Hello Fan fiction readers. I decided to do a story on Passions. Now I really like Ethan but then Fox came in the show. He's hot. Gwen I hate but now Ethan's engaged to her. I like Theresa and Fox and Ethan so here's my story. It's going to be in Fox's and Theresa's POV and once in awhile Ethan's POV.

Chapter 1:Sad Eyes and Beauty

~Theresa's POV~ The sunlight shone threw the window on to my face. I had been crying all night because Ethan had told me Gwen was pregnant and he is marrying her.

I knew my life was over. Then I heard little Ethan start to cry. I got out of bed and walked to little Ethan's crib. I picked him up and rocked him in my arms. He fell asleep automatically.

I put him back in his crib and decided to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I grabbed some towels and started to undress.

When I was fully undressed I wrapped the towel around me and left the bathroom to check on little Ethan. Phyllis was in the room fluffing my pillows and making my bed. "Oh Hello Phyllis. Would you do me a favor?" I asked "Sure Mrs. Crane what is it?" "Would you watch Little Ethan until t get done taking a shower?" I asked. She nodded.

I headed back into the bathroom and dropped the towel on the floor. I climbed into the shower and moved my body under the showerhead. Water streamed down my body. Every thought in my mind was either about my child or Ethan and Gwen.

I washed my hair and body then climbed out of the shower. I wrapped myself in my towel and headed out of the bathroom to pick out my outfit for today.

~Fox's POV~ I got out of my black mustang and looked up at the Crane Mansion. "Well I'm home but I don't think anyone will care." I said aloud. I walked up to the front door and knocked. Then a familiar face opened the door. "Fox?!" Its was spoiled Ethan. I walked in the house. "Yep it's me and I'm here to stay." I said.

"No, No way. Juilean doesn't want you here. Nobody wants you here." Ethan said. "Oh that hurts Ethan. But remember I'm the heir of the Crane fortune." I said. Then I saw my saw my mother, Ivy Crane, in a wheelchair rolling out. "Hello Mother." I said

"Fox oh my god!" She said in hatred. "Yes mother I'm here to stay." She looked sad. "So where's father and my half-brother?" I asked, "I'm right here Fox. Your Half-brother." Ethan said.

"No not you the baby?" I said. "Upstairs with HIS mother. Why?" Ethan asked me. "Because I would like to met him and my step mommy." I said continuing, "She's probably a better mother than you are." "Oh Fox I wouldn't get your hopes up. Trust me she's a genuine bitch." Ivy said. "Whatever mother." I said wondering if she was really that bad.

My mother rolled out of the room and Ethan sat on the sofa chair by the grand stairs. "Why did you come here Fox?" Ethan asked me. "None of your business." I said. As I was talking to Ethan I saw a young girl walk down the stairs in a green flower dress. Her brown hair in a ponytail and her big brown eyes looked like she had been crying for quite a while.

She was holding a baby and was talking to a maid and looked sad. She was so beautiful. "Who's that?" I asked in shock. "That's none of your business but if you really want to know that's your step mom Theresa Lopez- Fitzgerald Crane." Ethan said. "But not for long." Ethan muttered to himself. "Why do you say that?" I asked. "Well my mother got her own apartment and Juilean is in the process of divorcing her." "Ethan I am going to talk to her and you can't stop me." I said determined.

So what do you guys think? Review. Should it be Theresa and Fox or Theresa and Ethan? I prefer Theresa and Fox.