Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V VOL. 1

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Duel 01: My Duel! My Beliefs! Pt. 1

A boy was walking around in the city, known to be Maiami City. He had brown eyes, with dark-brown hair. Several bangs nearly covered his eyes, but people of course would still be able to see his eyes. He wore a black vest, over his white shirt. He also wore navy shorts with white sneakers on him.

He was walking around the city, heading for a school called 'LDS', which was known to be Leo Duel School. "I can't believe it... I refuse to believe it... All these years... Sakaki Yusho... He still hasn't returned..." The boy whispered grimly, feeling down for someone. He looked up at the sky, imagining to see his idol's face.

"Just where did that man vanish to all of a sudden? Because of his disappearance, the people don't appreciate Entertainment Dueling anymore..." The boy grunted. Just as he said those words, something shined from his pocket, which got his attention as he fished something out. It was his Deck, but with two other cards.

They were white, and they were shining brightly, radiating weak lights. "Why are you two shining all of a sudden? Is something going to happen today?" The boy asked, before the cards stopped glowing. His pendulum necklace glowed as well for a second, before it stopped glowing.

Once again, this left the duelist confused as he sighed, placing his two cards back to his pocket, where his Deck was. "My pendulum necklace... And my two cards... They glowed for some strange reason... I don't know why, but... Something might happen today..." The boy said to himself as he headed for the LDS tower.

(Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Opening 1: Believe X Believe (English Subbed))

(Pictures of Yuya reveals themselves, with different colors)

Believe X Believe Be-Be-Be-lieve Buddies!

(Two colors show two of Yuya's shadows while the other two shows Hiroto's)

Believe X Believe

(The Japanese opening title reveals itself; with two pendulums swinging across each other)

Believe x Believe

(Yuzu and Gongenzaka's picture reveals themselves)

Believe x Believe

(Yoko, Tatsuya, Ayu, Futoshi and Shuzo's pictures replace Yuzu and Gongenzaka's)

(YOU)! The strongest Card ain't winnin' or losin'

(Yuya prepares to duel with his Duel Disk; he summons Performapal Hip Hippo)

(YOU)! At FULLSPEED, my heart's a poundin' - On the game

(Yuya rides on his hippo, like he was in an Action Duel)

Dan Dan Dan Dan Done! Done! Done! Done!

(Performapal Whip Snake, Sword Fish, Skeeter Skimmer appears)

Dan Dan Dan Dan Done! Done! Done! Done!

(Performapal Turn Toad, Cheermole, and Kaleidoscorp appears)

Swing, ma-ma-mah mind!

(Yuya's pendant glows as he prepares to Pendulum Summon)

(Hiroto's pendant glows with a white dragon and a black dragon besides him)

The Pendulum of Souls, The Ultimate Confusion

(A Pendulum Summon occurs, with Timegazer Magician and Stargazer Magician in the Pendulum Scale)

(Three monsters come out of the portal)

Impulses - Got it, got it

The game's so intense, it's a serious revolution

(Sawatari appears sneering while holding two cards)

(Reiji appears, adjusting his glasses)

(Hiroto blinks, with his pendant and his cards glowing)

(Yuya and Hiroto's monsters appear together)

(Just breakin' the wall...)

(Just breakin' the wall...)

(Yuya's Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon appears along with Hiroto's two dragons; a black dragon and white dragon)

(Yuya lands on his dragon, Hiroto floats with his two dragons)

Ride on now

Believe x Believe

Everybody's goin' ta break down that wall

(Yuya rides on Odd-Eyes, as Hiroto flies with his two dragons, along with the dragon he rides on)

(Hippo Carnival and Scapegoat has been activated)

You're gonna beat, it beat

Let's race towards an infinite future without hesitatin'

(Scapegoat Token cheers for Hiroto as the Hippo Tokens blows kisses towards Yuya)

Make it, Make it, Show your courage (Break it now)

(Yuzu and Gongenzaka offer hands together)

Step ahead! Let's take a step forward (Do it now)

(Sora, Futoshi, Tatsuya, and Ayu jumps up together)

Here comes the fun part! So, everyone, be a Believer!

(Yuya and Odd-Eyes run on a rainbow, with Hiroto and his three dragons flying together)

Believe X Be-Be-Be-Believe Buddies!

