"Lois, I'm not sure about this."

Clark looked hesitantly from the bed to where his wife stood, scantily clad in a purple nightie that accentuated all of her curves. In front of her stood Batman and Wonder Woman, both dressed in their full costumes.

"Relax, Smallville," Lois replied, smirking as she reached for Batman's utility belt, undoing the clasps that she was very familiar with. "I'm just adding a little flavor to the bedroom. Besides, you were the one who said I should get to know your co-workers better."

She felt the belt unbuckle and it felt to the floor. She pulled down Batman's leggings and reached inside to find the familiar feel of his meaty rod.

"Lois..." her husband complained.

"Diana," Lois sweetly suggested. "Would you mind taking care of my man back there? Maybe bring out the farm boy's wild side."

"Of course, dear," Wonder Woman responded. She planted a smothering kiss on Lois's lips before she left.

(Wow,) Lois thought. (Maybe you can "take care" of me as well after I'm done with Bruce.) She made a mental note to take a work trip to Themiscyra Island sometime.

Lois fondled the semi-erect cock, and lowered her head down to take it into her mouth. She caressed the soft fleshy texture with her tongue as she felt it harden in her mouth. She sealed her lips tightly around the rigid cock, before pulling away with a wet pop.

Teasingly, she hopped backward onto the edge of the soft bed, lying back and parting her legs to give Batman access. She turned her head to see her dutiful husband tangled in the Lasso of Truth. He gently held Diana's hair as she administered a blowjob to Clark's stiff cock. It made Lois happy to hear Clark moan as Diana's mouth descended down on his prick all the way to his stem. She was glad that despite his misgivings, that he was enjoying this just as much as she was about it. Lois reached over behind Diana's back, and undid the strings that held up the Amazon's breastplate armor. The warrior woman's D-cup breasts were exposed, and ripe for fondling. Lois then did the same for Diana's battleskirt.

Lois let out a yelp as she felt Batman's powerful hands grasped her thighs, and pushed them against her chest. A pair of fingers pulled aside the thin fabric that protected her glistening cunt, as Batman's tongue snaked in and out of her pussy folds. His rough tongue dipped in and out of her lips, and curled itself against her wanting clit. His hands spread her thighs apart further, and made their way to her breasts, ripping down the expensive nightgown and exposing her soft, supple breasts. As he ate her out, Lois caught a glimpse of Diana wrapping her large fleshy globes around Clark's rod, pumping up and down as her mouth served his tip. The Kent couple moaned in pleasure together as their partners continued their oral ministrations.

On the verge of cumming, Lois felt Batman pull his tongue away, while still keeping a pair of fingers situated on her lower lips, ensuring they did not get neglected. Lois was distraught for a moment, until she felt the tip of his large prick nestle against her. Lois panted heavily, anticipating that first powerful penetration.

As if on queue, Diana also ceased her blowjob, before Clark reached release. She positioned herself on all fours and moved over to where Lois was, such that the two brunette beauties stared eye-to-eye, upside-down. Clark moved up behind Diana, readying himself to take her from behind. Lois pulled the Amazon down for a kiss.

"Do it, honey!" Lois ordered. "Look how much she wants it! If you make her happy... then I'll be happy, too."

Diana felt Clark's strong hands slide up and down her body, as if to find a grip. She treasured this. As much fun as she had with Batman, who was a glutton for pain and punishment, she had always wondered how the Man of Steel would feel inside of her. And to have Lois Lane, the sexy intrepid reporter beneath her? It was a dream come true.

Clark thrusted into her, and he certainly lived up to his nickname. Batman had his endurance, the Flash vibrated, and Green Lantern created clever toys with his constructs, but no one in the Justice League could match Superman's raw power. Her love canal clenched his cock with a steely grip as he held nothing back, stretching out her tight twat. Underneath her, Lois writhed in pleasure as Batman pounded into her relentlessly like a jackhammer. The reporter's breasts jiggled up and down, and Diana lowered her head to take one of the delicious nipples into her mouth, and Clark thrusted into her again, slowly building up a rhythm until he matched Batman's speed. Lois grasped Diana's hanging breasts, clutching them as she cried out, her orgasm impending.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Diana felt close, too. She pulled in Lois's face for another smothering kiss, her body trembling as a wave of ecstacy rippled through her body. Clark wasn't far behind, shooting a load of his Kryptonian seed deep into her womb.

Meanwhile, Lois was being fucked out of her mind, her lower body spasming in Batman's hands, as the Dark Knight did not relent in his thrusting. Her legs involuntarily closed around him, as he continued battering her soaked cunt, until he finally reached his own climax, flooding her tunnels with his spunk as he had done many times before.

"Did you like that, honey?" Lois asked, looking up at her husband, trying to catch her breath.

"I did," Clark answered, candidly, the Lasso of Truth draped over his shoulders. "Her pussy was so nice and tight, and she could take my cock without being hurt."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Anything you want to do to her?"

"I want to fuck her in the ass. And I want Batman to fuck you in the ass, while you watch me with her." Clark's eyes seemed to widen after realizing what he just said.

"I think I'd like that, too, sweetie," Lois giggled, giddy at the thought of her first anal experience.

At Diana's beckoning, she crawled onto the Amazon's lap. Diana swung one leg over Lois's, such that the women were engaged in a sitting scissoring position, their cum-filled cunts rubbing against one another. Lois felt powerful hands lift up her up. The leg-locked women were held in position, sandwiched between their two men. Lois shuddered as Batman's tip brushed against her virgin asshole.

The women locked lips as their partners sank their tools into their anal passages. Lois groaned in pain into Diana's mouth as Batman's prick stretched her unused hole. Thankfully it was lubricated with her own cum, but it hurt nonetheless. It hurt so good. It ravaged her tight hole without mercy, taking whatever it wanted.

Lois held onto Diana's muscular body tightly, lest she fall. Their sweat-covered breasts mashed against each other, and Lois could each feel Diana's body twitch every time her husband's steely prick slammed into the warrior princess. The sensation of her ass being filled with her clit rubbed against drove Lois over the top. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, as she screamed in unison to her anal penetrations, "Oh god! Clark! Clark!"

She was the first to cum, with Batman following soon after, filling up her second hole with his warm semen. She collasped onto the bed, to find Diana over her, still taking it from behind from her husband, who was moaning, "Oh Lo! She's so tight! I wish I could fuck you like this!"

The metahumans both let out cries as they reached their respective climaxes, and soon all four of them were recovering on the bed, exhausted from their ordeal. Lois was flat on her back, barely able to move, both of her holes sore. She definitely had to ask Diana to take her on a trip to Themiscyra some day.