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Chapter 1 - The Morning After

"Why are we sneaking downstairs if no-one's around?"
"Yours, not mine."
"Shut up, Severus."

One Hermione Granger peered round the bottom of the Astronomy tower to see if the corridor was deserted. She was in luck. Darting from the door, she moved from alcove to alcove until she reached the main hall. From here she could reach Gryffindor tower and the safety of her room.

Severus Snape followed at a leisurely pace, watching his lover pattering her way down the corridor, a flash of silver in the dawn light. He stopped. Dawn light? How could that be? There was no way they'd been up in that tower for a full 24 hours, although they had rather lost track of time after their bath... He smiled, no, grinned, to himself. He was actually looking forward to the summer this year, if it meant spending time with the luscious Hermione Granger, top student recently graduated. He wondered how soon he could move her into the dungeons and preferably keep her chained to his bed... He shifted uncomfortably. Was he turning kinky in his old age? Shackles and leather had never appealed to him before...

"All clear." Hermione whispered from the doorway and he joined her.
"Ah, there you are." They both jumped as Dumbledore appeared at the top of the staircase. "Good morning."
"Good morning, Headmaster." Severus flushed a little, but kept Hermione clamped to his side. He could feel her attempting to pull away.
"You both look well rested. I trust your stay in the Astronomy tower was not too arduous?"
Hermione choked and tried again to move away from Severus, but he dug his fingers into her side.
"Yes, thank you, Headmaster." He said smoothly, no expression on his face. "I am wondering what the time is.. and the day?"
"Ah yes. A little gift from us all. We thought a time-delay spell might be agreeable to you. To everyone else, it's the morning after the graduation feast. So you have enough time to say your goodbyes, Miss Granger."
Hermione relaxed. "Thank you, Headmaster. I'll be getting back to Gryffindor tower." She started forward, but was yanked back into Severus's arms.
"Not just yet, Miss Granger." He murmured against her lips.
"Professor?" she enquired throatily. He kissed her long and hard.
"Fifty points to Gryffindor."
"Oh no, Professor. Sixty to Slytherin." She was in danger of crawling into his robes right in front of the Headmaster. He kissed her again and released her reluctantly.
"You've just lost the house cup." He smiled. She stepped out of his embrace and smiled wickedly.
"But I get to keep the trophy." And quickly ran up the stairs to her dormitory.

Dumbledore smiled benignly down at Severus.
"By that I can assume we'll be seeing a lot more of Miss Granger?"
"Not on your life, Albus. She's staying down in the dungeons." It took a moment for Dumbledore to realise that Severus was joking.
"I don't like to pry, Severus..."
"Don't you? I had no idea.."
"Severus..." Dumbledore's voice followed him as he sauntered towards the dungeons. He looked back at Dumbledore.
"I'll say this only once, Albus. I will be spending the summer with Miss Granger. If, and I mean if, we decide to take it further, you will be informed." He turned away and continued on his way, "Probably from the rooftops." His voice floated back with a laugh.

Hermione sneaked into the common room and up to her room, careful not to disturb Lavender or Parvati. Quickly shedding her clothes, she slipped into bed and settled under the covers. She winced a bit, but smiled as she snuggled down. Severus had been insatiable, and so had she. She nearly laughed out loud at the memory of them christening the bed, the bathroom, the floor and not to mention the first time on the windowsill. She hoped she could get a couple of hours sleep before breakfast...

Still getting up before Lavender and Parvati, Hermione studied herself in the mirror in the bathroom. Apart from a sleepy look in her eyes, she appeared as usual. She clipped her curls back at the nape of her neck, letting them spill down her back. No, too girlish. Coiling her hair up, she secured it at the back of her head with some decorative silver skewers. Much better. Oops, better cover those marks on her neck.

Deciding what to wear come next. Nothing too provocative. Jeans and t-shirt she decided, with her snakeskin ankle boots. Pulling on her jeans she selected a button-through t-shirt. She studied her reflection again and nodded. Not too conservative, and the buttons made for easy access. Putting on her school robe for the last time this summer, she headed down to the common room.

It was filling up slowly with weary students who'd partied hard last night.
"Hey, 'Mione. Where did you get to last night?" Ron yawned.
"I had a bit of a headache and went for a walk with Hagrid to take Fang a bone. Like an idiot, I had some if his toffee."
"Say no more. How long were your teeth stuck together?"
"Ages. By the time I got back the party was over." Must be the snake in me, she thought. I never used to lie this well.
"Ready for breakfast?" Harry joined them, followed by a sleepy Ginny and Susan.

