Hermione Granger And Severus Snape?
Chapter 14


Hermione Granger was having a bad day, weren't we all? Although she liked life as a governess oh law, I'd forgotten about this, she missed her beloved Severus two words which I believe should never be used in conjunction. She was payed to educate a young boy named Thomas oooookay.

Thomas was a quiet wizarding child, she thought he was about five years old, though she wasn't sure how very very random. She had never met his parents; though she believed Tom's mother was dead how convenient his father sent Hermione her salary by owl every month I'm willing to offer 3 to 1 odds on the father being either Lupin or Sirius folks.

Ginny Weasley stared at her pale reflection in the mirror yup, that's right folks Ginny is apparently some form of otherworldly spirit. She couldn't believe how beautiful she looked we couldn't believe how vain she was. The white dress was for a princess anyone else sense the dreaded 'W' word? She couldn't believe this was the dress she'd wear for her wedding oh wedding…not water closet inspection.

It was the Christmas holidays since when? And she was stood in her bedroom at the Burrow well that makes sense I guesses. Ron had decided to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas brewing evil love potions if I remember rightly as had her beloved Draco because of course he's be reaaaaaally welcome at the Burrow.

She hadn't told her parents or brothers about her wedding plans yet and the wedding dress wouldn't even be a slight give away? They would never welcome Draco into the family gee I wonder why? They didn't even know she was dating him ahh nothing like some good old Rome/Juliet esque angst to get Christmas off with a bang.

Ron Weasley lay awake in the empty Gryffindaw boy's dormitory thus making him a non entity I presume? He was planning his next evil scheme well, beats performing a witty song and dance routine featuring lutes I suppose. He had finally prepared the evil love potion/poison, soon Minerva would meet her dark end Good Grief! Young Master Weasley is pining for and planning to assassinate professor McGonagall!

He got out of bed; flicked his wand at the muggle CD player next to his bed and immediately his favourite song filled the empty the room hmmm Jingle Bells? Michael Jackson's Thriller close, I suppose, equally scary at least.

Ron started doing the dance routine very badly around the dormitory whilst he got dressed good heavens! I will suffer from these disturbing mental images for a very….very long time.

'Mwhaaaaa' he screamed evilly, in tune to the song 'soon you will love me Minerva…..and soon you will die……'


He was unawares that he was being spied upon, Neville Longbottom was lurking behind the dormitory door, taking down ever word Ron said in a little brown notebook I really hope this isn't a stalker subplot. On second thoughts it would be a welcome break from the ridiculas 'romance'.

Yes, that was right, Neville frank Longbottom was not really the neat squib be pretended to be, he was….. batman? A top secret spy for the department of secrets! How terribly likely.

Neville had been watching Ron for a while now; and was aware of his evil allegiance to Voldemort and his showering habits. It was time for Neville to take some action. Mwhaaaaa yup Ron fear Neville, fear Neville and his toad.

Hermione Granger was sat eating her breakfast with Tom one morning as opposed to eating Tom for breakfast. She was surprised when she received a letter from her employer no, that's not surprising, receiving a letter from ET? Now that woulda been surprising. He was coming to visit……..she would finally meet her employer.

A short and rather random chapter I know (I don't think it's very funny darn it) anyway it be dedicated to someawesome folks from my history class they know who they are mwhahahahahahaha.