Theme #3: Amnesia

When he found out who fucked up his wife's memory, he was going to slaughter them in cold blood, rip their limbs off one by one and then let out a maniacal laugh. Well all of that minus the laugh bit. He wasn't going to turn into some cliche super villain with a brain the size of a walnut.

Living with a wife with amnesia was practically hell, and it was only because she was his wife, the love of his life, and Tenten that he was even putting up with the shit the memory loss had brought him. The brunette seemed to be experiencing selective amnesia where she appeared to have forgotten everything involving him and their relationship.

All five years of it.

Five years of memories and ups and downs and she couldn't seem to remember any of it. Screw slaughtering the man who did this to her, he was going to eradicate his existence completely. No one messed with Uchiha Sasuke and got away with it without a limb missing.

It had been almost two weeks since the accident, when the brunette got accidentally hit by a car by some drunken bastard. She had miraculously only suffered a minor concussion and a few scratches and bruises after the accident but when he learnt of the amnesia she had also acquired, he had been ready to kill a bitch. The drunken bastard had yet to be found and he was left with a wife suffering amnesia. There was hell to be paid.

The doctor had advised that he slowly ease her into familiar situations on the journey to replenishing her memories, recommending that he didn't shock her with too much information at once after the shock of the accident. While it had been agonizing trying to downplay his affections, he had managed to pull through yet there was still one underlying problem.

Tenten had yet to remember anything about him despite the amount of time that had passed. The doctor said that since it was only selective she should be able to come around soon and yet she still forgot everything about him. At first she had been wary of him, refusing to stay in the same room for him for more than ten minutes. But soon she had grown used to his presence, no longer darting in the opposite direction at the sight of him.

He then wondered why he had figured that this would be a good point in time to really introduce himself as her husband rather than a helpful neighbor. It had expectedly only brought disaster as she almost broke down in shock.

"You're joking. I can't be married to you," she screeched in denial, refusing to believe the current situation.

He sighed. "I'm not joking Tenten. We're married for crying out loud. Have been for two years now," he replied, holding up his left hand to emphasize his point as he pointed toward the gleaming gold band on his ring finger.

Her eyes flashed with an unreadable emotion. "Then prove it, prove that we really got married."

"I thought that this ring was proof enough."

She shook her head vehemently. "That's not enough. It could be some other ring for all I know."

He pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to control his anger. This girl was unbelievable even without her memories. "Then how?"

Her eyes gleamed. "Tell me how you proposed," she began, Sasuke about to reply when she cut him off. "Actually, reenact the whole scene. It should help jig my memory."

Seeing no other choice but to obey, he sighed as he bent down on one knee. He took her hand as he gazed into her eyes, onyx meeting chocolate. "Marry me Tenten."

His gaze searched hers, piercing into her soul as he tried to read her mind. The response he got however was a frown as she pulled her hand away from him. "What kind of a proposal was that? It's worse than last time!" she exclaimed in utmost irritation, pacing the room now.

Sasuke's brows furrowed when he picked up on something. "Last time? You mean you remember my proposal to you?"

Halting in her tracks, she looked at him as if he were crazy. "Of course I remember your proposal! How could I not? You asked me when I was half asleep goddammit! You knew I would say yes to anything if I was woken up too early," she snapped, fuming as her fists clenched at her sides, failing to realized her mistake. When she did it had been too late for Sasuke had started eyeing her with suspicion. Oops.

"What else do you remember?" he asked, walking closer to her as he backed her into a wall. She stepped back until she hit a wall, looking nervously up to meet his onyx gaze.

"Everything?" she answered lamely, watching as his face contorted into a dark scowl.

"Everything? You mean you remember everything?"

She nodded timidly. Well the secret's out. "I remember everything from our five year relationship. From that stupid proposal to your obsession with tomatoes."

His brows furrowed. "Did you even have amnesia?"

She slowly nodded. "Only for the first day. Seeing your face sparked my memories and I've had them ever since."

"You mean you were playing me all along?" he growled as he slammed his palm against the wall above her. "Do you even know of the struggles you've put me through woman? Why'd you even do it?"

"To get a new proposal that's why. And it was fun seeing you work so hard just for me to regain my memories. Pure entertainment," she remarked calmly, confidently staring into his heated gaze.

He glared at her. "Well I'm glad you received enjoyment out of my own expense," he spat before backing away and walking off to cool himself. This was just too much. He knew Tenten was crazy but this just took it to a whole different level.

Tenten watched his retreating back, left alone to her own thoughts. "I know you're angry but you have to admit that I was a pretty darn good actress!"

She sighed when he didn't respond. He would forgive her. Eventually.