Chapter 43

Kagome sighed, settling herself deeper into the bathes. The water lapped at her chin from her movement, and her eyes closed in contentment. Overall, Kagome's pregnancy was going well, and was quite easy. She just had boughts of exhaustion and heartburn. Which was a lot better than what she could have had. She had heard horror stories of pregnancies, and she would never take her so far easy pregnancy for granted. She was only two weeks along, but she assumed compared to a regular pregnancy she would be about three months or so. That's if her math was right, which could always be wrong. She had never been that good at math.

She was only thankful that she didn't have another thing to deal with on top of everything else. She was still training her armies, just more on the side lines now. Sesshomaru was in the middle, more hands on and being sure they were fighting as they should while Kagome gave the orders. It worked, but Kagome felt left out. And she knew that would only increase as she grew with her baby. However, she knew that while she was pregnant, she needed to be more cautious. It wasn't just her anymore.

Which was what brought her to the springs to soak. Sesshomaru was going to train the armies for a few hours, then he was going to confront their pack. She needed to be there for that, and Sesshomaru didn't want her to be too stressed so he ordered her to the springs to spend the morning to relax. He would retrieve her when it was time to meet with the others. She couldn't really find it in her to argue. She really has been so tired this morning.

Kagome's eyes opened as the shoji door slide open, and she smiled expecting to see Sesshomaru there. That smile dropped as Satori stood at the edge of the spring, looking down warily to the miko who was glaring in return. Her fingers fidgeted in nervousness, though she tried to hide it. This was the first time Kagome had seen the female since they had their altercation a few weeks back.

"May I join?" Satori asked, and Kagome's eyes widened for a second before she nodded and motioned towards the warm spring. She of course pointed to the opposite side. The two weren't exactly friendly at the moment and Kagome still wanted to keep her at arms length. At least until she knew what Satori was doing there. The woman could either want to make peace, or be planning something else to ruin what Kagome and Sesshomaru had.

Satori nodded at Kagome's silent orders and made her way to the opposite side of the spring. She carried no modesty as she began to disrobe, letting the clothing trail behind her. By time she reached the waters edge, she was already naked, not bothering with covering any part of herself. Kagome could admit satori was beautiful. Even after giving birth to Sesshomaru, and living as long as she had, Satori still looked to be young. That was also the yokai blood flowing through the veins of the demoness. The only imperfection on the woman was a long scar along her abdomen, which was weird in itself. Demons don't scar, unless the wound was caused by reiki, and if that was the case, Satori was much stronger than she let on.

Satori stepped into the water, not looking towards Kagome. The hint the miko had to tell her Satori was still watching her was the twitching of the females ear as Kagome moved slightly. Still though, Satori continued, not stopping until she was sitting in the water, her entire body covered up to her breast. Her eyes never left Kagome's, as if penetrating the miko's skin, and seeing deep into her soul.

Kagome shivered, her blue eyes never leaving gold. If Satori wasn't going to look away, then neither was she. But she also wasn't going to be intimidated. So, while she never looked away, Kagome began to bathe, waiting on the demon to speak. Satori was here for a reason, and soon enough she wouldn't be kept quite for long.

Satori herself began to bathe, and eventually she looked away, letting Kagome relax for a bit. The both washed themselves in a tense silence. Neither one knowing what to say. Satori was waiting for something, and she wasn't good at small talk, so she was copying Kagome. If they kept busy, they had a reason to not to talk, and that was good enough for both of them at the moment.

Just as they both finished, the shoji door screen slide open again with a bang, and Sesshomaru rushed in, almost feral as he snarled at his mother. He had smelt his mothers scent outside the rooms, and knowing that these two together could never spell out anything good. They didn't know how to get along, and his mother already proved to be untrustworthy.

"Sheath your claws, my son. This one is not here to hurt the miko or you." Satori admitted, not moving from her spot. She knew Kagome was pupped, and Sesshomaru would be a lot more protective now than he ever was. One wrong move on Satori's fault and she would be shredded.