(Yuzu, Gongenzaka, Shuzo, Sora, Tatsuya, Ayu, Futoshi's pictures appear)

(Yuya and Hiroto leads their friends in front of You Show Duel School)

[Opening Ends]

Hiroto's POV

People were walking around, talking about duels and Duel Schools... I just... I just don't know what to think about anymore... Ever since the famous Pro Duelist Yusho Sakaki had disappeared, my belief in dueling... has vanished... It completely vanished. That man was like my idol... The man who I wanted to follow in my past.

But, when he disappeared three years ago... I just didn't know what to think about anymore... Dueling to me... is more like survival now, rather than fun.

My name is Hiroto Sakamoto. I'm a duelist who's aiming to become a Pro Duelist someday. What my Deck recipe is, you ask? Well... If I duel... Then, you'll be able to find out. And that duel... is about to take place today. What I did was unexpected of me to do. I had no idea what I was doing back then, until I realized... that it was the right thing to do.

It all happened on that day, when I was touring around Leo Duel School (LDS). My parents were on a business trip, so they weren't going to return to Maiami City for a while. So, I decided to tour around LDS for a moment and look over my cards to see how they would duel for me. The summoning type I truly specialize in was Synchro.

So... My ace cards, I should say is... Well, I'll let you see them during the duel I have today. Like I said, it was touring around LDS when I heard excited voices coming from three kids, and a jealousy-like voice coming from a girl. I turned to see an LDS student leading five other students around the LDS hallway. Three were little kids, while two were my age.

I recognized those two students. Yuzu Hiragi... the daughter of Shuzo Hiragi, the owner of You Show Duel School. And the other was... Sakaki Yuya, the son of Sakaki Yusho and a duelist from You Show Duel School as well. My question is right now... Why are they here? Did that LDS student lead them to this place?

"Meaning they gave everything You Show Duel School doesn't!" The red haired girl cried out in amazement. "You're also pretty knowledgeable yourself." The LDS student chuckled. For Hiragi Yuzu, she didn't seem that enthusiastic about being inside her rival school.

"So sorry we're such a run-down joint!" The pink haired girl, Yuzu snapped sarcastically. "C'mon, don't get so upset! Cheap places have their good points, too!" The chubby kid chuckled cheekily. He seemed to be excited to be in the top school as well. The LDS student smirked proudly.

Yuya had begun to look over the poster about the LDS school, admitting one thing. "But, it's true that they have a lot of stuff we don't. Not only do they have a class on summoning methods, they also have a course in XYZ Summoning, and a course in Synchro Summoning!" Yuya pointed out.

He then blinked, noticing one more course. "Wow! They even have a course in Fusion Summoning!" Yuya pointed out once again. "Fusion..." I whispered darkly. That was one summoning type method I refused to accept. At that time, I noticed one sky blue haired kid with a lollipop stop to hear Yuya saying something about Fusion Summoning as he continued to walk off.

The Entertainment Duelist noticed the boy until Yuzu had called for him. "Yuya!" Yuzu called. That got the Entertainment Duelist's attention as the LDS student pointed to where they were all heading. "The center court's that way!" The LDS student called. By theb, they kept moving to get to the Center Court.

I was starting to get suspicious of that LDS student. For some reason, I felt like those guys were in danger for some reason. So... I secretly followed them, without raising any suspicion. By the time they stopped, they were in the middle of the Center Court, much to the three kids' amazement.

They all cried out their awe as the blue haired kid was amazed to see this giant court. "It's the LDS Center Court I've been longing to see!" The blue haired kid exclaimed in amazement. To be quite honest, I was amazed as well. "No wonder LDS is the top school out of all the others..." I thought.

Just then, three other LDS students walked up, with the tougher one greeting the guests. "Hey!" The tough looking one called. At Yuya and Yuzu's confusion, the LDS student that led them here explained their reasons for being here. "Those boys are also your fans. Would you mind showing them your cards?" The LDS student asked.

"The cards you use to Pendulum Summon, I mean!" The LDS student added. That startled me. Pendulum Summon? Is that the new summoning method that's been created? And other than that, was it Yuya who created that method? I was shocked with disbelief as Yuya grew hesitant to the request.

"E-Eh? But..." Yuya started, only for the LDS student to explain. "They just want to seem 'em for a sec! Okie dokie?" The student requested once again. Okay... That got me really suspicious? It's like that student was trying to lure something out of Yuya as I tried to step in and stop him.

However, it was already too late as Yuya already took out his cards. "S-Sure..." Yuya muttered as he showed the cards. I squinted my eyes for a bit to see what the cards looked like. They were Magician Effect Cards, but... They had a colorful half with another effect, with each side having number and a pendulum sign on them.

