Chapter 2

Send a Sweet Text

Sonny carried Connie down the hall to his bedroom. Her legs were still wrapped securely around his waist and he felt the heat of her body searing him through his suit pants. He was already rock hard and aching with need, but he was determined to take this slow; to make it last as long as it could. It was a long time coming.

He pushed back the door with the toe of his Italian-leather loafer and moved into the room. Connie had her arms wrapped around his shoulders and was now actively nibbling on his collarbone. His hands cupped her ass and he squeezed each taut globe in his large hands.

He kicked the door shut and spun around so that her back was pressed firmly against the wooden frame. She lifted her head to look at him with those gorgeous eyes of hers. They just stared at each other for a long moment. He couldn't quite believe that she was here again.

"Sonny," she whispered hoarsely. "I need you to make love to me right now." She rubbed herself against the front of his pants. "I want you."

"I want you too, baby, but this … We're going to make it last." He kissed her, running his tongue along her plump bottom lip, seeking entrance to her mouth. Their mouths fused together and he entangled his tongue with hers. He rested his hands on her trim hips and drew her as close to him as he could possibly get her.

Connie looked up at him as they broke apart and she let her feet connect with the floor. "I need you inside of me now," she said. "I'm coming undone here, Sonny."

"Me too," Sonny said. "But I want to make love to you. That's what I promised you so we're going to take it slow."

"Fine," she said. "Just tell me what comes next."

"No, let me show you."

He pressed his hands lightly to her shoulders and spun her around, hugging her back to his chest. He lifted her soft, fine locks of hair off of her neck with one hand and rubbed her right breast with the other. He expertly worked his fingers into her blouse and ran a thumb over her puckered nipple. She shuddered in his arms. "Oh, Sonny," she cried out, her whole body trembling against his.

He continued to make love to her neck as he moved his hand to her other breast, keeping up his ministrations. Her nipples were taut and pert under his palm. He loved touching her. He wanted to touch her all over.

"Sonny, please," she whimpered as he pinched her nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger until it pebbled under his touch. "Sonnnny…"

He groaned as she jutted her hips back, rubbing her taut ass against the crotch of his pants. "You're not playing fair," he said hoarsely.

"Neither are you," she returned. "No more games. I need to be fucked."

"Patience, baby," he said. The truth was that he desperately wanted to be inside of her - he didn't know how much longer he could hold on either - but even more than that, he wanted to first touch and tease and kiss every inch of her. He wanted to make her feel all of the love that he had inside of him for her.

He took her hands, threading their fingers and led her over to the huge king size bed. "Finally," she said with a smirk. He pushed her gently onto the mattress and climbed onto the bed beside her.

His hands came to rest on her legs and he inched them up her knee-length skirt. Her body immediately arched up in response. He rubbed soft, slow circles on her skin. He slipped a finger inside the waistband of her panties and ran his digits over the soft curls there.

"Sonny, please. Come on - do it now," she said impatiently. "Please just make love to me. You're drivin' me crazy."

"Shh, you're going to enjoy this," he promised. He reached for the zipper at her hip and slowly drew it down. She held her breath as he peeled the little number down her beautiful legs. She laid there now in just a blouse and tiny red panties. He sucked in a greedy breath of his own as he looked her over.

He leaned over to kiss her inner thigh and then moved his mouth to the apex of her legs. He kissed her womanhood through her panties. The material was decidedly damp already and he could smell the sexy scent of her arousal. It drove him crazy, but again, he was determined to take his time. No wham-bam-thank-you-mam. Not tonight. Not with Connie of all people.

She mewled as he sucked on her through the fabric of her flimsy underwear. Her sharp acrylic nails sunk into his shoulder blades and she rocked against his face.

He hooked two fingers into her panties and dragged them down. She was bare now from the waist down and what a sight it was. "Fucking gorgeous," he murmured, meeting her eyes for a moment. She would have been horrified to realize that she was blushing furiously at his compliment.

He nestled a finger in her curls again, touching the fine blonde ringlets, and then moved to part her pussy lips. He sluiced a digit into her tight heat and she cried out, instantly clamping down around him. "Oh, Sonny," she whimpered as he moved his finger to stroke that sensitive bundle of nerves. He moved another finger inside of her and gently pinched the sensitive nub. She quaked on the bed, her legs squeezing together and holding him in a silken vice.

He drew one of her luscious, lean legs over his right shoulder and began to lick at her seam. He pushed his tongue into her and kissed her clit before beginning to nibble on it. She arched up on the bed and he saw her hands move to her pert breasts. She kneaded them as he made love to her pussy with his greedy tongue. He loved that she was touching herself. It was such a turn on.

