This doesn't feel quite up to my usual standard, but it's been a while since I've posted so I wanted to add this. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

"'M not sick," Bigwig said, sniffling loudly and wiping at his dripping nose. "Just got a touch of allergies, that's all."

"You're not allergic to anything, Bigwig," Hazel said patiently. Fiver stood behind him, trying, though not very hard, to hide his giggles.

Bigwig puffed himself up, an effect rather ruined by the sneezing it invoked. When it finally died down, he asked, "Well, how do you know? Maybe I have a terrible dust allergy."

"I told him," Silver volunteered. He flinched as Bigwig whirled on him, but continued anyway. "It was in your file at Sandleford. You have no known allergies."

Bigwig pounced on that. "Hear that, Hazel? No known allergies. Maybe I have allergies you just don't know of yet!"

"Alright," Hazel agreed peaceably. "Maybe they are just allergies. Either way, you're sneezing and sniffling loud enough to call down Frith! You can stay inside for a bit, while the rest of us finish the work."

"Fine, but just because you asked!" Bigwig grumbled. "And I'm still not sick! They're just allergies."

He stomped up the stairs to his bedroom, hearing Hazel and Fiver behind him continuing on the cleaning.


He looked down, and there was a small blond head bobbing along beside him. "What are you doing, Pipkin?"

"Hazel said I should come with you, so I could get something if you needed it. Do you need something?"

A slow grin began to dawn over Bigwig's face. "You know what, lad? I just might..." Perhaps some bed rest wouldn't be so bad after all.