Rated: T

Summary: Tony and McGee are missing. The information that could lead Gibbs to find his agents is locked somewhere in Agent Bishop's mind...

Author Note: Okay so I know it's been a lot of time since I've done...anything here. I'm trying to get back into this. Bear with me. Not sure how long it'll take to make updates.


"Find Gibbs. Don't hyperventilate," she repeated in her head as she sped down the road toward where they'd last seen Gibbs. Eleanor Bishop's chest stung with the heavy, accelerated beating of her heart. Her cell phone was useless, destroyed by her plummet into the lake with her partners. Much like her phone, Bishop was soaked through and through. It was cold out for April, but freezing was the furthest thing from her mind at the moment.

"Find Gibbs. Don't hyperventilate."

It was so loud in her ears, this temporary mantra she kept holding foremost in her thoughts, that when she found Gibbs and screeched the car to a halt beside him, it took a moment to remember what to do after throwing it into park.

Gibbs was heading out of the house that was their current crime scene. As he had thought earlier, the murder hadn't happened in the house. He pulled out his phone to call the rest of his team, but his gaze was drawn upward at the sound of screeching tires in the near distance. Bishop was the driver of the vehicle that stopped beside him. He didn't like the feeling that washed over him when he saw her face. She seemed confused and pale and obviously had at some point fallen into the lake. The real worry hit him when she didn't immediately get out of the car.

He took the few steps forward to reach out and pull the driver's side door open. "Bishop?" he asked sternly, but without disguising his concern.

She looked over and up at him, eyes widening as if she'd just then recalled why she'd hurried over. "Gibbs!" It came out tighter and more raspy than she'd expected, and it jarred her for a moment.

Gibbs knelt down after pushing the door the rest of the way open. "Ellie, what happened?" he asked. "Where's McGee and DiNozzo?" He watched as tears formed in her eyes, her breathing picking up with each passing moment.

"They're gone," she told him, then grunted in pain, doubling over and pressing a hand to her side.

"Gone?" Gibbs questioned as he pulled her hand away to see if she was injured.

"They had guns. They...they shot at us and we fell into the river and...and..." her breath took over, the hyperventilation having won over her mantra as Gibbs discovered that water wasn't the only thing soaking through Bishop's jacket. He pulled out his phone to call for help. "You have...you have to save them," she told him between breaths.

"Where are they?" he asked as he waited for the line to pick up.

"I...I don't know..." she said, and then her eyes began to roll back.

"This is Agent Gibbs with NCIS," he shouted his badge number into the phone as he demanded an ambulance. "We have an agent down! I repeat, we have an agent with a GSW! We need an airbus!"