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The Heroes

Vixey followed the three 12-year-old kids as they made their way to the old mansion called Hill Hurst. She had wanted to check it out anyway. Maybe she would buy it. She didn't know yet what kind of shape it was in, but it was rumored to be haunted. There had been reports of strange noises and anyone who had been there was unable to tell what they saw. As they made their way through the gates, she looked at the kids and remembered how much their sense of adventure reminded her of her at that age. There was Drew, a cute blond boy with a thing for the daring and exciting. There was Jo, a beautiful girl with brown hair. She was the voice of reason. There was Vixey. She was the oldest by far at 29. She was a divorced mother who lived in a small house with her German Shepard, Radar and her cat Max. Her seven-year-old daughter Lily was with her mother in Florida. And then there was Roland, a taller darker child with black hair and brown eyes. He was the thinker. His gramma, Nano, owned the comic book store in town where they had first met. They were all four of them fans of the Beetle Borg comics that his gramma had reluctantly started stocking. As they stood at the bottom of the porch steps, they knew there was no turning back now. The old door creaked as the rusty hinges were put into use after years of lying dormant. One by one they poked their heads around the door and looked inside. "This sure is creepy," Jo said. "Yeah, looks like nobody's been here in a while," Roland said as he stepped in deeper. Vixey sighed. "This is perfect! It just needs a woman's touch." They jumped as the door slammed shut behind them. They could hear the bullies laughing. "Man, I knew we shouldn't have come in here," Jo griped. On top of the landing, four other sets of eyes watched the newcomers. "Fresh meat," one said. "We don't want to scare them just yet," the second growled. The other two were barely able to talk. As they continue watching the ones downstairs the light shifts, revealing a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf and a Frankenstein-like monster. They carefully make their way down the stairs, secluded in darkness. One of them stepped on a creaky step and froze as the kids looked up. Vixey ignored it. "Cool it, it's just the house settling. Old houses make all kinds of spooky noises." "If you say so," said Drew warily. They made their way into what looked like a sitting room. There were a few old pieces of furniture and an old pipe organ. "I used to be able to play one of these things," Vixey said as she lifted the cover off of the keys. She was about to play when Jo screamed. "Monsters!" Vixey looked up as the kids ran out of the room chased by a Vampire, a Mummy, a Werewolf, and a Frankenstein monster. They either didn't notice her or didn't want her. Shaking her head, she started to chase after them, but stopped as they came back in the room. The kids got behind Vixey. Vixey put her hands on her hips and waited for the monsters. The Mummy was first. "We gotcha now." "Back off bandage boy," Vixey said as she closed the distance between them. "Get out of the way," the vampire said. "Or what??" "I'll bite your neck and suck your blood." "Try it and you'll be sucking through a straw." The Werewolf stepped up and made a series of growling and snarling sounds. "What did he say," Vixey asked. She was getting tired of this whole thing. "He said he needs a new bone. Your neck will do nicely." "Well go check the backyard or your head." The Frankenstein had inched closer and made a grab at Drew, who backed up and sat onto the organ. All of a sudden, purple smoke started coming out of the pipes. When the smoke cleared, they could see a blue-faced man with an Elvis-like hairdo and red sparkly jumpsuit. "Whoa, that feels good to be out of there." Then noticing Vixey, the kids, and the monsters he introduced himself. "I'm Flabber. You have just freed the Phasm of the organ. You each get a wish." Jo, Roland and Drew hunkered down. After a few minutes of whispering to each other they faced him again. "We want to be super heroes, like the Beetle Borgs," Drew said as he held up the comic book. "What about you Vixey," Jo asked. "Yeah, don't you want to be a super hero too," finished Roland. "To tell you the truth, not really. I mean I'll be like a back up in case something happens, but I'm getting too old to be dressing up in costumes saving the world. Besides, there's only three Beetle Borgs anyway. No what I want, I don't think you can do Flabber. I want to be free of my ex-husband. I want him out of me and my kids' lives forever." "I can do that, but you'll have to be more specific. And it had to be nice." "Nice! Me be nice to him? Oh no. There's no way in hell I will ever be nice to him after what he did to me. And I also want to be friends with you all, you know, come visit and stuff. Really, I just came this way cause I've been thinking about buying the place." "You wouldn't throw us out," would you," the Mummy asked. "Of course not, but you have to promise to be a little nicer to the kids." "OK, we'll try," the four said. "Good, now let's hear some names." "I'm Count Fangula, but you can call me Count or Fang," the Vampire said as he kissed her hand. "I'm Mums," the Mummy said. "Me Frankenbeans," The Frankenstein monster said as he hugged Vixey. "And that's Wolfgang," Said Mums, pointing to the Werewolf. "I'm Vixey and this is Jo, Drew and Roland. I have to say guys, that I've seen some wild things in my day, but you five take the cake," she said as she tossed her calf length red hair over her shoulder. "And as interesting as you guys are, I have some things to gather and some business to attend to." "Don't be surprised if I pop in," Flabber said. He waved his hands as a bouquet of flowers appeared. "For you Senorita." "Thanks. And I look forward to it. I'm leaving my phone number in case you guys need anything." She pulled a card out of her pocket and put it on the organ. "Well I will see you guys later. And guys, try to be nice to the kids or I'll kick your butts." "Ooh, we're real scared," Mums mocked. Vixey whirled around and stomped back to him. She grabbed him by the front of his bandages. "You'd better be real afraid big shot. You don't wanna tick me off any time this century. I can be a real pain in the ass when I get mad. And when I get mad at someone, I make it my business to be their pain in the ass. You got it?" Mums mumbled something under her breath. "What was that," Vixey said as she lifted him off the ground." "I said ok." "Much better, now you guys play nice or I'll have to separate ya. Kids, Flabber, monsters, I'll see ya later. Cal me if you need me." "We will," said Drew. She winked at the group as she walked out the door. Mums relaxed as he heard her car start and drive off. "We're in big trouble."