumping out. He had never produced this much semen ever; it was unprecedented! But he had a good idea why his body had produced so much more than it usually did. His body had recognized a possible breeding partner and had wasted no time what so ever in increased production.

The Alpha kept a grip on his knot for about ten minutes until his cock was only dribbling out the last bit he had left. Fenrir felt completely rung out, like he had nothing left to give, but he surprisingly didn't feel any satisfaction. He just felt empty.

Not wanting to dwell on the unsettling emptiness filling him, Fenrir cleaned himself off, redressed, exited his domain, and progressed to the pack clearing to settle back into his daily routine.


As it turned out, it only took Harry's body about seven hours to completely settle down, and after he was released it was like the tension from all of the pack was released all at once. Most of the pack had secretly, and not so secretly, been worried about Harry. Everyone already knew that he was an omega, but most of the pack mates were dumbfounded as to how it had happened. He had only felt it necessary to tell Arik, and Clyde, even if he didn't want to, but Harry was close to Clyde, so he pushed himself past his deep jealousy.

Fenrir mostly just ignored the talk of the pack. He was much too focused on the omega that had finally emerged from the medicine house.

It seemed like all time had stopped. Everyone in the pack paused in their routine and locked eyes on the newly realized omega. Nothing seemed to stir. Even the forest was quite. They were all waiting for the omega to make the first move.


Harry was still trying to wrap his head around his whole new ordeal. Not only that, but it was hard to come to terms with that, along with everything else, someone had been practically poisoning him to keep his dynamic under wraps. It was utterly ridiculous and it made his head spin just thinking about it. Deep down he knew that they had done it because they would have lost all control of him had he presented. Dumbledore would have lost his pawn had his precious boy-who-lived turned out to be an omega. Omegas were almost as strong-willed Alphas were, and if the Omega didn't have a chosen Alpha mate to keep them cool they were forces to not be trifled with.

Dumbledore was the one that poisoned him. There was no other person.

The blood in his veins felt like magma rushing through him.

Dumbledore was going to lose.

A snide smirk graced Harry's face as he got to his feet.

The downfall would be glorious.


When Harry cleared the threshold of the Medicine House entranceway it was like nothing and everything had changed in the past day. The pack had been doing their usual routine, but now they were all staring.

He would be lying had he said it didn't make him uncomfortable, but he understood where they were coming from. They finally had an omega in the pack. To some of them it was probably like the goddess had finally rewarded them after all the terrible strife that they had been strung through.

He would be lying had he said that this wasn't the best thing that had ever happened to him. He had never felt like a beta. Harry had always felt like an omega, and this new identity felt like finally coming home. What was even better was that he could really contribute to the pack, and now he finally knew why he felt so drawn in and comforted by the presence of the pack Alpha. Fenrir had been stirring his inner omega since they first met. The chase. The submission. The Alpha was meant to be Harry's, and Harry wasn't going to rest until Fenrir was his and his alone.

But he needed advice on how to capture the Alpha.

Harry browsed the still motionless clearing until he spotted Clyde. The alpha looked relieved, his features placid. Clyde would be the perfect choice to help him. He knew better than to go straight to him though. To the rest of the pack it would seem like Harry had chosen Clyde as his mate, and he didn't want to cause that kind of miscommunication; instead, Harry walked up to Fenrir, and looked up at his face. Not in his eyes, though, he definitely didn't want to turn his own perspective mate away from him.

"Good evening, Alpha Fenrir, I want to thank you for being there with Ianna to keep watch over me. I know this whole incident has been quite a shock for everyone, but I hope that I can be of much more help to the pack now." Harry tried not so sound so cheeky or suggestive with his words, and it seemed to do the job; although, maybe he did a bit too well of a job.

His Alpha put on a small smile and grasped his shoulder firmly. The feeling made Harry's knees feel weak.

"You were important to this pack before you emerged an omega, Harry, and, while you are an omega now, I don't want you to think we will treat you any less. You are pack, but I still expect you to continue doing what you were doing before you presented. Can't have you getting too soft."

