A/N I've wanted to put these characters together for some time so here it is... a prequel of sorts. Before Meredith Grey became a doctor, before Olivia Benson became an SVU detective, two people unwanted by their mothers struggle with the reality that some things never change, and the only thing that can change is themselves.

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New York City 1996

"Got my coffee?" Olivia asked as she leaned against the door of the patrol car.

"'Course," Her rookie partner Mikey D'Angelo handed her the hot paper cup.

"Thanks," she smirked, taking a sip. "God I hate graveyard shift." She plopped in the drivers seat and slid the coffee into the beverage holder.

"Well it's a Friday, so there'll probably be lots of action tonight."

Olivia raised an eyebrow. Mikey didn't realize what he was getting into. "It's Friday, and school's out for summer, you know what that means?"


"Breaking up a lot of house parties. Hope you like the smell of vomit."


She popped the key into the ignition and started the car. Time to start patrol. "And urine. Gonna be a long night Mikey, settle in."



So far it hadn't been too bad, they'd broken up a couple parties, resolved a domestic dispute, and assisted in finding an old man who'd wandered off and gotten lost. Mikey had proven to be a decent partner, if not a little naive. It was almost three a.m and Olivia considered making another coffee stop. They were halfway through the shift, maybe it wouldn't be so bad afterall.

"Oh, check that out," Mikey said, pointing out the passenger side window. A group of about twenty young people gathered on the front lawn of a two-storey house. Loud music emanated from inside, and a plethora of bottles and cans littered the ground. Olivia hit the siren for a few quick whoops, scattering the majority of the group.

She pulled the car up to the sidewalk and got out. "Call it in, D'Angelo"

He muttered the code for a disturbance on the radio, and the two of them approached the house, ignoring the surly gazes of the few that remained. The front door was wide open, so Olivia marched right up to it. "Police! Who lives here?" She demanded. She was met with empty looks, nobody wanted to own up. "Who's place is this?"

"Alright," Mikey said, his hand casually resting on his belt, "If you don't live here, scram, or I'll card you all. How many of you are twenty-one huh?"

Several of them mumbled and shuffled out. Olivia hit the power button on the stereo. She revelled in the silence that followed. But it didn't last.

"Get off me!" A woman yelled from upstairs. "I said no!"

Olivia shot a look to her partner and jogged to the staircase. "Police!" She called out. "Stop what you're doing!" Her feet pounded hard up the steps and she quickly ascertained sounds of a struggle from the second door on the right. She grabbed the knob and pushed the door open, thankful the door wasn't locked. She'd definitely interrupted something.

The young man was pulling his pants on, looking obviously flustered and nursing a bruise on the left side of his face. The woman, or girl more like, leaned against the dresser half dressed and distraught. She looked at Olivia with a mixture of fear and relief. Olivia took another second to examine the scene around her. On the floor was a half empty bottle of cheap tequila. A pair of woman's jeans lay discarded by the bed, along with a black t-shirt she presumed to be the man's.

"Nothing happened," the girl said quickly. She clutched at her tank top, revealing red knuckles. "I was just leaving..." She wobbled over to the bed and bent down slowly to pick up her jeans. It was clear that she was quite intoxicated.

"I didn't do anything." The guy said, raising his palms up. "We were... and she said no, so..." His face flushed and he looked downward.

"Uh huh." Olivia said, skeptical.

"Everything okay up here?" Mikey called. Olivia waved him into the room.

"Is this your house?" Olivia asked the man.

"Uh... it's my parents."

"Where's your parents?"

"Vacationing in the Hamptons."

"What's your name?"

"Sean Perry."

"Okay Sean, you're going to go into the next room and talk to my partner D'Angelo about how you got that bruise over your eye, and what you're doing allowing a minor drink alcohol in your home."

"Oh... Okay." He brushed his short sandy hair with his hand and walked past Olivia. Mikey followed him, looking concerned.

Olivia watched him go and sighed. As she updated dispatch on the situation, she kept her eye on the lone figure in the room. When she was done, she took a couple steps forward. "Care to tell me what happened?"

"Nothing. Nothing happened, okay?"

"Something happened. Let's just start at the begining. What's your name?"



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