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"Where the hell is everyone? I swear I leave town for a few days and no one even thinks to fill me in on what's been going on around here." Caroline muttered to herself as she walked up the steps leading to Elena's front door. "Someone could at least answer their damn phones."

Caroline didn't bother knocking on the door, walking into the foyer to hang her coat on the rack. "Elena, you better have a good reason for not answering me!" She shouted before her voice whispered mockingly. "And Damon the world's biggest jackass is defiantly not a good reason." Caroline turned around ready to find her friends when she was met by Tyler. Stunned and angry she snapped at him. "Where is everyone? And what the hell are you doing here?" Shouldn't there be some kind of girl code happening right now? Why was Tyler standing in Elena's house? Caroline had sent her and Bonnie a text before she left town about what happened, but as she thought about it she realized she never did get a response from them. "Shouldn't you be rolling around in a barn right now with your were-slut?" She looked at him with as much repulsion as possible.

Caroline watched as Tyler's face fell for a second as he started to hang his head in shame. "Look Care, I know you really don't want to see me right now. I get it and I'm really sorry but you need to know…"

God! Even the sound of his voice grated her ears! She had only came back when she felt she was prepared to face this issue again but hearing Tyler saying he was sorry had her scoffing out loud. "Really Tyler? Just what are you sorry for huh?" It made her smirk at how he flinched at the venomous way his name came out of her mouth. She had never sounded this way towards him. Not after he literally left her to the wolves, not after he bit her and not even after he left her. But this? Her anger and feeling of betrayal were heavy in the tone and on her face. "Sorry that you cheated on me who knows how many times? Sorry that you lied to me? Or are you just sorry that I just happened to catch you in the act itself and you couldn't lie your way out of it again?" Caroline roughly pushed past him to get further into Elena's house.

"Care, I know I owe you a lot but now is not…"

She spun back around to face him, "I do not want or need anything from you, so just leave me alone Tyler." Turning back around, she called out for Elena again. Seriously! Where was her supposed best friend?

"Caroline! Wait! You need to know what's been going on here." He said desperate to stop her from going too far into the house without knowing what she would be walking into.

Caroline rounded the corner of the stairs set on ignoring him. "You so do not get a say in what…I. Do…" she trailed off as she got closer to the living room and kitchen. She stood frozen at the view of a charred body was lying on the kitchen floor. Her breath hitched, naming the fallen vampire, "Kol?" She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Just days ago he was drinking with her in some run down hole in the wall bar outside of town. Convincing her she was worth more than her tears, this town.

The stool next to her scraped the sticky floor of the bar as someone sat next to her. "Well well well, if it isn't my brother's tasty little blonde obsession. What on Earth are you doing here of all places?"

"One, I am NOT your brothers anything. Two…I just…needed to get away." She knew the path her tears had taken down her face was still visible just as the roughness of her voice couldn't hide the fact that she was close to tears again. "Why are you here anyways, go through all the girls that could stomach you in Mystic Falls and needed to move on to seedier pastures?"

"Carful Darling, I'm not my brother who has some fixation on keeping your pretty little head attached to your lovely neck." The warning in his eyes clear but a playfulness was there as well. "But to show you I have impeccable manners I shall answer your question, you show you how it's done." He said leaning into her winking. "Nik has an agreement with the Sherriff that we are not to feed or kill the human residence of her little one pony town, strange that he would agree to that and ask for nothing in return." Kol eyed her up and down speculatively a lop-sided smirk growing by the second. "Then again maybe not so strange."

"Wait a minute! Klaus made a deal with my mother?"

Kol tutted at her "Now that's not how things work Darling, I answered you now it's your turn. Why are you here in this dingy bar outside of Mystic Falls, and pardon me for saying this Sweetheart, looking like someone ate your dearest pet instead of being surrounded by your little group?"

