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Pairing: Ash/Misty sort of?

Rated: T

Genre: Drama/Mystery

Summary: In which Ash and Misty hide a body. AU


"I can't believe this." Misty seethed in the seat beside him. Ash rubbed his temples. His knuckles were busted, his lip split open, and the swelling of his right eye was worsening by the second. The scruff of his shirt was torn, bloody where the faint resemblance of claw marks were gashed across his collarbone. On a second glance, Misty changed her mind—fingernail scratches—was more accurate.

Even with her searing complaints the last hour since her showed up to her house a quarter after midnight, her remained like a statue in the seat beside her; slumped over like a rag doll. His face was dirty. His eyes were still wet.

Making matters worse, every time Misty hit a bump in her blue, mazda sedan, the thump in the trunk would sound off alarms in their head. A constant reminder of what he did.

"If we get pulled over Ash, I swear to all that is..." She inhaled, calming herself. Why continue? It wasn't like he was listening anyways.

Opposed to Ash's untidy appearance, Misty's red hair was tied back into a tight pony tail, her short bangs bobbed in front of her face, hiding her glaring eyes behind unkempt hair. She wore a yellow tank top and black gym shorts that went past her knees. She was clean, where Ash was dirty. Her mouth was turned downward into a sharp frown, and Ash had to lower his shoulders upon glancing at her. Even though she has most likely been sleeping when he had aggressively assaulted her door she was able to change so quickly.

That was over forty-five minutes ago, and the drizzle of rain had turned into a downpour. The persistent wipe of her windshield wipers made him groan inwardly.

"Can you turn those off?" He mumbled, head aching.

Misty nearly hissed; "No!" She snapped. "We don't want to end up like..." her voice trailed off, and once again, Ash drifted away once more.

Carefully looking at her, his head bobbed against the window with each bump of the dirt road.

"You always said if I needed to hide a body, you would help with no questions asked."

"I'm not asking questions!" Misty yelped, quickly surprised that would be her comeback. IT was supposed to be a figure of speech—Brock has said it too, and where was he?! From her reaction, the bruised and beaten Ash recoiled back into his seat, hugging the far end of the car in fear of her anger.

"I'm just..." She stammered, her frustration boiling over into pure rage. "I just never thought that you would..." She sighed, exhaling deeply.

A pause.

"It was an accident." Ash admit fearfully, closing his eyes while his head knocked back and forth from the water sprayed window. It was too dark to see her scowl, her head lights barely made a dent in the fog ahead of them, but he could still see her letter jacket from the swim team—direct contrast to his ripped, black hood.

"Accident or not." She glanced at him, taking her eyes off the road for only a moment. The darkness did nothing to hide her anger. "This is bad, Ash."

"...I know." He said weakly, and ran his shaking fingers through his long black strands.


Misty did most of the work once they reached their destination. The rain had hardly let up, in fact, Misty was convinced it had worsened since they stopped the car. Using the shovels from the trunk that she took from her shed before leaving, they spent the most part of an hour digging up the ground past route twenty-four. On a trail that was hardly traveled, where even if the police traced them here, they could not place the tire marks in the rain. Aside from Misty's bland attempt to keep their minds occupied by the worsening weather, Ash was ruined.

Misty may not have been the one who caused this, but she was certainly his only ticket out of this mess.

"Thank y-." he tried, looking at her desperately.

Misty didn't even look at him when she replied. "Don't."

"I'm sorry." he managed, eyes casting to the ground that had soaked the two of them in layers of water and mud.


It was covered in a blue camping tarp that was confiscated from school by Ash. With the rain pelting on their backs, they shivered, but neither could fathom the stupidity of their actions. Misty leaned forward first, grabbing the head, or the legs of the body and heaving.

"Grab the other end." She commanded while lurching the blue tarp forward. Ash did as she asked, his muscles aching as he slid the weight of the body into his arms. They didn't have to count when they heaved; they had worked together long enough that the timing was natural. As they carried it from the trunk of her car, and to the nearly six-feet hole that they dug with their combined efforts, Misty swore under her breath relentlessly.