Harry almost choked on his spit. The Alpha was teasing him! Harry didn't think that Fenrir could even do that! And it wasn't like Harry could just say, 'I don't plan on getting too soft, if anything, I plan on getting quite hard for you', but he had to be much more reserved than that. Saying that to the Alpha exceeded the definition of brazen. Instead, the omega inclined his head a bit and put a bright smile on his face.

"I didn't plan on it Alpha. Just because my dynamic has changed, doesn't mean I have changed."

Fenrir just smirked and nodded, as if to say 'good', before walking away to go talk to Arik.

With their conversation over with it was like the frozen pack was instantly reanimated. They all went back to finishing their day's work, and Harry proceeded toward Clyde as leisurely as possible. He didn't want to look hurried. He didn't want the pack to question his motives. The pack had definitely just heard his conversation with Fenrir, so hopefully they would take his words to heart. He hadn't changed; therefore, talking and spending time with Clyde wouldn't seem out of the ordinary for him even though he was an omega and Clyde was an alpha.

When Harry finally made his way closer to the large alpha it was obvious that Clyde had just finished his days tasks, for he was in the process of stretching out his legs on the ground while his back was propped up against one of the outer clearing trees. It was where Clyde and Harry spent a lot of their time when they were enjoying one another's company.

The alpha noticed Harry's approach and graced him with a relaxed smile and then he motioned to the tall, soft grass next to him that the omega usually lounged in.

Harry returned with a vibrant smile and gracelessly flopped down into the comforting grass.

They were both quiet for a couple of beats.

"So, Little Pup, quite a shock you gave us all, hmm?" Clyde asked in his usual deep voice all the while looking down at Harry questioningly.

"Surprised myself too, to be honest." Harry returned with nonchalance.

It seemed like Fenrir had told him, because just the hint of why Harry had not known in the first place as well infuriated the gentle alpha immediately. He could see the fury glinting clearly in Clyde's eyes. The fury made his blue eyes harsh, like unforgiving stone, and Harry didn't really like the look on him. He was used to the alpha always being calm and composed. The new omega tried to change the topic as quickly as possible.

Harry turned over on his right side to face the alpha next to him. "So, I have a question for you, Clyde."

Clyde looked down at Harry, the stern look on his face letting Harry know that the alpha knew exactly what he was trying to pull. They stared at one another for a few moments before Clyde's face softened with resignation at the fact that the conversation was not to be dwelled on.

"What is your question, Little One?"

Harry didn't even bother holding back.

"How do I get Alpha Fenrir to court me?"

To say that Clyde looked shocked would have been a complete lie. The only outward sign that showed that he even heard Harry was his slightly wider eyes and smile.

"I don't think you will have to wait too long, Pup. You are not used to the scent of things yet, but I, and probably the rest of the pack, can smell his interest when it comes to you, and, if I know my Alpha as well as I think I do, it will not be but maybe a day before he makes his interest known to you."

The omega couldn't even hold back the excited, gleaming smile that engulfed his face.

"That's bloody great!" He cheered and rolled back onto his back with his arms thrown out from his body.

Harry could feel his body tingling with excitement! It seemed like he wasn't going to have to work incredibly hard for his Alpha after all.

They lay there until the sun started to set. The vibrant oranges, reds, and pinks painted the sky in a wondrous display that had him breathless. Out here in the wilderness with the pack, everything seemed so much more beautiful and alive. It was the first time in his life that Harry had ever felt so alive.

He wouldn't trade his life with his pack for the world.

Harry glanced over at Clyde but the alpha seemed to be staring off into the clearing somewhere. Curious, Harry sat up and peered around.

To his surprise, Fenrir is making his way across the clearing towards them with purpose. Unsure, the omega turned to look at Clyde for any hint as to what was going on.

"Seems like you really wont have to wait that long, Pup." Clyde announced with clear mirth coloring his voice.

Harry looked at him surprised, and before he could get out a squeaked 'really' Fenrir was already standing in front of them.

Clyde respectfully bowed his head toward Fenrir and the Alpha gave a nod to him in return before facing the packs newest member.

