Comfort: Dragon Slayer Style

Ch. 1. Purring - Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel

By. Fanficer21


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This fanfiction was based on a dream that I had, and I just had to write it down.

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It was a lazy, rainy day at the guild. Some teams were out on missions, others stayed home. Yet, there were still the usual members there. Lucy and Levy were chatting about her novel. Erza was at the counter eating her strawberry cake. Mira stood at the counter serving beverages and food, or cleaning glasses. Cana sat at her bar stool, drinking her liquor. Elfman and Gray sat at a table with Macao, Wakaba, and Romeo, having a conversation about being manly. Juvia wasn't far off, eyeing her man continuously. But the one thing they all had in common, was to randomly glance at the three dragon slayers in a corner of the guild every couple of minutes.

No one was really sure why they decided to sit beside each other on a couch. Their Exceeds were all on a mission together, leaving them bored and tired. Natsu was already asleep. He was slumped back against the soft cushion, dark rings under his eyes. For some reason, he hadn't been getting enough sleep. His mouth open slightly as small snores escaped his lips. Beside him, Gajeel looked cranky, his arms folded across his chest. A deep frown on his pierced face. If looks could kill, everyone in the guild would be dead by now. And beside him, Wendy sat still, quietly looking at her thumbs as they twiddled in her lap. Her feet lightly kicking up and down like a small child would often do.

All of sudden Natsu leaned heavily against Gajeel's shoulder, causing everyone in the room to hold their breath and watch carefully. They wondered if their pinkette was going to get punched into oblivion or killed right there. What happened instead made everyone's eyes bug and jaws drop to the floor.

Gajeel unfolded his arms, and moved his right arm that Natsu leaned against so it was behind the fire dragon slayer, allowing Natsu to fall onto his lap. Snaking his arms beneath the pinkette's waist, he pulled the boy further onto his lap so that his left side rested on his legs. Natsu's arms fell between both slayers, hanging off the couch. His head found its way onto Wendy's lap, where she proceeded to weave her fingers through the pink locks with one hand, humming gently. Her other hand slid along his face and neck in a comforting motion. Her fingers tracing invisible designs that soothed the dragon beneath her. Natsu continued to snore lightly, his mouth closed before opening it again after swallowing. A look of contentment crossing his features.

Bringing their attention back to Gajeel, the guild mates watched curiously as the iron dragon slayer gently rubbed Natsu's shoulder, where his Fairy Tail mark sat, in a circular motion with on hand. His other hand moved gently up and down the naked arm, before down to the side of Natsu's waist, and ended at his hip. His hand promptly made its way down to the boy's stomach, caressing the strong abs beneath the one sleeved coat. Gajeel then moved his hand up to Natsu's chest, his strong fingers massaging the toned muscles of the sleeping dragon's chest before sliding it back down to his stomach and back up again, continuing the motions several times. Natsu's snoring was louder this time, but it didn't sound like snoring anymore.

"Is...Is Natsu purring?!" Erza asked, stopping her piece of cake from entering her mouth. A moment later, everyone surrounded the three dragon slayers, remaining quiet as to not wake the sleeping dragon. They all observed their guildmate's face. He looked so much younger, save the dark rings beneath his eyes. His hair fell in his face, covering the tops of his eyelids. High cheekbones stood out along his tanned skin. Long eyelashes touching the tops of the cheekbones. His defined jaw stood out, even with his mouth slightly parted. All in all, he looked quite handsome.

"He is purring! That's so adorable!" Mira said softly, an internal squeal going on inside her head.

"Purring is manly." Elfman whispered.

"..." Erza didn't say anything. Rather, she looked like she had just seen the cutest thing in the world. Her eyes sparkled as heat rose to her face. She had the sudden urge to pet her teammate.

"Who knew a dragon could purr?" Cana mumbled, taking another drink from her barrel.

"There's no way I'll let him live this down." Gray, in nothing but his boxers, said behind his hand, trying to stifle a laugh.

"Juvia wishes her Gray-sama would do that for her." Juvia wiggled in her position beside Gray with hearts in her eyes, making him back away, slightly blushing.

"Keep it down would ya! You'll wake him up!" Gajeel growled softly, his ministrations never ceasing.

"Yes, please let him sleep. He's very tired." Wendy whispered, taking her hand from the pink hair to place a finger to her lips. Everyone held their breath when Natsu shifted his head on the sky dragon slayer's lap, searching for the comforting touch. His purring softened, a disgruntled look on his sleeping face. He settled instantly when she wove her fingers back into his soft, pink locks, her fingers gently rubbing his scalp in circular motions.

"Why are you guys...?" Someone asked, but didn't finish. Not sure how to word what the dragon slayers were doing.

"We're dragon slayers, raised by dragons. Our personal space, customs, and other stuff are not the same as yours." Gajeel grumbled quietly, getting annoyed with the audience watching them.

"What Gajeel means is that we do what we saw or were told by our dragon parents about things. Right now we are comforting Natsu. Dragons are very affectionate and romantic creatures. They can sense other dragons' emotions. They mate for life, never looking to another dragon's mate or finding a new one for themselves. They have no personal boundaries when showing comfort to one another. They simply give it because they know that if they were to switch places, they would receive the same amount of comfort. As dragon slayers, we show the same affection to those we love and our friends. In other words, we too will mate for life, give and receive comfort, and so on." Wendy explained softly, brushing the hair away from Natsu's eyes before trailing a finger down
his nose, and then back into his hair. The crowd's expressions showing understanding and looks of awe. Lucy, Levy, and Romeo blushed at the part with mates for life.

"That's so sweet." Lucy whispered after a long silence, a loving smile on her face as she watched her best friend continue to sleep, his mouth slightly open as he continued to purr. She wasn't sure if she wanted to pet him or kiss him at the moment. A blush rising to her face at the latter thought.

The room went quiet again when Natsu once again shifted, he stretched his arms at his sides, pressing against Gajeel's hand now massaging his waist. The fire dragon slayer's chest arched as he leaned his head back into Wendy's stomach. Natsu opened his mouth in a wide yawn, exposing his sharp fangs for all to see. A deep growl escaping his throat, causing just about everyone to take a few steps back. Gajeel and Wendy chuckled slightly at that. Natsu shifted again, his eyelids fluttering slightly as he began to wake up. Everyone took that as their cue to leave.

Onyx eyes fluttered open, blinking several times to ward off slumber. Looking around Natsu noticed it was just him, Wendy, and Gajeel on the couch. Everyone else was disbursed around the guild, pretending to look busy, but kept giving subtle looks to the three dragon slayers. Small smiles on their faces.

"Mm...feels nice." Natsu mumbled, closing his eyes again and smiling at the comforting touches of his fellow slayers. Before he knew it, the fire dragon slayer fell back asleep, purring once again.


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