A/N – This story is just a little four part reunion style story. I'll be publishing it all this week so you get the entire thing back to back. Enjoy!

It was a warm afternoon in late August when Aurors, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were called to Diagon Alley to deal with a mugging. A couple of M.L.E officers had been dispatched when the incident was first reported, but Harry and Ron were heading to the crime scene as it sounded like the latest victim had been targeted by the same gang of youths that had been targeting shoppers in Diagon Alley all summer. However, this time the muggers had gone one step further and stabbed a friendly by-passer who'd tried to stop them from stealing a young witch's bag.

Arriving in Diagon Alley, Harry and Ron made their way to a new café which had recently opened in the street. The mugging had taken place outside of the café, and M.L.E officers had settled the victim inside the café as they took statements from her and the witnesses to the incident. Entering the café, Harry and Ron found the victim was a young witch in her late teens or early twenties, and she was also heavily pregnant.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter," Harry said with a friendly smile as he introduced himself to the young witch. "And this is my partner, Ron Weasley."

"Keira Blake," The witch replied. Of course she knew who Harry and Ron were as they were war heroes following their victory over Voldemort five years ago, plus she attended Hogwarts a few years below them, although she was a Hufflepuff, so there was no reason for the two men to even know they'd been at school together.

"What happened Miss Blake?" Ron asked, noticing the presence of an engagement ring on her finger, but no wedding ring.

"I was just coming out of the café when this boy bumped into me and grabbed my bag," Keira replied. "I was so shocked, I barely registered what had happened. But there was a woman coming out of the café behind me, and she started shouting about my bag being taken. A wizard was just emerging from the jewellers over the road at the same time, and he took off after the young lad."

"Did he catch him?" Harry asked, even though he knew the answer.

"Yes, and he got my bag back off him," Keira answered, patting the bag that was sitting on the table now the M.L.E officers had checked it over and deduced that they wouldn't be able to get any prints off it. "But the young boy got away."

"How?" Ron questioned.

"He stabbed him," Keira answered shakily. "I couldn't believe it. Here was this nice man, just trying to help me, and he ended up getting stabbed. Do you know if he's okay?"

"Dennis?" Harry called, turning round and gesturing for Dennis Creevey, one of the M.L.E officers to come over. "Do you have any word on our Good Samaritan?"

"The Medi-Wizards took him to St Mungo's," Dennis answered. "They said the stab wound missed everything vital and wasn't as bad as it first appeared. They were confident he would be just fine."

"What a relief," Keira sighed. "I'll have to make sure to thank him."

"I'm sure you can see him when you go to the hospital," Harry said. "I take it you are going to go and get checked out?"

"I am," Keira replied with a nod. "I just wanted to wait and give my statement. Plus, my fiancé is on his way."

"Good." Harry smiled at the young witch. "We'll get on so your fiancé can take you to St Mungo's as soon as he arrives. Can you tell us anything at all about the boy who mugged you?"

"Not much I'm afraid, it all happened so fast."

"Anything you can remember will be great," Ron said, giving the witch a reassuring smile. "Even the smallest thing could help us catch him."

For the next ten minutes, Harry and Ron sat with the young witch as she did her best to recall some details of her mugging. By the time they'd finished they had a vague description of her mugger, but it really wasn't much to go on. So far none of the victims had been able to give any sort of decent description of their mugger. The entire thing happened so fast and took people so much by surprise that more often than not a description was hard to come by. The only reason they knew it was a gang is that the shop owners had been complaining of youths hanging around causing trouble, and a few of the vague descriptions they had received varied from mugging to mugging.

"Did you get anything?" Dennis asked as Harry and Ron approached him after talking to the victim, who was now on her way for hospital for a check-up.

"Same as always," Ron replied with a sigh. "A vague description. The only thing we keep getting is that these boys are teenagers. Most likely they're still at school, or have just left."

"I've already set up a meeting with Minerva McGonagall," Harry said. "We're going to go and speak to the students once school starts up next week. It'll be interesting to see if these muggings stop once Hogwarts is back. If they do, we know that's likely where our culprits are from, and if that's the case we can try and get them to confess before they do some real damage to someone."

"I think they've already crossed that line, Harry," Ron said. "They've put a wizard in hospital today. Speaking of which, I suppose we should go and see this have-a-go hero. Maybe he got a better view of the mugger."

"What can you tell us about him, Dennis?" Harry asked.

"You mean, you don't know who it was?" Dennis asked with a small chuckle.

"No, who was it?" Ron asked.

"Draco Malfoy."

Harry and Ron shared a surprise look at the news that Draco had been their Good Samaritan. The boys had long since given up their beliefs that Draco was evil. The war had proven that, when he'd been forced to do Voldemort's bidding in order to protect his mother. The devotion he'd shown to Narcissa, and the lengths he'd gone to just to keep her safe had both Harry and Ron admitting they'd been wrong about him. However, despite their revised opinions on the blond neither would have pegged him as the heroic type. His actions during the war were done to protect someone he loved, they couldn't really imagine him tackling a mugger for a witch he didn't know. Either there was more to the story they didn't know, or else there was another side to Draco Malfoy that neither one of them had seen.

