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Warnings: This will blow you out of the water if you have not learned to expect the unexpected. Hey, is it my fault that I like original? This takes place after the Armored Tank fight at Chuo Street, so if you're not that far DON'T READ!!! I think that's it. Now, onto the story. I might misspell the names of some of the streets, so don't can me too badly for that, okay?


Soul of the Streets Chapter 1: Introduction

"Guys, what are we going to do?! If we leave the Garage, we're going to end up arrested by the Rokkaku Police!" Gum was in a panic, which was lot like her at all, while grinding on top of the telephone line. The Rokkaku Police have become even more powerful ever since Rokkaku Gouji managed to buy out City Hall. The Rokkaku Police have put up 'Wanted' posters, each one showing and telling about a different membeer of the GG's. Yo-yo, who was playing pinball, looked above the game and took a good long look at the wanted posters he found the first day this started.

There were five posters on the wall, one for each member of the GG's. He looked up toward Beat's poster, imagining the kinds of graffiti he would spray on a Rokkaku Police officer's white uniform. He smirked at the thought then looked toward Combo's poster and frowned. Combo was the only member of the GG's that had been captured by the Rokkaku Police, which broke his heart. Combo was Yo-yo's best buddy and the one who could pull the most tricks. Yo-yo looked over toward Corn, who was grinding on a rail near the entrance to Dogenzoka(sp?) Hill.

"Yo, Corn, what are we going to do about this?" Corn did a Method Backflip off the rail and turned toward Yo-yo.

"I don't know..."

"Hey, guys!" Gum jumped off the telephone line, did an Abstract 360 and landed near Corn.

"Was that Beat?" With that answer came Beat coming out of Dogenzoka Hill with a black-haired girl with Gum's face and Beat's outfit in his arms. She had white skates and clear-framed eyeglasses, unlike Beat. She had some serious wounds and cuts on her in various areas, some were even bleeding. Corn gasped with wide eyes.

"Oh, my god...Yo-yo, get the First-Aid kit!" Yo-yo got on his knees, grabbed the First-Aid kit from underneath the pinball table and skated over to where the others were as fast as he could. Beat gently laid the girl down as Gum got out the appropriate supplies out of the First-Aid kit needed to cleanse and bandage the injuries. Beat winced in pain and put his left hand on his upper right arm. He was glad it went unnoticed, because he didn't want to have to explain it.

"She was attacked by Hayashi's armored tanks at Chuo Street. Looks like we had missed one when tagging the tanks, because he mistaked her for Gum." Gum looked up toward the girl's face in disbelief. She couldn't figure out how the girl could have the same facial features as herself. She took another look at the girl's outfit and looked over toward Beat, who was holding his arm in what seemed to her like annoying pain. Expect for the glasses and the skates, it was an exact match of Beat's outfit.

"What I want to know...is why she has my face and your style." That was the part Beat REALLY didn't want to have to explain. Beat tried to stand up, but he fell back on his knees, his arm pulsing with pain.

"That I don't know." Corn notices a untruthful darkening in Beat's eyes, but dismisses it as something else.

"Do you know anything about her, Beat?" Beat shook his head, his eyes darkening even more. The girl started to stir from after her wounds were bandaged and opened her dark, jeweled-blue eyes, the same eyes that Beat hides with his shades.

"Where am I? What is this place?" She sat up and looked toward Gum. "Oh, my god!" She jumped up to her feet and got ready to fight, when Beat gave her a glare that was unnoticed by all except the girl. She broke the pose and walked over toward where Pots, the dog, was. The dog turned toward her, barked happily and jumped into her lap as soon as the girl's knees touched the ground. Everyone, but Beat, stared at the girl and dog in complete surprise. Corn took a step forward.

"The only ones Pots lets pet him..." Yo-yo walked up beside Corn.

"...are Gum...and Beat..."