Toshiro woke with yet another agonizing headache and a crick in his neck. Not only that, but he had gone to sleep on the roof and what he was seeing now was in the inside of his lieutenant's living room. He sat up too quick for his senses causing his stomach to lurch and head to pound. Gaining his composure, he glanced about through the slits he then called eyes. Taking inventory of his person, he realized he was his person. And for a reason unbeknownst to him, his pants stuck to him in an unnatural way. Deciding a shower was in order, he made his way to the bathroom. Though sore and sticky, he was happy to be himself again.


The sun was blasting full force into her face, shingles digging harshly into her spine. She blinked repeatedly trying to focus in the mid morning sun. Standing up, she made her way across the roof, foot catching in the rain gutter as she tried to jump down. This left the poor blonde hanging by one leg, robes falling about her head, breasts threatening to suffocate her to death. She struggled a few minutes before deciding on kido to release her trapped appendage.

"Hadou 31..." She turned her head to the side as a red spiritual blast took off the rain gutter and landed her ass end over tea kettle on the green grass.

'At least I'm down. And I'm me again. That's a great thing. But, it's too early and I'm too tired to celebrate. I want my bed.'

She limped a bit from the fall as she entered her house finding no one moving about. Glad to have the quiet, she walked into her bedroom. There she found something quite pleasing indeed.

Renji laid there with nothing more than the thin, white sheet covering him from the waist down. He was laying on his stomach, arms tucked beneath his head, lengthy red hair covered most of his face and trailed down his back.

'Lucky girl! The things you find...'

She was grinning from ear to ear as she sat beside him on the bed. Her fingers itched to touch him, so she did. She started trailing her nails in light arcs across his back, kneading at his broad shoulders. After a few minutes of her ministrations, little grunts of approval floated upward from the pillows. She ran her fingers through his unbound hair, lightly tugging here and there. She let the strands slide through her fingers as he turned over to greet her.

"Hey." His smirk was heart stopping.

"Hey yourself." She replied gently, her fingers picking up the journey over the solid expanse of chest.

Her trail continued down lean sides, tickling the dip of hip bone. She watched his eyes close from her touch, teeth set into his bottom lip. She wanted to suck it into her mouth, sink her own teeth into it. He cracked a lid as her touches delved further down.

"I'd take it easy. Don't want you to unintentionally wake the beast." He teased, eyes lidded.

Having enough, she leaned down taking the coveted lip as she had wanted to. She bit gently, tugging outward. He laid still, letting her have her way, enjoying how she took control. Her tongue glided over his top lip sending tingles all throughout. He opened his mouth to her unsaid request. The kiss was long and passionate, making her feel lightheaded. Coming up for air, she saw his heated gaze. That more than anything sent her lust into over drive. She straddled him quickly before engaging him in another mind blowing kiss.

Renji, careful to not force the pace, placed eager hands gently on her sides. This is what he had wanted for quite some time and he didn't want to ruin it. He took in the scent of her, the way she tasted, how flush she was with pleasure. He could stay in her bed all day, just doing this.

She sat up again to slide her robes off her shoulders. The cool air sent goosebumps across her fevered flesh. Her fingers shook as she began to untie her sash. She was excited and nervous and a little afraid, a big ball of emotional energy. But, more than anything, she felt like this was right. This was what she wanted. She also wanted him to touch her. His hands staying firmly in place, flat on the bed, irritated her to no end. Sick of sitting there, sick of waiting, she took his hands and cupped her breasts. She stared expectantly, eyes willing him to take what he wanted.

Renji's breathing hitched as his hands held her heavy breasts. He wanted to see more than what the satiny material was showing. Slowly he pulled down each strap, fingers dragging over smooth shoulders. Freed from confinement, he was able to take in the sight. Wrapping an arm around her lower back, he brought her chest level with his face. His tongue left a burning trail as it went between her breasts. He left kisses up and down the valley before turning his head slightly to set his teeth into the fullness that caressed his face.

Rangiku's back arced pushing flesh deeper into his bite. Contented sighs fell from her lips as he released his purchase to take pale pink skin into his mouth instead. She shuddered as his wicked tongue ran circles around the erect flesh. The slow heat building low in her core was becoming unbearable as he teased and kissed. She let him know her impatience with a deep roll of hips.

