Realm of the Faery

Castle and Its characters belong to Andrew Marlowe and ABC. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

COMPLETELY AU. Another one of my ventures into fantasy/supernatural. I know that I should be finishing stories but this one popped into my head and I have to run with it. Whether it's worth continuing, my readers will let me know.

Summary: Set in season three just after the freezer/bomb incidents. Kate takes a two week vacation with Josh. She realizes that there's no future with Josh and breaks up with him. When she gets back, Castle is nowhere to be found. Will she, can she get him back? Sort of a mix of Brigadoon, Outlander and once upon a time.


Detective Kate Beckett took Castle aside. "I'm going on vacation with Josh, Castle. We'll be gone for two weeks. Why don't you take a break and catch up on your writing. I'll see you back here in two weeks."

"Okay Beckett, whatever you want." Beckett was surprised at Castle's ready acceptance. She expected some resistance.

"He came back from Haiti for me Castle, I think that means we have a chance." Castle nodded.

"That's good Beckett, you deserve to be happy. Have a good time."

He turned and walked out of the precinct. Esposito and Ryan were in the field, so there was no need for Castle to say anything. On the ride to the loft Castle made a hard decision but the right one he thought. He wouldn't go back to the precinct. He didn't want to have to look at Beckett every day and know that she would never be his. He had enough information to finish the Heat series he'd do that and maybe seek another direction for his life. He knew that he couldn't stop loving Beckett but he accepted that she'd never love him. He would find a way to move on. After all, there had to be someone out there for him. The better man that he'd become since starting shadowing Beckett.

Paula had told him, last week that the English publisher was after him to take over the Bond series again. They had hired another writer after Castle refused it and he'd completely bombed. They hadn't even published the first book. Paula was also after him to do a three week book tour of the United Kingdom. A week in Wales, a week in England and a week in Scotland. If that worked out there would be another week in Ireland.

Castle didn't give himself time to think about it and talk himself out of it. He called Paula to set it up and he'd think about the Bond offer during the tour. That night he sat down with Martha and Alexis and told them about his decision.

"Are you sure Richard? I thought you really had something with Katherine." Martha said.

Castle shook his head. "I thought so too, Mother but obviously I was wrong. She wants doctor Motorcycle Boy. It should have been obvious but I let my stupid optimism blind me to the evidence. She'll be relieved that I'm gone. She knows how to use the expresso machine now without help."

"Well, I for one are very happy with your decision, Dad. You've been in danger following her. I'm glad it's over. Go to England, write Bond and knock them dead!"

Three days later, Castle caught the plane for Heathrow International.

Castle was amazed at the numbers of people waiting for him at his first book signing in Wales. There were hundreds of people waiting, most of them women. The line stretched out the door and down the street. The rest of the stops were not as intense but every shop was crowded. The week in Wales seemed to fly by. The same for the week in England. The first day in Scotland was almost a repeat of the first day of the tour. The shop in Edinburgh was larger and even more crowded than the one in Wales. On the last day, the final stop was a quaint bookshop in a small highland town. There were only about forty people at the signing so Castle had plenty of time to admire the shop. The book shelves were all dark oak and comfortable padded benches were placed in reading nooks. The place was brightly lit for easy reading from fixtures that were all converted oil lamps.

After the customers had left, the proprietress smiled at Castle. She was a matronly woman in her sixties with still dark hair and lively eyes. Retaining a fair amount of what once was a stunning beauty.

"May I invite you to share some tea and scones or coffee if you prefer, with my daughter and I Mister Castle? Castle smiled that rare smile that was seldom seen in public. "I would be delighted Missus MacLeod, thank you. I would prefer coffee if it's no trouble and please call me Rick."

"In that case Rick. I am Meghan."

She ushered him into the living quarters behind the shop and led him to a cozy dining area, just off the kitchen. "Please be seated Rick." The small table could only seat four. A young woman came into the room, carrying a tray with a plate of still warm scones, butter, clotted cream, a teapot, cups, sugar, cream and a large mug of coffee. She was tall and slender but full busted. Raven dark hair framed a lovely face, graced with full red lips and slightly slanted green eyes.

Altogether she was so beautiful that Rick's breath caught in his throat. Even Beckett's beauty paled in comparison. Rick was entranced.

Meghan said; "Richard Castle I would like you to meet my daughter Moira."

