The robot was smashing buildings as they started eating people, Rin and Yukio were running on the roofs of the crumbling city as they were a inch closer to the robot. "Damn, it's far" Rin said as they raced on the concrete. They raced along the roof as they were closer as Rin jumped over the ledge as he was now over the robot as he skidded across the wall as he jumped again as he caught a hold on the robots neck. Yukio jumped as he landed on the arm as he stabbed the arm with his saber, he got the left arm off as it crashed into couple of towers as they fell to the ground.

Then Rin eyed the robot as the robot smacked Rin across the face as he flew into a building as he landed in womans underwear while she was changing, her beasts are showing as she screamed. "Sorry" He said as he raced out the window and jumped out again.

Rin jumped out the window as he slashed off the head of the robot as it flung all the way into the water. The body crashed down as Rin landed on the ground as he looked at the body. "Piece of shit" He said as he kicked it as Yukio emerged from couple of pile of rocks as he seen the dead robot body. "Good" He said as Rin looked at him as he looked around as the city was destroyed as it was the last time.

"Now, now, now" A voice said as they turned and seen Juzo behind them with a phone as he said "You stupid fuckers, do you really think I would allow you to live?" Juzo said as Rin looked confused as Juzo took out a gun and fired, Rin's head exploded as blood sprayed all over the ground as Yukio seen Rin's decapitated body fall to the ground. Then he aimed at Yukio as he felt a large hole inside of him, he seen a blue saber sticking out from his stomach. Rin Jr was behind him with a lightsaber as Juzo screamed as he was sliced in half as his body was on the ground. Rin Jr looked down at the body as he looked angry.

Yukio got up as he looked at him as he looked at Rin's body as he felt sad and ashamed that he was a fugitive in the first place.

The next day they held a funeral for Rin and Juzo as well as Mephisto as they all walked down the bridge with three coffins going down the walkway, while Rin's had flowers and other things on it. While the others had just a flower. Yukio was crying as Rin Jr was staring at the ground. They walked into a church as they all had their heads down.

Then the priest gave some words as everyone walked over to the three coffins, most goes for Rin. "Man, such a imposter…yet a hero as well" One said as another said "True, very true, wan't he the one who destroyed the city last time?" He asked as the person shook her head.

Rin walked out as he looked at the sky, as he smiled. The sun shone in the sky as he took his son's hand and said "Lets go home" He said as they walked back to Tatthone as they told the wife all about the adventure, as she laughed. Then the tragic news, she lowered her head and cried.

He looked back as if he seen someone dash across the sand as he turned around and smiled as he cooked dinner, a ghost was over looking them as Rin was smiling as he said "Man he has grown" He said as he drifted away.