His breath hitched feeling her heat pressed tight against what was becoming a painful need. Despite the nonverbal demand, he continued to leave kisses across her chest and neck, periodically brushing her full lips with a chaste kiss. He wasn't going to last long once they actually got started, so he intended to leave her a satisfied puddle before then.

Frustration for the slow pace had Rangiku feeling bold. Seeing Renji was not going to move forward, she slid down his body, open mouth kisses painting heated flesh as she went. Every fantasy about this man pinned beneath her was in play. Tracing ink and definition with fingertips and tongue, continuing forward to her long desire. Her heart hammered in her throat as she came to the thin barrier.

Renji's stare was intent as she hovered right over his hips. He dared not move or speak, knowing he would only screw this up with his stupid mouth. Wait and hope she would close the distance, that's what he'd do. Warm breath seeped through the cotton fabric answering his prayers. Excitement surged through his body as he felt himself being exposed tortuously slow. He closed his eyes concentrating only on sensations, like the shy tongue teasing in upward strokes on the underside of firm flesh. His body twitched anxiously under the playful attention, sheets twisting in his grip.

She enjoyed the taste of him, loved they way he felt as he pulsed in her hand. Making eye contact, she started at the base kissing like she would his parted lips that were letting small moans escape him. She circled the tip a few times before letting him slide between her glossed lips earning her her name drawn out in a long sigh. She was taking him in inch by inch inducing a lift of hips and a yearn filled plea.

"Ran..." His deepened voice thrummed in her ears and sent waves of longing crashing over her.

Wanting more, she pushed herself down him bringing her lips to meet flush with his skin.

Fingers wrapped in her hair moments before she was drug up his body to have her eyes level with his. They were dark and heavy lidded, desire burning through the long lashes. She was there a split second, then, the mattress was beneath her. She couldn't help but smirk a bit. She had all but tore away his self control. Exactly what she wanted.

Kneeling above her, he took to removing the rest of her robes. The silk tie slithered apart from itself as he pulled gently at one end. The tips of his fingers grazed her skin, fabric falling to the sides of her fully bare body. He stared down completely enraptured with the woman beneath him, perhaps even a bit too long for she began to wiggle under the scrutiny.

"You're beautiful." He whispered the words as his hands ran up and down the newly exposed flesh.

Rangiku was slightly uncomfortable with all the pinpoint precision attention bringing the next words out of her mouth.

"I know." She gave a quirk of mouth before a quick hand flourish.

He leaned down pinning her hands beneath his.

"I mean it." His words blew across her face as he was a mere inch away. A quick press of lips to her forehead and he sat back on his heels, looking back down on her as he fanned his hands over her inner thighs. Sliding them beneath her, he dipped his head to kiss along the tops of her thighs making his way inward and to the center.

Blue eyes went wide as the heat of his mouth slid over her, intermittent flicks causing her to twitch beneath his fingers gripping tight to trembling thighs. Writhing half in pleasure, half in escape of the overwhelming sensations, pillows tumbled to the floor while sheets tangled into a mass of forgotten fabric. Her breath came in quick pants, body strung tight from his relentless ministrations. Finally the heat began to trickle throughout her body, core coiled in waiting for release that burst over seconds later.

A sated smile came over her features as her breathing settled into its regular pattern. Looking down the length of her body, she found chocolate swirling with heat meeting her gaze. He left slow kisses along her thigh where he had laid his head to rest, the minute contact set ripples outward from were his lips met the sensitive skin, goosebumps trailing in the wake. He may have waited there patiently for her to invite him, but she could feel the anticipation vibrating between them. She crooked a finger and that was all he needed to make the slinking ascent up her body and settle between her legs.

Renji fought his way inside until their bodies completely joined. He laid tender kisses along her jaw to relax her into the feeling until he felt her leg hook around him encouraging him to move.

It was slow and passionate, the movement of their bodies. Every sensations stretched from seconds to minutes. The room filled with silk sliding across skin, shallow breathing and small intakes of breath until the end was near. Renji's grip on her thigh was bruising as desperation took over his body. Her hips rose and fell with his to obtain the friction between them, a slow heat roiling up from inside. Pink nails painted red lines down his muscular back, thighs locked around his waist. Back leaving the mattress she was given release bringing Renji with her as she tensed around him.

"You are so fixing this." Rangiku scolded as she wiggled the head board.