The LDS student snatched the cards away from Yuya, much to his surprise. "Here." The student replied, shpwing the cards to the other three. "Awesome!" The three pf them exclaimed. "So these're the cards you can use to Pendulum Summon!" One student exclaimed in amazement.

"I want 'em so bad!" Another cried out in joy. But then, the student that guided the You Show Duel students to the Center Court took the cards from his two friends, making his point. "No can do! These don't belong to you guys... Ain't that right?" The student sneered, as he glanced at Yuya.

The three all made fake pouting noises as the student or I should say, the leader sneered at the guests. "After all, they're about to become a part of my collection." The student smirked. The other three snickered at that, while Yuya, Yuzu, and the three kids were shocked to to hear and see this.

I was shocked too, widening my eyes to see an LDS student going so low just to steal some rare cards! "Huh!?" Yuya gasped. "Hold on! What're you talking about!?" Yuzu snapped. The LDS student smirked, making his explanation to his guests, now enemies.

"I happen to fancy rare and powerful cards, you see. And I loathe tainting my collection by putting in weak cards... That's why I decided I'd be taking them!" The LDS student laughed. One of his minions laughed evilly at that, with Yuzu being furious at the realization of this new mess.

"So that's why you called us here!?" Yuzu snapped angrily. Yuya was angry too, until the leader of the group shrugged. "That's not the only reason. I figured I'd better try an' use 'em once I got 'em!" The leader explained. He pocketed the cards in his jacket before turning to his three friends.

"You guys want to see a Pendulum Summon, don'tcha?" The leader asked with a sneer. "Hell yeah I do!" "I'm dyin' to!" The minions exclaimed with eagerness. With that, the leader took out his Duel Disk, which was green. "That's why I reserved the center court." The leader added, as Yuya grew hesitant.

"H-Hold on!" Yuya started, only for the leader to walk to them with a sneer. "It's fine! We all came here to see the Pendulum Summon... didn't we now?" The leader taunted. He stretched Yuya's goggles, before slapping them back on, causing the Entertainment Duelist to fall back, wincing in pain.

"Big bro Yuya!" The blue haired kid gasped. Back to me, as I watched, I was furious. "To go so low to steal Pendulum Cards... That's what a third rate duelist would do! No... A hundredth rate!" I whispered angrily. I was angrier by the minute as the leader sighed, seeing that Yuya was hesitant to duel.

"And with that..." The leader smirked. He snapped his fingers, signaling his minions to do the work. Two of them grabbed Yuzu, much to her shock. "Huh!? What do you think you're doing!?" Yuzu snapped angrily. The two didn't respond as they dragged her away, with the tougher one grabbing the kids.

"Big Bro Yuya!" The three kids yelled togehter in despair. At this, the Entertainment Duelist grew shocked frantic of what to do. "Stop it! Let Yuzu and the kids go!" Yuya demanded. At that, the leader just gave a smirk. "No need for you to worry about them! I'm just gonna have them lend us a hand in our Duel." The leader explained.

"In our Duel?" Yuya repeated in confusion. At the question, the leader was reminded of something as he took out some cards. "Oh yeah, I'd feel bad that only you gave me cards, so... I'm givin' all of 'em to you!" The leader explained, throwing the cards at Yuya's feet, showing low leveled cards.

"Those trashy cards that fit you like a glove!" The leader laughed with an evil smirk. Yuya gree speechless with what his new enemy aid as he bit his lips. "You called them trashy? How could you...?" Yuya repeated as he knelt down, picking up the cards. With that, I've already had enough with this hundredth rate duelist.

I took a step forward, revealing myself. "That's enough out of you, you freak." I snapped coldly at the leader. He seemed to have heard me as he noticed my presence. "Huh!? And who might you be!?" The leader snapped. Yuya turned his attention towards me, along with his four friends and the leader's three minions.

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out, you freak. Going so low just to steal some csrds is just completely pathetic. You call yourself a strong duelist just by having rare cards, but... In reality, you're a third rate duelist... No... A hundredth rate duelist!" I snapped angrily, pointing at the leader with annoyance.

At the insult, the leader gritted his teeth, looking furious of what I had said. "What... did you... just say!?" The leader snapped. Yuya just watched in shock as I repeated my words. "A hundredth rate duelist! That's how pathetic you are, you freak!" I snapped again, leaving the leader to be furious once more.

He clenched his fists, as he glared at me with flames in his eyes. "Fine! You can suffer along in this duel! We'll make this a Battle Royal Duel! None of us can draw a card or attack at their first turn!" The leader snapped. I took out my black Duel Disk, setting it on my arm. "That's fine with me." I said calmly as Yuya got up, trying to stop me.

