Comfort: Dragon Slayer Style

By. Fanficer21

Chapter 12 - Instinctive Children - NaLu and GaLe


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The guild hall was relatively quiet, compared to the usual energy. Low chatter could be heard from various tables, the inhabitants holding their own private, or community conversations. The chatter died down though, when the doors opened, revealing a tired looking Wendy. Charle floated near her. They were followed by two loud voices, shouting at each other. But the voices sounded a little higher in pitch.

Everyone's jaws hit the floor when Natsu and Gajeel walked into the guild, their bodies shrunken into the size of children. Perhaps seven years of age or so. "If you hadn't gotten in the way, we wouldn't be in this mess!" Gajeel growled, pressing his forehead against Natsu's as he glared at the pinkette.

"Oh, so it's my fault now?!" Natsu bit back, punching the ebony. Growling, Gajeel punched him back, a bout of roughhousing ensuing. Wendy just sighed as she made her way towards the bar, taking a seat next to Lucy. The blonde watched the two younger dragon slayers fight, her eyes wide.

"What happened, Wendy?" Lucy asked, taking a sip of her strawberry milkshake. She watched as the bluenette rested her head on the counter, a groan escaping her throat.

"They are both idiots, that's what!" Charla spoke up as she sat on the counter near Wendy's head. "The mayor wanted to reward us for doing such a good job with this last mission. He let us take any magical item from his supply. But those two over there started a little brawl and activated some kind of reversal magic or something. The mayor wasn't too pleased with his supply being jumbled about, so he kicked us out."

"Do you know if the magic is temporary or permanent?" Lucy asked, shaking her head as she took another sip of her drink. "The mayor said it should wear off in a day or two." Wendy said softly, her face still pressed on the counter as she took a deep breath. Lucy released a sigh as well, not liking the idea of taking care of a smaller, more energetic Natsu. All grown up, Natsu was a handful. She didn't want to picture him being even more crazy.

Everyone ignored the two fighting dragon slayers. If Gray were there, he would have joined in the fray, but he was out on a job with Juvia.

It wasn't until half an hour later that the guild realized how quiet it was. Looking at the male dragon slayers, their eyes widened at the sight of them on the floor, breathing heavily as they tried to catch their breaths. They watched as Natsu got to his feet, stumbling his way towards the nearest table, which happened to be where Laxus and the others sat. Natsu leaned on the bench heavily as he pressed his face and side against Laxus's left arm, causing the lightening dragon slayer to stop his conversation and look at the young pinkette. He noticed that Natsu's eyes were closed, a small purr escaping his throat as he rubbed his head against the large coat. The next moment, Natsu's hand slipped, making him fall on the bench unceremoniously as small snores soon followed.

Rolling his eyes with a smirk, Laxus got up from the bench, grabbing the young dragon slayer by the waist, and lifting him into his arms. He slowly maneuvered the boy until his head rested on the strong shoulder, the blonde's arms moving around Natsu's back and bottom to hold him up. Laxus rocked the sleeping pinkette in his arms, humming softly. He buried his nose into the soft, pink hair, nuzzling the boy's scalp in a, fatherly way. He had no idea what he was doing, but he must have been doing something right with the way everyone was cooing at him. A blush crossed his face when he saw Mira with her hands on her chest, looking like she was in love.

Readjusting the youth, Laxus felt Natsu shift a little. The boy nuzzled his face into the blonde's neck, breathing in the scent of an oncoming storm. The pinkette's little arms wrapped around his neck gently as he continued to snore softly. He rubbed the youth's back gently, thinking if this is what it's like to have children. His eyes immediately found Mira, a blush coming to his face again.

Laxus was torn from his reverie when he felt a tug on his large coat. Turning around slowly, as not to jostle Natsu, he looked down to find the young Gajeel. The iron dragon slayer gave a look of expectation while holding his arms up towards the blonde. Laxus wasn't sure how to hold two kids, but he might as well try. Gently shifting Natsu to one side, he held him firmly in place with one arm. The other arm encircled around Gajeel's waist as he bent down carefully. Laxus also nuzzled his nose into Gajeel's hair, eliciting a soft purr from the ebony.

When he felt his arms getting tired from the constant weight, about twenty minutes later, he moved to the couch. Sitting down, he readjusted the sleeping kids to sit on his legs, their sides were pressed against the his chest. Their heads on both shoulders. Feeling extremely comfortable, Laxus decided that he too needed a nap. Resting his head on the back of the couch, he allowed the darkness to take him, ignoring the girly squeals and snaps of pictures being taken.