Caroline couldn't believe how much she opened up to Kol of all people. She cried about what she seen of Tyler and Hayley, of her friends never really being there for her and of how she felt she would always be second best to anyone and anything. It was mind boggling to her that Kol listened to her and understood her more than anyone ever had. What shocked her even more was the way she was able to let loose and have fun with him! It was well past the typical bar closing time when they both stumbled out the door with their arms around each other's shoulders like lifelong friends.

"Well Darling I'm impressed! The fact that you can even walk after the way we ran that bar dry is truly a feat for a baby vampire such as yourself."

"I'll have you know I have always prided myself on my impeccable control." She was slightly dizzy and had a bit of a slur to her speech but did her best to conquer it.

"As I said, impressive. But even you Darling need to break down and lose control every now and again. Isn't there somewhere you can go and you know, get out of dodge for a spell?"

"I guess, but my friends…"

"No Caroline. Your so-called friends can manage just fine without you. Haven't they always managed before? Not to mention how often are they really there for YOU when you need it? Take a couple days to get yourself back on track outside of town, where no one knows where you are. Please Darling. That town brings nothing but pain, always has."

It was the strange way he seemed to be pleading with her to forget everyone and take care of herself, again something no one had ever encouraged her to do that had her getting in her car and heading the opposite way of her home town.

Caroline was slowly coming out of her memories while still starring at Kol's body when she noticed Tyler had been talking. "…by doing that Jeremy completed his mark and now they are all on their way to the island to get the cure. Stefan and Rebekah stole the sword after Bonnie trapped Klaus in the living room."

She couldn't help but notice how proud Tyler sounded as he told her everything. Hearing him say Klaus's name pulled her out of her daze and she looked away from Kol for the first time since discovering him. Caroline looked towards the living room and sure enough there stood Klaus tensely leaning against the wall with his arms crossed tightly across his chest and his knee bent with his booted foot pressed into the wall. Caroline met his eyes and felt a shiver go down her spine at the sight of the rage and despair battling in them.

"They trapped you in here with..." She stopped as she seen him trying desperately to hold himself together, to not let his eyes flicker over to his dead brothers body.

"And just why are you here Tyler?" Caroline turned and read the answer in his eyes and responded to it before he could so much as open his mouth. "Oh my God! Seriously! You're here to gloat!" She felt a wave of sickness rush though her and she knew Tyler could see it as she watched his eyes go cold.

"And why not Caroline? After everything he's done to me! To you! To everyone!" By now Tyler was shouting in her face and grabbing her arms roughly giving her a shake. Caroline could hear a deep growl behind her as soon as Tyler put his hands on her. Either Tyler didn't hear it or he just didn't care. "You think because he drew you a damn picture and said you're pretty that means he has real feelings? Come on Caroline wake up! He was just using you to get to me! He doesn't deserve anyone's compassion. He's a monster who is worth nothing! The only thing he should feel is the pain he causes every person he meets. I can't wait to be the one to shove the cure down his miserable throat and watch him die!"

Caroline starred at Tyler in disbelief. She knew he hated Klaus, but she never thought he was capable of this much distain. She understood it to a point but never like this! Klaus took over Tyler's life yes. He killed his mother, it made her sick to even think about that, but Klaus never gloated over her corpse. He at least had more tact then that.

Making a decision Caroline shoved Tyler off of her and pulled him towards the front door. "Get out."

Shock covered Tyler's face. "You can't be serious! Caroline you are not taking this from me!"

"Yes Tyler I'm completely serious. Get the hell out of here." By Tyler's stance she could tell he was ready to push the issue. So she tried a different tactic throwing her arm behind her pointing towards the living room "Just what do you think is going to happen once that spell wears off huh? Do you think anyone will be safe from his rage? You should probably go find your were-slut. Oops, I mean Hayley." Putting as much distaste in her voice as possible when she said the slut's name. "I mean come on Tyler think for a minute here. Do you really think he doesn't have a plan in motion already? I'm sure he has his phone with him and has already called some of his minions to go after her and get his revenge started."

By the look on his face she could tell that the thought never once crossed his mind. He was gone before she could even blink. Well I guess that just shows how much he doesn't give a damn about me, she thought to herself.