The woman set the tray on the table and took both of Rick's hands as he rose. Her voice had a musical quality to it and things seemed to shift a little as she spoke.

"I am so very pleased to meet you, Richard Castle, so pleased but shouldn't friends be honest with one another, Richard Rogers."

Castle sputtered; how did you know my real name"?"

"We have our ways, but how doesn't matter and we are going to be friends, there is no doubt of that."

Rick smiled. "Oh how much I would want that to be true, Moira but we have no time. I have to leave for England in the morning."

"Time is not always exactly what you think it is, Richard but let's not talk about unpleasant things like parting. Let's just enjoy these delicious scones and speak of pleasant things."

The scones were indeed delicious and the talk lively. The women describing the beauty of the highlands, Moira waxing eloquent as she spoke of the mist on the moors on an early summer morning, the purple heather sparkling with dew.

"Will you please stay to supper with us Richard? Moira asked. It is only a short walk to your hotel and I would like to show you how beautiful the moors are under a full moon."

Something nibbled at the edge of Rick's mind that this was not a good idea. He had a schedule to meet and he should be writing a little but it had been so long since a beautiful woman really expressed an interest in him that he couldn't resist. The afternoon passed in conversation and laughter soon it was suppertime.

Meghan served a simple supper of a Shepard's pie with an apple tart for desert. Then she added a dollop of Scot's whiskey to Rick's coffee. Rick thanked her for the meal and Meghan said. "It was my pleasure Richard but I think I shall retire for the evening. Moira, Fearchara why don't you show Richard the moors by moonlight."

Moira picked up a bag and slung it over her shoulder then led Rick out the back of the shop and onto a path that led out of the town, onto the moors. She linked her fingers with his, their palms touching, leading him further into the moors, the lights of the town fading behind them, until the only light was the pale radiance of the moon. They stopped and Richard noticed that they'd stopped in a circle of stones on the ground. Moira leaned into him, her exotic, erotic perfume enveloping him, clouding his senses. Suddenly bonfires erupted on the crests of several hills.

"Moira, what is this?"

"It is the night of Beltane, a night of great power and perhaps eldritch magic, a night of passion, a night of love."

Rick pulled back. "A night of love? We hardly know each other." Not that long ago a one night stand with a beautiful woman he'd just met was quite common for Richard Castle. He wasn't that man anymore. Moira smiled and suddenly the night felt wonderfully strange.

"Yes, a night of love, a night of miracles. Come with me. You will soon know that what I say is true." Moira parted a screen of heather, revealing a small dwelling made of white stone. Inside a small table and a bed covered in fine linen and furs were the only furnishings. She took a candle out of her bag and lit it, setting it on the table, the scents of cinnamon and sandalwood filled the room. She took two cups out of the bag and a bottle of wine. She opened the wine and shielding the action with her body poured a vial of red liquid into one cup then filled both with wine.

"To love and magic." She said as she handed Rick a cup. She took a deep draught of her cup, watching Rick over the rim. Rick took an equally large draught of his. The wine was heady and slightly sweet with a slight coppery tang to it. Rick felt warmth spread through his body after only a few seconds after drinking. He felt briefly dizzy.

Moira drained her cup and said; "Finish your cup Richard." Rick did as she asked. She took both cups and set them on the table. Moira slipped Rick's jacket off his shoulders, dropping it on the floor. Sliding her arms around his neck she kissed him. It was like no kiss he'd ever experienced.

As her tongue demanded entrance he felt like his mouth was on fire as she explored every inch. He was aroused in mere seconds his trousers becoming painfully tight. Moira unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, dropping it on top of his jacket.

"Sit on the bed, Rick." He complied, she knelt and removed his shoes and socks. Standing, she unzipped her dress and let it fall. She wore nothing underneath. Rick stared, in awe. Her body was perfect, not a blemish or scar anywhere on that smooth, taut skin. She sat beside him and began kissing him again. His natural assertiveness took over. After returning the favor of exploring her mouth he switched his attention to her throat, especially her pulse point until she began mewling. Switching attention again he took one already erect nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and teeth, tweaking the other in his fingers, causing her to moan louder and writhe against him. He switched breasts, continuing to arouse Moira.

Nimble fingers reached for his belt, unbuckled it then unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks. Sliding his trousers and boxers off him. He reached for her core but she grabbed his wrist.