A few hours had past, and Laxus was awoken by his team. They picked a request for them to do, and decided to wake the slumbering blonde after he got some sleep. Looking down, he saw the kids still asleep, but in more awkward positions. Natsu had shifted his position to lay across the blonde's legs, his head and back hung off the couch. His vest discarded on the floor, leaving his bare chest exposed. Meanwhile, Gajeel's legs were on either side of Laxus's head, his arms wrapped around Natsu's waist as he buried his face in the pinkette's stomach.

Shaking his head at their new positions, Laxus gently moved Gajeel's legs down. He then carefully removed the ebony's arms from around Natsu's waist, before placing him on the cushion beside him. Next, he dug his hands beneath Natsu's warm back and head, sitting him up until the pinkette's head was resting against his chest. He took the fallen vest from Evergreen's hand and slowly put it back on Natsu without waking him up. When he finished, he carefully got up with Natsu still in his arms. Turning around, he carefully placed Natsu down on the cushion beside Gajeel.

The two young dragon slayers immediately sought each others contact while still sleeping. They looked like a few puppies or kittens cuddling together. Gajeel's face was once again buried in Natsu's stomach, his arms wrapped tightly around the boy. Natsu flung his arms over Gajeel's side, his face pressed against the fabric on his waist. Before standing up and leaving the guild with his team, Laxus brushed the hair from their faces, followed by a soft nuzzle to their foreheads and hairlines. He felt like a mother dragon, and for some reason he just didn't care what anyone thought.


Another hour passed before the young dragon slayers woke up. Natsu woke first. Stretching his arms and back, he let out a cute little growl as he yawned, showing off his little fangs. Gajeel woke up next because of Natsu's movement. A few minutes later, they were both sitting on the couch, their feet touching the floor as they rubbed their tired eyes. Hearing his stomach growl, Natsu immediately ran to the counter and climbed onto one of the bar stools. Laying his chest and arms on the counter, he whined for Mira to get him something good to eat. Mira responded with a chuckle as she brushed her fingers through his hair. Her chuckle soon turned into a laugh when the boy leaned into her touch as he closed his eyes, a soft purr coming from his closed mouth.

A few minutes later, Natsu was eating a plate of flames. When he was finished, he looked around the guild to see Gajeel sitting at a table with Levy and Pantherlily. In front of the iron dragon slayer was a pile of metal trinkets he found around the guild, and some he stole from unsuspecting members. His dragon senses were giving him the need to hoard things that were precious, valuable to him, or just shiny. Feeling the competitive desire to hoard the things he liked was also surging through Natsu's mind. Finding an empty table on the other side of the guild hall, he began collecting random things he liked, placing them on the table.

Looking around the guild some more, Natsu found Happy talking to Charle. Running up to him, he grabbed the cat and ran to his table, putting Happy down. He started nuzzling Happy's face with his nose, causing the cat to purr softly. Happy was happy at the show of affection. It'd been a while since Natsu nuzzled his face like this. Everyone in the guild was awwing at the cuteness of the pinkette, and the ebony as they continued to hoard and show affection.

When the guild doors opened, Natsu perked up at the scent of Lucy. Running up to her, he went behind her and pushed her to his table, making her sit down. Lucy just looked at everyone with a questioning gaze as Natsu gathered more stuff to place at his pile of treasure.

"Happy, what is Natsu doing?" She asked the blue cat, not at all shocked by his child-like antics. Happy just shrugged his shoulders with a laugh. "He's hoarding what's precious to him." He replied, suddenly taking a fish that Natsu found somewhere and offered to him. Lucy just blushed at his words. She was precious to Natsu? She knew he was her best friend, but did the pinkette consider her something a little more?

Looking to the other side of the guild, the blonde noticed Gajeel getting really cuddly with Levy, making the bluenette blush like crazy. The iron dragon slayer practically straddled Levy's lap, his arms wrapped around her neck and head resting on her shoulder. He glared at Jet and Droy, growling, "Mine!" The duo looked at the boy with anger, getting ready to pick a fight with him.

"Ummm...I wouldn't do that...If I were you." Wendy spoke up quietly, drawing the attention of those around her. "Gajeel is following his instincts, and it could end badly if you try to take away what he thinks belongs to him." The bluenette finished, drawing something on the floor with her foot, a small blush on her face.

Levy's blush was a darker shade, thinking about what Wendy said. 'What he thinks belongs to him?' The Solid Script mage thought to herself as she felt the strong arms around her tighten more. In all honesty, she was glad that this dragon slayer liked her. Because she liked him too. Maybe now it would be easier for both of them to confess, rather than keep it inside. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a dragon slayer as a boyfriend. Gajeel was strong, protective, possessive, fierce, reliable, and incredibly loyal. Deep down, she knew he was just a big softie.

