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Soul of the Streets

Chapter 21: Prelude to a War

"Ow...damn, why is my neck hurting and not my head?" Yo-yo had just woken up from an induced nap and woke up in some sort of cage suspended above the ground in a labratory. "What the? What's going on? Let me out of here!" Yo-yo tried to kick the chain cage with his skate, but he didn't even leave a dent. One of the doctors in the lab, a young male, was talking outside with someone in the hallway, who he could not see. He decided to listen to the conversation as best as he could.

"It's strange, if can find someway to copy his psychic ability, maybe we'll finally have a way to take those rudies out of the picture permenately!"

"Psychic ability? Are you insane? There's no such thing!"

"But I can prove it!" He looked over toward one of the technicians closest to where Yo-yo was held captive and caught his glance. "When I give you the green light, do it at 300." The lady technician nodded at this order and readied her controls. In walked the male doctor and Dr. Avalon, who was now fully recovered from the earlier attack.

"Well?" With a nod from her boss, the lady technician pressed a couple of buttons on the control panel, which sent about 300 volts of electricity into and throughout the little rudie, causing him to cry out in pain.

"Stop this! Please..." All of a sudden, the electricity started blending with the indigo aura that had been seen surrounding him, then started to separate away from him. His glasses fell to the floor, revealing glowing indigo eyes. "!!!" A sonic burst errupted from within the cage, not affecting him at the least, but sending everyone to the floor. He was about ready to focus another blast at the doctor that gave the order to shock him, but stopped when he saw Dr. Avalon standing beside him. She reminded him of someone he once knew. She reminded him of... "Mom..." Yo-yo passed out as soon as the glow faded, which resulted in him collapsing on the ground. All eyes were on Dr. Avalon, who stood in shock at what Yo-yo had just called her.



"Try picking on someone your own size, bastard!" Beat has had it up to his nose with these skating police officers and considering how high above the ground he was, he's had ENOUGH. He had grabbed onto the rail he was grinding on and flipped his legs up and above him, knocking off an officer that was getting dangerously close to him. He landed back on the rail and used the momentum from the swing to continue the grind. "Haven't done that in a while..." He jumped as he reached a huge gap in the rail, boost-dashing as he went across. The two officers that he hadn't knocked off obviously didn't have the boost-dashing ability, because they didn't make the jumps.

"Oh...SHIT!!!" They landed on each other, which knocked them all out, even with their armor to pad their fall. Beat smirked as he stopped his grind at the highest level of the rails, landing on the walkway itself.

"TAKE THAT, YOU BIG-ASS ROKKAKU SHITS!!!" A couple of more officers came into the area and gotten to where the officers in skates had landed on the ground. One of them gave Beat the finger and he returned two of his own. They finally left the area, pissed off as ever, leaving him to finish his work in that one area. "I just hope Yo-yo and Gemini are okay..." He grinded down from at least 5 levels of rails before daring to land safely on the ground and leaving the construction area, wall-riding a few billboards as he went to pick up the speed.


"Aw, Krawps..." Gemini had heard something fall from a high distance and was hoping to god that it wasn't Beat, or any GG for that matter, but some police officer that deserved to be flattened on the ground. She had skated into the entrance of Hikage Street which was divided into three contruction areas, the middle one being the only completed area to date. "Where the hell is..."

"Gemini, over here!" As soon as she turned to her left did Beat appear into view, wall-riding a billboard that had the Rokkaku symbol on it.

"There you are! What the hell happened? I heard someone..."

"What you heard was three armored officers in skates landing on the ground from a very high distance. I'll be surprised if they survived that. Now, let's see if we can find Yo-yo! Come on!" With that, he grabbed Gemini's hand and pulled her into Shibuya Terminal, then into the Garage, where the very pissed off Corn and Gum were taking turns punching and kicking a punching bag that had the image of Goji Rokakku's face on it. Garam was working out his rage on the pinball table, racking up a higher score than Corn did when HE was ticked.

"I'm going to fucking kill the next officer I see...I swear to GOD, I'm going to kill them all!" Beat was surprised to see Garam there.

"Hey, when did he join the GGs?" Gemini pointed up toward the clouds as they changed colors to match the rest of the sky as the sun started to set.

"When you were up there, brilliance." Beat narrowed his eyes at her from behind his shades.

"Quit while you're ahead, Gemini." All of a sudden, the GGs no longer had a pinball table as Garam had pushed down too hard on it, causing the game to collapse under its weight as well as Garam's. "Aw, SHIT! That costs a lot to fix!" Garam turned toward Beat and Gemini, eyes narrowed at first, then changed into shock.

"What the hell?" With a dash, he skated over toward the two and stopped when he was in front of them. "Micheal, is that you?" Beat was taken by surprise at this.

"How the hell do you know my civilian name? I don't even know who you are!" Garam shook his head at this, trying to figure out a way to get Beat to recognize him, then it dawned on him. He took off his shades, when a light clicked on in the redhead's mind.

"What the...Garam?! Oh, geez, I didn't recognize you with the shades on! Where have you been all this time?!" Garam narrowed his eyes as he placed his shades back over his eyes.

"I think the real question is where have YOU been these past five years? You were NOWHERE in Tokyo to be FOUND!" Beat blushed at this before shaking off the embarrasement as Corn and Gum skated up to the trio.

"Glad to see you two are okay. Do you guys know anything about what happened to Yo-yo?" Gemini shook her head at this.

"All I know is that right before DJ K made that announcement, I saw an Immortal in Shibuya Terminal heading in the same direction Yo-yo had gone." Beat balled up his right hand into a fist at this, though he kept it to his side.

"Right now, we've got to find Yo-yo. I'm going to finish up in Hikage Street. Garam, Gum, cover any and all Immortal tags you can find in Kibogaoka Hill. Gemini, Corn, you've got the Skyscraper District and Pharoah Park." Everyone was going to agree with this, before Corn spoke.

"What about this new gang on the streets? We may have to stick together this time to make sure nothing screwy happens." Gemini sighed, before nodding in agreement with Corn.

"He has a point, Beat. I also think we should stick together. Believe me, I'm just as worried about Yo-yo as you are." Beat sighed before giving in.

"Alright, let's head for Kibogaoka Hill." With that, the GGs grinded down the set of stairs that led to the Rokkaku-dai Heights entrance and into the pipe, not knowing what may come their way.