He felt her begin to tremble in his embrace, her whole body giving over to the power of her orgasm. She shrieked out his name and several curse words tumbled from her lips as she tipped over the edge, coating his tongue with her sweet, sensual juices. He greedily lapped at her, pinning her in place with two hands as he licked her. He felt her cum again in just another minute and he looked up at her. She had a wide smile on her pretty face.

"Sonny, that was … Fucking fantastic," she said. She smirked. "And you're way too dressed, you know. It's not exactly fair."

Sonny just laughed. He moved to a sitting position and started to undress but she was quickly shoving his hands away.

"Let me," she said. She peeled off his suit jacket and hurriedly clawed at the buttons on his shirt. She flung the two items to the floor as she leaned in to kiss either of his nipples. He growled and fisted his hands in her hair. She licked and nibbled on him as she led her hands down his taut abs to graze the soft tuft of hair that trailed into his pants.

She reached for his belt buckle and pried it open. She tugged the leather through the loops and tossed it to the floor among the other clothing. Finally, he lifted up as she tugged down his trousers, taking his boxer briefs and shoes with them. All of his clothes were now a heap on the floor. She pressed her hand to his rockhard cock and gave him several smooth, swift pumps. He shouted "Connie!" as she kept up her work. Precum glistened at the tip of his member.

He didn't know how much longer he could hold on now.

So much for taking it slow.

He kissed her on the mouth as his hands went to her blouse. He peeled back the material and unclasped her bra as their lips pressed together. He threw her blouse and bra aside and laid his hands over her breasts, giving them each a firm squeeze. He trailed his mouth down to her chin and kissed her throat as he tugged her atop of him. She sandwiched to his body as he kissed either of her shoulders.

"Sonny, now, now!" She cried out.

He could not deny her any longer. He shifted his hips and taking his cock in hand, he brought it to her slick opening. He pushed into her and paused for a moment to allow her to readjust to his sheer size. When she started gyrating her hips against his, he knew that she was ready.

He pumped his hips as she rode him, nails sinking into the flesh of his chest. He reached between them to fondle her breasts before sliding his hands lower and lower still. He found her clit and eased a finger inside of her as they made love.

She matched him thrust for thrust, screaming at the top of her lungs as he hit a particularly sensitive spot on her body. She clung to him and their movements began to speed up in rhythm. He could see in her pretty eyes that she was ready.

She cried out as she came. He came just after her and they sailed to the heights of pleasure together before crashing back down to earth. Her body melded against his and they lay there for a long moment, not saying a word.

When she finally did speak, her voice was thick with emotion and her Bensonhurst accent shone through. "That was pretty fuckin' incredible, ya know?" She said.

He pressed two fingers gently to her chin, drawing her gaze up to meet his. Her eyes were glassy with a sheen of tears. She tried to look away but he shook his head. "Don't look away. Don't be ashamed."

"I'm not," Connie said. "I'm … I'm humbled. I'm awed. Sonny, I'm in love."

"With me, I hope," he teased.

She nodded. "Of course, you. There's never gonna be no one else."

"I love you, Connie."

"I love it when you call me that."

"Well, that's your name right?"

She nodded. "Yeah, yeah it is,"she said. She snuggled to his body and he held her tightly.

Sonny felt Connie sag in his embrace. Her legs were nestled between his and her head came to rest in the crook of his neck. He knew that she was instantly asleep. Her breathing was soft and even and he realized that he relished the sound.

He stroked her soft blonde hair as she lay atop him, enjoying the feeling of her lithe, naked body in his arms. He had her back. He had his woman back. His beloved Connie. Not Kate. He had loved Kate, but he was madly in love with Connie.

He smiled at the thought, dimples appearing in either of his cheeks, as he gently shifted his arm so that he could reach across her without waking her. He grabbed for his cell phone on the bedside table. He thought about how brave she had been to write that note about the things she loved about him. She had really put herself out there, made herself vulnerable - something she no doubt hated - and he wasn't about to forget it. He would find some way to return the sentiment but for now, he had this moment.

He cradled her as best as he could in his arms as he started to type out a short little text message to her, one that she would find in the morning when she woke up in his bed.

Connie - I love watching you sleep.

That was all that he wrote but it said what he wanted to communicate, at least he thought it did. He returned his cell phone to the table and then moved to rest his head atop hers. She fit just so beneath his chin.

It was crazy how good they were together.


I am not sure if anyone is reading this or not, but if you are, please let me know if you like it. Thanks.