Wrapping her arms around Gajeel's back, Levy rubbed her hands up and down the fabric. After a few rubs she felt him relax into her, a soft purr escaping his throat. Her blush deepened at the thought of confessing to him. But that could wait a little longer. She heard a "Gihi", followed by the angered growls of her Shadow Gear companions. The bluenette just rolled her eyes, before looking to see how Lucy was doing with Natsu. She bit back a laugh at the sight of Natsu climbing the blonde's back like a monkey.

Lucy was getting annoyed by her best friend climbing all over her. She wished he could just sit still, but knew that was impossible. The man was just hyperactive all the time. But then again, that's what she loved about him, among other things. Her reverie was broken when she heard someone coming her way.

"Oi, flame brain! Stop crawling on your girlfriend and fight me!" A half naked Gray shouted, just returning from his job and itching for a fight. He didn't care if Natsu was a kid at the moment. But No one, well, not everyone expected what happened next. Natsu swung to sit on Lucy's lap, he growled at Gray before shouting, "Mine!" A second later, he buried his face in her breasts, causing the blonde's face to explode with a blush. Steam rose from her face, as everyone's jaws dropped.

"D-Did Natsu just...?"

"Who knew he had it in him!"

"Hah! You owe me 20 jewels. Pay up!"

"Natsu is the MAN!"

Embarrassed, Lucy jumped up and ran out of the guild, Natsu still clinging to her.


Once they reached Lucy's apartment. Natsu ran and jumped towards the bed, ready to sink into the soft mattress, until he was grabbed in mid air. Struggling in the hold, he giggled as he turned his head to face Lucy. His eyes widenened when he saw the playful look in her eyes. Before he knew it, she threw him on the bed, his back hitting the mattress as he bounced slightly. His arms and legs were sprawled about, chest and stomach exposed as his vest slid to the bed.

Natsu squealed loudly when Lucy pounced, pinning his legs to the mattress. Her fingers roamed his stomach, sides, and chest as she mercilessly tickled him. He grabbed her hands, but was unsuccessful in removing the fingers tracing his sensitive skin.

"Luuuusssshhhhhyyyy! Sttttooooooo-hahaha-oooppppp hahaha-it!"

"Never!" Lucy laughed, only tickling the boy more.

After about a few minutes of tickling, Natsu lay on the bed gasping for air, a laugh still escaping every few seconds. His arms lay spread out above his head after giving up on trying to get Lucy's fingers off him, his chest heaving. Turning his head to look at the blonde, a wide grin spread across his face, his breathing still coming out in huffs.

Bending forward, Lucy brushed his pink hair from his forehead before softly kissing the warm skin. When she lifted her head, she noticed his face matched his hair. A blush rushed to her face too, remembering that he still had all his grown up memories. Well, if he liked this kiss, she would have to kiss him again when he was in his adult body. She didn't realize she had a sly grin on her face until she felt Natsu struggling beneath her, his blush only increasing.

Shaking her head from her thoughts, she pinned the struggling boy down, before smirking. "Time for round two!" She shouted before bringing her mouth down to his stomach, pressing her lips against the heated skin. She blew a raspberry causing Natsu to shriek, his arms flailing about as her breath tickled him. Moving her mouth around his stomach, she continued to blow powerful raspberries that left the boy laughing and gasping for air once again.

When she was out of breath, Lucy used an edge of her blanket to wipe the spit off Natsu's stomach, giving the boy time to get his own breathing under control as well. "I'm going to make us a little snack. I'll be back in a few minutes." She said as she patted his stomach before getting up and walking to the kitchen. Natsu just nodded his head, rolling over and crawling towards the head of the bed. Lifting the blanket, he crawled under the covers before curling up in the darkness.

When Lucy returned, sliced sandwiches and hot chocolate in hand, she noticed a small lump under her blankets. In any other situation, she would have given the pinkette a 'Lucy Kick'. But this was different. He was a kid again, and she enjoyed playing around with him, it brought back memories of when she was with her mother. Putting the plate and cups down, she crawled onto the bed, hearing soft giggles underneath the blankets. Slowly pulling the covers back, she saw Natsu's cute smile before he buried his face between the mattress and his hands to block his eyes from the light.

"I see you, my little dragon!" Lucy said playfully, tickling Natsu's arms with her fingers, cauisng the boy to laugh some more. A moment later, he pounced on her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his face into her stomach. Lucy brushed her fingers through his pink hair, enjoying how soft it was beneath her touch. Her other hand rubbed soothing circles on his back, causing the young dragon slayer to purr like a cat.

They were soon startled from their moment when a knock sounded on the door. "Lu-chan! Can I come in? I need your help!" Whined Levy's voice on the other side of the door. Covering the pinkette's ears, Lucy shouted, "The door's open, Levy!" She didn't want to hurt his sensitive ears. Hearing the door open, Lucy saw her blue haired friend enter the apartment, a look of desperation on her face.