Renji merely smirked in obvious pride of his handy work. She took the pillow nearest her to smack him in the face.

"I'm serious. This bedroom set was expensive." Her brows fell into a tiny scowl. Renji's smirk grew to a grin.

"What's so funny?" She was slowly scooting away from the disturbingly cheerful man. He continued forward, teeth still flashing white.

His hands pinned hers above her head before he leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"You're incredibly sexy when you boss me around like that." The breath tickling her ear sped up her pulse.

"Oh shut up." She said with a smile before dragging him down for a long kiss.


Rangiku was brushing her teeth when Toshiro came to lean against the door frame. He stood there watching her as she brushed her hair and powdered her face. Still he stood silent as she produced clouds of perfume to float around her and in the room.

"Can I help you?" Ran asked Toshiro's reflection as she applied her favorite lip balm.

"Do I want to know what kind of indecent escapades you drug my poor body through last night?" His expression was blank but she could see the tension reverberating throughout his slight form.

"Probably not." She juked around the short, spiky haired barricade and into the hallway.

"You didn' with...him...did you?" Ran tried not to crack a smile at his obvious discomfort. She was even a little tempted to lead him on in this scenario he had playing in his mind.

"Yes." It wasn't a lie. Just an omission of sorts. Why she had chose to tease the volatile captain was unknown even to her.

His whole body shook with anger as his face paled, a clear look of nausea rolling over him. Her pity (and instinct for self preservation) kicked in after watching him for a moment.

"But not last night." She patted his shoulder in passing, reassuring smile in place.

"Don't joke with me, Matsumoto." His eyes were hopeful yet wary. Waiting for the other shoe to drop she supposed.

"Seriously, captain. Scouts honor." The two fingered salute was slapped down with a quick hand.

"You need to be a scout to use that oath. Your honor would be questionable either way." He crossed his arms over chest, a slight pout to his lips.

"I promise. Your body was not deflowered or otherwise stained." She held her hand pressed tight over her left breast.

A sour look overtook his features.

"Did you have to phrase it like that? Leave it to you to take it to that next level." The disapproving glare and shake of his head did nothing to stifle the mirth coloring her eyes. He would fix that.

"Oh, Matsumoto. It's an in-service day and inventory is due. You better hurry along to work. You're going to need all the daylight you can get to finish." With that, Toshiro flashed a smile and let himself out the front door, a very dejected Rangiku left to trail behind. She had completely forgotten the deal with her sneaky captain. A month was going to be a long time to be doing all his work with hers.


The morning dragged on as she trudged through the never ending stacks piled upon her desk, around her feet, and across almost every flat surface available. She had gone through three ink stamp pads and she had never felt a hand cramp as intense as she had by lunch. She couldn't even hold her chopsticks correctly. To Toshiro's chagrin, she resorted to slurping her noodles over the side of the bowl. The fellow restaurant goers began to stare one by one.

"You have the table manners of a barn yard sow." Toshiro's distaste was evident in his speech and the twist of his lips as he stared at her.

"I'm crippled. All that work gave me the early onsets of arthritis." She held up her hand, curling fingers to accentuate her claim.

"You are such a baby. Lazy to boot." His own chopsticks pointing in accusation.

"Captain, even you have to admit that was a lot of paperwork. Is the head captain mad at you?" She asked with sincere curiosity.

"No. But, after we had made our agreement, I saved up all the work I knew I'd be responsible for just for little ol you." A rare grin sat on his smug face.

"Despicable behavior for a captain. No honor at all." Rangiku pouted into her cleavage as she pushed the remainder of her noodles around the bowl.

"I've learned from the best." The words were not complimentary and his cool eyes said as much before he stood leaving the bill to his sullen captain. "See you back at the barracks."

His seat wasn't vacant more than a few moments before Ikkaku slid into the booth.

"What do you want?" She asked curtly without lifting her gaze.

"Oh, nothing much." His voice was conspiratorial, smile a mere baring of teeth. The congenial response was enough to drag her eyes up to the smirking man.

"Really?" If the flat tone did nothing to prove her disbelief, the blonde brow arched as the only form of expression most definitely did. A moment later she noticed he had one of his arms tucked behind him.

"What's that behind your back?" She leaned across the table, neck craning to see as he shifted back and forth in counter.

