The Tower was rather peaceful today. Damian was training, Raven was reading, Jaime was watching a movie with Cyborg and Beast Boy, and Eagle was with Starfire after she called for him so they could talk.

"What exactly is it that you wanted to talk about, Starfire?" asked Eagle.

"Well, I was wondering something. It's been bugging me ever since the mission with HIVE."

"And what exactly is that?" asked Eagle.

"How did you know when to come to Raven's rescue, at the exact time she was in danger?" asked Starfire. Eagle thought about it for awhile.

"It's not easy to describe. Ever since I escaped Hell all those years ago, I felt a strong connection to her. It was like she was right beside me the whole time. I really wanted to be their for her when father returned, but at the time, I felt as though she was safe, that she would handle it, and she did. When she was attacked by Jinx, it felt like an extremely sharp knife flew straight at my heart. I wouldn't say it was the same as feeling her pain, but it was ridiculously close. The bond that we have as family, might've just saved her life, and I have a feeling that it will again."

When Eagle finished, Starfire nodded and smiled.

"Well said, Eagle. Well said. Anyway, you should head to the training room. Damian's been asking to spar with you all day."

Eagle rolled his eyes. He then mumbled something about "Waynes" and "arrogance" and "Downfall." He then began making his way to the training room. When he got there he wasn't surprised that Damian was already there, swiping his sword at a bunch of training drones. Damian charged at a drone about to slice it cleanly in half when Eagle appeared and grabbed the blade just as it was coming down. Damian looked with wide eyes at the chuckling Eagle.

"The training drones aren't worthy opponents, young warrior," said Eagle. He let go of the sword and walked towards the other side of the training room. "I'm ready when you are. I want this battle to be pure hand-to-hand combat. So, there's no need to use the sword."

Damian went ahead and put up his sword before getting into a fighting stance. For a minute, he did nothing. He waited for Eagle to make the first move. Eagle ran forward and charged at Damian, who sidestepped the charge. Damian went to punch Eagle, but Eagle moved quickly and kicked Damian in the stomach. Damian let out a groan as he rolled across the floor. He got up and actually smiled a little.

"Not bad. Not bad at all. But you're going to have to do better than that if you plan on taking me down in combat," he said. Eagle chuckled and cracked his knuckles.

"Oh, young Damian, you're about to see that I am full of surprises," said Eagle. Damian ran at Eagle and threw multiple punches, most which Eagle dodged, and blocked, though he managed to counter the last punch with a palm to the chest. Damian stumbled but recovered. The two continued to throw punches and kicks at one another while the other Titans were watching.

"Wow, this Eagle guy is good. If he can keep up with Damian for this long, then he's my new best friend," said Beast boy.

"Hey!" Yelled Cyborg.

"There's always the chance he's using his magic to power himself up," said Jaime. His scarab beeped a couple of times. "Hey, I'm saying it's a possibility. Raven, back me up!"

"He's not using magic," Raven simply stated. Jaime facepalmed himself and sighed.

"Guys, be quiet! It's getting good!" said Beast Boy.

Indeed it was. The barrages of attacks kept coming until Damian finally kicked Eagle in the stomach. Eagle fell on his back, then recovered.

"You fight well," said Eagle.

"This is the result of intense training and prac-AGH!" Damian was interrupted by a punch to his face. The force of the punch actually sent Damian crashing into a wall. Eagle walked up to him.

"You let your guard down. A rookie mistake. One I don't want you to ever make again. Understood?" Eagle said. Damian got up and wiped the blood from his mouth.

"You're right. It's a rookie mistake. One I don't ever plan on making again," said Damian. Eagle helped him up and shook hands with him. Starfire moved up.

"Everyone, I have an important mission for you all!" She said.

"It's not mandatory fun again, is it?" asked Damian.

"Not this time. This time it's something serious. The city bank is being robbed by an unknown villain. Now come on you guys, let's go!"

The Titans nodded and immediately began their journey to the bank. When they arrived, they saw a man in a white armor with bits of yellow, destroying police cars with some kind of beam. The man turned and spotted the Teen Titans.

"Ah, so these are the famous Teen Titans. I was hoping you'd look more intimidating," said the man.

"Who are you?" Damian asked.

"You may call me, Dr. Light," the man said with an evil smirk. Suddenly, Eagle burst out laughing.

"Dr. Light? What the hell kind of a name is that?! What's your power, being useless?!" Eagle said while laughing. To say that this angered Dr. Light was an understatement. He growled in anger then fired a light beam at Eagle. Eagle stopped laughing and reached out his hand, which hit the beam and absorbed it. Dr. Light looked shocked.

"Titans, go!" Yelled Starfire. The Titans except for Eagle charged and attacked Dr. Light. Dr. Light dodged Beast boy and Cyborg's charge, and fired a light beam at Damian and Raven, who both dodged the attack. Damian kicked Dr. Light and he fell to the ground. He recovered and growled in anger.

"That's enough!" Yelled Dr. Light. He pressed a button and everyone was blinded by a giant flash of light. Everyone covered their eyes and waited for the light to disperse. When the light was gone, the first thing the Titans saw was Eagle holding Dr. Light by the neck, choking him slightly. Eagle no longer had a upbeat sense of humor. His expression was serious, and his eyes were pitch black.

"My turn," said Eagle. Suddenly, Eagle fired a giant beam at Dr. Light who yelled in pain. When the pain stopped, Dr. Light looked shaken and was whimpering, before being knocked unconscious by a stone the size of a quarter. Eagle turned around to see a young, blonde woman was standing on a floating rock. "Excuse me, whoever you are, what is your name?"

The young blonde chuckled and let out a friendly smile.

"I am Terra, and I feel like you could use some help."

(I know, I KNOW THE ENDING OF THE CHAPTER SUCKS! Geez! Anyways, that's the end of the chapter. I hope you enjoyed!)