Okay this story is about the demons from "Collin De Plancy's Demonology Encyclopedia" Many of these demons are from this book and various cross-referenced works so if they seem a bit inconsistent I did take some liberties with this one. My Favorite characters here thou are his parents and Ms. P, so watch out for their one-shots which will be coming out soon! ~(^-^)~

The Sad Sorry Tail of a Teenaged Demon;

I hope I get to sleep later after you grade this. 'Cause let's face it my story sucks. I don't even know why I'm doing this… I didn't even want to come here! But nooo… 'You're the Eldest' they said 'You have a responsibility' they said. Ugh. Why?! Well, seeing as this is a grade I guess I'd better start.

Welcome to mistress De Plancy's Prison… I mean, School for Children of Extraordinary Talents. The school for people like me who are the sons and daughters of the world's myths. I'm Beel, Like Tinker Bell ha-ha…ha-ha…haaaaaah. Well, that's not my full name and that's not what this school is about so let's make this easy. Mistress De Plancy, the wife of Collin De Plancy, the demonologist, created this school for the children of all the demons and mythical beings her husband came across while writing his assorted works about us, just so you know I don't look like a fly that was my great grandfather trying to have some fun. But off topic, the school has been running for hundreds of years and next week is the sixteen hundredth and third anniversary of the schools opening. The school has a strict no magic unless allowed by supervisor rule, and dorms so everyone lives here and gets all cozy and whatever. There are two sides to the school like two sides to a coin. The light, where all the gods and angels reside is called Le Bienheureux or Leben for short, it is bright as the sun and filled with preppy little angels and stuff, they also get new equipment and state of the art buildings. My side with all the sons and daughters of demons is Le Condamné or as the Leben kids call us The Damned, with falling roofs and a less than nice demeanor one would be scared of the ghosts haunting this side, but actually the ghost are some of the nicest kids a demon could know. Like to gossip thou, but when one is see through it is a good business to be in, and though it might look worn down on the outside us on the damned side take the 'no part-time jobs' rule very loosely so we take good care of the inside of the dorms and stuff, it looks even better than Leben not that any teacher or Leben student knows.

I'm Beel, son of Beelzebub and Lilith; I am the Eldest of three, me, my brother Bae and my sister Lilim. Being prince, thou I don't seem like it, I am head of the dorms and take care of all the dorms needs and students, making sure the rules don't get bent too far out of shape. Being eldest and next Prince of hell (no, there is no king, the prince rules hell, Satan's just my uncle who likes to play with humans, so gullible), of course I've got… terrible grades. I can't help it if the only class that's fun is P.E. Power Education and that's cause I can sleep on the roof without being interrupted by a loud teacher. Oh and I guess this class seeing as I'm still writing. Why? I don't even remember. But I guess it's because I like the way you teach Ms. Barman, even if you're an angel which, believe me is really rare. But that's not what this is about; this is about what started two weeks ago and the angel who got in my way.

It all started as a normal day, I was minding my own business beating up a few punks who'd decided to try and gang up on me to see if they can get into a better class, not knowing who I was.

See everything here is based on a class system starting in middle school. Everyone takes two different tests at the beginning of the school year one for intelligence and one for power then get sectioned off for classes, those with both power and intelligence are in class A1 the lower the intelligence the lower the letter like B, C, D, E, F, same kind of goes with power, those with lower power go into class 2, 3, 4 etc.… all the way to 9. Grade like freshman and stuff are shown as roman numerals, starting with 6th grade at I and going up, so I'm in class VI-F9, Junior in class F9 with the lowest scores cause I was bored and I fell asleep during the intelligence and power portions. If one wants to get into a higher class they either have to pass the test at the end of the year, or challenge another student, either enough same grade students they level up in the eyes of the presiding teacher, or another student in their desired class. If the challenger wins they get transferred, if they lose they get lowered a grade. Every challenge must have a teacher present and an extra student present to witness. This way no one can be caught cheating. But some people try to level up by beating others and telling the teachers they won. I never get lifted a grade because I never use my powers so I'm kinda stuck here, not like its bad. I like being able to sleep all day and the other is either everyone too scared to fight me (unless their Lebens thinking they can beat up on a 'weak little demon' like these guys) seeing as I am still prince of hell and do use my power on occasion (But not usually cause when I do I have to work extra at my job to pay for damage repairs) or are part of my gang with Ali as dorm vice-president and going down all the way to the messenger. But anyway back on topic.

So here I was teaching these holy pricks a lesson when this little angel chick comes up to us and completely nulls the fighting. I mean like the people who were stupid enough to challenge me fell asleep. Creepy. And next she tells me this!:

"I am Seraphiel daughter of Jahoel and Ardat Lili, and you are Beelzebub-Christi eldest son of Beelzebub and Lilith, are you not?"


"Good. You are my bride to be."