"Then speak. Why do you dare to be within sight of my miko?" Sesshomaru snarled, stepping closer to Kagome, who sent out her aura to try and calm her mate. She hated seeing him so worried for her safety, but this was going to be normal for them.

"I've been waiting on you. I wished to speak to both of you privately. However, that is no easy task." Satori admitted, settling farther into the waters to get comfortable. "I wish to tell you both a story." She had dropped the third person, and that told both the lord and lady that this was something personal. Satori was wanting to connect with them on a personal level.

"Sesshomaru, I think we should listen to her." Kagome started, making her mate look down to her, firm eyes reading her expression. "She knows she can't hurt us. What harm could this do?"

"She was able to poison this one." Sesshomaru reminded, his face softening as he thought of the pup curled under Kagome's heart. Yes, he loved his son or daughter, but the pup was created by magic. Magic that shouldn't have affected Sesshomaru at all.

Kagome nodded, understanding what Sesshomaru was saying. There was something more with what Satori did than they know. "We will listen to your story, as long as you answer a few questions for us. Is that agreeable for all?"

"Indeed." Satori replied calmly. Sesshomaru looked back to his mother, his eyes narrowed as he thought. He really did want answers, as well as wanting to know what his mother was going on about, but he also wanted to get his mate away from the danger. Ultimately, Kagome was right. Satori couldn't truly harm them so he reluctantly sat beside Kagome, just outside of the spring she was submerged in.

"This tale…It happened many, many years ago. So long, that an exact amount is not remembered." Satori started, looking away from both of the beings across from her. This was going to be a hard story for her to speak of, especially to her son. "A lord and a lady. They hated each other, forced to marry because it was expected and the most intelligent move. He was strong and powerful, worshiped by all in his lands, and by many out of his lands. She was beautiful, and raised up in nobility, perfect to be the mate of a lord. Perfect to whelp his children. That was her duty, so she did it without one complaint. It was a very sad and lonely life for the lady. You see, she had no friends. While growing, her parents wouldn't allow it, because studying and practicing to be apart of the courts was much more important. Friends held you back. Her father forbade them. When she was passed to her new mate, she was in the same lines. She was in a new land, surrounded by new people. For a moment she thought perhaps she would finally create a bond with someone, but that never came. Her mate was so powerful that all refused to approach her. None wanted to interact beyond doing their duty, no matter how hard she tried."

Satori stopped for a moment, glancing at the two who were watching her. She ran a hand through her damp hair, taking a deep breath of courage before continuing on. "The only companion she had was the male she mated. She stayed by his side, watching over him and being the mate she should be. They barely spoke, barely touched. Only when he commanded something of her and he needed to see to his sexual needs did they speak. But it was at these times that the female made a mistake. As time went one, days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, she fell in love. Behind the lord was a sweet and sensitive male that she desperately wanted to love her back. She did what she could, spoke to him more often, offered herself even when he wasn't asking, never stepped out f line, and eve helped in the political duty of ruling over lands. But nothing seemed to work."

"Unrequited love." Kagome murmured, and Satori nodded.

"Yes. It wasn't until the female became pregnant that he seemed to finally notice her. She was getting the attention she needed and wanted. Her was cuddling with her, speaking to her, and even laughing with her. He protected her from all evil, made sure she was never too stressed. He would even take her on walks for fresh air. It was on one of these walks that things began to change. They were attacked, surrounded by a group of monks and miko's. When a yokai becomes pregnant, she has no abilities. All of it goes to the pup, ensuring the strength of that babe. So it was the lord against the one thing that could kill him. He prevailed though, taking them all down without any energy, however, his mate was not so lucky. A stray arrow had grazed her swollen stomach."