Lucy had to stifle a laugh, her hand covering her mouth. Gajeel was on Levy's back, his legs wrapped around her waist. His arms were either on her shoulders or messing up her hair. The bluenette's head band was now in Gajeel's hair, having claimed it as his own.

"Lu-chan! Help me please!" She whined again, entering the bedroom. She stopped when she saw the pinkette laying down with his arms around her best friend's waist, face pressed into her stomach.

"H-How do you handle Natsu so well? I can't keep Gajeel still enough to do anything!" Levy cried, moving towards the bed. Lucy just looked down at the pinkette, his face was calm and his eyes were closed, but she knew he was awake and aware of their company. Brushing her fingers through his hair again, she shrugged her shoulders when looking back at Levy.

"I'm not sure, Levy. I guess I'm just so used to him being around all the time that it just seems natural to act this way." She said, hoping it answered the script mage's question. Levy just sighed, sitting on the bed, feeling Gajeel move off her shoulders and sit beside her. Looking at him, she noticed that he was looking at Natsu.

Smirking, while muttering a "gihi", Gajeel moved to poke the pinkette's waist. Natsu squeaked, curling up around Lucy's waist even more. Lifting his head slightly, he glared at Gajeel from the corner of his eye. He was about to mutter some curse, until his stomach growled. A blush made its way across his features, causing him to bury his face in Lucy's tank top again. Pressing her fingers lightly against her pinkette's stomach, she tickled the skin again, making Natsu curl up even more. "Is my little dragon hungry?" She cooed softly. One of his hands tried to push her hand away, causing Lucy to chuckle. Reaching for the plate, she pulled it towards her.

Placing the sandwiches in between them all, she grabbed a small wedge, giving it to Natsu. Levy watched as Gajeel grabbed one and sniffed it, before shoving it in his mouth. She too chuckled when his eyes widened, reaching for another slice. Still laying down, Natsu reached his arm behind him, grabbing another slice. He was too comfortable, and had no intention of moving from his position.

While the dragons ate their snack, the girls chatted about books, Lucy's story, their latest missions, and anything else they could think of while sitting on the bed and petting their boy's. Before they knew it, both dragon slayers were asleep. Gajeel cuddled up against Levy's side, while Natsu didn't move far from Lucy's lap. Both girls enjoyed the hot chocolate while sharing stories of their slayers, now that they weren't listening to the conversation.


When morning came, Lucy opened her eyes to the sun shining through the window. She and Levy had fallen asleep not long after Natsu and Gajeel. Moving to stretch her stiff muscles, she found she couldn't get very far. Her arms were pinned to her sides by a large, tanned arm wrapped around her waist. Suddenly aware of the hot breath against her chest, she looked down, blushing at Natsu's head resting on her shoulder. His face pressed against her chest as he slept soundly.

Only now did Lucy realize that he was his adult self again. His toned chest and stomach pressing against her side, causing her to blush even more. Looking to Levy, she had to hold back a laugh, seeing her best friend practically buried beneath the adult, iron dragon slayer. The bluenette's arms wrapped around his neck as they shared a kiss.

Carefully sliding an arm from beneath Natsu's, Lucy brushed the back of her fingers along the pinkette's cheek, before weaving them into his hair. Feeling Natsu shift slightly, a soft moan escaping his mouth at the massage he was getting. Opening his mouth widely, he released a yawn, doing his best not to growl. When he closed his mouth, one of his fangs accidentally trailed along the blonde's skin, causing her to shiver at the contact.

Lucy was slightly disappointed when the heated arm left her waist a little as Natsu shifted to rest on his elbows. His onyx eyes looked into her brown ones, a look of confusion on his face. "What happened?" He asked after yawning again, scratching the side of his head. Looking at Lucy for an answer, he noticed that she wasn't looking at his eyes, but rather his lips.

Realizing how close they were, he started to back up, giving her some space, until she stopped him with her hand. Her fingers gently touched his mouth before sliding her hand to his cheek, her thumb brushing along his slightly parted lips, pulling him closer to her. A blush on both of their faces as they were mere inches apart.

With a devious look in his eyes, Natsu suddenly wrapped his arms around Lucy's waist once again, before rolling over so she lay on top of him. Rolling her eyes with a smile, she placed her hands on his chest, dipping her head lower to press her lips against his.

Neither felt the shift in the bed as Levy and Gajeel left the room to continue their little make-out session. All they registered were their mouths moving in sync, and the love they felt for each other. In the other room, Gajeel had Levy pressed against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist as their lips molded perfectly together.

That day, both dragon slayers had claimed their mates. The women they would love and cherish for eternity.


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