Back in the kitchen, Chase returned to his favorite pastime. Irritating and embarrassing the hell out of her. He told the others all of the old stories which, as usual, were embellished enough to make him look like the hero. Flabber watched Vixey the whole time and noticed she seemed to get madder by the minute. And he could have sworn he heard her sneeze 'Bullshit' once or twice. But a few hours later, Chase was convinced that Vixey was safe and happy enough for him to move on. Vixey had to admit, she was glad to see him, but she was even more glad to see him go. He was a serious pain in the ass and loved to drive her crazy. Mums had wanted him to stay, but after a swift kick from Vixey, he changed his mind.

Vixey had made herself scarce after Chase's departure and Flabber was getting worried. None of the others had seen her the rest of the morning. He found her, after much searching, sitting on the front porch swing. She was writing in a notebook and didnt look up when he sat down beside her. "I was wondering where you got to." "I had to get some fresh air after being down in the basement. Besides, the monsters were getting on my nerves." "Present company excluded I hope?" "I dont consider you a monster," she said as she closed her notebook and leaned into his embrace. "Whatcha writing?" "Nothing much, just keeping track with daily events. I've been keeping a journal since I was five. I like to look back at my mistakes and accomplishments. It makes life easier." "Maybe I should try that, but that would be a really big book." "Yeah, seeing how you've lived a long time." "Does that bother you, I mean the fact that I will outlive you?" "Nope, because the women in my family live a long time. Who knows, maybe I'll be around forever too." "There's something else we need to think about. I was too caught up to think about protection. Are you on anything?" "Not anymore, I've tried everything with the exception of an IUD or getting fixed. Nothing seems to work on me. I was on the pill and used condoms when I got pregnant with Matthew and I was on the shot with Lilly. Apparently it runs in the family. Either that or we all got faulty products. Mom used to joke that the women in out family were so fertile that all we had to do was look at a man and we'd get pregnant. Dad never found it funny. If it's meant to be, it will happen. If not, it wont." "Well duh. So all you have to do is look at a man, Huh? Wanna go look at me some more?" Vixey chuckled as Flabber stroked her back. "so you want kids?" "Well yeah, who wouldn't want a bunch of little blue versions of you running around?" "Are we even compatible? I mean not to be rude but you're not human." "No, but I'm human like so its possible." "I'm usually so responsible I just didn't even think about protection. I guess all those years of it not working I just forget. But anyway let's not worry about that. What shall we do today?" Flabber's next sentence was interrupted by a loud crash coming from inside. "What the hell was that," Vixey exclaimed as she jumped off the swing and ran into the house.

As Flabber came in behind her, she could see a small orange blur streak around the corner and hide under the sofa. The monsters came in next and stopped when they saw Vixey. "Where'd it go," Mums puffed. "Where'd WHAT go?" "Our Dinner." Vixey knelt down in front of the sofa to see a small orange kitten shaking in fear. Carefully she grabbed the kitten and cradled it to her chest. "I seriously hope you didn't mean this?" "Yeah, give it back." "Mums, there is no way in Hell that you are getting this kitten back and further more cats are not on the menu in my house. "Oh really? Well this was our house long before you came along and we eat what we like around here." "In case I forgot to mention, this house was condemned before I came along. So without me, you wouldn't have a pot to, never mind. Without me you wouldn't have this house and if you don't like the way I run it you can get the Hell out." "Maybe we will." "And you think I actually give a damn? I mean you're rude, obnoxious and crude. You have no concept of decency, privacy and you sure don't know when to keep your damn mouth shut. And now you want to wuss out and leave simply because I wont let you eat something I consider a pet. Not to mention it's a kitten. I mean, what are you demons? Bugs I don't mind you eating, hell eat all the spiders you want but a kitten or something else I consider a pet is off limits. I'm going upstairs and if I ever see you trying to hurt this kitten or any other kitten, your bandaged ass is mine. As for the rest of you, I'm shocked and ashamed. Where did you find this thing anyway?" "In the attic," Fang sighed. "There were a whole litter of them but this is the only one that stayed." "Hey wait a minute, Mums aren't you Egyptian?" "Yeah so?" "So cats are considered Godly or something right?" "We ain't in Egypt no more." "Whatever. I'm going upstairs."

Flabber watched as Vixey stomped upstairs. "Oh good job guys. Whatever made you think Vixey was gonna let you eat a kitten anyway, especially after she helped you with the ghost problem." "That doesn't count, he was a friend of hers," Mums scoffed. "A friend that you were scared to death of." "Whatever," Mums said as he and the other monsters went into the kitchen. Flabber shook his head and headed up the stairs.

"You're not getting the kitten back and anyone who tries anything will either get evicted or get their favorite parts of their body crushed," Vixey yelled through the door. She knew someone would be knocking on her door but she didn't expect it to be this soon. "It's just me," came Flabber's muffled voice. "Are you alone?" "Yes." Flabber was surprised when the door was jerked open and he was yanked through it before Vixey slammed it shut. "If they sent you to get the little critter you can go back and tell them to shove it.," Vixey said as she flopped angrily on the bed. "I came to check on you. Besides, I would never give them a kitten knowing they wanted to eat it." He watched as the kitten batted at dust particles that had been disturbed when Vixey had sat down. "Have you thought of a name?" "Appa." "What?" "Short for appetizer. Seriously I don't know. I've been playing around with a bunch of names. None of them really fit." "Well is it a male or a female?" "You know, I really didn't look." Before they could check, the kitten flopped down on the bed and began cleaning itself. "Well that answers that question," Flabber said; his eyes getting wide. "A little jealous are we," Vixey joked. "No, I can do that but I'd rather not. Anyway now we can think of a name." "How about Orion?" "Sounds good to me."