"Know me so well, do you Sweetheart?"

Caroline closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath at his voice which sounded nothing like the playful way he normally talked to her before turning to look at him. The battle was still there inside his eyes but she could see as hard as he tried to let his rage and anger be stronger than his pain, he was quickly loosing that battle. She slowly walked closer to him but being careful not to get too close to the barrier. She wasn't sure if she could even cross it and if she could, would she be able to get back out again? Or would she be stuck in there with the hybrid who was barely hanging on? One who could easily decide to use her as an outlet of all his anger?

She slowly raised one of her hands from her side in what she hoped he seen she meant as a peaceful calming gesture. "Is there somewhere I can take him?"

Klaus was confused. Did she really want to take that mutt somewhere safe from him? After everything Tyler had done to him? To Her? He didn't understand where she was going with this but didn't have time to respond as she clarified it for him. "Kol. I could take him home. Or I could get his coffin…I mean …I…" Klaus could hear the emotion in her voice, the shakiness it held. He remembered Kol taunting him a few days ago.

"Well I have to say brother that blonde of yours, or should I say the one you want to be yours, is truly a marvelous creature indeed. Almost drank me under the table she did. The fact that she could still walk away afterwards amazed me."

"Kindly un-wrap your hand from around my liver Nik. She was quite upset and crying, I only gave her an ear and a drinking partner before she drove away to take a much needed and deserved sabbatical from this God-forsaken town."

Klaus shook his head slightly to dislodge the thoughts and feelings trying to overwhelm him as he continued to listen to Caroline. "I just didn't know if you want him here with you or I can safely take him to your place and put him…"

Klaus's voice was cold and full of anger as he cut her off and demanded "Did you know?"

Caroline looked at him confused, "Did I know what?"

"Come on now Caroline, we both know there is more to you than just a pretty face. Did. You. Know?"

"Of course I didn't know! You really think I wouldn't have tried to stop them if I did?" Caroline was breathing heavy at this point; everything that was happening and all that was yet to come was crashing down on her at once. "They killed him just to finish that stupid mark! Killing hundreds, if not thousands of others that none of which deserved to die. You know me Klaus, do you really believe I would have just walked away and let that happen?"

"Awfully convenient for you is it not? That you just happened to be out of town while all this went down. What was the plan Sweetheart hmm? You come in and distract me from killing them all once I'm released from here? Sorry to inform you but that is not going to happen. Not this time Caroline." Klaus would not let himself be distracted by her this time. She could plead. She could beg. This time he would not give into her.

"Seriously Klaus! What the hell! I'm not doing this right now." She started to turn to walk away before thinking better of it. "No! You know what maybe I am." Klaus could see the look of determination come over her. "I've had my own problems, and even when I do no one else gives a damn. It's always about everyone else. So when someone told me to take some time for myself for once and let everyone else figure out their own crap guess what! I did! Only to come back to find that someone dead, at the hands of my friends who by the way obviously had no intention what so ever to tell me seeing as I have been texting them and they haven't even bothered themselves to answer me back. Now here I am trying to help you and you can't even get out of your own way! God! Why do I even bother? You know you could just…"

Klaus's voice was strained as he stopped her rant to reply. "His coffin." He let out a sigh walking to the chair next to him and slumped down putting his head in his hands. "Take him to his coffin. There is a room in the basement, which you will find the entrance to in the hall off the kitchen."

Caroline couldn't believe how quickly the atmosphere changed. Looking at him with his head in his hands drained the last of the fight right out of her. "Ok….ok." She walked to the hall closet where she knew from her many childhood sleep overs she would find a sheet to wrap the body in. She squeezed her eyes shut at the thought. No, not The Body, Kol. She found a simple dark blue sheet and laid it on the ground next to Kol. She carefully picked him up to place him on top of the sheet and begun to wrap him in it, which she found difficult to do with her eyes clouding over with tears.