"Wait! You don't have to do this! This is my Duel! My Duel means mine alone!" Yuya pleaded. "Too late! Your new friend here has already stepped onto the danger zone, no longer allowed to back out! I'm gonna pick the field! Tower above us as you trap the frail princesses!" The leader yelled.

He snapped his fingers, calling for the Action Field. "Action Field, on! The Tower Prison of Dark Town!" The leader called. A Field Spell was selected, summoning a real life looking town, with Yuzu and the three kids screaming in shock. Chains spread around as a tower shot up beneath the four! "Guys!" Yuya gasped.

I gritted my teeth as the leader smirked, making himself a cool, yet a slacking pose. "Ya know, princesses need to be locked up in towers. Don't they?" The leader taunted. I turned to the leader as Yuya tried to run for his four friends. "Leave them out of us, you freak. They have nothing to do with this duel!" I demanded.

"Shut up! You don't give the orders! Besides, the duel's already been set up! Set up for you weirdo and Yuya." The leader retorted. Soon, we were all standing in the middle of the dark town on the path. Yuzu and the three kids were screaming in shock as they were on the top of the tower bridge. "Guys!" Yuya yelled.

I frowned, seeing how deeply concerned Yuya was for his friends until the leader made a deal to the Entertainment Duelist. "If you wanna save 'em, come an' duel against me with your new friend... Yuya-kun!" The leader taunted. I glared back at this hundredth rate duelist as Yuya glared back.

"Sawatari..." Yuya hissed as he took out his maroon Duel Disk. He activated it, forming a yellow blade as I activated mine. Sawatari... So that's this freak's name. My blue blade appeared as Sawatari's green blade appeared out of his green Duel Disk. What I didn't notice was Yuya had inserted one of the 'trashy' cards in his Deck.

"Yuya... You may not know who I am, but... Let's make this a good duel to save your friends." I declared, gaining Yuya's attention. "Right... Thank you, uh..." Yuya started to thank, until I realized he didn't know my name yet. "It's Hiroto. Sakamoto Hiroto." I responded, leaving him to nod. "Right... Thank you, Hiroto!" Yuya thanked.

The cards of our Decks shufffled as Sawatari called for his minions to say the Action Duel oath. "Looks like you and your new friend finally found your resolves! In that case, let's give this a go!" Sawatari called. With that said, the three minions of Sawatari began to say the Action Duel oath.

"These Duelists have gathered here in this fortress of battle!"

"They're gonna kick up dirt with their monsters and dash through the air..."

"...as they run through the field!"

"Behold, for this is the latest evolution of Dueling!"



Yuya LP 4000

Hiroto LP 4000


Sawatari LP 4000


Yuya LP 4000 x5

With the oath said, Action Cards exploded and had spread around the Dark Town, showing that the duel has begun. "I'm going first!" Yuya declared. He glanced at me as I nodded to him, allowing him to run around the town first to make his move. He nodded back as he took the stairs, leaving me to face Sawatari alone.

"I summon Performapal Whip Snake (1700/0800)!" Yuya called. A whip snake dressed as a performer appeared, coiling around Yuya's right arm. "Let's go, Whip Snake!" Yuya called. He launched the snake as it was used as a rope, allowing the Entertainment Duelist to swing across one building to another.

"Turn end!" Yuya called, ending his turn.

TURN 02:

Hiroto LP 4000 x5

"My turn!" I called. I ran across the town, hoping to find some Action Cards and to make some distance to Sawatari. I would have to support Yuya while aiming to defeat the hundredth rate Duelist at the same time! I looked at my hand while running, seeing what my first five cards were.

Dark End Soldier, Creature Swap, Light End Angel, Dark Bribe, and Negate Attack were in my hand as I took my monster out to make my defense. "I summon Light End Angel (1500/1000) in attack mode! Next, I'll set two cards facedown and end my turn." I called, ending my first turn.

Meanwhile, Light End Angel, the shining fairy monster helped me up in the air by pulling on my right arm, carrying me as we looked for some Action Cards as well.

TURN 03:

Sawatari LP 4000 x5

"It's my turn!" Sawatari called as he looked at his hand for a moment. He looked like he was about to summon or activate a card, only for him to stop, flinching for some reason. He began to sweat, before he chose another card to play. "I summon Lightning Hoverboard (1400/1200)!" Sawatari called.

