"Ohh so this must be your containment center?" The confused Peridot said the naked Pearl. Peridot notices the peaceful waterfalls all throughout Pearl's room. Peridot was never invited to Pearl's Room before, every night before she spent it in Amethyst's room since Peridot's relationship with her blossomed.

The door closed behind the two gems, "Follow me" Pearl says under her breath. Pearl needed to climb the stairs to find her lingerie, Peridot broke her gaze from the waterfall to sneak peeks at Pearl's bare body. As Peridot, traveled the long staircase it was hard not to savor the view in front of her, Pearl's backside is in eye level to her, she began to note how perky Pearl's butt is and how shaved her undercarriage is, it made Peridot's mind race.

The two gems reached the platform on the top of the stairs greeted by a large bed in the center. Pearl grabbed her baby blue bra with matching panties, proceeding to put them on Peridot watching her getting dressed sitting on her comfortable mattress. Pearl caught the green gem starring as she bent down to put on her underwear; both gems began to blush and averted their gaze from each other.

"I brought you here, to talk about what happened" Pearl sat next Peridot on her bed.

"It's no big deal, Pearl" Peridot replied. "I have been told it is natural here on Earth, I mean just last night I was sexually involved with Amethyst"

At Pearl's shock, she should have known Amethyst would influence Peridot's mind with her smutty ways.

Pearl moves closer to Peridot. "What have you been doing with her?" Peridot grabs a pillow to rest her head as she lays back with Pearl and says, "Well I will gladly share with you".

Moments go by and our gems ended up conversing while sitting on the bed on top of Pearl's waterfall. Pearl's mind begins to wander while deeply listening to Peridot's sexual exploits. Pearl sits upward and lays flat on her stomach while Peridot is still deep in her story, after moving she felt her excitement inside her panties began to show through her panties. Learning what has been going on right under her bird like nose was turning her on by the second.

"So enough about Amethyst, back at homeworld Jasper and I were romantically involved in another way" Peridot concluded. This sparks up Pearl's curiosity.

"What was the other way if you don't mind me asking" Pearl said and blushed after not speaking for some time now. Peridot leaned in closer to Pearl's face acting like she was about to reveal a huge secret. Pearl has never been so close to Peridot's face which filled her own face with a blue blush.

"I love to be Dominated" Peridot whispered. Pearls eyes lit up "…So Do I!" The two gems both shared a laugh,"We both have a common kink that's wonderful." Pearl seductively petted Peri's golden locks.

"Does Amethyst care for Dominating?" Pearl asked. Peridot greeted her with a smile and said, "Well between you and me, I told her she was my first…" Pearl gasped. "I told her I was a virgin on purpose, because I get off by being naughty" Peridot instinctively fondled Pearl's panties, feeling how wet Pearl's getting. "Peridot you dirty gem" Pearl sat up Indian style and reached for Peridot's petite bottom and grabbed her closer "Looks like you need to be taught a lesson"

Peridot blushed, but started to burst out laughing in front of Pearl and fell back still in her hold.

"What's so funny, Peridot" Peridot cleared a tear from her eye and took a deep breath from the good laugh she just had. "Well it's just that you are a pearl, you were made to give orders", Peridot explained. "Pearls don't dominate they submit!" Pearl gave her look as she stood on the bed, "I will show you I'm way more than just a pearl.

Pearl grabbed Peridot's hair and shoved her face into her crotch, and began to grind against Peri's mouth. Peridot responded by letting her tongue taste Pearl's essence, "Time for some real fun, student."

Peridot was thrown onto the bed, this experience made her think of how Jasper dominated her back then, Jasper would always call her student when they were in the mood. She soon snapped back into reality, Pearl grabbed Peridot's small breasts and Peridot gave off a small moan.

"Take my bra off Peridot" Pearl demanded her as the small green gem wrapped her arms around Pearl's back unhooking the bra to uncage Pearl's tits.