Fenrir glanced down at Harry and motioned for him to stand up. Harry followed the unspoken gesture by stumbling clumsily up out of the grass. Once standing he returned his gaze to the Alpha waiting for more direction.

His body was feeling jittery. If Clyde was right, this was it. This was the moment Fenrir was going to propose a courtship.

"Come with me. I need to talk with you about something."

They were the words that would hopefully set the rest of his life in motion. Harry was so elated about what was going to happen!

"Of course, Alpha."

He was so giddy that he felt like he was going to fall over any minute!

Fenrir ran a warm hand down Harry's bare arm and then beckoned the Omega to follow him.

They walked passed Clyde and out into the forest surrounding the pack clearing. Fenrir guided him far enough away to where the pack couldn't listen in to their conversation.

They stopped at a large boulder and they each took turns climbing up on top of it to sit down.

The sun had completely set by then and the vastness of the night sky was splayed out for them in all of its glory. He could clearly see the defined color and brilliance of the Milky Way's band stretching across the vast dome above them. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Fenrir's shuffling beside him brought Harry back to the present. He looked to his Alpha and waited. As he waited it became apparent that it was becoming quite cold, and the temperature was quickly dropping. The Omega tried and succeeded at holding back his shivering, but he hoped that the conversation was settled before he froze.

But without any outward signs from Harry, Fenrir took off his long black trench coat and wrapped it around the omegas much smaller frame.

With no prompting needed, Harry grasped the ends and pulled the garment tight around his body.

"Thank you, Alpha." Harry mumbled out into the heavy, black fabric, breathing in the heady scent of his future Alpha mate. The scent was unbelievably enticing. Harry couldn't wait to have his entire body coated with it.

Fenrir made a soft hmm in the back of his throat as he observed Harry intently.

"How are you taking your new dynamic of being an omega, Harry? I want to know if you are uncomfortable with any of this at all. I want to know if your new position in the pack is difficult for you to accept. I know you have been living the past seventeen years of your life as a beta, so I know that this must be odd and new to you. I just want you to feel comfortable with your place in the pack."

His Alpha sounded and looked so sincere that it made Harry's heart clench tight. His Alpha cared about what he thought, and the Alpha truly seemed worried about him. Harry might have been new to all of this, and the stray thought might have seemed way too sudden, but the omega part of him couldn't wait to bear this Alpha's pups. The feeling was strong and overwhelming. He managed to curb its intensity, but just barely.

Harry turned towards the alpha and smiled brightly into the fabric of the trench coat before pulling it away from his mouth to speak.

"Alpha, it may seem surprising to you, but finding out that I'm an omega is one of the most liberating moments I have ever experienced. I never felt right being a beta. It was like I was stuck inside the wrong body for the longest time. Impregnating another female beta never had any kind allure for me, and I had never felt any kind of attraction to them whatsoever. I always fantasized about being an omega, holding the child inside my own body, bearing my children instead of siring them. I thought I was a freak for the longest time for having those desires, but it turns out they were completely unfounded. My inner omega had been influencing my mentality even though I hadn't even properly presented.

"So, no, Alpha, I am not uncomfortable, and this is not difficult for me. If anything, this is the most comfortable I've ever been in my life."

The wistful contentment radiating from Harry was palpable in the air around them.

By the look on Fenrir's usually emotionless face, Harry could easily tell that he had shocked the alpha with his proclamation. The omega didn't blame his Alpha for reacting that way either, for he knew that he was taking his new title in life very well.

"Would you do me the honor of letting me court you, Harry Potter?"

The Alpha's words were spontaneous without any lead in what so ever.

Harry smirked into the long black cloak wrapped around him and looked up to his future Alpha mate.

"It would be my pleasure to be courted by you, Alpha Fenrir." Harry purred contently, scooting closer to the warm body of his alpha.

"So when do we start?"

Fenrir grinned down at Harry and reached out a large hand to cup his cheek. The Alpha pulled his omega closer and pressed his warm lips against his soon to mate's forehead softly.

"The sooner the better, right, little omega?"

Harry felt his insides melt at the Alphas words.

Sooner was most definitely better.