"Just a little somethin' to wet our whistle." Rangiku's eyes grew large as he pulled the biggest most beautiful bottle of sake out to sit between them.

"Hello, gorgeous." Ran reached forward without preamble cradling the jug to her chest. "Where have you been all my life?" The pink lip gloss left little lip prints all over the ceramic container as she whispered sweet nothings to it.

Ikkaku produced two glasses from the pocket of his robe with a flourish, eyes gleaming.

"Thought you would appreciate it." Trying to retrieve the jug from the blonde's clutches, he deflected blows and wrestled it from her grasp. He could have sworn he had even seen a tear run down one cheek.

"Can't pour it if I don't have it." He uncorked the bottle and filled both glasses with expert precision. Rangiku's eyes fluttered closed as the enticing aroma hit her nostrils, eager hands wrapping around the full glass.

She swirled the liquid a couple times before bringing it up to her nose inhaling deeply. Ikkaku waited with baited breath leaning more and more forward as she slowly brought it to her lips. She looked up with a smile.

"You really think I'm that easy?" She sat the cup down, sliding it back to the devious and now irritated man.

"Ya know, I thought I really had ya. With ya swimmin' nearly in eyeball deep paperwork I'd figured ya give in." He tossed a glass back sliding down in his seat.

"Yea, well. Wait. How'd you know how much work I have. Have you been spying on me?" Her hand shot out to pull him across the table, tangling in his robe.

"Only a little." He smiled, not the least bit intimidated.

"You son of a-" She dropped the sneaky reaper back into the seat. A disturbing thought came to mind.

"How long have you been watching me?" She asked timidly.

"Well," he brought his hand to his chin, stroking his invisible beard. "I know your skill sets exceed the battlefield." He motioned crudely with both hand and mouth.

"You are so dead." The blonde was blossoming crimson and not in embarrassment. If that asshole knew then the whole soul society would be privy to her little rendezvous in a day. Unless he was dead. Yup, that could be arranged. Haineko would pulverize him into dust to be scattered across the seas. No one would be the wiser.

Ikkaku's grin began to fade as he watched her mind work. The demented smile that had appeared on her face had him worried for his well being and up out of the booth in record speed. The woman was scary when she decided to stop being lazy.

Coming back from her murderous day dream, she found herself alone with the fine bottle of sake still on the table. A cursory glance to check for any witnesses and she gulped down the glass that had been poured for her in the first place. Gods it was good. Tucking the bottle in her robe, she left the money for her tab and hurried to the door.

She took the back way home, infrequently trod paths and the like as to not be discovered with her pilfered jewel. She would save it for after the bet, a reward for all her hard work at remaining sober. Well, mostly. But no one else had to know that. Her giggle was filled with mischief as she walked through her front door and into the kitchen to stow the jug in a very hidden spot. Two raps on the pantry wall had a board loose and a shelf visible for her to place her loot. After setting it gingerly inside, she replaced the board and shut the door.

"And what are we ferreting away?" Renji's teasing voice had her frozen in her tracks. She spun to face him back pressed against the pantry door.

"Nothing." She tried her best to appear innocent.

"Uh huh." He stepped forward causing her to push tighter against the door. "Then I suppose you won't mind me taking a peek?" He inched toward the visibly anxious blonde, each advance toward the door knob blocked by her body. Relenting, he stepped back to lean against the wall, arms crossed over his broad chest.

"What are you still doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be at Captain Holier Than Thou's side?" Her tone was sharp, irritated she had gotten caught in the act.

"Playin' hooky." A flash of a smile came and went as he pushed off the wall putting him inches from her face. "Wanna' join me?"

She took in the confident man standing before her, all muscles and ink, lascivious grin in place. It was a tempting offer but the thought of being turned into a soul reaper popsicle had her erring on the side of caution. Large palmed hands encircled her waist fitting their bodies tight together making it all the more difficult for what she had to say next.

"As appealing as all that is," She vaguely motioned to the entirety of the man in front of her, "but Captain's got me working overtime today. Rain check?" Her smile was encouraging and hopeful, proceeding the chaste kiss she laid at the corner of his mouth before making her way back to the front door.

"Of course." He called after her.

Thinking she was out of ear shot, Renji pulled open the pantry door in hopes of finding whatever she had hidden.

"You're wasting your time Renji Abarai. There's nothing more than a few snacks in there, but please, help yourself." With that she closed the front door behind her.