Klaus had looked up as she had walked away to the closet. It baffled him as he watched her struggle not to breakdown over his brother. Was it just the needless deaths that caused this reaction in her or was it something more? He scoffed at himself in his head, jealous over how close Caroline had become to his dead brother, what was wrong with him. He couldn't help seem to help letting it slip out loud, "Seems you were closer to my brother than anyone knew of Love."

Caroline looked up to see him watching her with uncontrolled pain in his eyes and was that, jealousy? She rolled her eyes at him, "He was there a few nights ago when I was having a really bad day."

"Ah yes, he did mention something about a bar and being impressed with your drinking capabilities." Klaus grinned as he seen her give into a small smile. "Though Kol never did inform me on what was the matter. Am I to assume your argument with Tyler when you first arrived here this evening had something to do with it then?"

Caroline let out a small sigh and looked at him with eyes that showed him nothing but tired honesty, "Can we just, not talk about that right now?" She watched as he inclined his head in a show of acknowledgment to her request, but she knew he would only be letting it go temporarily. Caroline gazed down at Kol but before she covered his face she asked "Would you like a minute before I take him?"

Klaus had to look away as his eyes filled with the tears he refused to shed in front of her. He had not shed a tear in front of another living soul since he was human and he would not start now. Keeping his head turned away from the sight of her kneeling next to his fallen brother he responded with a shake of his head. "Just take him home. Please."

Caroline heard the way his voice cracked at the word please but she did not acknowledge it knowing he didn't want her to. "Is there anything I can get you? You know like something from home or whatever before I come back?" His head spun to her so fast she knew he used his hybrid speed at the shock of her question. His mouth had dropped open and it took everything in her not to let out a giggle that threatened in her throat, a battle she clearly didn't win. What? She always had a case of bad timing.

"You, you're coming back?" Klaus was stunned and in awe. Why would she bother to come back here when all he wanted to was to get out and start his revenge against those she cared about? While she knew he was unstable at best and murderous at worst. It made no sense to him.

Caroline stood brushing her pant legs off. "Of course I'm coming back. You really think I would leave you alone here after everything?"

"I don't need your pity Caroline." His face turned dark with anger. He internally berated himself for showing her his vulnerability.

"Please. I don't do pity. Plus we like kind of, sort of well, friends I guess? I mean…"

Klaus watched as Caroline got flustered with herself, a light blush staining her cheeks. He decided to save her further embarrassment that might just push her into staying away instead of coming back to him. This girl always did surprise him. "Scotch." By her confused look he could tell she was wrapped up in her own thoughts of what she had just admitted to and forgot her own question for a moment. "I'm sure the doppelganger is lacking in quality liquor." He could see when her mind finally caught back up to what he was saying.

"Ok then, scotch it is. I'm sure I'll find some at your house then, no cheap new aged alcohol for you Mikaelson's." They locked eyes and shared a grin at something that Kol had obviously said to her. Shaking herself out of their staring contest she gathered herself. "Right. And Blood too. Sorry don't get excited it will be blood bags I am so not bring you people because you know people are friends not food and all. Maybe some snack foods too. Ice cream is always good for a horrible depressing mood. It doesn't really go good with the scotch though."

Caroline noticed him staring, people always hated it when she rambled and here she was yet again showing what horrible timing she had. God! What is wrong with her? Lovely tact Caroline yet again, she berated herself. "Sorry, I tend to ramble when I'm planning. So anyways I'll just go take care of…" She let the sentence hang without finishing it; they both knew what she had to do.

"It's quite alright Sweetheart. I truly appreciate your efforts." He was being sincere but couldn't help falling back into their flirtatious banter. Klaus lowered his head to look at her from under his eyelashes, "I find your rambling very endearing, and any glimpse into your wonderful mind is welcomed by me Love."

Caroline playfully rolled her eyes at him turning and bent down to gently scoop up Kol. Looking over her shoulder at Klaus, "I'll be back in a while." And then she was gone taking his brother and her light with her.