An electric hoverboard monster appeared, allowing the master to ride on it. We all raced towards the bridge as Sawatari looks down at us, while I noticed him sneering at us. "Sure getting desperate there, Yuya-kun and Mr. Big Mouth... Well, that's also all a part of my plan." Sawatari sneered, as if he was taunting us.

"Sawatari, you..." I hissed in annoyance. I could only watch as Yuya got to the bridge first as I followed, with Gellenduo following by my side after I landed on the bridge. But there was one thing that Sawatari was right about... Yuya was desperate... Desperate to save his friends and to win this duel for his Pendulum Cards back.

"There! An Action Card!" Yuya called. I blinked to see an Action Card up ahead as the Entertainment Duelist grabbed it, with Whip Snake coiled around his right arm. But just as he picked it up, I gasped. "Wait, Yuya! That's not a Spell-" I tried to warn, only for it to be too late as Yuya looked at the card.

"Wha-!? A Trap!?" Yuya exclaimed in shock. Sawatari appeared on Yuya's Duel Disk, explaining the card. "It's an Action Trap called Break Shot. It decreases one of your monster's attack points by 900." Sawatari explained. "Not if I can help it! Activate Trap! Dark Bribe!" I called. The Counter-Trap had activated.

The sudden call left both Yuya and Sawatari surprised as I explained. "Dark Bribe is a Counter Trap that can negate and destroy a Magic or Trap card that's been activated! However, at that cost, the opponent gets to draw a card!" I explained. At that, the giant balls that were coming straight at us disappeared, allowing Yuya to draw a card.

"Thanks, Hiroto!" Yuya thanked with a smile. I nodded back as I looked around for some Action Cards as well. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. You sure are stupid! If not for your friend, your monster would've been weakened by now!" Sawatari lectured as I grumbled. "Why don't you keep those words to yourself until you beat both of us, you freak." I taunted.

At that, Sawatari once again grew furious until Yuya found another Action Card. "Here's another... What!? Break Shot again!?" Yuya gasped in shock. I sweat dropped, with Light End Angel shaking her head in disappointment as the giant pinballs rolled to our way again! "Ha! My point has been proven." Sawatari laughed.

Yuya screamed as he was forced to run on the pinball he was on while Whip Snake was weakened by the Trap (ATK: 1700 to 800). "As I was going to say, not all Action Cards have positive effects, you know? There's also some Trap Cards among them." Sawatari explained. While Yuya was shocked at this, I turned to see Yuya heading straight for a wall!

"Yuya, look out! In front of you!" I yelled desperately. But, it was too late as the Entertainment Duelist as he screamed, hitting his face against the bridge wall, while all the pinballs went past the bridge. However, it ended up causing a quake on the bridge above, causing the three kids and Yuzu to scream in panic.

"Whoooa!? We're done for!" The blue haired kid screamed as he fell on the tower's ground. The chubby one fell on hsi face before he started to slid off the building! "Ouch... AH! I'm falling!" The chubby kid screamed as he began to slide off the tower. I gasped, knowing ghat there was not much time before those four wouldn't make it!

Just in time, Yuzu managed to grab the kid's legs with the help of the red haired girl and the blue haired boy. "Futoshi-kun!" Yuzu shrieked as she held onto the boy's legs. At the sight of being very high up, the chubby kid, Futoshi, began to panic as tears welled up in his eyes, due to the thought of falling to his death.

"AHHHH! S-Save me!" Futoshi pleaded, as he sobbed loudly. Yuzu gritted her teeth, trying to comfort her little friend. "Hang on, Futoshi-kun!" Yuzu grunted as she held Futoshi tight. "Big Sis Yuzu!" The red haired girl sobbed along, hugging Yuzu. "Futoshi!" The blue haired boy grunted, as he tried to comfort the boy as well.

"Guys!" Yuya gasped. I gritted my teeth in frustration, before I noticed to see Sawatari planning to make an attack on Yuya! "Here goes a battle! I use Lightning Hoverboard to attack Whip Snake! Lightning Darts!" Sawatari yelled, pointing towards the weakened Whip Snake. I blinked, confused about something.

If we were having a duel in a Battle Royale Mode... then no one should be allowed to attack on the first turn! Argh, that cheat! My facedown card couldn't protect Yuya at this moment. By then, I noticed an Action Card and ran to grab it. I picked it up, revealing a Spell Card. "Action Magic, Avoid! Hoverboard's attack is negated!" I called.

