~Emily and Alison are having a sleepover with their best friends - Hanna, Aria and Spencer. Hanna, Aria and Spencer are all cuddled up by Emily's fire, while Alison and Emily are snuggling on the sofa.~

Emily: So guys what film are we going to watch?

Spencer: Lets watch the Notebook!

Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison : NO not the notebook we always watch that.

Spencer: oh fine I think Hanna should pick as she never picks films on sleepovers.

Emily: yeah ok

Hanna: lets watch scream 4!

Alison: omg that film is so scary but I love it, me and Emily have watched it before haven't we.

Aria: ok scream 4 it is I will just put it in the DVD player



Emily: AHHHH this is so scary

Emily buries her head into Alison's neck.

Alison: Em the others are asleep, can we go upstairs?

Emily: oh ok sure Ali.


Alison: Em I wanted to be upstairs because I didn't want the others to hear what I am about to tell you, I cant keep my feelings towards you in anymore.

Emily: Alison you can tell me anything honestly I wont judge you in anyway.

Alison: Well em I love you as more than a friend I always knew that their was something different about you please don't hate me...

Emily: Ali why didn't you tell me, I love you to I have been hiding my feelings towards you inside because I didn't want you to judge me.

Alison: Aw em I would never judge you never ever, what does this mean for us?

Emily: Well I need to see if our love is real are you sure the girls are asleep?.

Alison: yeah they are they were snoring. why?

Emily: because I don't want them to see us.

Alison: See us we are not doing anything.

Emily: not yet we're not .

Emily winks a seductive wink at ali which makes Alison's skin shiver.

Emily: Can we... you know do it ?

Alison: sure I mean the girls are asleep and we love each other.

~Emily kisses Alison on the lips, and puts her tongue on Alison's lips for permission to enter, Alison opens her mouth gradually so Emily's tongue could enter. the kiss broke so they could get some air.~

Alison: you are a great kisser.

Emily: thanks ali, im not done yet.

Alison: ooohhh proceed.

~Emily pins Alison to the bed and runs her fingers lightly over alisons neck and reaches for the bottom of Alison's shirt.~

Emily: may I?

Alison : yes.

~Emily carefully takes Alison's shirt of and gazes at the view infront of her, Emily runs her fingers up and town Alison's bare stomach seductively.~

Emily: Alison can I take your bra of?

Alison: oh yes Emily.

~Emily carefully unhooks Alison's bra and rubs Alison's nipple with her fingers.~

Alison: Emily stop your teasing me...

Emily: sorry ali, can I take your pants of ?

Alison: yes Emily just do it.

~ Emily pulls Alison's underwear of and places two of her fingers on Alison's clit, Emily then put two fingers inside of Alison and pushed them in and out quickly~

Alison: OH that's so good im coming !

Emily : ali let go just let go I got you baby.

~ Alison relaxed as Emily's fingers in her liquid ~

Alison: oh Emily that was so good

Emily : I know

Alison: I love you em

Emily : I love you to ali

Alison and Emily were that tired that they drifted of to sleep.

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