Kagome gasped, and both Satori and Sesshomaru looked her way. "Your stomach. Your scar." Kagome breathed, and Satori smirked, not surprised that the little female figured out the story early that she was meant to.

"Yes, miko. The lord and Lady are touga and myself." Satori admitted, watching as Sesshomaru tensed and his intense eyes met hers. He never knew of this story. "The injury forced me to birth Sesshomaru much earlier than expected. He was so small and fragile. We did not think he would make it. Touga sent me into isolation in the woods, to keep me and Sesshomaru safe. To many people were telling him to kill sesshomaru, and create a. better and stronger heir. Touga and I could see how strong he was though and refused. Somehow Sesshomaru survived. He continued to grow and grow as the years went past. By the time he appeared to be two in human years, he was as healthy and strong as could be. Touga finally agreed for us to return home. It was then that we followed protocol, and Touga took Sesshomaru under his wing. I wanted so much to continue mothering my son, but it wasn't allowed. And Touga wanted to make sure he was raised properly."

"We won't follow that same rule. There is no way my child will be taken from me." Kagome warned, her eyes glowing pink before returning to the blue, and Sesshomaru nodded beside her, agreeing completely.

"Calm little woman, we are not yet to the point of this story." Satori scolded lightheartedly, waving off the miko's anger. "You see, after that, they learned I was unable to conceive. The arrow that had struck me, caused me to go barren. I expected Touga to find another, to take one of his concubines and impregnate them. But he never did. I was one day, and he told me that he felt no need for another child. Sesshomaru was already a handful." She paused again as Sesshomaru scoffed, and Kagome tapped his leg shushing him. "Think what you will Sesshomaru, but as far as everyone at that time was concerned, you were a hellion. Years continued to pass, so many that they all blurred together, and before I even knew it, Sesshomaru was almost completely grown. He was a fun loving boy, enjoying a good spar and giving everyone trouble. He was also very flirtatious with females."

"That is not needed knowledge, continue on." He ordered, looking away and Kagome could have sworn she saw Sesshomaru blushing slightly. She smirked towards him, and he narrowed his eyes, warning her not to say anything.

"This is when things went wrong. So very wrong. You see, I knew Touga was seeing another woman on the side, and I was okay with that. I had accepted years ago that he would never love me. The moment Sesshomaru had been born, Touga had forgotten my existence. That told me his actions while I was pregnant was purely instinct and nothing more. Over the years I came to accept it, and even took lovers of my own. This was a marriage of convenience and nothing more. I still loved him of course. I could never stop loving him, but I knew not to expect anything from him. But when I found out he had fallen in love, the betrayal cut deep. It was one thing to sleep with others, it was simply sex. It was another to have feelings for one, and love at that. He fell in love with a human. A human held more appeal than I did."

"Still though, I did nothing. Even when she announced her pregnancy, I did not get in his way. He was happy, even if I was miserable. At the time, that was all that mattered. But, as the months went by, more and more demons and humans became angry. The demons felt Touga was lowering himself, and would never accept a Hanyou. The humans couldn't believe that a demon could love and assumed him a beast that raped the human woman. It was wars from both. I begged him to leave the woman and the child. That he could take who he wanted, sire another pup. He wouldn't listen. Told me that I could never understand and walked away, never to return."

"Where are you going with this?" Sesshomaru asked. He had learned much from what his mother was telling, but now he was already aware of what she was speaking of. She had not yet made her point clear to either him or Kagome.

"Don't you see? When your father died, and war broke out because of his actions, you became withdrawn, my son. A shell of yourself. You became the perfect lord. But I wished you to be that happy little boy again. It never happened. You continued to grow, stepping into your fathers foot steps way to early and locking away anything that was once you." Satori explained, and both Kagome and Sesshomaru could see where this was going. "Then… I started seeing traces of the you, you once were. I was happy, even though I didn't show. I knew you had met someone, and that female was bringing out the best in you. But you never brought her to the palace, so one day I followed you. When I learned the woman was Kagome, I could not let you follow in your fathers footsteps, so I brought in Guinevere. I believed to. Be doing the right thing, but after that you were worse than before. I had hoped that you could learn to love Guinevere as I did your father, but that never happened. In fact you hated her, and me. I was no longer allowed in the palace, and Guinevere had been locked away. I expected Kagome to die quickly, but she didn't. She continued to live and not age, and I knew that eventually she would somehow come back into your life. I had to stop that from happening."