"I don't need that, I'm ready, I want you in me now." Rick slid into her easily, even though he was larger than most men. They quickly established a rhythm, almost as if they were long time lovers. Rick didn't last long, he'd spent too long celibate, but it was long enough, they climaxed together. As she cuddled into him, she slid one finger across his forehead.

"Sleep my love." She whispered.

Rick awoke and couldn't move. He opened his eyes and found himself spread eagled and bound to the bed.

"What the hell, Moira what are you doing? You drugged the damn wine!" Moira was now dressed in a style reminiscent of the 18th century. A tight green bodice over a flowing-sleeved white blouse and an ankle length silk skirt in the MacLeod tartan. Her hair was now pulled back into a braid and it revealed her pointed ears. Rick's eyes widened.

"Who the hell are you Moira, What the hell are you?"

"As I told you Richard, I am Moira Dawnsong MacLeod. I am what some of you have called the Fair Folk, some the Faery and others, Elves. I am a woman, as human as you but our path has been different than yours. We are of the same world but a slightly different dimension. That's the best way I can describe it. We live in a simpler time yet some of our sciences are far advanced. We call them science your world saw them as magic. They are sciences of the mind and body.

We are not immortal nor even that much longer lived than you. We seldom grow ill. But can be killed by the same weapons as you. We heal much faster. You are not a prisoner but you must be restrained while we perform a procedure. It is harmless and painless if you do not move.

The procedure makes you one of us. You see, you are already half Faery. Your father was a chief among our people but fled our world for yours. He loved the complexity of your world and decided to stay. We can move back and forth between worlds as we choose, using rings that focus the necessary energy."

"You are not in your own world but ours. We brought you here to restore your blood line. Once that is done you may stay with us or return home but you will always be able to travel back and forth. We want you to stay, be loved as you deserve to be. But that will be your choice. Let us begin."

Eight devices were placed in a circle around the bed. Tubes were uncoiled and attached to Rick's body at his wrists, his groin, his throat and his ankles. He felt a momentary pin prick at each point. Moira spoke a few words in a language that sounded a lot like Gaelic. The tubes pulsed and Rick felt a warmth spreading out from each point. The whole thing took about ten minutes.

When finished, the tubes retracted and Moira spoke a few more words, releasing the restraints.

She helped Rick off the bed and helped him dress in black underclothes that felt like silk. His shirt was dark green. He'd been expecting a kilt but was given trousers in the MacNeil tartan, a dark green jacket and black ankle boots. A beret-like cap adorned with a silver badge and three feathers completed the outfit. She handed him a scabbarded broadsword and dirk and a brace of pistols. At his raised eyebrow she said;

"I said that it was a simpler world. Not a peaceful one. I know that you are angry and you have a right to be but please give me, give us a chance. You cannot return to your world, at any rate for the next two months. It will take you that much time for your body to adjust and use your power."

"Word will be sent to your mother and daughter that you are safe and well but they will be unable to reveal it. If you decide to stay, we can bring them here if they wish to come. If they do not, you can visit them at will."

New York, 12th precinct.

The vacation had not gone as Kate Beckett wanted it to. After a week constantly in each other's company Kate realized that other than the sex, she and Josh had very little in common. Certainly not enough to build a future on. She also realized that just like Demming she was using Josh to hide her feelings for Castle. She broke it off and spent the remainder of her vacation realizing who it was she really wanted and was in love with and figuring out what she would say to Castle.

She spent extra time on her make-up and dressed as sexily as she could for the workplace. She arrived just a little late, expecting Castle, her coffee and her bear claw to be waiting for her.

Nothing! Her face fell. "Esposito, where's Castle?"

"I don't know Beckett, we haven't seen him or heard from him since you went on vacation."

Beckett immediately called Castle. The phone rang once and went to voice mail. "I am out and about. Leave a message.

She next called Martha and was shocked at the coolness of her tone. No Katherine or Darling.

"He's in Europe on a book tour, Detective. I have no idea when he'll return."

One week later, a headline shattered her heart. Famous mystery author Richard Castle disappeared on tour in Scotland after a book signing. Local police have no leads.

Author's Note. This is another one that I couldn't get out of my head. Reader's response will decide whether it stays or goes. However, it will be on a back burner for a while until I finish a couple of others. Please review.