Romanian Getaway – New Chapter

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Hermione and Lucy didn't hear Charlie come up behind them as he entered the enclosure and almost jumped out of her skin when Charlie wrapped his arms around her and kissed the back of his neck.

"Charlie!" She exclaimed as she quickly turned.

"What are you...I thought you were with..." He said as he cut her off, kissing her.

"Dad..." Moaned Lucy.

"I've got plenty of kisses for you too." He smiled as he scooped her up in his arms and covered her face as she giggled while begging her dad to put her down.

"Dad, Hermione's so cool! She gets play with dragons!" She said excitedly as a little Chinese Fireball ran up over and perched itself on her head.

Charlie chuckled. "What about me! I work with dragons too."

"But...those are scary...and..big and these are cute and little." She giggled as the dragon ran over her head.

"I like it here" She smiled as she put the dragon down a picked up another.

Charlie wrapped his hand around Hermione's wist and pulled her close. "She likes you." He said as she felt his lips kiss her temple softly.

"I think the baby dragons might have more to do with that than me." She smiled softly.

"Don't sell yourself short Hermione. You're an amazing witch, an amazing women. I'm so lucky to have you, we are lucky to have you. I know we sort of came together in not the normal circumstances."

Hermione smiled softly. "I suppose not no."

"I think that might have been Fred's parting gift to both of us." He said as he moved to the back of her as his hands wrapped around her growing bump.

"I was scared Hermione, when you... when you were in that coma after what happened I...I've never felt so lost..I was so scared of losing you. The thought of you not being here...with me...with our child...I..." He stopped as a tear ran down his face as he felt his rough hands covered by her softer ones.

"I'm safe, Lucy's safe, we're not going anywhere I promise." She said softly as she felt his head nestle down on his shoulder.

"I know." He said as he withdrew his hands from her. "And I plan to make it official." He said as he pulled the small box from inside his robes and dropped to one knee as Hermione turned to face him.

"Offic..." She said before stopping mid word as she looked down at Charlie who was on bended on knee as Lucy came up beside him.

"Dad? Why is Hermione frozen? She asked as Charlie smiled wide and chuckled as he pulled his daughter close.

"She's not frozen love; I think she's just a bit surprised. But you see I love Hermione. You remember what I told you don't you." He asked as a thinking expression came upon Lucy's face.

Hermione smiled at the conversation happening between father and daughter.

"That you can love me and Hermione?" She said with a questioning edge.

"Mmmm hmmm exactly right. I want to only love you and Hermione forever and I'm asking her if she will love me and you forever." He smiled as he looked up at Hermione as a tears began to run down her face.

"Daadd.. you made Hermione cry." Said Lucy as Hermione laughed and wiped her tears away with the sleeve of her shirt as Charlie got up off one knee, picked up Lucy as he wiped her chin with his thumb.

"Hermione, I can't...we can't imagine another day without you in our lives. Can we?" He said as he turning to Lucy who nodded her head and agreeing with her dad.

"Will you marry us?" He smiled as Hermione smiled and nodded as she whispered yes.

"Daaadd.. your squishing me and Hermione's still crying!"

"It's alright Lucy I'm happy that's all...I'm going to be with you and your dad and the baby for a long time." She smiled as Charlie slipped the ring on her finger as they kissed

" kissing..." She said as she tried to wiggle down from his grasp as he let her down. "I'm hungry, can we get some food?"

"Sure, come on." He said as Lucy reached up to grab a hand of Hermione's and Charlie's as they headed back across the reserve.

"When can we go back and see Uncle George and Uncle Bill they still have more stories to tell me."

Charlie smiled. "Well you might be seeing them sooner and more often then you think love." He said as Lucy smiled and Hermione looked at her fiancé and decided to ask what in Merlin's name was going on. This was now the second time he referenced seeing his family more often and on a more permanent basis.

"Alright, dear fiancé spill."

"Spill what? I don't know what you mean?"

"It's the second time, you've mentioned seeing your family more often and on a permanent basis and I know you have something up on your sleeve so spill it." She said as she raised her eyebrow that would rival McGonagall's.

"I was going to talk to you about it sooner, but the proposal, it was just the perfect moment I um...anyway that's not the point of this conversation. Um I've been offered a job a position heading up a new reserve back in um...England. I know you; both of you like it here. It's where we fell in love and I..." Charlie was suddenly silenced by a kiss from Hermione.

