Everything was peaceful so far in Jump City. Well, as peaceful as a crowded city can get. But at least everything was peaceful at the tower. Well, almost. Damian was spending another hour in the training room, irritating everyone. Well, almost everyone, because he was sparring with Jaime. Starfire was chatting with Dick, Beast boy and Cyborg were getting to know each other, Raven was meditating and trying to ignore Trigon's constant death threats. Just then an alarm went off all around the tower. (I don't know if there's a crime alert in that version of the tower.)

"Whoa whoa whoa, where's the fire?!" Asked Beast boy.

"I don't think it's a fire" said Cyborg. That's when Starfire activated the tower communications and received a message from the Justice League.

"Titans, there's a situation" said Superman.

"You're assistance is required immediately" said Wonder Woman.

"What's our situation?" asked Damian

"As far as we know a group of villains calling themselves the H.I.V.E. have been causing major problems around your approximate location. We have pinpointed the location on their next target." said Batman, as a map of Jump City appeared on the screen with a red dot around the city's bank. "Get there before they do and stop them. Justice League out" the screen went black.

"You heard him," said Starfire. "TITANS GO!"

. . . .

The Titans were standing face to face with the H.I.V.E, consisting of 5 members. A pale, pink haired girl with hair that looked like demon horns, a toddler with mechanical arms coming out of his backpack, (I know Gizmo isn't really a toddler, but that's what he looks like.) One giant strong man that really needs to shave, A teenager with one eye, and another person who looked like a combo of Raven and Batman. (If you've seen Kid Wykkid, then you would agree with me on that one).

The 2 groups started attacking, Robin and the toddler fighting it out.

"I suggest you surrender now Robo-Baby." said Robin

"THE NAME'S GIZMO!" The toddler used one of his mechanical legs and hit Robin, leaving him on the ground, but he quickly recovered and continued attacking.

Meanwhile, Cyborg and the big guy were charging at each other.

"Charging like that? I don't know if I should call him Mammoth or Hippo." Said Beast boy while he was fighting the one eyed kid.

"The big guy is Mammoth!" said the one eyed kid. "And I'm See-More!" He sent a laser out of his eye, hitting Beast Boy's shoulder, then Jaime came and tackled See-More.

Raven and the pink devil were fighting each other, in a struggle. Raven was on the ground, struggling to stand. She looked up at the devil girl, who smirked.

"And I am Jinx. And it seems I've given you some really bad luck" she said before zapping Raven, causing her to scream in pain. But Raven wasn't the only one who felt the pain.

On the other side of the city, a boy who looked to be 15, was on the ground, in pain clutching his chest. This was the 3rd time. He was meditating, trying to find his sister, when suddenly he felt it. But after that pain, he felt something else, some kind of link, that was pulling him towards the one he sought to find.

"Raven..." the boy said before zooming off. His legal guardian noticed him before he left.

"Eagle where are you-?"

"Can't talk, sister needs me! Hang on Raven!" Eagle yelled aloud before summoning a portal to her location.

Meanwhie Raven was on the ground, in pain, struggling to stand up, blood coming out of her mouth. Jinx standing above her.

"Say goodbye, Raven." Said Jinx before a white portal opened up beside her and Eagle came out of it tackling Jinx. Just before he could land a punch, Jinx kicked him off and glared at him. "And who are you supposed to be?" asked Jinx.

"My name is Eagle," he said. "Son of Trigon the Terrible and brother of Raven."

"Am I suppose-" was all Jinx could say before she was blasted by light magical energy and crashed headfirst onto a car.

Before Eagle could applaud himself he heard his sister yell, "Robin!" He turned around and saw her looking at Damian and Gizmo. Eagle then sent some more light magical energy at Gizmo's mechanical arm backpack, causing them to malfunction, and stop working. Giving Damian the advantage and knocking Gizmo out.

Then Eagle heard Mammoth roaring while charging at him.

"Stop!" Eagle yelled. Mammoth kept going. "I said stop!" Mammoth still kept going. "I said STOP!" Eagle then used his magic to send a STOP sign right at Mammoth's face, knocking him out. He then used the sign to hit See-More on the head while Blue Beetle dealt the final blow.

"Dude, you were awesome!" said Beast boy. "The news is going to go crazy!"

"Thanks but I'm not looking for praise," said Eagle. He thenlooked at Raven. "I need to heal my sister."

"Sister?!" said all the Titans, including Raven.

"Hold still." Said Eagle calmly. He placed his hands a few inches above Raven's wounds. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." Eagle kept repeating the words until the wounds were healed and he passed out. Raven was holding on to him.

"Why didn't you tell me you had a brother Raven?" asked Jaime.

"I-I didn't know if he was alive" Raven said.

"So it seems my son has returned to me," said Trigon. "If I can get him to assist me, somehow, my escape and my victory will be assured!" he then laughed. "EARTH WILL BE MINE!"

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