"Ha! Not so fast! Action Magic, No Action! When my opponents use an Action Magic, then that card is negated and destroyed!" Sawatari laughed. "What!?" I was shocked to hear that as my Duel Disk showed that the Action Card was negated. Yuya saw this and attempted to save himself as well by finding another Action Card.


By the time the Entertainment Duelist found an Action Card, he grabbed it, only to get another shock of surprise. "Over there! An Action Card... Ah!? Another Trap?!" Yuya groaned, seeing another trap. Sawatari laughed at this and explained the details. "Sucks for you! It's the Action Trap, Jump Shot!" Sawatari laughed.

As he said that, a giant wall ball flew out of nowhere, slamming Whip Snake flat on the ground once again. "This time, it reduces a monster's ATK points by 400! Whip Snake is destroyed!" Sawatari explained. The trap did its work, affecting the entertainment monster greatly (ATK: 800 to 400).

By the time Whip Snake felt the attack, it exploded, reducing some of Yuya's Life Points!

Yuya LP 3000 x4

"C'mon, man! If you keep spacing out, you'll get hurt!" Sawatari taunted, leaving Hiroto grit his teeth. "That bastard... He's the one that brought the kids and Yuzu in this mess!" Hiroto thought angrily as Light End Angel helped him float across the air, as they looked for another Action Card.

However, Jump Shot didn't seem to be done as it nearly missed Yuya, while bouncing up in the air again. Yuzu and the three kids noticed and grew confused of what a ball was doing high up in the air. That question was already answered, as it slammed on the bridge once again, destroying it this time!

"No! It's going to make the tower fall...!" Hiroto gasped as he turned to his Fairy Monster. "Light End Angel, hurry!" Hiroto called. The fairy monster nodded and guided its duelist master to where the bridge was ruined, setting him down on the part of the bridge that wasn't ruined yet by the Action Trap.

"There's no chance that Yuya could've been able to survive that kind of fall... Just what kind of an Action Field is this!?" Hiroto thought angrily as Shingo ended his turn. "Turn end... Though, I guess this is the end of the tower." Sawatari sneered, as he saw the bridge fall down, leaving only a piece of the bridge on one side.

TURN 04:

Yuya LP 3000 x4

Hiroto ran over to where Yuya had fallen down, calling for him. "Oi, Yuya! You okay!?" Hiroto yelled. A screen opened up, revealing Sawatari's face. "Rather than being concerned for him, you should be concerned for yourself! After all, once I'm done with this failure, you're next, big mouth!" Sawatari warned, leaving the duelist to glare at his new enemy.

"Sawatari... You..." Hiroto hissed until he heard water, causing him to turn to see the Entertainment Duelist climb out of the water and pant. Yuya managed to make it back to the docks, showing that he was safe. "Guys!" Yuya called, looking up. Seeing Yuya look up made Hiroto look up, seeing that more of the tower was crumbling.

"Are you alright, Futoshi-kun!?" Yuzu grunted, holding onto Futoshi's hand tightly. "Big Sis! Big Sis Yuzu!" Futoshi cried desperately. The kid began to look like he's about to cry, as if he was going to fall any minute now. Hiroto gritted his teeth, knowing both he and Yuya don't have much time left before the tower collapses, which could result a devastating result.

"I've got to save them!" Yuya called out. A hologram screen appeared above Hiroto's Duel Disk blade, revealing Yuya's determined, yet desperate face. Sawatari's screen showed up as well. "Yeah, you should, Yuya-kun... If it ended here, the audience would be disappointed." Sawatari taunted, leaving Hiroto to scoff with disappointment.

"You're one to talk, especially since you left them to fall like that, you bastard!" Hiroto snapped angrily, as he glared at Sawatari's screen. "Oh, just shut up! You talk trash way too much, you big mouth!" Sawatari retorted, giving the Entertainment Duelist a chance to rescue his four friends. "My turn! I draw!" Yuya called.

He looked at the card he drew, before making his plan. "If going on land doesn't work... I summon Performapal Skeeter Skimmer (0500/1600) in attack mode!" Yuya called. He summoned a water mosquito looking monster with a performance outfit, allowing him to travel on water, while heading for the ruined tower.

"Guys! Hang on!" Yuya called. While Yuya did that, he ended his turn, allowing Hiroto to take his turn.


Hiroto LP 4000 x2

"My turn! I draw!... I summon... the Tuner Monster... Light End Shield (0000/2000) in defense mode!" Hiroto called, as a giant glowing shield appeared, floating besides the Light End Angel above Hiroto. That shocked both Yuya and Sawatari as the arrogant duelist widened his eyes in shock. "A Tuner Monster!?" Sawatari repeated.