"We've been away for far too long Charlie. I'm ready to go home." She smiled as her palm rested on his cheek as they walked across the reserve to break the news to their friends and colleagues.

Charlie and Hermione had settled back nicely into England and into family life on the reserve with Lucy. She asked about her mother from time to time, but was more focused on Hermione and the baby who was due now at any time.

"Your stomach is sooooo big. When you have the baby will you still big?"

Hermione smiled. "No, no when I have the baby, you sister or brother, it will all go away."

"Oh...okay." She said as she slid down off the chair and her barefeet landed on the wooden floors.

"Hermione, the floors wet." She said as she held up her barefoot to show her.

"Oh no... Bugger..." She said as she pushed herself off the chair.

"Mione, what's wrong?" Asked Lucy.

"Nothing, nothing...I just need to find your dad, that's all you just stay right there okay." She said as she pulled out her wand and cast a patronus to summon Charlie back to the cabin. Lucy watched in amazement as the dragon flew out of the cabin and Charlie arrived back a few minutes rushing around the cabin mumbling to himself.

"Bag, need to floo the medi-witch and I need to change and the the..."

Hermione couldn't take the panicking anymore.

"Charlie!" She called as he quickly rushed into the room to her side.

"What is it? Is it a contraction, is the baby coming right now. We need to go and I need to floo and then I ne..." panicking that's usually my job, alright my waters broke, there's plenty of time. Now calm down. I'll send a patronus onto your family and Harry, you grab the bag and we'll floo to St Mungo's alright." She smiled as Charlie nodded as he headed quickly into the other room as Hermione chuckled.

A few minutes later Charlie arrived back in living room as he and Hermione stood in the Floo as Charlie reached for some Floo powder and opened his mouth to call out their destination Hermione put her hand over his mouth much to his surprise.

"I think you're forgetting something." She said as Charlie began patting himself and looking around.

"Your daughter" Said Hermione as she looked over to Lucy who was now standing in the middle of the room.

Charlie sighed as he beckoned her over to him. "Alright we got everything, good." He said as he called out their destination and Hermione muttered as the green flames engulfed them. "Who knew the pregnant woman would be the calm one. "

14 hours later Charlie emerged into a waiting room full of Weasleys with his new born daughter in his arms

"I' want you all to meet the new addition to the Weasley family Olivia Catherine Weasley." He said as Molly took her grandchild from Charlie for the first hold gazing down at her with all the love in the world.

18 months later and Olivia was sat on Molly's knee as Lucy made her way down the aisle at the back of the Burrow. Throwing flowers from the basket she held in her hand and waited up the top of the aisle next to Charlie.

"Have you seen her?" He asked as he watched Ginny walk down the aisle in a slim fitting emerald dress, flowers in hand.

"She looks stunning. Who would have thought that you'd be the one to finally settle down, marriage, kids and the like."

"It just takes the right woman." He smiled as Hermione came into sight. She walked down the aisle with Arthur by her side as in a slim fitting dress that hugged her curves in all the right places with delicate beaded bodice and a thin piece of silk around her waist. Arthur handed to Charlie as she turned to face him.

"You look beautiful." He whispered as told him he look handsome in return as the official began the ceremony as soon began to exchange vows.

"Charlie. You saved me, you've seen me at my worst when I was broken, you picked up, supported me, loved me, helped me heal. You've taken dragon burns for me and I fell in love with the amazing wonderful man that only a few people get to truly see. I love you from now and forever.

Charlie smiled as began his vows. "You came to me a shadow of what you are today, you came to me, you let me in, let me help you heal. I fell in love with the amazing woman that you are Hermione Granger. You are stronger then you think, you make my life better when you're in it. The world, my world shines brighter with you in and I don't ever want to lose that feeling. I love you from now and forever.

"You may now kiss the bride" Said the official as Charlie leaned in to kiss Hermione but was interrupted by Lucy

"What about me?" Came Lucy's voice as the Hermione, Charlie and the crowd began to laugh as Charlie picked up Lucy as the official smiled as Mrs Weasley got up and passed her granddaughter to Hermione

"Yes and kisses for you and Hermione and Olivia. Kisses for everyone" He smiled as cuddled and kissed his daughter.

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