"Pearl, I- nnng..." Peridot bit her lip as her moans escaped her as Pearl brought her hand up Peri's legs, she rubbed Peri's folds very softly.

Peridot leaned in closer to Pearl's neck moaning while nibbling, Pearl's lips moved closer to her ear, "Undress for me"

She obeyed Pearl's wish, and shifted back to take off her hosiery. Peridot revealed her small perky boobs, giving her new-found lover a show by undressing further by bending over in front of Pearls gaze and removing her panties revealing Peri's light green vagina. She climbed back onto the bed as she desired Pearl's touch, laying down in front of her Peridot spreads her legs, greeted by how very wet she is.

Pearl swiped a single finger against Peridot's clit earning a loud moan of pleasure and slid one in her the small gem's opening, she pulls out to taste the sweet nectar that was left on her finger. "Mmm" Peridot mutters, "I want more" Pearl notices that Peridot is begging for her to make it rough. "Please Pearl"

Peridot's hormones went haywire as she began to pleasure herself, her warm pre-cum began to damp the sheets under her. "Peridot get on top of me" Pearl demanded.

Peri's sweet juices trailed along Pearl's stomach, causing the two gems moan together, "Perid- mmm..." Perdiot's hand managed to get inside of Pearl's panties, Peridot shifted her finger into Pearl's opening. "oh yes" escaped Pearl's lips , as her breathing became more rapidly as Peri's finger traced along her walls. Pearl's panties to wet to wear so she shimmies right out of them with ease. "let's try this Peridot" Peridot slipped her finger out of her folds and heard Pearl moan passionately.

Peridot brought her ass to Pearl's face, smelling the sweet scent Peridot gave off. Pearl's tongue grazed Peri's G Spot, "Oohhh...ahhh...mmmm" Peridot started to go wild as Pearl started increasing her tongue speed. Peridot fell forward unto Pearl's unattended wet pussy giving off tremendous heat and started moan into her opening. Peridot drove two fingers into her almost causing Pearl to scream but sends it through Peri's rear end. thus driving Peridot wilder she begins to grind her wet slit vigorously on Pearl's face. Peri was getting closer and closer as she rode the white gem's face causing her runoff to drip all over her face, she started to finger Pearl harder causing her privates to throb, "Oh God I'm gonna..." Peridot yelled once more as her cum escaped to Pearls face.

"Are you kidding me!" Pearl sat up and brushed Peridot onto her lap with her ass out in the air. "I didn't say to cum before me.." Pearl raised her hand and greeted Peridot's butt with a loud smack. "EEP" Peridot's battered cheek sent waves of pleasure throughout her body, while her cum dripped onto Pearl's legs. She began to spank the small green gem, hearing her moan in pain and pleasure, "Now don't stop, until I'm Pleased" Pearl said guiding Peridot's fingers to her soggy opening.

Peridot obligingly began fingering Pearl once-more, Pearl looks over to her side and noticed Peridot's panties on the ground She balls up the green gem's panties and tucked them into Peridot's mouth. After doing this, Pearl begins to spank Peridot harder, muffling Peridot's screams. "Do they taste great, my student"

Peridot nods her head in agreement as her drool led down her lips, she begins to finger Pearl's hole roughly. "Ooohhh" Pearl gasped, as her moans began more high pitched as Peridot began sliding deeper moving faster, "AHH, PERIDOT" her body shot up as her cum shot onto Peridot's face. Pearl was breathless she laid near the green gem, who was recovering from her ejaculation. Pearl rubbed her ass lovingly, noticing how red Peridot's ass is, Peridot shuttersas she rubs her tender behind.

"Did I do well" Asked the Pearl, Leaving Peridot completely sore.

"w-wow" the shy Peridot said moving closer to Pearl as she cuddled in their mess they left allover the sheets.

"It was incredible" Peridot said as she smothered her face into Pearl's breasts.