"Don't tell me... You're a..." Yuya started, only for Hiroto to continue his turn. "And now, I tune my Level 4 Tuner Monster Light End Shield, and my Level 4 Light End Angel!" Hiroto called. At that, the glowing shield dispersed, creating four rings, scanning the Light End Angel to create a specific summoning method. "No way... Hiroto is a..." Yuya started.

He was interrupted as a bright light glowed, surrounding the user of his two Light Monsters. "Appear from the heavens of light! Shine upon the enemies that is destined to be destroyed by your power! Synchro Summon! Come forth! Level 8! Light End Dragon (2600/2100)!" Hiroto called, as he summoned his very own Synchro Monster.

A white dragon appeared, with four wings and golden armor, as it roared, shaking the ground, while startling Sawatari and amazing Yuya. At the top of the crumbling tower, Yuzu and the three kids were shocked to see the summoning method as well. "Synchro... Summon? That duelist... is a Synchro user?" Yuzu repeated in shock.

"Whoa! Is that a... Synchro dragon?" The blue haired boy asked in surprise. "Who cares! Help me, please!" Futoshi pleaded desperately as the red haired girl frowned. "Hold on, Futoshi! Remember what we said! We can't cry no matter what!" The red haired girl reminded, causing Futoshi to attempt to stop his crying.

Back at the duel, the Synchro user entered the Battle Phase while riding on his dragon, targeting Sawatari. "Battle! Light End Dragon, use your powers and attack Lightning Hoverboard! And because of Ligt End Shield's effect... Due to it being a Synchro Material for a Synchro Summon, Light End Dragon gains 400 ATK! Light End Strike Burst!" Hiroto yelled.

(Light End Dragon ATK: 2600 to 3000) The dragon of light shot a glowing yellow beam at Sawatari's monster, until the arrogant duelist quickly grabbed an Action Card, thanks to his monster. "Tch! Action Magic, Miracle! When this card is activated, Hoverboard's destruction is negated and the damage I take will be halved!" Sawatari smirked.

"In that case, I'll use Light End Dragon's effect! By reducing its ATK by 500, the monster that battles Light End Dragon... will lose 1500 ATK!" Hiroto explained. "What!?" Sawatari gasped. (Light End Dragon ATK: 3000 to 2500) The beam made a hit on Hoverboard, but with Miracle, the destruction was negated, despite of Sawatari losing some of his Life Points from the attack.

(Lightning Hoverboard ATK: 1400 to 0)

Sawatari LP 2750 x5

"Ngh... That was one hell of an attack... Lucky bastard..." Sawatari cursed as he regained his balance on his Hoverboard. "That should be enough punishment for you. I end my turn." Hiroto declared, as he stood on top of his dragon's head, preparing for Sawatari's next move for an attack.

TURN 06:

Sawatari LP 2750 x6

"My turn! Draw!" Sawatari called. He then narrowed his eyes, smirking where Yuya was headed. "I'll get a perfect zero... finisher in this turn!" Sawatari smirked. "What...!?" Hiroto snapped as he blinked, refusing to believe that as the arrogant duelist took his turn. The card he drew, made him smirk as he activated it.

"First, I'll tribute my Level Four Lightning Hoverboard to activate my Spell Card, Tribute Trade! And then, I can add a monster that's one level higher than the tributed monster from my Deck to my hand! I choose the Level 5, Stargazer Magician!" Sawatari explained, showing one of Yuya's stolen Pendulum Card.

Both Yuya and Hiroto widen their eyes, seeing the card in their opponent's hand. "Wh- Stargazer Magician!?..." Yuya gasped in surprise as the arrogant duelist sneered. "Yes. One of my Pendulum Cards." Sawatari chuckled darkly, until the Entertainment Duelist realized something about the card.

"But, you can't use one Pendulum Card by itself!" Yuya reminded, leaving Sawatari to laugh and sneer at Yuya. "What's so funny!?" Hiroto demanded, while his opponent laughed. "I told you both already, didn't I? I've been chosen!" Sawatar stated, leaving the Entertainment Duelist to widen his eyes in realization.

"It... can't be..." Yuya gasped as Sawatari sneered. "It's beyond possible. It's obvious... that the Timegazer Magician was in my hand from the beginning!" Sawatari explained, leaving the Synchro duelist to widen his eyes in shock. "And when you have those two cards together... Then, that means..." Hiroto started.