"You would dare. By your own admission, you could see what she meant to this one, but you inspired to keep her away. All because father chose another over you." Sesshomaru snarled, angry at what he was hearing, he had not realized his mother to be so petty.

"I understand." Kagome whispered, shocking both Sesshomaru and Satori. "You didn't want to see Sesshomaru die like Touga. You didn't really care that I was human, did you? You associated me with Izayoi because of our shared mortality, and that was all you needed." Kagome really did understand what Satori was saying, but that didn't mean it didn't bother her with what Satori did. So many lives were affected because the female couldn't let go of the past. "I am no Izayoi."

The way Kagome stated that last sentence had Satori's eyes widening in fear. It was almost a growl, and it was meant as a threat. Satori needed to tread carefully here, or she would have to deal with too angry and very strong individuals.

"You are no Satori. You love my son more than that woman loved my mate. You are strong in your own right, your veins flowing with your own power. You have put me in my place, yet showed a desire to still get along. You, are not the human woman that killed my Touga. You are Kagome. The human woman who builds my son up into the untouchable male he is today."

"Is that what you want then? Friendship?" Kagome asked, and Sesshomaru growled, not liking that idea at all.

"Yes, and more. I wish to get to know the human miko that was able to change my mind. I wish to know the female mated to my son. I wish…I wish to know this grandpup you carry as well as the one that walks. I wish for many things, though I shall not receive." Satori explained, and Kagome was silent, her hand reaching above to stroke the clothed leg of her mate, calming him. Satori was sincere, and that was easy to see with the way the woman was looking at her. The demoness's eye plead to be believed and Kagome couldn't help but to do so.

"You must earn our trust, and that will take time. It is not given freely to those who have hurt us. Is that something you can accept?" Kagome questioned, her eyes narrowing on the female. Satori was quite and still as she thought, but finally she nodded, agreeing that she could at least try. "Now, tell us about the potion."

"There is not much to tell. I had been walking when I met the witch. She was rude and old, and I left her for dead, but then she pleaded for my help, begged, and even bargained. I took her up on her offer. I told her of what I wished to happen, and she made me get a few items she required. Blood from the female. It was easy to retrieve this from the rock you climbed because of a dare. Your hands had bleed, and all I needed was one drop. I also needed hair from the male. This was tricky. Yokai do not shed like humans and this gave me trouble. However, after one of your grooming sessions, I was able to gather what I needed. I gave her what she needed. She added a drop of her own blood and the potion as complete." Satori answered, telling all that she knew about the potion and the creator.

"But that doesn't add up. If you were trying to get Sesshomaru to sleep with another, why did you need my blood and the witches?" Kagome asked, and Satori shrugged.

"I did not ask. All I wanted was the outcome. What went into that goal did not matter. For that, I am truly sorry." Satori explained. Sesshomaru and Kagome now had a few answers, but it still wasn't enough. There were gaps in what Satori knew, but Kagome was sure the female was telling them everything she had to offer. She was sincere in her attempt at amends, and this was the first step.

Something deep in Kagome's belly was telling her to be worried and fearful. Remembered warnings from the Kami echoed in between her ears, and she knew that what ever they were warning her about was coming. That could mean Sesshomaru, herself, and even her baby was in danger. They had no idea how to stop something, when. They had no idea what they were stopping. They now had another evil to worry about along with Riku. As of right now, Kagome wasn't sure how to deal with any of it.


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