"You sure it was the same Draco Malfoy?" Ron asked Dennis.

"How many do you think there is?" Dennis chuckled. "I spoke to him myself. It was definitely Draco Malfoy."

"Did he say why he went after the mugger?" Harry asked.

"He said he was coming out of the jewellers, and saw the entire thing," Dennis replied. "He said he just reacted and took off after the mugger. He caught him and got the bag back, but he didn't see the young lad had a knife. He'd been stabbed in the side before he knew what was happening. But he still managed to get the bag back to Miss Blake."

"Malfoy the hero, who would have thought," Harry chuckled. "I guess we better go and pay him a visit. Do you have everything under control here, Dennis?"

"Of course," Dennis replied. "I'll see you back at the Ministry and I can hand over the witness statements."

"Thanks Dennis," Ron said, as he and Harry turned to leave for St Mungo's.

At St Mungo's the two Aurors faced a bit of a wait as they tried to get to see Draco. They happened to arrive at the same time as a group of people who'd all come down with food poisoning after eating at the same restaurant. Finally the group with the food poisoning were ushered off to a ward somewhere, and Harry and Ron could speak with the witch on reception. The witch pointed them in the direction of the floor where they would find Draco, although she couldn't give them any details of his condition.

"Hi, we're Aurors and we're here to see Draco Malfoy," Harry announced to the Medi-Witch on duty as they reached the correct floor and found the ward Draco was on.

The Medi-Witch checked both Harry and Ron's identities, before she consulted her paperwork. "Mr Malfoy is in a private room at the end of the hall, room three-six-five."

"And how is he?" Harry asked, wondering what state they would find the blond in.

"Rather well considering," The Medi-Witch answered. "The wound wasn't as bad as was initially feared, and he didn't need any sort of major procedure. A few spells have patched him up, all he needs is a few days' rest."

"Is he up for talking to us?" Harry checked.

"He should be fine," The Medi-Witch answered. "But I can check with a Healer if you want. In fact, I think I saw a Healer entering his room a few minutes ago."

"It's okay, we can check when we go in," Harry said. If it all possible he wanted to talk to Draco as soon as possible, as he didn't want the blond forgetting anything vital.

After reassuring the Medi-Witch they wouldn't bother Draco if he wasn't feeling up to visitors, the two Aurors headed off down the corridor towards the private rooms at the end of the ward. Finding the right room, they were just about to knock when a familiar voice sounded from behind the door.

"Will you stop moving and lie back down," The voice ordered sternly. "You need rest."

"I'm telling you, I'm fine," Draco protested.

"And I'm telling you, you're not. You've just been stabbed, and you're lucky you didn't need any major treatment. I'm the Healer and I'm telling you to lie down and rest."

"You're so bossy, Granger," Draco drawled, clearly amused by something.

Harry and Ron didn't hear if Hermione had responded as they were both preparing themselves to come face to face with their former best friend. For eight years, Hermione Granger had been a major part of their life. She'd been there throughout all their adventures in school and she'd helped them defeat Voldemort. After the war she'd even gotten romantically involved with Ron, and for a year the pair were blissfully happy.

The problems had started once Hermione had finished re-taking her final year at Hogwarts, which she'd done so she would have the relevant qualifications to train to be a Healer. While Hermione had been up at Hogwarts, alongside Ginny, Ron and Harry had been living together in small flat overlooking Diagon Alley. However, once Ginny finished school, she and Harry found somewhere of their own, and Ron had assumed that he and Hermione would be doing the same. However, Hermione had other ideas and she'd made it clear to Ron that she wasn't ready to live with him. Ron had taken her refusal to live with him as rejection and within months things had turned sour between the couple. When they split six months later, it was a bitter affair and it was impossible for Hermione to remain in their lives the way things were. Unfortunately, when everyone had seemed to take Ron's side in their break-up, Hermione had cut off all contact with her former friends, and none of them had heard from her since.

"If this is too difficult, I can do this on my own," Harry said to Ron.

"No," Ron answered with a shake of his head. "I'm your partner, and we're doing this together. Besides, I owe Hermione an apology. I treated her appallingly when we broke up. I really should have apologised years ago, I just didn't have the guts."

"Join the club," Harry muttered. Several time he'd thought about apologising to Hermione, and a few times he'd even looked out for her when he was at the hospital, but he'd never actually followed through and apologised to the witch he'd once loved as a sister. "I guess Hermione will be getting two apologies today."

"I guess she will," Ron agreed with a nod. "Are you ready?"

Harry nodded, and taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door to Draco's room. As the door opened, Harry and Ron gaped at the sight that greeted them in shock. Draco was settled in a large, crisp hospital bed, and Hermione was sitting on the side of the bed. However, she wasn't just sitting chatting with the blond, the pair were locked in a steamy embrace, and even from the doorway they could see Draco had his hand up her tight, dark blue skirt. Hermione was taking having a good bedside manner to a whole other level, and the two Aurors were totally shocked to see her acting so unprofessional with one of her patients. What on earth had happened to the girl they used to know? Surely she hadn't changed that much in the three and a half years since they'd last seen her.