"Just ease him...-Ash!" She yelled, since he dropped his end in the hole and stumbled backwards. Misty almost slipped into the hole herself, and she would have, had she not released her grip on the tarp. Her fingers locked over her shorts when her glare fell on Ash. Seconds later, he hopped into the hole after it and Misty barked at him.

"What are you doing?"

"I can't leave him covered; what if someone finds him? The tarp is from our school, Misty." He said matter-of-fact, as if this was a normal occurrence in their life. Misty shuddered at the thought—this wouldn't be a reoccurring theme would it?

Oh god what was she doing? Ash murdered this man.


"Don't." Ash responded quickly, as if reading her thoughts as he tore the tarp off the man and tossed it up at her. She latched onto it for dear life, though dropped it as quickly once the blood traced over her fingers. Misty watched in horror as Ash fished through the man's-because that is what it was-pockets, and only then could Misty see what had happened.

Ash's neck was bruised—she could see it in the reflection of the water dripping down his neck after he had removed his blue blazer. Beneath him the man, the body, in the unmarked grave was bludgeoned on the right side of his head, bleeding profusely even now. His face was contorted, the rain had all but washed away the blood on his nose; and his eyes were shut. Ash pat his pants down, fetching wallet, keys and jewelry, anything that could link the man to Ash, or Misty, for that matter.

After completing his task, Ash looked up to her with those brown eyes, the ones she had known since childhood that no longer reflected sweet innocence, and stuck out his hand. Her fingers intertwined with his a moment later, and without speaking, the began to bury the body.


Once the deed was complete, Misty sighed while wiping her brow. It meant nothing, considering the rain was falling as quickly as she could clear her eyes, but Ash didn't bother. Instead, he flattened the ground as much as possible to give it a natural look and then reared away from the unholy place.

"C'mon. Let's get out of here before someone drives by." He said remorsefully, twisting his hips towards the car, but leaving his eyes locked on her. She watched him carefully, her mind mixed up, but then followed him slowly back to her vehicle, and slipped into the drivers seat. Ash stuffed the tarp back into her trunk, as well as the shovels, and slipped into the passenger seat beside her shortly after.

Inside the car, the hollow whip of the wind stilled, and Misty could hear her heart beat in the silence. Slowly, she reached to the ignition, and started the car. Once she shifted the car into drive, a breath of relief left Ash's mouth, while a sense of dread twisted Misty's lungs.

"Thank you."

"Ash, don't thank me. This wasn't okay." She scolded him, eyes narrowed and mouth portraying a permanent frown. Her old friend glanced at her, pressing his wet hair against the head rest of her gray seats.

"I didn't know who else..."

"The police?" She snapped before he could finish and he retracted his statement and looked away, wanting to rub his neck, but know his injuries would not let him. Misty eased up a bit, releasing one loud, sigh.

"I'm sorry. Just..." She breathed, unsure of what to say.

"I know." he said monotone, knowing that the redhead would never be able to look at him the same way again. He would never look at her the same way again.

He glanced at her, and she glanced back, sharing a brief look before pulling back onto the dirt road and driving back into town. Life would never be the same.

Not after this.

Author's Note:
Well, that was dark.

I took the "Will you help me hide a body" parody song to a new level. I also took the "if your friend shows up to your house with a body, what do you do?" to a new level.

If I wrote this, it would obviously be a pretty dark fic. I have no idea if this is the plot behind a story on here already, but this is sort of what came out while I was trying to write for my other stories. (what is wrong with me?) I sort of imagined what it would be like for Ash and Misty to hide a secret like this, and how Ash would react if -he- was the one that accidentally did it. I feel like Misty would be that friend that would help with no questions asked; but then regret it later. Brock would be the friend that would be like "CALL THE POLICE". Obviously, they needed some Brock wisdom.

Obvs. Would write more detail if it became an actual fic, but for nowsies. It's this.

Again just a compilation of my thoughts that may someday turn into full-length features. XD Let me know what you think, and if you want, drop a request and I'll see if I can hash that up for you.