"Ha ha ha! That's right! The Pendulum Summon will start now!" Sawatari laughed. He then began to laugh hysterically until he heard a voice from his Duel Disk, unknown to both Yuya and Hiroto. "Set your Pendulum Cards." A voice ordered, leaving the arrogant duelist to stop laughing and blink. "H-Huh?" Sawatari yelped as the man gave him the same order.

"Set them... I use my Scale 1 Stargazer Magician..." The man started, causing Sawatari to follow along. "I... I use my Scale 1 Stargazer Magician..." Sawatari started, as Hiroto narrowed his eyes, preparing for the summon. "No way... To think that someone other than me..." Yuya started, leaving the Synchro duelist to glance at his partner.

"Yuya..." Hiroto whispered, feeling concerned for the Entertainment Duelist as he looked back at his arrogant opponent. "...and my Scale 8 Timegazer Magician..." The voice said in Sawatari's Duel Disk, forcing the duelist to follow along. "...and my Scale 8 Timegazer Magician..." Sawatari copied.

"...to set the Pendulum Scale!" "...to set the Pendulum Scale!" Both the voice and Sawatari said together. With that done, the two Pendulum Cards were slapped on both edges of the green blade Duel Disk. The word, PENDULUM, appeared, creating two pillar of lights, with Timegazer Magician appearing on the left with Scale 8, and Stargazer Magician on the right with Scale 1.

Voice / Sawatari - "Pendulum Summon!" "Pendulum Summon!"

At the call, three lights appeared out of a portal, as three monsters were summoned out to the field. "Level 5! Power Dart Striker (1800/0700)! Level 6! Rocket Dart Striker (1900/0100)! And finally, Level 7! Ultimate Dart Striker (2400/0300)!" Sawatari called, summoning his three darts shooting monsters.

At his three monsters appearing, the arrogant duelist was shocked and excited to see his three powerful monsters on his side of the field, while Hiroto was bewildered to see a new summoning type method. "Wow, awesome! So awesome! Pendulum Summoning rocks! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Sawatari laughed in amazement.

While the arrogant duelist laughed, the Entertainment Duelist wasn't smiling at all. In fact, he wasn't having fun, either. He was shocked and bewildered at the same time. "You're kidding... right?" Yuya whispered. "Yuya..." Hiroto whispered as Light End Dragon lowered down, next to where Yuya was riding on Skeeter Skimmer.

"Yuya...!" Yuzu gasped, as she was bewildered to see another person Pendulum Summoning as well. The three kids could only watch in shock as another boy with the lollipop could only watch to see the new summoning method. "This is... Pendulum Summon?" Hiroto whispered in surprise back at the duel.

He narrowed his eyes, seeing his opponent laughing maniacally. He clenched his fists, not noticing his pendant glowing for a moment and his Deck shining for a bit. He was too busy, thinking on how low his arrogant opponent was right now as he remained calm. "This isn't over yet..." Hiroto grunted.


At some other place, the man who ordered Sawatari to set the Pendulum Cards watched the screen where Sawatari was fighting against both Hiroto and Yuya. "Good..." The man replied as his glasses flashed for a moment as he narrowed his eyes.

Hiroto's DM Stats:

Wins/Losses: 0/0

Next duels:

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Next chapter preview:

Yuya: No way... To think that someone else other than me is able to use Pendulum Summon...

Hiroto: This is... Pendulum Summon? That doesn't matter! What matters is saving your friends, Yuya!

Sawatari: Idiots! You can't focus on the duel AND save your friends at the same time!

Yuzu: We can't give up! As long as Yuya and that duelist doesn't give up, then so can't we!

Yuya: I will save Yuzu and the others! I'll even put on a great entertainment for everyone!

Hiroto: This is... an Entertainment Duel? No one seems to be enjoying this, though...

OC Cards:

Light End Angel / LIGHT / Fairy / LV 4 / ATK: 1500 DEF: 1000 / Effect: If this monster is destroyed by battle, summon two Light End Tokens (LV 1 / LIGHT / ATK: 0100 DEF: 0100) on your side of the field. They cannot be used for tribute.

Dark End Soldier / DARK / Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 1400 DEF: 0800 / Effect: When this monster is Summoned to the field, lower all your opponent's non-Dark and Light Type monsters' Attack Points by 300.

Light End Shield / LIGHT / Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 0000 DEF: 2000 / Tuner / Effect: If this monster is used for a Synchro Material for a Light Synchro Monster, then the Synchro Monster gains 400 Attack Points.