Seating herself carefully at their table, Hermione made sure she was facing the top table. She was careful not to stare though.
"Blimey, Snape looks different." Ron remarked. Everyone looked, including Hermione.
"How?" she asked, curious to know.
"Dunno. Just different."
"Take a lot of notice, do you?" grinned Harry. Ron flicked some toast at him.
"Noooo. But am I right, or what?"
Harry studied Snape. He did seem more..relaxed..somehow. Must be the relief of getting rid of us lot, he thought. But it wasn't just that..it was a familiar look about him. Snape caught him staring and raised an eyebrow, his mouth quirking slightly.
"You're right, Ron. But I can't quite put my finger on it..." The two young men studied him again, and then Ron shook his head.
"If I didn't know better, I'd swear he got laid last night."
"Ron!" Hermione looked shocked, and squirmed in her seat.
"What? He looks just like Harry does after...'Ere, is that what you've been doing with Ginny?" he lunged at Harry over the table, who reared back. Ginny slapped Ron around the head. This distracted everyone long enough so they didn't see the look that passed between their best friend and the Potions professor.

Dumbledore tapped his spoon against his glass.
"Ladies and gentlemen. Before I wish you all farewell, and good luck to the graduating year, I have an announcement. As you know, it is tradition to announce the House Cup winners at the graduation feast, but alas it was overlooked last night. Due to last minute awards, the house cup goes this year to ... Slytherin!"
There was a collective gasp. The houses of Gryffindor and Slytherin had been tied for first place, and Hermione felt a twinge of guilt. She honestly hadn't thought that her points to Severus would count, but he had definitely earned them. She'd have to keep her mouth shut in future if she was to show any house loyalty. She smiled secretly at the smug look on his face.

The Slytherin table had erupted in glee. They hadn't won the house cup since Harry had been at Hogwarts, and they were all wondering who had got them the winning ten points.

Professor McGonegall stared at Hermione from the top table and winked imperceptibly at her. It was a small price to pay to see Severus so relaxed. He had even gone so far as to apologise for his recent behaviour. She wondered what a summer with Hermione would do for him...he may even crack a smile occasionally.

When breakfast was finished, the students raced back to their dorms to finish packing for the summer. Hermione wasn't sure what she was doing yet. They hadn't got round to discussing anything apart from they wanted to keep seeing each other. She sighed and shrank her bags and trunk, putting them in her robe pocket. She would go down and see if he wanted to go for a walk.

"Are you going on the Express, 'Mione?" Ron asked.
"No, I'm Apparating straight home. I just need to say goodbye to Professor McGonegall." She hugged Ron and then Harry.
"Keep in touch, OK?"
"Any idea what you'll be doing, 'Mione?" Harry asked. He had Quidditch tryouts with Ron over the summer.
"Not sure yet. I thought about teaching maybe."
"You've got the grades, and you always did like studying. Weird!" Ron said.
Hermione looked up as Ginny and Susan clattered down the stairs. There was hugs all round and then they were gone.

She made her way towards the dungeons and met Severus by the main staircase. They looked at each other and he nodded.
"Miss Granger."
"I would have thought you'd be on first name terms by now." Sirius drawled, his arm draped round Lupin's neck.
"Sod off, Black." Severus never broke eye contact with Hermione for a second and then moved forward quickly, his eyes darkening. She squealed as she found herself over his shoulder and on her way to the dungeons like a sack of potatoes.

"Severus! Put Miss Granger down immediately!" Madam Hooch bellowed in her best Quidditch referee voice.
Sirius and Remus were doubled over with laughter as Hooch spluttered. This would be a highly entertaining summer.

"Severus... put me down."
"I'm going to be sick."
"Avoid the robes, please."
"You have a nice arse."
"Thank you. So do you."
"What if someone sees us?"
"Who cares?"
"But your reputation...."
"So add kidnapping nubile young women to my CV as well as ex-Deatheater."
"Kidnap nubile young women often, do you?"
"First time for everything." He nodded to Draco as they passed him on the dungeon steps, who stumbled up a step.
"Professor? Hermione!?" his mouth hung open as Hermione looked up and waved.
"Hi, Draco."
He turned and ran after them.
"Hermione? Professor?"
"Professor Snape has something to discuss with me. As I'm no longer a student, he's kidnapping me." She laughed.
"Pay her no mind, Draco."
"But Sir.."
"Yes Draco?" Severus gently put Hermione down at the entrance his classroom. Draco noticed their entwined fingers.
"Err.. it's only ten o'clock."
"Isn't it a little early for..?" Draco smirked. Hermione smiled up at Severus as he tugged her hand. Draco was dazzled by it. Lucky, lucky, Snape. Severus kissed her palm possessively and opened the door.
"Bye, Draco." Hermione didn't take her eyes off Severus as he ushered her through the door.
"I want an invite, Granger." Draco called
"You'll get one." Severus said and shut the door in his face.
"I can be very discreet, Sir." He called, laughing.
"Go away." Severus called back.