Grabbing a bag of chips, he shut the door and sauntered to the couch.


Rangiku quietly opened the door to squad ten barrack's office, fingers, toes, and every other physically possible body part crossed that she could return her desk without her obsessed with punctuality captain catching her. She removed her shoes to muffle her steps, expertly avoiding the boards of the floor she knew would give her away. She sighed in relief as her eyes fell on the vacant captain chair. She had been almost in her seat when his cold voice came seemingly from out of nowhere.

"You're late." Toshiro called out.

Rangiku's gaze darted about searching for the source. Tips of white tresses came into view as Toshiro levered himself up to sitting position on the gold colored couch. She swallowed hard once his icy glare could be seen.

"Lunch breaks are thirty minutes lieutenant Matsumoto. Not fifty-two." He had stood and crossed the floor to stand in front of his wayward lieutenant, an aura of danger about him.

"Yes, captain. I'm sorry, captain." She replied as she sunk into her chair.

"You've got until six tonight to finish, Matsumoto. Get this done or your drinking buddies will be work free for a month." The last of his threat was tossed over his shoulder while he casually exited the office.

Rangiku's forehead met the desk with a thud. There was no way she was going to get this done. Her attention span couldn't rival a gnat's let alone her lack of ambition. But, it was either that or doing the captain's work plus the guys'. No way in hell. Sitting up, back straight, she set in to do the impossible.

Part way through, Rangiku got thirsty. A quick glance to make sure the coast was clear and she had the false bottom pulled up from the desk drawer. Empty.

'Ugh, that's right. Captain drank it the other day.'

Chewing her lip she debated which bottle to try for next. She had to be inconspicuous. Settling on the one tucked inside a book, she made her way over to the slim shelf. Empty as well. The couch cushions? Nothing. Ornate vase. Zilch. Someone had very thoroughly rid the office of all her precious sake. But who? She thought awhile sifting through the people who would know.

'Nemu. Had to be. We were originally going to clean the place out anyway. Damn her efficiency. Well maybe she had it stored in the squad thirteen barracks.'


"Hello? Anybody here?" The barracks was silent, even the perpetual din from the machines was absent. She crept through the echoing halls, eyes scanning the area for her missing friend.

"Lieutenant Matusmoto." Though her words were soft and unimposing, Nemu's sudden appearance out of what seemed to be thin air, left Ranigku struggling to bring her heart rate down to a normal level.

"Good gods, Nemu. Make some noise next time."

"My apologies." A quick, precise bow accompanied her words. "What is it that I can do for you lieutenant?"

"Well, I was wondering if perhaps you knew where all my stash went?"

"Stash? I'm sorry I do not understand the term." Nemu's brows furrowed in thought. Rangiku could see her non human brain filtering through all the data to figure out the meaning of the word.

"All the sake I had hidden in the office."

"Ah yes. I had taken care of the removal personally as we had discussed." A small smile touched her lips. "Are you not pleased?"

"Yea, yea. I'm pleased." She waved her friend off. "But, you wouldn't happen to have it hidden away here in the barracks, would you?" Her blue eyes lit with hope as she waited for the reply.

"I am very sorry Matsumoto, but I feel that it would be counterproductive in your rehabilitation for you to regain the confiscated alcohol. Would it not be a temptation thus making it more difficult to successfully fulfill your goal?"

'Damn her logical programming.'

"Yes, that would be true. But, I don't intend to drink it until after I complete my goal." Rangiku smiled reassuringly.

"Beg your pardon, lieutenant, but, I feel you may be saying what may convince me to return the alcohol to you." Emerald eyes stared unblinking. Rangiku's patience was running thin.

"As much as I appreciate your concern, I'd appreciate the return of my property more." Rangiku tried using the few extra inches she had to intimidate the smaller woman. Nemu met her eyes unflinching.

"Your attempt at aggressive manipulation will not phase me. I shall stand strong for your best interests." Her small frame seemed to loom far over the blonde's head. She may have been built tiny but she was compact. The power inside her was unfathomable.

"Fine. I don't want a fight, Nemu. I'll be back to get my stuff once this whole thing is over." Her voice was placating and her body language had softened effectively deceiving the other woman. Ran was getting it back, tonight.

'Operation: STS (Secure the Sake). It's goin' down'