"I missed you." He murmured against her mouth.
"I missed you too. " she murmured back. "What was the caveman act about?"
"My legs are longer. It seemed the quickest way." He was uncertain now. Had he gone too far, too quickly? "Would you like to see my rooms?"
"Lead on, Professor." She let him lead her through the classroom and he told her the passwords.

He watched as she wandered round, running her fingers over the books in his extensive library, and swallowed as he remembered those same fingers on his body earlier. He wondered if it would always be like this with her, or if his eighteen-year abstinence was responsible for this surge of lust. He refused to count any sex he'd been forced into under the Imperio curse. He'd scrubbed himself raw with self-loathing after those horrendous meetings.

It must be her, for he'd never felt this way about any woman before. In fact, he'd always thought he had a non-existent sex-drive; he'd been that disinterested. Well, it seemed his libido was well and truly awakened, and he reined it in now.

"Would you like some tea?"
"Love some. Can I...?" she indicated a book and he nodded. Pulling the book down, she shed her robe and boots and curled up in the corner of his sofa. Making the tea, he sat down at the other end of the sofa and watched her. She was very restful. She didn't fidget like a lot of other girls her age, and he decided he could get used to this.

Hermione looked up and caught his eye, then slid over to him, very carefully placing the book down so as not to damage it. Holding her close, he propped his chin in the top of her head and sighed.
"What's the matter?"
"I apologise if I embarrassed you."
"How so?"
"The caveman act."
"Oh, that."
"And Draco."
"He can keep a secret."
"How do you know that?"
She told him about Crabbe and Goyle's dancing lessons.
"So you've been Hogwarts Agony Aunt, all year, have you?" he chuckled.
"Dear Hermione..." she laughed back. "I enjoyed it, though." She wondered if she should mention her list. Best not to, it was still a little too soon. She shifted a little.
"A little."
"Those jeans can't be very comfortable."
"Is that a hint, Professor?"
"No, but I wouldn't object if you wanted to change.."
"My things are in my robe pocket." She reached up and fished out her shrunken bag and trunk. He pulled her up and led her towards the bedroom.
"I'll clear a space for your things."
"Am I moving in then?"
"I.." he was at a loss for words again, unsure if he'd pushed too quickly again. She squeezed his hand.
"I don't want to intrude, Severus. I realise that things have been moving very fast for us. I'd hate to disrupt your life and then find out at the end of the summer we're at each others throats." Now she was unsure.
"I assume too much, sometimes. I find myself unwilling to let you out of my sight, especially after last night."
"And this morning." She smiled. It was as close to a declaration of love she'd get out of him yet. But she was a patient girl; she could wait.
"Are you clearing a space, or not?" It seemed she was staying after all.

Severus tried not to peek as she enlarged her trunk and started to unpack...books. Lots of books.
"Where are your clothes?"
"In that bag."
"That's it?"
"It is all shrunk, you know. By magic." She emptied her bag onto the bed and waved her wand. Neat piles of clothes appeared and she grabbed a loose wrap skirt. Shimmying out of her jeans she heard a strangled sound. Severus was staring at her.
"What? You said to change into something more comfortable." She wrapped the skirt around her and tied the belt. "Better?" she proceeded to hang up her clothes in his closet; robes, skirts, blouses; t-shirts and jeans went in the tallboy. Then she turned to her underwear, and found Severus surrounded by a rainbow of colours. He lifted a green silk thong up by one finger and raised an eyebrow. She sauntered over and straddled his lap.
"Like them?" she waved a hand over the multi-coloured assortment of knickers and bras.
"My favourite colour."
"Mine too. Shall I put them away?"
"Allow me." He waved his hand and the bed cleared. "Top drawer, left hand side." He murmured against her mouth. His hands slid under her skirt to explore her satiny thighs.
"You're overdressed, Professor."
"Not for long, Miss Granger..."